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Best Full and Half Moon Night Lamp with Soft Light in 2022

Have you ever thought of getting closer to nature? Nothing could be more satisfactory than getting close to the moon.

And moon night lights are the best way to do so. From their texture and appearance to their color, these devices closely resemble the moon. In most cases, you will rely on them for aesthetic value and lighting up your room. They also comfort toddlers in darkness.

However, it will always be valuable to get the best moon night light at all times. Your chosen device must provide enough light to see the outline of various objects in the room yet not disturb your sleep.

But how or what should you choose? Here are a few things to keep in mind during such pursuits.

best buy moon night light


In a hurry? Look at our picks!

With Magnetic Levitating Design – VGAzer Moon Night Lamp with 3 Color Modes

Multi-Colored – HYODREAM Rechargeable 3D Moon Night Lamp

Most Cheap – Kikkerland Plug in Moon Night Lights for Bedroom


Why Do You Need a Moon Night Light?

You can barely overlook the urgency of having a moon night light in your room. Whether you have a toddler or want to explore a romantic experience with your spouse, these moon night lights will come in handy.

They draw various benefits, including the following:

•    Alleviating the fear of the dark

There is no denying that most children are afraid of the dark. Unless they get something to comfort them, they will barely give you the peace of mind you need.

Fortunately, moon night lights produce a soothing glow that is reassuring to the child. While this light will be bright enough to highlight the objects’ outlines in the room, it will be dim enough not to compromise sleep.

•    Enhanced safety

Nothing could be scarier than moving around in the darkness. Besides that, one is likely to trip over objects from time to time, thanks to impaired vision.

Moon night lights will provide you with enough light to see wherever you are, ensuring that you avoid injuring yourself in the long run. It will also be much easier for you to move around when going to check on your baby.

•    Ensure that you return to sleep comfortably

Thanks to their relatively dim nature, these lights will barely compromise your sleep.

Unlike bright lights, moon night lights will scarcely keep you alert or active. Instead, they encourage you to fall asleep, thanks to the soft glow they provide.


What Are the Types of Moon Night Lights?

It is no secret that moon lamps come in different types, including 3D, Plug-in, and Moon and Star projector. Understanding what each of them brings to the table will help make logical decisions in the long run. Here are a few details about each of them.

1. 3D Moon Night Light

3D moon night lights are lamps that feature 3D printing and text alongside a night light. This printing is a highlight of the moon, from its rough surface to the various spots.

In most cases, people rely on this type of moon night light for a cozy atmosphere, whether in the living room or the bedroom.

The stunning images and texts on the lamp will get you smitten. While at it, they will often come with multiple control settings, allowing you the convenience you deserve.

2. Plug-In Moon Night Light

Ideally, plug-in night lights are the lamps you will have to mount on an outlet for them to function.

These devices are of a compact design, and their standard shape is square, ensuring that they comfortably fit on wall sockets.

The goal of having a plug-in moon night light is to ensure that you have multiple outlets at your disposal. This way, there is room for flexibility and convenience.

Further, these plug-in night lights come with motion and light sensors, guaranteeing better efficiency.

3. Moon and Star Projector

Do you want to take on a surreal, cosmic adventure, albeit imaginary? Well, that is what you get from a moon and star projector.

This lamp will often project the best of nature and the universe on your wall or ceiling. They produce a relatively soft glow, which effortlessly soothes you to sleep.

The device could have rotating or still displays, and you can choose either. While rotating images seem more relaxing, still displays are a preference for many people.


Best Moon Night Lamp Reviews

It is no secret that choosing the right moon night light is no walk in the park. For that reason, we take a look at the best choices at your disposal in the market.

They will include the following.

With Magnetic Levitating Design – VGAzer Moon Night Lamp with 3 Color Modes

full moon night light

You can barely overlook the popularity enjoyed by this product, thanks to its levitating element. Usually, it relies on magnetic technology to hover in the air, spin, and float in the air without support. Undoubtedly, this is an aspect you will appreciate at any time.

You will enjoy the multiple light modes on this moon night light. Usually, one can choose from yellow, white, and a gradient that changes from white to yellow.

Since you will use one button to switch between these modes, it will be quite convenient. The light produced is friendly to the eye, as it has no flickers or glare.

This product comes with an easily accessible touchpad, making it easy to control. There is also no more than one button to handle all the other necessary settings.

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Multi-Colored – HYODREAM Rechargeable 3D Moon Night Lamp

led moon night light with RGB colors

The multicolors provided by this moon night light will get you smitten. Thanks to this colorful nature, you will be free to use it as a decorative lamp too.

Using this product is no hassle, thanks to its remote and touch control. Usually, the touch switch allows you to alternate between various lighting modes and colors.

On the other hand, you can rely on the remote control to change color, brightness, and lighting modes. Its soft and dimmable light means your eyes will not hurt. Without glare and flickers, one will hardly lose their sleep.

Did you know that it has a built-in battery too? This battery is rechargeable and has a relatively high capacity. This way, it will comfortably last you throughout the night if need be.

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With Warm Glow – Mydethun Moon Lamp with Touch Control

hanging and tabletop moon night light

Are you looking for a moon lamp with eco-friendly material? This product is the ultimate choice for you. The PLA materials on this night light assure you of safety and will always be friendly to the environment.

This product allows you to alternate between yellow and white light, depending on your preferences and needs. While at it, you will be free to adjust the brightness accordingly.

