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How to Fix Copper Wire String Lights?

Be it birthdays parties or Christmas celebrations – the copper wire string lights have become the go-to decor for every occasion. These string lights, also called fairy lights and Christmas lights, use copper wires instead of the typical steel ones. As a result, they are bendy and flexible.

You can wrap them around almost anything and expect them to stay in one place. Their thinness also helps camouflage the copper wires so that you can only see those little yellow bulbs shining in the dark. How aesthetic!

Unfortunately, the copper wire string lights are fragile too. A sudden jerk or slight mishandling can make them useless in an instant. But, what if we told you fixing copper wire string lights is possible? Because it is!

So, before you throw away that roll of barely-used string lights, read this article “how to fix copper wire string lights”!

how to fix copper wire string lights


How to Fix Copper Wire String Lights?

Typically, the copper wire string lights will stop working because of wire exposure, malfunctioning rectifiers, or faulty fuse/coaxial.

Below, we’ve explained each one of them in detail, along with solutions.

1. Exposed Copper Wires

One of the most common causes behind this is the exposure of copper wires to moisture. It doesn’t matter whether the moisture is in the form of heavy rainfall or excessive humidity.

The slightest contact between copper wires and water can seize their functionality immediately.

In severe cases, it can lead to short circuits and fire. However, it’s impossible to keep your string lights cut-free. Over time, they will develop tears from the bending, mishandling, and even pesky guests like rodents.


  1. For small cuts, use electrical tape to cover the areas.
  2. Replace the string lights if the cuts are too large to cover.


2. Faulty Fuse

A small item like string lights doesn’t have fuses. If you have been thinking this up till now, let’s clarify that almost all electronic gadgets require a fuse!

Fuses refer to the safety components that regulate a steady power flow. In case there’s a sudden surge of power, the fuse stops functioning to prevent the overflow from reaching the lights. As a result, it prevents overheating, electrical damage, and even fires.

Thus, another common reason why your string lights could not be working is a faulty fuse. The only solution to this is the replacement. But, before that, fix the power issues to prevent the new fuse from blowing up too.


  1. Locate the fuse in the string lights. Usually, it is in the male plug.
  2. Slide open the small door on the plug to reveal the fuses.
  3. In most cases, there will be a spare fuse already present inside. If not, purchase a new use of the same size (written on the outside of the plug).
  4. Use a screwdriver to remove the old faulty fuse.
  5. Install the new one, and make sure you hear the snap that indicates proper placement. Slide to close the door.


3. Malfunctioning Rectifiers

Rectifiers are another important component that is present in one or multiple parts of the string lights.

These devices convert alternating current into direct current to help prevent flickering. So, in case your string lights are flickering/dimming, or half of it stops working, the problem is in rectifiers.


  1. Find the rectifiers placed on the string light.
  2. Remove the faulty ones using a screwdriver.
  3. Purchase and install new rectifiers. Test the string lights before decorating from the event.


Repair Tips

As mentioned, repairing copper wire string lights is simple and quick. Anyone can do it by themselves at home. However, if you’re a complete beginner, here are some repair tips to make the process safe.

  • Switch off the main power supply first.
  • Work in a dry place that is away from children and others.
  • Use protective clothing, such as electric work gloves.
  • Seek a professional’s assistance if you’re unable to find the right replacement components. It’s best not to experiment with different fuses and rectifiers.


How to Maintain Copper Wire String Lights?

Although copper wire string lights are susceptible to damage, you can make them last for years with the right maintenance practices. Here’s how to maintain string lights:

  • Examine the lights for potential issues, and fix them immediately.
  • Avoid bending them too much.
  • Decorate them loosely around trees, poles, and different things. Make sure they are above the ground where people do not step on them.
  • Place the lights away from moisture.
  • Wrap them loosely around a cardboard sheet or roll to keep them tangle-free.


Final Thoughts

There’s always a reason behind everything. And so, your copper string lights do not stop working out of the blue for no reason.

If this situation knocks at your door, do not panic and discard the lights. Instead, figure out the cause and its solution.

Hope this article helps you in the process!