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Best Tripod Floor Lamps – Top Rated Best Brand Lights in 2022

The tripod floor lamps are the freestanding lamps. These lamps are versatile since you can use them as a sole source of light in the room or as an additional light in the place. The best tripod floor lamps consist of different power consumption rates that range from 8 watts to 20 or more. They are energy-efficient lamps as they come fitted with LED lights.

They are recommended for areas that require intimate light illumination like in the bedroom or study rooms as they do not produce high glaring light. The bulbs are easy to control and use since you can set them in any area of your preference. This article features the top six best tripod floor lamps on the market


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish and Honey Beige Shade – Kira Home 60″ Modern Lamp

With Wood Base and Soft Light – Brightech LED Tripod Lamp

Unique with Grey Shade and Build – Versanora Romanza Floor Lamp


What Is a Tripod Floor Lamp?

best tripod floor lamp

A tripod floor lamp is a standing lamp that features three-leg stands for stability. These floor lamps feature lampshades fitted with LED light to provide varying illumination levels.

These lamps offer different lumen lights and brightness levels depending on the lights mounted on the bulb.

The majority of the tripod lamps are electric-powered and comes with long cord for convenience when installed in various areas in the house.

Some models of the tripod floor lamps have dimmable or varying illumination settings while others feature standard light settings.

Some are compatible with smart control apps like ALEXA and Google assistance for convenience when controlling the functionality.


Why Do You Need to Buy a Tripod Floor Light?

Offers additional lighting – Considering they don’t provide high glares of lighting, these are the perfect lamps to use in areas that you need intimate light illumination.

The tripod lamp suits areas like the bedroom, study room, and even the living room. They also create a focal point in the area you want to use them as they provide great stationed lighting in the place.

Versatile – These lights are freestanding, which means that you can quickly move them to different areas you need to get illumination. They are light in weight and comes with a long power cord for connecting to power.

Adds decor in the room – The material used in making the tripod floor lamps helps to add a touch of elegance in the room you use the lamp. The stands consist of durable materials from wood, chrome, and even brass.

The lamps also include beautiful material designs that blend well with other furniture and lighting decors in the room you set them.

They also light up in different light shades so you can easily select the lamp that blends with other lightings in the house.


What Is a Tripod Lamp Used for?

  • Illumination

One of the primary reasons why most people prefer the tripod floor lamps is the excellent and reliable illumination the lamps provide. They are recommendable over the table lamps since they offer light spread to significant areas.

The tripod lamps are also ideal for people who want to get focal lighting in a room since some models are dimmable to reduce the amount of light illumination.

The tripod floor lamps are convenient for bedrooms, as they are convenient when controlling.

Considering the light can be set in any area of the room, you can set it next to the bed for easy switching on and off. Some are compatible with Alexa for easy controlling its functionality without even getting out of seat or bed.

  • For decor

These lamps can also be used to enhance the decor pieces in your home. The lamps have different beautiful finishes and material that fits both in contemporary and modern homes settings.

The lamps also light up in various bright colors that make the area look great. So, other than buying one for illumination purposes, you can also buy it to add elegance to your house.

  • For reading

The floor lamps are highly recommended for use in the study room if you need a light to use when reading. These lamps feature a shade that covers the light to prevent harsh glares in the place.

This, in return, ensures you get an even light distribution that is well toned to safeguard your eyesight.

Some floor lamps are dimmable in case you want to reduce the amount of light illuminated in the room to ensure efficiency and safe light illumination in the place.


Reviews of the 6 Best Tripod Floor Lamps

#1. Kira Home Modern Tripod LED Floor Lamp with Drum Shade and oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

Kira Home bronze tripod floor lamp


  • An energy-efficient tripod floor lamp
  • Has a long power cord for effective connection
  • Quite beautiful and complements other fixtures on the house


  • Can’t adjust its legs’ height

This freestanding floor lamp suits various areas in the house, such as the sitting room, bedroom, and even the dining area. It provides excellent illumination in the rooms, and the light is quite warm to create conducive surroundings. It features a foot control mechanism for easy switching on and off.

The tripod stand has an oil rubbed bronze finish that is quite durable and easy to maintain as you can wipe off any dust. The finishing on the lamp complements other decors in the room as it is quite elegant.

It is an energy-efficient stand floor lamp that functions at a nine wattage output. Note that this floor lamp comes with an 8-meter power connection cord. For quality and functioning assurance, this tripod lamp comes with a one year warranty.