The readily accessible button on this night light makes it easy to control it. All you will have to do is press the button to switch between the two modes at your disposal.

Besides, it has a touch control pad at its bottom, allowing you to change various settings without too many hassles.

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Most Cheap – Kikkerland Plug in Moon Night Lights for Bedroom

plug in moon night lamp

The Kikkerland Night Light is a 3D impression of the moon. It is no secret that this printed impression comes out as one of the most realistic drawings.

This product prides itself on a relatively impressive yet compact design. That means you will be free to fit it almost anywhere in the house, including bedrooms and hallways.

What is more, it assures you of a soft glow, making it ideal for children too. Undoubtedly, its warm yellow illumination is all you will need for a peaceful night.

Usually, controlling this night light will be one of the most seamless things to do. Thanks to the easily accessible switch, you will be free to adjust the light according to your preferences.

You can hardly overlook the robust construction featured by this product. This moon night light comes with premium materials, including metal and glass, which assure you of enhanced longevity.

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The 3D moon night lamps can’t match your decor? There are some moon shaped night lights with stylish design for you and your kids!

Battery Powered – Lewondr Half Moon Shaped Lamp for Night Tables

half moon night light for nightstands

If you are looking for a battery-powered moon night light, look no further than this option.

Since it relies on batteries, you do not have to worry about any extra wires on the device. That means there will barely be any instances of tripping over cables when handling your lamp.

You will also fall in love with its stylish design. From being compact to highlighting elegance, this is a charm to behold. This small structure makes it one of the most portable moon lamps to have.

While at it, it assures you of a soft glow that is quite friendly to the eyes. You will hardly experience any flickers or glare, leaving your eyes adequately protected.

The premium materials used on this moon night light make it not only durable but also sturdy. Usually, it highlights a perfect blend of plastic and metal that are safe to the users and the environment.

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For Children – MINGKIDS Unicorn & Moon & Star Projection Nightlight

moon and stars night light projector

As long as you are looking for an excellent gift for your young girl, this star projection night light will be the best.

From its mystical glow to its impressive aesthetic appeal, you will readily fall in love with this moon night lamp.

This product assures you of multiple projection colors, including yellow, red, blue, and green.

The colors could be rotating or flashing, depending on the settings you choose. You will also appreciate how easy it is to switch from one mode to another.

Usually, you will be free to charge this device in two creative ways. You can either use a USB cable or power it with AAA batteries.

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For Baby Room – Chicco LED Automatic Night Light for Nursery

moon shaped night light

It is no secret that this is one of the best moon night lights for homes with children.

Thanks to its bright yet eye-friendly light, your child will be comfortable with this night light in the room. Its light has no glare or flicker, meaning the eyes of your toddler will not hurt.

You will appreciate the light sensors in this product. Typically, the device goes on or off automatically, depending on whether there is light or not.

Besides that, you will be free to use its timer to determine when it can go on or off, saving energy.

This product is a highlight of compact designs. Its small structure means you will be free to use it almost anywhere. It will also be easier for you to carry it around, as it is reasonably lightweight.

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How to Choose the Best Moon Night Light?

how to choose the moon ball night light

It is no secret that moon night lights in the market are quite many, making it a challenge to choose one. However, that should not mean that giving up is an option.

Instead, it will be right to pay attention to the following elements when looking for a reliable device.

•    Check the design

How bulky is your chosen moon night light? Usually, it will be best for you to aim at a device with a compact design. That is because it tends to be much easier to carry compact devices around.

It will also be seamless to mount them in various parts of the house without too much trouble.

What is more, now will be the right time to focus on something that appeals to your eyes.

•    Consider the runtime and battery capacity

There is no denying that you will always want a device that can last for a relatively long time, regardless of power outages. The best option would be to consider a moon night light with built-in rechargeable batteries in this light.

The battery capacity needs to be reliable, as it determines how long you will enjoy the light.

A device that can run for between 3.5 and over 12 hours will be better for you.

•    Pay attention to the texture

It is almost impossible to overlook the urgency of having the right texture on your moon night light device.

Ensure that the lamp comes with a perfect blend of dark and light spots like the moon. Remember, the texture goes beyond the shape of your chosen device.

•    Is the construction robust?

The sturdiness of your moon night lamp affects its durability. Take the time to evaluate how strong the materials used in its construction are. This way, you will be confident of both reliability and longevity.

While at it, premium materials are often safe and friendly to children.

For instance, ABS plastic is much safer and ideal for rooms with toddlers, thanks to its high melting point and resistance to chemical solvents.

•    Consider the size

One of the things you cannot ignore is the size of your moon night light.

As usual, you will have to decide between a small and a big one, depending on your preferences and room size. Ensure that your chosen lamp is not too huge or too small for the room.

Take the time to determine the measurements of your room and select something that fits it accordingly. For instance, your chosen night light should always be smaller than its table.

•    How friendly the illumination is

Most experts suggest that you rely on LED lighting, as it is much friendlier to the eyes. Usually, this light comes with no glare or flickers, ensuring that your child worries not about eyes hurting.

For that reason, ensure that you focus on products that assure you of a stable and uniform beam of light. This way, you will be sure of your child going back to sleep much sooner.



To sum up, you will always appreciate the incredible role that moon night lights play. From soothing children and adults to sleep to enhancing safety, these are devices you cannot miss.

As long as you can get a reliable option, there will be no reason to worry about sleepless nights.