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Do Dogs Need Night Lights?

A dog is one of the most amazing pets that you will have. When you bring a dog and mostly a puppy to your home, all you want is to give him/her the most comfortable living arrangements that are possible. The urge to create coziness means extending your new friend’s sleeping arrangements. This means whether including a night light for your dogs or not.

Do dogs need night lights? Whether you leave the lights on for your dog is dependent on what your dog has become used to. In most cases, social dogs do not like to be left alone in darkness while other dogs do not mind.


Can Dogs See in the Dark?

do dogs need night light

The answer is yes, but you need to keep this in mind. Dogs including puppies have better night vision compared to humans.

Your dog has evolved larger pupils and also a larger number of light-sensitive rods within the retina to facilitate better night vision.

Dogs also have an additional structure within the eyes to assist them to see clearly in low light. The structure, which is the tapetum, plays a light reflector and it is the one that makes the eyes of your dog glow at night or in a photo.

Generally, this means that your dog can see better in the dim light that we humans. However, when in complete darkness dogs cannot see at all.

If your dog is familiar with its environment in total darkness, it will find its way around since it has memorized the layout of its environment or home. If the environment is new for your dog, it will stumble around since it cannot see in complete darkness.


Should You Leave Your Dog in the Dark?

As already said, your dog can see in dim light, but should you leave your dog in the dark? No pet should be left alone in complete darkness for extended periods.

However, if you want to leave your house for a short time in the evening, your dog will be okay without the lights until you are back.

Just like humans, some dogs are afraid of the dark. This might sound funny, but not fun at all for some of the dogs. It is possible to tell whether your dog is afraid of the dark.

Below are some of the behaviors that you may notice if your dog is afraid of the dark:

  • Whining, barking.
  • Hiding in areas that he does not use often including the bathroom or in a closet.
  • Your dog might become destructive when left alone in the dark. The destruction includes tearing things up, digging, and chewing.
  • Startless more easily than in the day time. Hearing noises might set off barking.
  • The paws are hurt as a result of destructive behavior such as clawing and digging.
  • Nervousness.

Furthermore, some of these signs are similar to those brought about by separation anxiety. These two conditions can even co-exist.

Therefore, to tell what is going on with your dog you can try this test. Leave your dog or puppy alone in the evening and ensure the lights are on in the space where your dog will be staying or crated. Stay out for a while and observe the way the dog will react.

You can also request your neighbor to observe the dog and see whether it is barking. If the dog is not barking, then he is afraid of the dark.

If your dog barks, he is most likely experiencing separation anxiety. You can also visit your vet for further examination of the cause of his anxious behavior.


Do Dogs Need Night Lights? What Are the Lighting Solutions?

night light for dogs reviews

The best way is to leave the lights on for your puppy who seems uncomfortable in the dark. You can assist your dog with the following solutions.

– Light bulbs with sensors

This is a good solution for dogs that are afraid of the dark. The built-in sensors detect dark and light. When it is dark, the lights will switch on automatically thus your dog will enjoy regular light.

– Light timers

This is another great option to use for your dog. If you are not at home to switch on the light when darkness enters, light timers will be great.

They are programmed so that you are aware of the light that is coming on according to your program or schedule. In this way, your dog will be sitting in darkness since the lights will have already turned on.

– Nightlight

Installing a simple plug in nightlight in your dog’s preferred spot can make a significant difference. If you crate your dog or rather a puppy and then leave a nightlight near this crate, it will help soothe his fears.



1. Does your puppy need light at night?

Just like adult dogs, puppies can also be afraid of the dark mostly with a new family or home. Most individuals suggest that your puppy should learn that when the lights are out, it means time to sleep.

The puppy’s body system is similar to ours and waking and sleeping are controlled by the hormone melatonin. When it is dark, this hormone increases in the body. Therefore, switching off the lights may regulate your puppy’s system causing sleep.

2. Do dogs like to sleep when the lights are on or off?

The sleeping pattern of a dog is similar to that of humans. Just like us, dogs sleep at night and are active during the day. However, they can still take naps during the day.

Dogs enjoy when the lights are off or on when sleeping. But, to keep the sleeping cycle of your dog regulated, the best idea is to keep the lights off. If your dog is afraid of the dark, leave the nightlights turned on to eliminate his fear.



In conclusion, this article has answered your question ‘do dogs need night lights’ regarding dogs and nightlights. The article leaves you in a better position to choose whether to install your dog’s room with nightlight and also when to turn the nightlights on.