What Type of Floor Lamp Gives the Most Light?

Floor Lamp for Living Room Reviews

From creating a mirage of heightened space to illuminating the area at eye-level, the balance that floor lamps offer is unmatched. These lamps provide you with a brightness you will appreciate for ages to come. But did you know that there are different types of floor lamps at your disposal? It is in this light …

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How Long Do LED Light Bulbs Last? What Affects LED Lifespan?

can i leave led light all night on

Everyone will often look forward to getting the ultimate lighting experience. It is during such pursuits that one will want to know how long do led light bulbs last. Indeed, longevity is an aspect that you can hardly overlook. That is because it will be definitive of the experience you will share and the value …

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How to Measure Lumens?

best dim night light reviews

How much light do you need? Are you getting sufficient or too much of it? Indeed, answering these questions will be an uphill task for many people. That is because unless you understand how many lumens a given lighting projects, you can never be too sure. Lumens are the SI unit that highlights the flow …

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Can I Leave LED Lights on All Night?

small bedside table lamps

Can I leave LED lights on all night? This question is quite common among many concerned homeowners. It’s not unusual. And indeed, led lights can be left on for very long periods, even overnight. That is solely owing to their low power consumption and low heat output. That makes them well suited for use as …

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Is Study Lamp Good for Eyes?

best sale table lamp for reading and studying

When studying at night, you may think that a study lamp is a good idea. If you have a roommate you do not want to wake them bright light. At the same time, you may be wondering ‘Is study lamp good for eyes’. People have heard that reading or studying in dim light can be …

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What Makes a Good Bedside Lamp?

best bedside table lamp reviews

Every person has a different use and opinion over the best bedside lamp. Depending on how best you make use of the bedside lamps, what makes a good bedside lamp article will make you choose the right light fixtures for your bedroom. If your bedroom is spacious, consider going for a better table lamp. But …

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Which Light is Good for Studying?

which light is good for studying

Did you know that light will, more than often, have a significant impact on your studying experience? Unless you get the right lighting, you will end up with eye strain or even other health complications. It is in this light that we seek to explore which light is good for studying. It would suffice to …

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How Many Lumens Do I Need for a Desk Lamp?

Verilux sunlight desk lamp natural full spectrum sun light with adjustable gooseneck

How many lumens do I need for a desk lamp? As you well know, Lumens, generally, are the units for measuring the brightness of the light. More lumens translate to brighter light. Lumens have become the new way that has been adopted to measure a bulb’s light output. It is even more precise compared to …

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Is LED Light Good for Reading?

Brightech daylight clip on lamp with magnifier for aged eyes

Indeed, it will always be valuable for you to be cautious about your health. And your eyes can never be an exception at this point. As such, it will be vital to be careful about the light you use when reading. It is through this that you will shun from exposing them to undue stress …

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Is LED Desk Lamp Good for Eyes?

desk lamp for eyes

The LED lamps can affect your eyes directly when you look into it or indirectly when you use it frequently. The light provided is of benefit at the same time harmful to your eyes’ health. Is LED desk lamp good for eyes will make you understand the effects of LED lights on your eyes and …

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