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Is LED Desk Lamp Good for Eyes?

The LED lamps can affect your eyes directly when you look into it or indirectly when you use it frequently. The light provided is of benefit at the same time harmful to your eyes’ health. Is LED desk lamp good for eyes will make you understand the effects of LED lights on your eyes and ways to control the effects.

Therefore these effects need not be ignored because, with time, it may cause severe illness leading to blindness.

Effects of LED desk lamp with poor lights to your eyes

is led desk lamp good for eyes

In research done recently, it claimed that the dim lights could cause permanent eye damage. These effects on your eyes include:

1. Poor lights can cause irreversible retina damage to your eyes and destroy the retina cells. And once the retina cells get destroyed due to prolonged exposure to poor lights, they cannot regrow or even be replaced by medics.

2. Continuous exposure of eyes to poor desk light may result in redness of the eye, and itchiness, which denies you a proper sleeping cycle.

3. The life-long exposure and prolonged exposure of the retina and eye lens to the light rays increase your risk of age-related muscular degeneration and cataract issues.

4. When the lights flicker, too much can cause mild headaches, hence disrupting the movement control of the eyes, thus forcing the brain to strain.

5. When you continuously work under poor light conditions, your eyes will start straining, and the clarity diminished.

How to prevent poor light from affecting your eyes?

After the analysis of all the effects caused by poor lighting rays, the researchers came up with some ways that might help to reduce the risks.

1. You can use LED luminaire lamps with blue peaks that are unnaturally higher than the white indoor LED lights.

2. You can try to reduce the amount of time spent on the screen. Alternatively, you can have frequent breaks to provide rest to the eyes. Also, avoid screen time 2 hours before going to sleep.

3. Buy a led desk lamp with a filter that can scatter even light rays. Anti-reflective lenses are the best as they reduce light intensity and block light peaks.

4. You can use screen filters for computers, tablets, and mobile phones. The screen filters prevent the excessive blue light from directly reaching your eyes, thus protecting the retina damage.


Poor lights cause mild headaches, which causes the brain to strain. The brain can hardly control the eyes and movement. As we may know, that proper brain functioning controls the whole body function.

However, you can have a better lighting experience with no effects in your home and workplace with the help of the best led desk lamps.