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How to Install Motion Sensor Light?

Motion sensor light initiates response once a movement is detected. They are extremely sensitive in noting motion and triggers a quick response.

Motion sensor lights work differently, some operate by putting lights on. In this case, once the movement ceases to be detected, the sensor turns off the lights.

You can install motion sensor lights in different spots depending on your preference. They enable you to know someone’s presence.

This article will guide you through the best ways of motion sensor installation.

Here we go!


How to Wire a Motion Sensor to an Existing Light?

how to install light sensor on outdoor light

To fix your lights, you need to have the motion sensor switch, screwdriver, and wiring nuts. Ensure the switch is compatible with the existing light fixture.

Step 1: Having your motion detection kit, put off the power, and it’s necessary to test to ensure the power is off.

Step 2: Open the insert at the point of installing the new motion detector and screw it tightly into the fixture.

When it comes to connection, ensure the black wires of the motion detector are properly connected to hot wires from existing lighting, then tie the red cables, and lastly connect neutral wires.

Step 3: Once you secure the connection, adjust the sensitivity of the detector by setting the magnitude of the motion to activate the sensor.

Step 4: Also, set how long lights should be delayed when the sensor is triggered. The motion detector has several settings and it’s important to consider the possible ones that would perfectly fit your situation.

Step 5: Lastly, wait until it’s dark to test the new motion light sensitivity.


How to Wire a Motion Sensor to Multiple Lighting?

Installing a motion sensor to multiple lights is possible.

It all depends on whether the sensor can handle the load or how many watts it can handle.

Step 1: In making this possible, you need to ensure that all lighting systems are supplied by a single circuit. If that is not the case, you are required to rewire the system to one circuit supplier.

Step 2: Creatively run all wires and ensure they are well connected to prevent circuiting.

Step 3: Connecting multiple lights to one circuit supplier requires much attention to ensure at the end they are all perfectly working.

Step 4: Secure all cables and then connect your motion sensor at your desired point.

Step 5: Adjust sensitivity as well as a time delay to ensure you achieve the desired results on testing.


How to Replace a Motion Sensor Light Bulb?

Motion sensor light needs maintenance done now and then especially when bulbs burn out. Changing bulbs in a motion sensor light is simple because you only need to fix a new one.

The key safety precaution to undertake while replacing a light bulb is placing a cloth in between the bulb and your skin.

This cloth will help in preventing the oil from your skin from sticking on the light bulb. The light bulb can shatter in case the oil on the surface gets hot.

Step 1: Once you have placed the cloth, gently and counter-clockwise rotate the light bulb slowly.

Step 2: Continue to rotate the bulb to loosen it from the socket.

Step 3: Following the manufacturers’ guidelines, dispose of the bulb depending on the type. You can throw away the burnt light bulb into the waste or recycle it in the case of Compact Fluorescent Lamps.

Step 4: Using a lint-free cloth grasp the new bulb and place it into the socket and rotate it in a clockwise manner until it’s firm.

Step 5: Check it out if it’s working properly by putting the power on at dark.


Safety Notes on Motion Sensor Light Installation

Here are some tips you should note:

1. Be equipped with all necessary protective gear. 

When dealing with electricity or doing any project, your safety should always be key. You need to be protected from anything that can compromise your health or general safety.

2. Ensure your body or ladder you’re using does not touch any power cable while you are carrying out the project.

Always handle with care all aluminum cables if there is any in the project. During wiring of motion sensor light make sure any naked cable is secured with an electrician tape to prevent short-circuiting.

3. Read instructions before installation.

Before starting the installation, take the time to read the instructions and full details given by the manufacturer of the motion detector light. Different manufacturers provide different basic information as per their product.

4. Always use lint-free clothing between you and the light bulb.

Lint-free cloth is necessary for grasping the new bulb while changing the old one. It prevents oil from sticking on the bulb surface, incase this oil gets hot the bulb might break down causing injuries.


Where to Put the Motion Light?

how to fit a motion sensor light

Before deciding on the perfect place to put the motion lights, it’s important to first understand how a motion detector works.

1. Then, you can install the motion lights at least 6 to 10 feet above the floor or ground. Ensure it’s positioned to enable most movement to occur within its field of view.

2. Always position the sensor on ways to front and back doors, this will help in maximizing effectiveness.

3. When it comes to stairways, you need to consider the size of your pet to prevent unnecessary alarms as they pass- by.

4. If you have ever experienced security issues, then place sensors to cover all driveways, swimming pool, the garage, fence gates, dark areas around the house, the patio door, and bushes.

Having installed motion sensor lights in all sensitive spots will reduce your fear of security. This is because your house is well lit and sensors will detect thieves.

5. It’s important to avoid putting motion doctor lights in places such a near the window. This is because window refection will make the sensor go off and sometimes tricked that no one is around even when there is an intruder.

Proper lighting prevents intruders and the use of these motion lights sensors is a low-cost method. However, it doesn’t guarantee you 100 percent security.



Installing motion sensor lights whether indoors or outdoors ensures security is up and in turn cuts down electricity cost.

Having motion sensor lights around your home provides you with a hand-free and automated way of turning lights on and off as per your need. They detect motion quickly as well as responses.