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Best Touch Table Lamps – Reviews & Comparisons in 2022

Indoor lighting systems are important considerations within a living environment. Touch table lamps have for decades continually transformed these environments by constantly adding new features to these lamps to make them even more efficient.

There are a variety of these lamps in the market today all with different features and suitable for varied functions and thus, finding the best among these is usually quite challenging. This article thus provides a list of some of the best touch table lamps with the best features for your consideration to help you avoid inconveniences and wastage of resources.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

Hot Pick with 360 Full Touch Sensor Base – Aukey Table Lamp with Color Changing Light

For Bedroom with Accent Light – Seaside Modern Cylinder Touch Control Table Lamp

With Timer and Memory Function for Lighting up Tasks – TaoTronics Stylish Metal Touch Activated Table Lamp


Why Do You Need a Touch Table Lamp for Your Home?

touch table lamp reviews

Lamps are obviously for lighting up an area; however, touch lamps usually come with added incentives to your home.

Improves the design and décor

The touch lamps are usually aesthetically designed with the capacity to blend with the internal décor and environment in mind.

Thus, it creates an appealing and elegant environment for a comfortable existence.

Improved ambient illumination

Despite the ordinary illuminations, these lamps are designed with highly adjustable features such as brightness and color to provide your home with a perfect illumination for great relaxation.

Easy operation

These lamps are easy to use by just tapping on the touchpad. Thus, it beats the traditional switch system, which might take users ample time trying to search for the buttons with no success in a dark environment.

Or, sometimes the buttons do get jammed and stuck preventing operation.

Eye care and safety

The table touch lamps are also conducive for homes since with the many adjustable settings you may select a lighting matching to your eyes to prevent eye strains in certain lightings.

Some are also encased in high-quality lampshades which ensures that the lights emitted are soft and safe for the eyes.


What Are the Must Consider Points When Buying a Good Touch Table Lamp?

Due to the many touch lamp models in the market, finding the best for your home environment will hinge highly on the consideration of the factors and features below. This is because blindly purchasing these lamps might escalate into inconveniences and wastage of valuable resources.

#1. Cost

The costs of these touch table lamps should also be an important factor. This will assist you in purchasing according to your budget and thus guaranteeing that you get the best possible lamp as per your pocket value.

Although the more expensive touch lamps usually are the best with vast features, the averagely priced and affordable touch lamps might not be fancy, but their features will ensure sufficient and satisfactory illumination of your living environment.

Most of the touch table lamps range from $30 to $100.

#2. The Area of Installation

Different types of touch lamps are suitable for different environments. For instance, the bedrooms require low lighting while living rooms and offices might require high lighting intensities.

The size of the room or area of installation also matters. When it is being installed on a table, then a low focused light is preferential.

However, illumination of an entire room might require a high rise touch lamp for even and adequate spread of lighting.

Nevertheless, the latest models have varied adjusting features which can ensure comfortable illumination of any home environment perfectly.

#3. The Size of the Lamp

This is closely related to the area of installation in that small-sized lamps are usually recommended for small work areas and illumination points such as desktops or workbench.

On the other hand, large-sized touch lamps have a wider reach area which makes them suitable for illuminating large rooms sufficiently.

Thus, choosing the right sized touch lamp will be dependent upon your desired purpose for the lamp.

#4. Material of Manufacture

This is a further essential matter. The materials used in the construction of a touch base lamp will determine the durability and elegance of the device.

Thus, your lamps should fall between the manufacturing products of metal, thick plastics, wood or a combination of all.

These materials ensure long-lasting service of your touch lamp while also improving the appearance of your internal décor with their elegant aesthetics.

#5. The Design of the Lamp

This is a factor worth consideration as poorly designed products render poor services.

Thus a touch lamp should be designed with a strong frame and a wide base/supporting area to ensure that the lamp stays upright on the table during use.

The design should also incorporate control features such as buttons and sensors, as in this case, the touch control system.

These should be designed with high sensitivity capabilities and labeled sections to make the use much easier and straightforward.

#6. Safety Features

Since these products are electrical, they usually pose a significant risk of electrical shocking of the users accidentally causing injuries.

Thus, your device should have a properly weighted base for stability. The bulb type should also be considered as some types usually get hot and can cause burn injuries.

LED bulbs are generally the most recommended since they do not get hot or break easily.

#7. Energy Input and Output

The amount of power consumed by these lamps at a go should also be a matter of concern.

This is because this will determine the long-run maintenance costs of the lamp, which could be devastating to some users.

