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How to Hang Christmas Lights?

Christmas is always a glorious occasion that is celebrated by many people. It is a time to share with friends and family, but Christmas cannot be complete without having Christmas LED lights hanging in or out of our houses.

We all want to be the talk of the town when it comes to who had the best lights during Christmas. There are many ways to install these lights but we are going to look at how to hang Christmas lights easily and quickly.


Best way to hang Christmas lights outside

how to put christmas lights on a large outdoor tree

For you to best hang your lights you need to have: a camera, ladder, tape measure, outdoor holiday lights, plastic light clips, plastic zip ties, and an outdoor extension cord.

The following guide will help you out.

Step 1: Take a picture of the house

This is the first important step. Take a picture of the front of your house from the streets.

Viewing your home from other people’s point of view will help give you a great design plan and allow you to see it from the vantage point of those who will be enjoying your holiday accomplishment.

You have to consider every corner of the house from the roofline to the windows to the yard.

Step 2: Take measurements

Using your tape measure, take measurements of the height and width where you want to hang your lights. You can also take measurements of the base if you do not want to climb up the ladder.

Though it is not precise, it will give you a clue of how many strands of light are required.

Step 3: Confirm the lights are for outdoor use

The outdoor environment features storms, rain, snow, and other hazards that may destroy your lights and have them die off without even reaching Christmas. Some lights are designed for outdoor use, their materials are made to withstand the outdoor environment.

When shopping for Christmas lights, always confirm that they are designated for outdoor usage.

Another important consideration is to confirm the “UL” mark on the product box, this indicates that they have been tested by Underwriters Laboratories and are safe to use.

Step 4: Use plastic light clips

Clips are needed to hold the lights in position. These lights will be removed when the festive season is over and therefore you have to consider using clips that will give you an easy time putting up and taking down your lights.

Using plastic clips not only saves you time but also assists in preventing damage to your roof as compared to using nails and staples. These clips can be used for many seasons and can hold any type of string lights.

Step 5: Test the lights

You do not want to find out that your lights are not working when you are up the ladder. Confirm that your lights are functioning correctly.

Take a look at the strands to see if any bulb needs replacement before proceeding to put them up.

Step 6: Attach clips

Use the guide from the manufacturer to clip the strands. Depending on your design space the clips 6 to 12 inches.

After successfully attaching the clips on the strand, then you hang the lights on the roof by attaching them to the roofline, railings, gutters, or anywhere place where your decorations will be lively.

If your area experiences harsh winter weather, the zip ties act as extra security to heavy snow, winds, and ice storms. Zips exist in several colors so you can choose one that matches your decorations.

Step 7: Turn on the lights

Plug the last strand into an outdoor-rated extension cord then into an outdoor outlet. Always plug outdoor lights into a GFCI-protected outlet.


How to hang Christmas lights indoor?

how to hang christmas lights inside

Lights can also be hung indoors during Christmas to improve the decorations and set in the Christmas mood. Lights can be hung on windows, walls, and ceilings. There are different ways to hang lights inside the house depending on where you want to have them.

Step 1: Plan how to hang the lights. You can sketch out how you want the lights to appear inside your house. Take measurements of the length and width of the walls to determine the amount of light strand that will be needed.

Step 2: Place cup hooks around the house. These hooks are placed at intervals around the walls or windows if you plan to have lights on the walls and windows.

Cup hooks are cheap compared to those hooks made specifically for hanging lights. These hooks also add style to your design. They should be used at both sides of angle areas.

Step 3: Test each light strand to ensure that each works correctly and replace any bulb that is broken.

Step 4: Plug the strand into the socket as you begin to loop the strand into the first hook. You can use tape to stick the strand on the wall to prevent them from hanging unnecessarily in front of other objects.

Step 5: After getting the view of how your lights will turn out to be, unplug the strand from the power and continue hanging the lights on these hooks.

Step 6: After finishing designing your room, the extra strands should be tied and left hanging.

Step 7: To add a personal touch to your decorations, you can hang photos and drawings on the light lines.


What is the best way to hang Christmas lights on a tree?

how to hang outdoor christmas lights

When hanging Christmas lights on a tree, generally for every foot of the tree’s height you should use 100 lights. So if you have a six-foot tree, you will require at least 600 lights. We are going to show you how to best hang your lights on the Christmas tree.

Step 1: The first step is always to confirm that your lights are working perfectly.

Step 2: Divide the tree into three triangular sections from top to bottom about the tree’s cone, instead of wrapping the strands around the tree in a column style.

Step 3: Connect the first strand of lights in and put the last lamp on the line at the top of the tree next to the trunk. Connect the Christmas lights around the triangle forward and backward, being cautious not to cross the string over itself.

Connect in the next set when you come to the end of the first string and keep intertwining the lights back and forth until you reach the end, connecting no more than 300 end-to-end Christmas lights.

Repeat this process until you reach the bottom of your tree.

Step 4: Step away from the tree and look at it until it appears blurry. Rearrange the lights to fill in as needed wherever you see dark holes on the tree. To isolate the lights without twisting them you need to act in reverse.


Best way to hang Christmas lights on windows

One of the easiest ways to display your house during the holiday season is to decorate your home with Christmas lights. With the right accessories, windows make a perfect place to hang decorations.

When hanged perfectly, the lights will be able to withstand strong storms and winds until it is time to take them down. We will take you on the best route to hang your Christmas lights.

Step 1: Measure the perimeter

The tape measure comes in handy when you want to confirm the length and width of your window for you to know the exact amount of cord you need.

You do not want to have excess strands hanging from your window when decorating your house.

