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Wicker Lamps: Illuminating Your Vintage Style

Vintage home decor never goes out of style. Its timeless appeal continues to be popular year after year. One of the easiest ways to create a vintage atmosphere in any room is by using wicker lamps. They bring a unique texture and warmth, perfect for setting a vintage ambiance. This article will discuss how wicker lamps can be used to create a vintage look.

We will cover choosing the right lamp for your vintage decor, creating the right atmosphere, pairing with other vintage elements, and more.

vintage wicker lamps matching

Using Wicker Lamps for Vintage Decor

Wicker lamps offer a unique and versatile look for vintage decor. They blend in seamlessly with most vintage decors such as shabby chic or boho. They also have a distinct look that makes any room feel cozy and comfortable.

Wicker lamps can provide an authentic vintage ambiance due to their distinctive look and texture. The asymmetrical weaves and rustic colors of wicker lamps, instantly take you back to simpler times. The warm hue of light it emits is perfect in any vintage style room, engulfing it with a cozy and nostalgic feel.

Choosing the Right Wicker Lamp for Vintage Style

Choosing the right wicker lamp for your decor is essential. Wicker lamps come in many sizes, shapes, and colors, making it essential to get the right one that complements your vintage style. Let’s go over some of the factors to consider when selecting a wicker lamp.

– Shape: Choose a shape that complements your decor. A woven wicker globe-shaped fixture works well in a mid-century modern decor, a barrel-shaped woven lampshade works great for boho-chic decor.

– Size: Select a size that won’t overpower or overshadow existent aesthetics. A small and unobtrusive bulb is perfect for a tiny nook or foyer, while a large and dramatic statement lamp can be the perfect addition above the dining table or in the living room.

– Color: Warm earthy tones or natural hues of brown or beige work best to emphasize the vintage feel to the decor while darker shades can add depth and drama. White wicker lamps are excellent for creating a shabby chic look.

Style: When choosing wicker lamps for vintage rooms, it’s important to consider the overall style of the room. Vintage rooms typically have an emphasis on natural textures, muted colors, and a distressed or rustic look. When looking for wicker lamps, consider the texture and color of the material. Rattan, bamboo, or reed all have different textures that can contribute to the overall style of the space. Additionally, choosing a lamp with a distressed or weathered finish can help contribute to the vintage look.

– Material: Wicker lamps come in a variety of materials, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Rattan, for example, is a durable and versatile material that can work with a variety of styles. Reed is a more eco-friendly option and is typically cheaper than other materials. Bamboo can add a tropical or bohemian feel to a room. Consider the other materials in the room when selecting a material for the lamp. A lamp made of the same material as the other furniture in the room can help tie everything together.

Choosing a wicker lamp with a combination of these elements can help create the desired ambiance of vintage elegance.

Creating the Vintage Atmosphere

Now that we have picked the perfect wicker lamp, it’s time to create the perfect vintage ambiance with the right lighting. The type of bulb you choose to place in the wicker lamp can create different effects for different vintage styles. Here are some options to choose from:

– Edison Bulbs: These vintage style bulbs have an antique feel and give a warm and golden glow that will make the lamp and the surrounding decor simply pop.

– LED Filament Bulbs: LED while energy-saving, can add to the vintage charm of the lamp while providing a warm hue of light that can make the wicker fibers stand out. They come in a range of shapes and sizes, from tubes to vintage bulbs.

– Eco Halogen: These modern style bulbs can be used to create a vintage feel as a wet blanket, Only use them as a last resort if LED or Edison bulbs are unavailable.

As for lamp position, placing the Wicker lamp in strategic places can help create the perfect ambiance. Soft-lit areas such as the bedroom, living room, foyer, and library dictate a gentle ambiance. Still, dining rooms and home offices require brighter lighting levels. By placing a wicker lamp in an area that complements your decor, you will create that desired vintage ambiance.


Wicker lamps exude an understated charm that is perfect for creating a vintage feel in a room. Their unique texture and warm hue create a cozy and nostalgic ambiance.

In conclusion, using a wicker lamp to create a vintage feel has never been easier. Choose the right style that complements your decor, select the perfect bulb for the desired ambiance, position the lamp to create the perfect light, and don’t forget to pair it with other vintage elements for the complete look.