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Top 10 Dark Living Room Ideas to Make It Brighter in 2022

Dark colors are eternal that enhance the overall aesthetics of your living room. Dark living room designs are everywhere now, as it has become quite popular among people. Dark schemes completely change the vibes of your living room and give it a cozy and expansive feel.

Besides, the dark scheme is practical too that helps in hiding the sticky fingerprints and other irregularities on the wall. In this article, we will look at various aspects of dark living rooms and suggest some great dark living room ideas.


What Causes Dark Living Room?

Living rooms that lack enough natural light are likely to make your interior feel like a black hole. Besides, another reason your living room is dark is the current paint color scheme and furniture.

Therefore, to prevent this, you need to identify the factor that is creating the dark living room. Maybe your living room needs better windows, a lighter color scheme, or maybe less dark furniture.

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What Can I Do with a Dark Living Room?

Though the right renovation can create a huge difference, It is always a challenge to decide how you can brighten or make your living room less gloomy.

The darker and gloomy living room also makes you feel tired, stressed, cranky, and not in a good mood. We have enlisted below some amazing tips that will help you enhance your living room environment.

1. Placing Mirrors Strategically:

Mirrors can help brighten your dark living room by spreading the natural light and even amplify visual space. However, when using mirrors, you must place them strategically near the light source for the optimal outcome.

It is the most important factor and if executed properly, mirrors can completely change your living room’s environment.

2. Placing Lighter Color Furniture In Your Living Room:

Placing lighter color chairs, tables, and sofas in your living room can be an ideal way to enhance lighting. If you prefer cooler tones, then we would suggest you should go with light greys, ivory, or beige color furniture.

Besides, you can even choose a transparent table that will also assist in enhancing your living room lighting. You must stick to lighter colors because choosing dark colors will give you the results opposite of what you want.

3. Add A Light Rug To Cover Darker Floors:

If not enough sunlight reaches your living room, then consider adding a light rug to brighten the overall decor. Especially, people who have darker floors need to consider this option.

Lack of natural light and darker floors can be the worst combination and it will give you the opposite effect of what you are looking for.

Hence, adding a light rug is a suitable option in these circumstances.

4. Experiment High-Gloss Ceiling:

Using high-gloss color paint on your ceiling can be an effective way to bring more light into your living room. The ceiling is a perfect spot to experiment with high-gloss color because it’s where most light will be reflected through.

Moreover, it will add an expected element to a living room and you will definitely love the results.

5. Using Fairy lights, candles, and other ambient light sources

Placing lighting solutions strategically is another important factor to make a living room bright.

You don’t need to just rely on overhead lighting, instead, place fairy lights, candles on the walls, and add some floor and table lamps.

Besides, if you don’t have enough space for adding some floor and table lamps, then recessed lighting can be an ideal alternative. As recessed lighting is installed all across the living room, hence you will have enough ambiance to brighten a living room.

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6. Add Metallic Accessories:

Adding metallic accessories will help you transform a dark living room and enhance overall decor as well.

The addition of simple things such as metallic mirrors or artwork, light fixtures, and the high-gloss ceiling can help you reflect light.

Plus, it also gives you a luxurious feeling.

7. Clean Living Room’s Windows:

When you wear dirty glasses, it limits your visibility likewise stained windows can limit whatever natural light comes in. It is an obvious tip yet often ignored.

You can hire a glass cleaning agent to deep clean your windows inside and out. It will add a new feeling of freshness to your living room and bring in plenty of natural light that might surprise you.

8. Add White Curtains:

The biggest advantage of adding white curtains is that they reflect light and let the natural light come in without restricting it. If it complements your living room decor, then you should definitely add white curtains.

9. Choosing The Right Art:

If you love art, then there is no restriction to placing art in your living room, however, you need to avoid placing dark art. It can be an enemy to natural light and make your living room feel darker and gloomy.

Choose a dark color art, so that it reflects the light instead of absorbing it.

10. Opt For Right Accent Colors:

You do not need to just stick to grey, ivory, or beige colors. You can try out colorful combinations for your living room, providing that they are not dark.

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Dark Living Room Ideas:

 Below are few amazing dark living room ideas that you should surely try.

 1. Decorate with Bright Color and Furniture

If your living room has a window that brings plenty of sunlight then you should definitely, try this combination of black walls, white sofas along with glimmering decoration pieces.

This design is particularly suitable for people who have a light color floor and a window in their living room. This decor is definitely giving a minimal yet luxurious look.

A combination of dark and light color schemes is another great look to give to your living room. However, make sure that you pick the right color furniture.

2. Use Mirrors to Reflect the Light

A big metallic mirror on the black wall, a minimal chandelier, and a dark floor, a killing combination. As shown in the picture, make sure that you also have a bright color ceiling to not make your living room too dark.

Big windows, black and white walls, dark floors, and ivory sofas can give your living room an aesthetic and a comforting look.

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Having said that, this article ends here. We aimed to provide you with dark living room ideas and solutions to brighten your dark living room. Hopefully, we are successful in our job.