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Best Waterproof Recessed Light for Shower in 2022

As the interior plays an important role in the appearance of the rooms of your house, the shower space is no exception. If you want your shower space to look remarkable then you must choose the right lighting fixtures for the place.

Lights can change the whole aura of the place and turn up the whole ambiance magically. This is why knowing the right types of recessed lights for your showers can be an important and beneficial choice for you.

We will go through every aspect of the best recessed light for the shower to help you know everything about them. In this way, you will choose the best ones for yourself.

So let’s get started!

shower can light


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

Bluetooth Enabled for Immersive Shower Environment, Making Your Shower Time Interesting: GE Lighting Recessed Can Light

IP65 Waterproof Rating and Dustproof, with Color Changing Light: HOREVO LED Light for Bathroom

Hot Sale 6-Inch Shower Trim with Albalite Lens – NICOR Light Trim for Wet Location


How to Choose the Best Recessed Light for Shower?

If you are someone who is struggling to find the best type of recessed lights for showers then you have come to the right place.

Let’s dive into the details of getting the best-recessed lights for showers easily.

– What types of recessed light for the shower room?

Multiple types of recessed lights are ideal for shower rooms. They are designed especially to light up the place with perfectly dispersed lightings to create the perfect ambiance.

Both the fluorescent and the led lights can prove to be ideal for the shower rooms.

The Pot Light can also be a viable choice if you want to focus light on a specific place.

– Wet rating?

Wet ratings are basically called the evident and obvious locations where your recessed lights can have an interaction with dripping water.

You need to consider the location and placement of the lights. Know that which type of light is accurate for showers.

You should also consider the trim type of the recessed light for measuring its wet rating.

– What voltage is low and cost-friendly?

The light fixtures that have a capacity of voltage below 50 are considered to be of low voltage.

This can be as low as the normally used 12 volts in lights. It is not only effective but cost-friendly as well.

The 12-Volt allows the user to save energy and money at the same time which is just great.

– What size is suitable?

When it comes to an ideal size for installing recessed lights the using lights that are 5 to 6 inches in diameter can be ideal.

The perfectly disperse complete light all around the shower space.

– How many recessed lights to install?

The number of recessed lights to install in a shower depending on the space of the shower. Usually, 10-20 lumens per square foot are installed for a shower space.

You can measure the size of the place then calculate the requirements of the light. Normally, a single 6 inches in diameter light is enough for a shower space.

– How far apart should these lights be arranged?

Usually, they are placed at a two feet distance for better light disbursement and coverage. You can calculate them for your space accordingly

– What kind of light colors to choose from?

There are millions of light colors that you can use for your shower lighting. But, in general, white and yellow lights are used according to the interior type.


Best Recessed Light for Shower Reviews

Lights are immensely important because they have a keen impact on you more than you could ever know.

They can even change your mood and help you relax even when you are taking a shower after a long hectic day. It can lift your mood and create a perfect ambiance to relax.

Until now, it is evidently clear that we will give you a list of top-of-the-line recessed lights for the shower.

So let’s get started with the best of the best you can get from the market.

HALO Recessed 70PS 6-Inch Light with Frosted Albalite Lens

wet rated shower recessed lighting

When it comes to the sleekness and refined designed then the HALO Recessed 70PS 6-inch light with frosted albalite lens can be your best pick.

This recessed light comes with Contemporary white trim which complements its beautiful white light.

It also comes with a frosted glass Albalite lens that helps in dispersing the light evenly. It gives a remarkable tone with such grace that space lights up perfectly.

This amazing recessed light comes with a non-conductive, non-corrosive polymer trim ring which is perfectly reliable.

HALO Recessed 70PS 6-inch light with frosted albalite lens also has Torsion Spring Retention for better grip.