Some of the bulbs used in these lamps are very energy efficient and are certified since they can save up to 90% energy, thus cost-efficient and highly recommended.


Reviews of the 6 Best Touch Table Lamps

#1. Hot Pick – Aukey Table Lamp with 360 Degree Touch Sensor Base and Color Changing Light

Aukey touch operated desk lamp with adaptable lighting mode
Table Lamp with 360 Degree Touch Sensor Base

This is the best pick in this category with some of the most vibrant features to ensure excellent illumination of your chosen indoor space. Some of the features installed include the versatile lighting functionality of the lamp. Since it can be used in a variety of indoor environments for a varied number of functions, for instance, it can be used for relaxing background illumination or reading. Similarly, it can also be used in living rooms, bedrooms, hallways and offices.

The 360 degrees touch panel at the base allows for switching the lamp on and off, adjusting brightness and colors and switching the lighting modes. The lamp is capable of switching between three light modes of soft glow, ambient warmth and bright light. This also automatically adjusts the brightness levels to suit user preferences.

The lamp is also capable of a colorful display feature with the base sensors allowing the user to pick between red, green or blue colors or stick to an auto-cycle rhythm continuously changing the colors on the RGB format creating an ambiance of the lighting.

The package often comes with a user manual and an AC Adapter for charging the lamp. Finally, the lamp is manufactured from high-quality ABS material and aluminum alloy for longevity and durability.

  • Easy to use
  • Multi-functional
  • 3 lighting modes
  • 256 RGB color changing
  • 360-degree touch-activated base
  • The integrated led bulb can’t be changed

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#2. Accent Light – Seaside Modern Cylinder Touch Control Table Lamp for Bedroom

touch table lamp with metal base
Nightstand Touch Table Lamps

This touch lamp is also among the best in the market with unique features to guarantee great lighting of your space. Some of the features include a simple but stylish and elegant design. This is attributed to the manufacturing material of a high-quality black nickel base coupled with an open-top cylinder shade. This makes your environment stylish, thus setting a relaxing and comfortable environment.

The lamp is also easy to use as it comes with a touch-sensitive base. Thus, by tapping this area, you will be able to switch it on and off and also adjust the light levels to three different intensity of low, medium and high for your preferred level.

It emits nice and soft glowing rays which as adequately enough for versatile purposes such as bedroom lamp, table lamp, living room lamp, study room, office, and nursery room among other indoor areas. The metallic base also ensures durability and the package comes with a 6W vintage bulb with energy-saving properties and no flickering or UV rays.

  • Affordable
  • Energy saving
  • Eye-care feature
  • Aesthetic design
  • Suitable for modern or transitional style room
  • It doesn’t have adjustable arms

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#3. For Living Room – Regency Hill Traditional Style Touch Lamp

vintage touch table lamp for end tables or side table
Vintage Style Touch Table Lamp

These touch lamp models are some greatly designed vintage products which offer the best living room illumination due to their features. For instance, these touch lamps are unique in the sense that their classic traditional design with deep dark bronze finish makes them appealing and elegant. Thus, they usually match with most interior decors making your living room dashing. The frame of these touch lamps is also purely metal-based, thus making them sturdy and durable for prolonged usage.

The incorporated unique touch feature allows you to touch any area of the base, thus acting as the control mechanism. Therefore, touching the base would effectively switch the lamp on and off. The lamp is about 8 inches high to ensure light emission to a broader area, and the base is 5 inches wide for large surface area to guarantee stability.

The package also comes packed with a single most recommended 60 W G9 base halogen light bulb for installation in the lamp system. The 8-inch lamp shade also ensures the emission of smooth light non-harmful to the eyes.

  • A G9 bulb included
  • Touch anywhere on the base to turn it on
  • Bronze finish will not distract your home design
  • A great table lamp used for bedroom and living room
  • 3 levels of brightness settings

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#4. With USB – Mlambert Industrial Touch Operated Desk Lamp

bedside reading lamp with touch control
Touch Control Desk Lamp without Shade

This touch lamp is a product of customer feedback and recommendations over time. Thus, this final latest model incorporates all these requirements making it an excellent lighting appliance. Some of the features include the touch control system, which allows you to switch the lamp on and off.

Similarly, by tapping anywhere in the base, you can adjust the light intensity to three dimmable levels of low lighting at 10% brightness perfect for bedside use, medium lighting at 70 % brightness for general daily usage and the high light with 100 % brightness for reading purposes. Thus, this allows for easy and convenient shifting between brightness levels to suit our needs.

