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Can Dimmer Switch Cause Lights Flicker?

Flickering lights are undesirable and a major source of concern since they generate discomfort in the environment. Dimmer light switches allow you to control the brightness or intensity of light bulbs by altering the amount of power given to the light source.

On the other hand, LED lights are now widely used due to their inexpensive cost and low power usage. Despite this, many LED lights flicker as a result of its connection with a dimmer. The reason being the incompatibility of the dimmer with LED lights.

can dimmer switch cause lights flicker

Can Dimmer Switch Cause Lights Flicker?

Dimmer switches are used mainly to control the intensity of light. A dimmer switch comes in handy controlling bright beams of light and maintaining the aesthetics inside the house.

Dimmer switches are usually used with incandescent light bulbs to control their high flow of electricity.

However, in current times, LED lights are used and preferred over other light bulbs. The modern LED lights do not pair up with old dimmer switches.

The dimmer switches control high levels of electricity, whereas the LED lights function using low voltage and low current. This incompatibility causes LED lights to flicker when used with a dimmer.

Thus, LED lights need their special dimmer to allow the lights to function properly.

However effective the dimmer switches are, they can cause the light to flicker. The top reason for any light flickering is mostly the compatibility of the dimmer with the light bulb you are using.

No matter what light bulb you have, make sure the dimmer switch is compatible with your lights.


Troubleshooting Light Flicker When Using the Dimmer Switch

Using the correct type of dimmer switch that is compatible with the type of lights you are using is crucial. Having the wrong dimmer switch will affect the light’s performance and cause the light to fluctuate.

Moreover, to keep the long life of the lighting inside your house, mainly LED lights, it is essential to get good quality dimmer switches.

There are some common problems when pairing a dimmer switch with the light. The first step while setting up the connection is to make sure your LED lights have the option to pair up with a dimmer switch and that you have the right type of switch.

However, here are some problems you might face while trying to set up the LED lights with a dimmer switch:

1.  Complete Shut-off

This problem occurs when you try to dim the light to the lowest, but instead, it completely shuts down.

2. Full Intensity

It is the opposite of the light shutting off.  When turning up the dimmer, the light goes brighter and has a higher intensity than required at that level.

3. No Effect

This occurs when the adjustments you are making to dimmer have no effect on the light, and the light intensity remains the same.

4. Flickering

It is the continuous strobing of light after connecting to a dimmer switch.

5. Other Issues

The other common issues include wiring issues, dimmer switch quality, or putting too much load on the dimmer. Putting various light connections on a single dimmer can cause the dimmer to malfunction.


Troubleshooting Light Flicker

The most significant issue with LED lights fixed with a dimmer switch is light flickering. This problem is usually due to using the wrong dimmer switch with the light.

Standard dimmer switches have high voltages, while LED lights require low voltages. This incompatibility can cause light flickering. Moreover, loose wiring or loose connection between the light and the dimmer can also cause the problem.

To solve the problem, take the following steps:

  • Make sure the power grading for the light and the dimmer is compatible.
  • Install the correct dimmer.
  • Fit the light in place properly.
  • Make sure no wires are set loose while installing the dimmer.
  • Avoid buying the cheap type of lights or dimmer switch.



A dimmer switch can cause light flickers if the switch is not compatible with your lights. Before setting up the connection between the light and the dimmer, make sure the dimmer and the light are compatible and have the same power rating to avoid the flickering of the light.