What You Will Also Love:

Non-corrosive polymer trim ring: It is durable and reliable also making it non-conductive

Contemporary white trim: Elegant border with a complete leak-proof design

Frosted glass Albalite lens: Allows perfect dispersion of light for creating an amazing ambiance

Torsion spring retention: Properly holds up the recessed light in place

What Do the Customers Say About It:

If the customer wants to explain this amazing light in one word, it would be “Remarkable”.

It is a perfect fit with great quality as the customer says, “This is the one, seems a little more sturdy than the one the builder supplied.” People love it as it completely changes the ambiance of the place where you put it.

They go on saying “Came just as advertised and did just the trick. Made my recessed lights look new. I have also discovered that once the new lenses were on the light gave me the ability to sing like Ethel Merman.”

What Can Be Improved:

Spring tightness can be improved: spring is hard which can become a minor hurdle during installation but gives a firm grip.

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NICOR Lighting 6 inch White Recessed Shower Trim

recessed led shower light

NICOR Lighting is one of those top light fixture options that can be an elegant and useful choice for you.

It comes with a 6 inches white recessed shower trim that allows creating a perfect ambiance in the shower.

This amazing recessed light fixture also comes with Torsion V-Spring Clips that firmly hold it keeping it secure and waterproof.

What You Will Also Love:

Torsion V-Spring Clips: For fast, secure, and easy installation

Designed to fit 6-inch recessed housings: Elegant looking design fits perfectly

Trim measures 8-inches in diameter: It is ideal for creating a better seal against water

Comes ready to install: No other parts required for installation and use

What Do the Customers Say About It:

There is no doubt about the quality of these amazing recessed shower lights as the customers say, “To my complete satisfaction these rings are exactly that…stout and should provide years of service”.

Every part of this amazing light is amazing as the customers say, “The glass reflector is also of good quality and that said the area being illuminated appears brighter”.

What Can Be Improved:

The gasket can be thicker: A thicker gasket can hold on better and will allow a better seal

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PROCURU 6″ Fresnel Glass Lens with White Metal Shower Trim

recessed light above shower

PROCURU 6″ Fresnel Glass Lens is a remarkable choice if you want to create a calming atmosphere in your shower. It comes with a White Metal Shower Trim that fits perfectly and covers all the edges.

This amazing recessed light is ideal for wet locations as it is waterproof. Because of its ideal and elegant design, it looks fantastic in every shower setting as well.

What You Will Also Love:

Better wet location rating: Ideal for any wet locations having the splash-proof ability

Solid Waterproof Construction: has completely waterproof construction with the perfect trim

Easy Installation: Comes in ready to use format with an easy installation process

Amazing Compatibility: It is compatible with all sorts of areas

Fits on 6″ fixture housing cans: Fits perfectly for better light exposure

What Do the Customers Say About It:

It is an amazing shower light and customers are extremely happy with it as they say, ” If you are looking for something that gives your shower or recessed lighting area an edge, here you go”.

Dispersion of light with the glass is also an amazing factor as the customers say, ” The glass lens makes the difference. Heavy, elegant, and projects the light great!”

What Can Be Improved:

Only the white light

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Four-Bros Lighting 6″ Inch Drop Opal Milky Glass Lens Trim

shower recessed shelf light

if you want a light that not only creates an amazing ambient but also long-lasting then the Four-Bros Lighting is the best option for you. It comes with a 6 inches drop that can be amazing for covering a wider area.

The Opel milky glass lens trim allows this recessed light to disperse the light into the whole room. As it is waterproof, this light is ideal for the outdoors as well.

What You Will Also Love:

Opal Milky Glass Lens Trim: Helps in spreading the light evenly creating the perfect ambiance

Waterproof Shower Light Cover: Ideal for showers as it is completely waterproof

Ready to use Design: Metal clips have amazing grips which keep the light secure

What Do the Customers Say About It:

Customers are really satisfied with this amazing light because of its unique qualities.