The touch lamp further has a 6 inch wide base for stability and metal frame makes the lamp strong and durable. Incorporated in the design at the base are two USB charging ports for convenient charging of your devices. Included in the kit for free is an energy-saving 6W bulb with super bright 800 lumens and soft illumination properties for eyesight protection. These touch bulbs with their adjustable features make the versatile in preference thus suitable for at least all areas in a household.

  • Easy to set up
  • Energy saving
  • Eye-friendly illumination
  • Easy to use and control
  • Sleek and aesthetic design
  • You can’t adjust its height

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#5. For Decor – Albrillo LED Tabe Lamp with Omnidirectional Light

standing table lamp for living room
Living Room Touch Table Lamp

This touch lamp model from the Albrillo brand suppliers is usually premium high-quality product top-rated in the market. Some of its outstanding features include the spiral-shaped design which, when viewed from the side, gives a simple but elegant appealing look with a shiny stainless steel curving sides. This, when coupled with the warm white light, it emits guarantees a matching set with interior decors, thus creating a cozy and relaxing environment. The clever touch control system at the base ensures easy switching and stepless adjustment of the brightness levels of the lamp from low to high to fit the user’s preferences.

These touch lamps are also eye-caring since the streamline and curvy body weakens direct light emissions which could affect the eyes. The installed high-quality LED bulbs do not produce stroboscopic lighting; however produce uniform soft, warm light that is friendly to the eyes.

The touch lamp is also very sturdy and stable as the base is wide enough with non-slip material added at the bottom of the base for convenient use. The PC, iron and aluminum materials used in the manufacture of this touch lamp are of high quality, thus guaranteeing longevity in service delivery. The lamp is also suitable for various environments and for different functions.

  • Easy to use
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Safe and eye-friendly
  • Limited lighting for large rooms

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#6. For Tasks – TaoTronics Stylish Metal Touch Activated Table Lamp with Timer and Memory Function

TaoTronics desk lamp with touch control panel
Task Table Lamps

TaoTronics is a popular manufacturing brand in the electronics industry with a high rating. Thus, this product from these suppliers also comes installed with great features solely to satisfy customer needs.

Some of the features include the design. These touch lamps are manufactures with shiny metal bodies which are scratch-free, thus promoting durability, and the iron-grey matte finish makes it stylish and elegant. It is also highly adjustable on the feature of color modes up to 5 options and six brightness levels. These ensure that the user is as comfortable illumination to the eyes as possible.

The design is also highly adjustable with flexing and extending arms and rotatable base, neck and head. These ensure physical shifting for the perfect angle of lighting.

Also, installed is the advanced memory feature which saves the pre-setting to minimize and prevent frequent setting and adjusting of the functions and a 60-minute timer for switching off the lamp automatically when not in use. Built-in at the base is a 5V/2A USB port for convenient and within reach charging of your gadgets while using the lamp. The base pad is broad and strong for the stability of the lamp and at the base is a touchpad with labels for the various settings and adjustments.

  • Versatile
  • Multi-functional
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Stylish and elegant
  • Easy to use and control
  • Flexible and highly adjustable
  • No batteries included meaning it cannot be used in areas with no electric power

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#1. Are Touch Lamps Reliable?

Yes, these lamps can be trusted with their performance.

The capacitance touch system ensures that these lamps are straightforward and direct to operate with the touch sensors only needing electrons from foreign objects such as the body to activate.

Their wholesome design also ensures that they deliver a wide variety of service options to the user, thus guaranteeing their satisfaction. They also come with safety measures installed to guarantee the safety of the use.

Therefore, you should absolutely trust these lamps as they strive to deliver excellence.

#2. Do Touch Sensitive Table Lamps Need Special Bulbs?

Yes. This is because different bulbs are suitable for different areas of the indoors.

For instance, many people prefer LED light bulbs over other bulbs since they are cheap and energy saving compared to others such as incandescent and fluorescent. They are therefore cost-effective and popular.

Halogen bulbs, on the other hand, are also cheap and very efficient in energy saving. Thus some people also recommend and use them in their lamps. However, the LED bulbs are more prevalent since they are more durable and safe compared to the halogen bulbs.



Touch desk lamps are growing popular, and thus whenever you fancy acquiring one, you might want to try and adhere to the above-provided information and guidelines. This will assist you in purchasing the best suitable model for you.

However, to make matters even simpler, you may directly purchase one of the models already sampled and listed above as they have varied features which will also ensure satisfactory illumination of your home.