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Best Tripod Lamps for Boosting Your Home Decor

In case you are looking forward to finding lamps, you should make a point of examining the tripod lamps. Moreover, they are perfectly designed to instantly boost the look of your room within a short duration. The best tripod lamps also come in varying shapes as well as sizes; this enables you to find the one that meets your demands easily and perfectly.

These tripod lights come with different designs, in case you want an industrial impression in your room or house, acquire metal finisher tripod lamps. Therefore, this article wills to breakdown for you some of the best tripod lamps.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

Warm Touch for Living Rooms – Brightech Tripod LED Floor Lamp

For Office Reading and Tasks – Lepower Rubber Wood Tripod Lamp

With Tables and Adjustable Swing Arms for Home Office – Brightech Tripod Lamp with Wireless USB Charging

With a Shelf in Classic Look – Catalina Black Metal Tripod Floor Lamp


What Is a Tripod Lamp?

A tripod lamp is a lamp with 3 or 4 legs that do more beyond just lighting your room. It helps you boost the overall décor of your entire house and has the potential to tie the impression of your room together.

These tripods come with varying styles and types, which is beneficial in lighting specific tasks such as maximizing the amount of your ambient light in your room. However, this depends on the lampshade, size, material, style, and shape you would like to have in your room.

The design of these tripods also plays a vital role in giving your room an appropriate impression.

Some lamps in the market have several light sources; this enables you to light different areas of your room directly.


Factors to Consider When Buying a Tripod Light

best tripod lamps reviews

Before you go ahead to purchase the best tripod lamp, there are several factors you need to put into consideration. These are:

#1. Height

Note that when your lamp is higher, your light is likely to spread widely. However, this is perfect for ambient lighting since it is not appropriate for task lighting, where you need your light to be more focused as well as closer.

Therefore, whenever you want to buy a tripod floor lamp, make sure you choose the one with the appropriate height that can effectively and efficiently meet your demands accordingly.

Tripod table lamps sit from 24″ to 28″ while tripod floor lamps stand at 58″ to 70″.

#2. Energy efficiency

Every office or homeowner needs a tripod lamp that utilizes the most power-efficient bulbs that are available. Therefore, you must note that there are a lot of power-efficient bulbs such as the LEDs, which are more costly compared to other bulbs.

However, they last longer, unlike other types of bulbs.

Currently, the LED bulbs are not that costly as the bulbs generated some years back. Therefore, while looking for the best tripod lamps, consider their energy efficiency.

#3. Dimmability

When you need to set the mood in your room, you need to make sure that you adjust the light. However, some tripod lamps feature in-built dimmers, which enable you to either turn your brightness down or up.

On the other hand, you can also decide to purchase separately a dimmer and install it on your tripod lamp.

You must know that not all models of bulbs can dim, especially the LEDs. Thus, if your tripod lamp does not dim, then find the one with several sources. This will enable you to adjust the brightness of your lamp.

In case you buy a tripod lamp with combined uplifting and task lighting, then you can easily make these adjustments. So, when you want to purchase a floor lamp, consider this factor.

#4. Color

The tripod lamps come in multiple colors from bright hues, bold to basic neutrals. Therefore, it is upon you to decide whether you need a floor lamp that stands out or blends.

You can either select a lamp with a patterned shade or a colorful neutral base. It is upon you to make up your mind on which color you would probably want to settle for in your room or office.

#5. Cost

Before you go ahead to purchase the best tripod lamp, you must select the one that matches your budget.

There are tripod lamps in the market that are cheap and also expensive. It is good that you go for a product that will serve you longer than go for a cheap one that is likely to last for a shorter duration.

However, your budget says it all, but you should settle for a product with higher durability.

If you follow these factors and put them into consideration appropriately, you will end up with the best tripod lamp, which will be able to meet your demands effectively.


Reviews of the Best Tripod Lamps

With Mid Century Style – Brightech Tripod LED Floor Lamp

Brightech modern tripod lamp


  • Stylish product
  • Includes an LED bulb
  • Slim legs for invisibility
  • Compatible with smart homes


  • Just has a 3000K warm light

The metal legs make it stylish and the fabric shade gives you entire fantastic home compliments. It comes with a stem that is unique with three metal legs that independently rise and briefly intersect at the apex before even diverging ones again.