You can clean the frames while taking measurements, adhesive clips that you’ll use to stick the lights cling perfectly on dusty-free surfaces.

Step 2: Test the lights

You do not want to find out your lights are not functioning on Christmas Eve. Test the lights before installation.

Even if you have been using the lights before and you are sure they work, it does not cost you to just plug them in and confirm. If any light bulb is not functioning you can replace it at this time.

Step 3: Choose the best mounting style

There is no singular way to hang Christmas lights on the windows. There exists a lot of options depending on your preference and the building design.

i. Cup hooks: you can screw up hooks on the perimeter of your windows, though it will leave a dent when removed, it is not too visible. Hooks prevents lights from sagging when installed accurately.

ii. Wire suckers: this is another option if you do not want to drill holes. Even though they eliminate the need to drill holes, they are not as safe as the cup hooks. They fall off often and need regular replacement. These are perfect for interior mounting.

iii. Gutter hooks: You may still use gutter hooks for at least the upper part of the window if the windows pass directly under the gutter. Gutter hooks are very easy to add. The hooks are inexpensive and very easy to install. Best of all, they leave no marks on the gutters or any permanent damage.

iv. Siding staples: You can easily hang the lights when you have access to a staple gun by going around the perimeter. The issue with staples is that it takes time to remove them when it’s time to put the lights back down. Staples are very safe and always a viable choice. Just make sure you exercise caution when using it.

Step 4: Install the lights

When you are using hooks or clips it is recommended that you space them 12 to 18 inches apart.

Start installation from the bottom corner of the window and extend to one side. The strands should be rigid to avoid sagging. On reaching the top, hang another hook or clip.

Repeat the process as you stretch the light strands on your window. Connect the male end of the strand to a wall outlet. An extension cord is utilized if the male end of the strand won’t reach the outlet.


How to hang icicle Christmas lights?

When icicle lights were first introduced, safety was an issue as they tended to get hot. In the market, there are LED lights that will give you the same effect without producing heat. There are better ways to hang icicle lights.

– Plan

You cannot just go outside your house and straight to the roof and start installing icicle lights. You need to plan since they are hung down 12 to 18 inches.

The installation should be at a place where they will not conflict with the roadside view of the house or shelter up other decorations. You should consider your source of power, how and where you will plug them in, and how to turn them off.

A timer device that turns your holiday lights on and off without you memorizing to do so every night might be one consideration.

– Use hooks

Various materials can be used to attach the icicle to the roof. Some people prefer glue as it is quick and easy to stick the icicles.

However, you are recommended not to use glue as it does not withstand the harshness of winter. Hooks can be permanently fixed on to the exteriors, they cannot be damaged during harsh weather, and do not rip paint from your house trim.

Hooks allow you the option to remove your icicles and store them increasing their lifespan.

– Shingle clips

Shingle clips are used to hold the strands into position. These clips can be used to put icicle lights in any pattern and then removed when the season has ended.

It is necessary to buy a sample first to see if they can support your lights. Delicate shingles may get wrecked by the clips, or older shingles may lack the width required to allow the clips to function effectively.

When using shingle clips, use LED icicle bulbs to prevent the possibility of bulbs catching your roof on fire.


How to put Christmas lights on the roof?

how to hang christmas lights on roof

Driving around your neighborhood as it’s decorated out in Christmas lights is something truly moving. There are plenty of light and style choices that you can choose from if you want your home to add to the Christmas spirit.

Few individuals can mount lights at the height of the roof. To assist you, we will share our tips on how to safely hang Christmas lights on your house.

Step 1: Plan: planning is important in everything you do. Take measurements of your roof to know how many strands of light you’ll require for your roof.

Step 2: Test your lights before climbing on the roof to ascertain that they are all operational. You should never hang your lights in a wet climate.

Step 3: Attach the first clips on the cord before climbing on the ladder. It is simpler to work with a short cord, so do not attach the next cord until you run out of line.

Step 4: Locate the power outlet, connect the extension cords, and begin with the side of the roof nearest to the outlet. This assures you that the strings will reach the outlet then climb the ladder and start fixing your light strands on the gutters.

Step 5: Keep the clips close enough to each other, particularly if you’re installing icicle lights, so that the line is stiff and straight. This would make sure the lights precisely match the roofline. You should move the ladder frequently to avoid shifting the center of gravity of the ladder.

Step 6: Attach clips carefully to the edges where there are no gutters. Do not use nails or staples to attach the clips as these will leave holes on the roof during removal.

Step 7: After installing all your light strands, you can power them up and see how beautiful they are.

A lot of accidents happen at Christmas during the installation of lights, you should therefore be cautious when installing Christmas lights on the roof.


What is the best way to hang Christmas lights on gutters?

Hanging lights during Christmas renovates the look and feel of your home. Some significant steps are considered when hanging Christmas lights on gutters.

– Plan: Having a plan for everything you do helps make it a success. You need to hang your lights before severe weather hits in as it is not only easy working when the temperatures are warm but also safe.

– Using your tape measure, measure the length of your gutters around the house to know the exact size of the strand you will need.

– Test the lights, inspecting them for any broken bulb and faulty wires. Replace any material that will prevent you from archiving your goal.

– When climbing the ladder, always ensure that you follow safety tips like having your feet on the ladder each time and having an assistant.

– Using plastic clips to attach the strand along the gutters. These plastic clips will grip the gutters and have a lower peg that will hold the light cords. Staples and nails are not to be used as they can pierce through the protective lining and produce an electrical hazard.



Our guide on “how to hang Christmas lights” comes an end.

This season regardless of how you want to mount your Christmas light, we constantly advise you to be careful when scaling the ladder. We wish you a happy holiday full of love and laughter.