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#2. Brightech Tall Tripod Standing Floor Lamp with Wood Legs for Contemporary Living Rooms

Brightech tall tripod floor lamp with wood legs


  • Provides 800 lumens of brightness
  • An energy-efficient lamp as it works at 9.8 wattages
  • The whole structure features a beautiful rustic finish that adds elegance to the room


  • The coming light bulb isn’t dimmable

The contemporary and modern design on this tripod floor lamp matches with modern home designs to add a great look and finish on the areas you set it. The stands of the lamp have a rustic finish that blends well with other wooden furniture and pieces in the house, while the shape has a beautiful lighting color that complements the stands.

It is versatile since you can utilize it in the living room, study room, office, or even the bedroom. The lamp provides warm illumination that provides a comfortable environment in the area you opt to use it at.

It is quite easy to control, thanks to the smart compatibility. This floor lamp is compatible with the Alexa and Google assistant for convenience when switching it on and off. This floor lamp from Brightech comes with a 10 feet long power cord that eliminates the need to buy a power extension, and you can also use it in any area of the room.

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#3. Kenroy Home Metal Tripod Floor Lamp with a Table

tripod floor and table lamp for living room and bedroom


  • Comes with 6-foot power cord
  • Provides warm light illumination
  • Has a beautiful and durable matte finish on the stand
  • Comes with a side table for keeping small necessities for easy reach


  • You need to buy bulb separately

This is a 2 in 1 floor lamp that provides convenient light illumination and comes with a table as well. It is quite versatile in use as you can set it in the bedroom, living room, dining area, and even in the study room.

The finish on the lamp complements other decor finishes in the room. The whole structure of the lamp consists of heavy-duty material, and it is quite sturdy to stand on any surface you set it.

The matte finish on the tripod stands adds a beautiful look to the lamp while maintaining and protecting it from rust or corrosion. This tripod floor lamp is fitted with a 6 feet power cord to prevent restrictions when setting it in different corners of the room.

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#4. Versanora Grey Tripod Floor Lamp

elegant modern tripod floor lamp


  • Has a beautiful grey finish
  • It has various illumination settings to choose from
  • The legs are tampered to provide stability and protect the floor


  • Can’t adjustable its height
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The grey fabric design on this freestanding tripod floor lamp fits in every home since it blends well with other decors. This lamp provides a warm light illumination that suits a variety of home areas such as the living room, bedroom, and even the study room.

It has different light settings for you to select the kind of illumination you need in the room. You can choose from dramatic lighting to more toned or intimate lighting.

The base of the stand has a beautiful stroking silhouette design plus tapered legs that offer excellent stability. The lamp is light in weight for convenience when setting up, and it also has a long power cord to eliminate the need to add an extension cable.

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#5. Brightech Wooden Tripod Floor Lamp with White Shade and Smart Home Compatibility

Brightech wooden tripod floor lamp


  • Lights up at 3,000k warm light
  • Has a beautiful finish that makes the room brighten up
  • It does not utilize high power to save on electric bills at home


  • The light on this lamp is not dimmable
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This is convenient and easy to operate tripod floor lamps since you don’t need to control it manually. The lamp is compatible with ALEXA and Google HOME for easy switching on and off from anywhere.

It features a contemporary and mid-century material finish that blends well with other decor and furniture in your home. The wooden tripod stand features a durable wood material and has a great finish to preserve its look for a long time.

This floor lamp illuminates in warm color at 800 lumens to brighten the room where you use it. It is an energy-efficient lamp as it works at 9.5 watts. It has a beautiful and quality finish, plus the pack comes with a 3-year warranty against any manufacturing defects.

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#6. DEWENWILS Tripod Floor Lamp with 3-Tier Shelf

tripod style floor lamps with shelf


  • Quite light in weight
  • Comes with multiple display spaces
  • Features a durable and sturdy structure design


  • The light in this floor lamp is not dimmable

This tripod floor lamp weighs about 27 pounds, and it is quite easy and comfortable to carry around. The silhouette finish on the lamps makes it add a great look in the room.

This floor lamp lights up in warm lighting to ensure comfort in the room you set it. It is an energy-efficient lamp to buy if you want to save on power usage in the house.

Apart from providing illumination, this floor lamp also comes with three-tier shelves, which you can use for displaying your pieces such as decor, magazines, or books.

The tripod floor stand features sturdy material construction to support a heavyweight.

Note that this floor lamp is electrically corded, and the cord is quite large.

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The tripod floor lamps are reliable lamps that provide great and safe illumination while adding beauty and a great look in the room. The lamps are made with different stand materials that offer both modern and rustic finish to complete the house finishing and decor. The above review has the top 6 best tripod floor lamps on the market today.