It has a warm compatible Alexa for lighting that is contemporary. Furthermore, it comes with a perfect cylinder lampshade accompanied by a diameter of 17 inches and a beautiful crisscross unique black base top. The lampshade has the potential to open below as well as above to diffuse the whole light and give each room an ambient and calm glow.

Note that this tripod lamp comes with either a beige neutral shade or a base that is brass with a black matte base. This product is ideal for either a family room or den.

Moreover, this product has 20, 000 life hours since it saves power with its LED bright bulb. And with that, you need not replace bulbs for a very long time.

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For Living Room – Lepower Free Standing Tripod Lamp

free standing tripod lamp


  • An appropriate size.
  • On and off pedal switch
  • Suitable for any room and any activities
  • Linen shade and natural wood tripod legs


  • This product does not include the bulb

This product has a maximum quality since it is integrated with maximum-quality rubber nature wood tripod that is aesthetic, durable as well as enduring. Its sturdy design makes it to freely wobble and secure to have around your pets and children.

Its stylish design makes it match with the modern décor and architecture perfectly. It has unique with three wooden holders. This makes this lamp more stable; the lampshade rounded linen gives it a modern and gorgeous impression in the entire office or house.

You need to know that with an E26 screw sized base, you can install your bulb as you desire. However, to get a better effect of lighting, it is appropriate that you use the LED bulb10 to 12W, a bulb that saves energy 12 to 20W, a bulb that is incandescent 40-60W. On the other hand, it has an off and on the switch at the lampshade cord for easy as well as quick use.

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Durable – Versanora Tripod Lamps with Metal Legs

led floor lamp with metal tripod legs


  • Metal legs
  • Sturdiness
  • 4 color options available
  • Suitable for living room, bedroom and more


  • Doesn’t have a bulb

The product has a modern mid-century style with industrial touches elements. It can blend in with any given décor and is suitable for living rooms, playrooms, and bedrooms.

It complies appropriately with all functionality as well as safety requirements. It has metal legs as well as a faux wood leg to have an impression similar to wood. Because it has a lightweight tripod metal legs to generate superior support and balance, it is sturdy in use.

Note that you will have to assemble this product because it comes packaged with all accessories. These accessories are easy to assemble step by step following the instructions on your manual script.

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With Shelf – Brightech Tall Tripod Lamp for Office

Brightech wood tripod lamp


  • Warm and cozy light
  • Shelf for plants and more
  • Smart home compatibility
  • 5 Ft tall stands well in kids room


  • It is not dimmable

This tripod lamp looks amazingly beautiful in a mid-modern century living room or a rustic wood lodge. It also looks fantastic in rooms that have nautical styles, such as a guest or study room.

The tripod is much stable, appropriate for your kids’ room. It will enable you to enjoy the additional stylish, especially in your master bedroom, with the light accent for ambiance. You can also position this lamp that is upright beside the couch of your living room for studies.

On the other hand, you can also use the shelf of the product to display art or store books.

Its led bulb contains a color of 3,000K that is white warm, generating 800 lumens level of brightness. Note that this light is much compatible with Apple home kit, Smart Google home assistant as well as Alexa for custom and style lighting.

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Most Stable – Brightech “Z” Rustic Tripod Style Floor Lamp

Brightech tripod floor lamp with best stability


  • High stability
  • Eye-friendly light
  • Can works with smart outlets
  • Looks good in a range of decors


  • It doesn’t have a shelf for stroage

It is a versatile product since it contains all the appropriate designs that are extra unique and perfectly matches with several décors. These decors include retro urban, vintage, industrial, contemporary, and modern as well as mid-century. Note that the natural light wood finishing pairs appropriately with the tone that is warm of the white lamp shade diffusion.

This product is effective and much recommended for reading or studying. It compatibly functions with home, Google Assistant, and Alexa to generate a generous accent and lighting that is warm white to provide a space that is comfortable for any apartment or house.

It comes with an hour’s life of 20,000 and power-saving LED bulb that is bright. The warm white light is gentle on the eyes. The fact that it lasts perfectly for 20, 000 hours is advantageous to you since you will not be able to replace the bulb frequently.

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With Classic Look – Catalina Black Metal Tripod Floor Lamp

tripod floor lamp with shelf


  • 3-way switch
  • Made of metal
  • Shelf for displaying
  • Delivers superior performance


  • The bulbs are not in the package

The product is multifunctional as well as stylish; this is because it features a metal body that is sturdy with a black matte finish and a beige linen shade. Its versatile design generates additional space with two in-built shelves, making an excellent addition to your entire kitchen, craft room, homeroom, dorm room, bedroom, family room as well as the living room.

