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10 Fantastic Reasons for Upgrading Your Home with LED Lights

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) have taken the world of lighting by storm – and it’s all for the right reasons. This new range of lighting options has become practical to use on almost everything that requires electrical bulbs for lighting, from car headlights to flood lamps.

Below are some of the things you need to know about why you need to upgrade to led lights and where you can use these awesome lights.

Why do you need to upgrade to led lights?

upgrade to led lights

As you can expect, LED bulbs have also found ways into our homes and offices, and there are lots of advantages that make the switch from conventional lighting methods to LED lighting well worth it.

If you haven’t given it a serious thought yet, here are 10 plus one compelling reasons why you should consider giving your home an LED lighting upgrade:

  • Improved energy efficiency

The main benefit of switching to LED lighting is that it offers a more energy efficient option compared to incandescent or halogen lighting. That’s after taking into consideration that incandescent and halogen bulbs convert most of their energy to heat.

Incandescent bulbs, for example, convert up to 80% of their energy into heat, with the remaining 20% being the only energy that is used to produce light.

LED light bulbs, on the other hand, dissipate less than 10% of their energy as heat. As such, you may end up using 10 times less energy by switching to LED lighting options for your home’s interior and exterior.

  • LED bulbs last longer

Since LED bulbs don’t use filaments, they can serve longer since their lighting elements won’t burn out or break as easily as filaments.

That’s why a single LED bulb is able to offer well over 100,000 hours of lighting on average without losing brightness, so long as there are no electrical issues that can reduce the lifespan.

  • Safer to use

Ever tried to change an incandescent bulb that has just gone off? Those bulbs are finger burners, but that’s not the case with LED bulbs. What’s more?

LED bulbs won’t blow or cause a fire risk as a result of overheating. As if that’s not enough safety points to consider, you won’t have to deal with broken glass if you accidentally drop a bulb against a hard surface.

  • LED lighting is more colorful

Even though conventional lighting options offer a variety of color options, you simply can’t compare them to their LED counterparts. Led bulbs offer more vibrant colors if you’re after different types of colors, without the need for bulky filters.

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  • No more light pollution or wastage

Unlike conventional lighting methods, LED bulbs produce directional light which can be focused only where it’s needed using optical or reflector guidance.

What this means is that very little light gets wasted in the process, hence reducing the amount of light pollution by a great margin.

  • Better dimming option

The good thing about LED bulbs is that they are able to retain their quality of light even when the light intensity is reduced. Incandescent bulbs, on the other hand, produce a more yellowish color if they are dimmed. They simply can’t retain their true colors unlike LED bulbs.

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  • A more environmentally friendly option

LED light bulbs are by far the best option as far as eco-friendly lighting is concerned – we all have the obligation to take care of our environment. While CFLs contain pollutants such as mercury vapour, LED bulbs have no toxic materials in them.

Besides, they are made using materials that are easily recyclable, reducing their chance of polluting the environment by ending up in landfills.

  • A variety of options for your home

LED lighting is available in a variety of options that ranges from bulbs to strips. You can take advantage of the different options to customize your home’s lighting so that it becomes as seamless as possible.

Besides, you can use products such as LED strips to create or enhance different themes in the different rooms of your house.

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  • Instant lighting

Unlike conventional lighting options, LED bulbs can be switched on and off more frequently without affecting their brightness or lifespan.

The best part is that LED lights reach their full brightness instantly, unlike traditional bulbs which may take several seconds, in addition to their lifespan being affected by frequent on and off switching.

  • Better for your health

At this point, you’re probably wondering how a small piece of light-emitting electronic equipment can have any effect on your health.

Well this is it: fluorescent bulbs have, for a long time been known for their notorious flickering. Such flickering has been associated with the bad side effects experienced by individuals with headaches and migraines.

The good news is that if you are affected by the flickering of fluorescent bulbs, you can switch to LED bulbs and not experience a thing.

What’s more? LED lighting has consistently evolved to a point where it can now efficiently mimic natural light. Research has proven that natural light helps in promoting a healthy, regular circadian rhythm.

As if that’s not enough, the quality of light produced by LED bulbs can be customized to suit the human eye, making it possible to reduce negative effects such as eye strain.

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Where can you use LED lights inside and outside your house?

After making the decision to switch to LED lighting for your home or office, your next question would probably be where such lights can be used. The good thing about LED bulbs is that they can be used just about everywhere in your home.

The most common indoor areas where you can comfortably use LED lighting include:

  • Your kitchen (bulbs and strip lighting)
  • In the bathroom (LED sconces)
  • Living room (downlighting)
  • Bedroom (floor and table lamps)

As expected, LED technology has also taken over outdoor lighting. The good thing with outdoor LED lighting is that it can increase the security of your home or office by offering reliable lighting options such as motion-sensing security lighting, flood light and more without the worry of having any of your bulbs going out unexpectedly.

As if that’s not enough, LED lights are a much safer option when used outdoors, since they pose a significantly lower fire risk. You can use LED lighting for outdoor applications such as:

  • Landscaping (LED-lit pathways and LED strip lighting for your garden)
  • Security light (LED security lamps)

Of course, there are several other indoor and outdoor areas where you can use LED lighting in your home or office – it all depends on the design of your building as well as your choices and preferences.

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If you’ve been wondering whether switching to LED lighting for your home or office is a worthwhile move, there is no need to feel unsure anymore.

With LED lighting fixtures, you will surely enjoy the convenience of paying reduced energy bills, reliable lighting, and enhanced safety. With all the benefits mentioned above, there is no reason why you should not consider upgrading to led lights.