It is much suitable for apartment living since it contains several styles, such as traditional, rustic, farmhouse global, industrial, contemporary, transitional, and modern décor. It is faster and easy to assemble. This product can also be set up through a smart switch or a smart outlet.

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With Tables – Brightech Tripod Lamp with Wireless USB Charging

tall tripod lamp with table


  • Easy assembling
  • High-quality and durable
  • Functional and convenient
  • USB and wireless charging


  • The coming bulb is not dimmable

This product is a combination of table end with in-built lamp, USB port, and wireless charging station. And thus, it effectively matches the modern mid-century or any other rooms, which gives it a great impression. With its white accents, the wooden body as well as white accents, it easily pairs with a range of office, living room, and bedroom décor.

It enables it to generate a welcoming and lovely atmosphere in your entire space. Owen functions with outlets that are smart such as Google Home assistant and Alexa. Moreover, you can maneuver around with the light using the swing arm, and it is ideal for minimal offices, hallways as well as narrow guest bedrooms.

It comes with a LED bulb that is a warm white with a life of 20 years. The LED bulb lasts for 20,000 hours; you do not have to replace your bulb, plus it saves you your energy bills by 90% compared to an incandescent bulb.

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What Is the Best Tripod Table Lamp?

For Bedside – Small Wooden Tripod Night Table Lamp

cheap tripod lamp for bedside


  • Cozy light
  • Space saving
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has a natural feel as well as look


  • It is small so it is limited for large room

This product is minimal and can save you a lot of space. It comes with a design that is generous and compact as well; hence it can perfectly fit any given desk and table. It is minimal enough to be used as a dorm college lamp, girls’ room lamp, office lamp as well as desk bedside lamps.

This product also comes with a modern and elegant style; it has a log tripod base design accompanied by the fabric shade. Its sleek and unique impression can capture the attention of your visitors, neighbors, and friends. This beautiful design boosts the aesthetic of any given room, giving it a fantastic atmosphere that warms your room.

Equipped with standard light bulbs of E26 makes it compatible with several light bulbs, including LED light bulbs, halogen bulbs, and incandescent. It is secure and easy to use; this makes it easier and convenient to install it, plus it is accompanied by a button switch for switching on as well as off.

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Types of Tripod Lamps You Can Buy

These products are functional; hence you can play around with height to effectively meet your demands. The fact that they come in varying designs, as well as sizes, makes it easier for you to decide and use any type of interior décor.

You need to know that the material quality of your lamp’s tripod alters according to the used material. This can easily be found in brass, aluminum, metal, and wood.

However, several products are alloy in the industry, which also have maximum quality.

Tripod lamps that are wooden are perfect for retro as well as antique design, plus they have the potential to last longer.

On the other hand, if you need a modern décor in your entire room, aim for aluminum and metal products.

For retro and industrial design aim for brass since it looks perfect in an industrial environment. Furthermore, there is an also antique brass tripod lamp in the market in case you require one.

High utility tripod lamps are effective in case you lack sufficient space in your house. However, these kinds of lamps are rare in the market hence difficult to get.

This kind of tripod is good for studying since its height is adjustable. You can use it to have the corners lit.


Where Should I Place My Free Standing Tripod Lamp?

Free-standing tripod lamps generate versatile functions as well as aesthetic decoration in any given room.

Therefore, it is appropriate that you position your lamp to reach all the activities in your room as you enhance the color scheme as well as the existing furnishings.

1. Position your tripod light behind the couch or at the table end adjacent to your chairs for it to deliver you task lighting for your hobbies, writing as well as reading.

2. Moreover, position a swing arm lamp close to the seats of the living room to generate illumination that will target where the light is mostly required.

3. In case you have a television place your lamp beside or behind to make the contrast minimal. This is simply to avoid your eyes from straining so much.

4. After you have properly situated the tripod lights, you can decide to brighten the dark corners depending on your needs.

5. If you want to highlight a special treasure, situate your tripod lamp below your print frame to stress on the art and capture the attention of visitors visiting you as well as your family.



Based on the above review, you are now well familiarised with the best tripod lamps in the industry. Therefore, it is upon you to choose the best of them all that will meet your demands and serve you best as well. I hope this article will be beneficial to your search for the best tripod lamp.