Most of them say, “Excellent replacement for a widely used, similar product that employs a plastic, rather than metal, surround ring that invariably breaks at the connecting point between the plastic surround ring and the spring retainers that clip into the can fixture “

What Can Be Improved:

The shell is made of plastic: If you wanna one with a glass shell, you can go for Procuru.

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Broan-NuTone 744 Recessed Light

shower recessed pot light

Gives a minimalist look to your bathroom with an unnoticeable fan. Works efficiently to remove access moisture from the bathroom with the help of a recessed fan that has a stylish design.

It uses an incandescent light bulb of 75 watts to lighten up your whole area. For installation, it uses a 4″ round duct to fit easily.

What You Will Also Love:

75 Watt Bulb: Increase efficiency of the bulb as you can use multiple units in a single room

6.87″ Height: With  2″ x 8″ ceiling joists allow it to fit in any place

Optional Walls Control: Make it simple and easy to use

1.5 Sones fan: Increase the efficiency of light at 70 CFM

What Do the Customers Say About It:

According to what 95% of customers say, ” Broan-NuTone recessed lights come exactly what manufacturers describe. It is super easy to install. With the wall control option, you can handle light and fan separately.”

The customers are also satisfied with its working capabilities which they describe as “With a single switch, you can connect both fan and light. The fan does not make any noise and stays quiet all the time but works efficiently.”

The customers also love the intensity of lights as well as we can see, “The light is quiet enough to brighten up the neighbor area with low flow. But overall this is a good product to use. “

What Can Be Improved:

Low Light Flow: Bulb has low light flow because it only provides 70 CFM which needs to be improved because other recessed lights provide more flow than this

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How to Check the Safety of In Shower Recessed Lights?

You can check the safety of a shower recessed light through its IC rating. IC stands for Insulation Contract. It is a measure to determine the suitability of recessed light.

So that we can know whether light can come into contact with building insulation or not. To check the IC rating look at the label on the inner chamber of the lighting fixture.

If the shower recessed bulb is IC rated then in the model number you will see the letters “IC”. But if you see “NON-IC” then it means the recessed bulb is not IC rated.

You can also see the maximum range of wattage that the light fixture allows, in the label.


Where to Install the Shower Recessed Lights?

bathroom shower recessed light

The purpose of recessed lights decides where you can place the shower recessed light.

There are three types of lighting that you can get from recessed lights.

  • Accent Lighting – to brighten decor items by placing the light over the top of that specific element
  • Task Lighting – to illuminate activities by placing the light in the shower
  • Ambient Lighting – to spread light by placing the light fixtures in a line

To find your purpose divide the bathroom into different zones. Make a separate connection for single recessed light.

Because if you set up them on a single switch. All lights will turn on that you probably do not need.

If you can not decide the area for your bathroom then install the light above the shower. It will lighten up the whole bathroom and you do not need to use different recessed lights.

It will give both wide light and style to your bathroom. Make sure that the recessed light does not touch the shower because this can damage or dim the light.


Bathroom Recessed Lighting Tips

We have gathered some extremely useful tricks for placing the bathroom recessed lights for creating a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom.

1- Maintain a Proper Distance

Keeping a proper distance between the lights can create the perfect light dispersion. It can be the key to a better atmosphere because of the lights.

The standard way is to place them 2 ft away from each other in either direction.

2- Use Various Lights to Create a Perfect Ambience

Don’t just pick one, there are many shades of recessed lights that you can use in your bathrooms. Play with different colors and shades that look amazing with the interior.

3- Best Placement for Recessed Lighting

Keep it simple yet make sure you know the placing style. A cohesive style is a perfect way to go.

Try to use contrast interiors to make the places look more calming and decent when the lights are on.

4- Accurate Size Recessed Lights

It is important to choose the right size of the recessed lights for the perfect ambiance you want to create.

Usually, they are 6-inch diameter in size but you can choose the other sizes for small places as well.

5- Recessed light in Shower

Make sure you have the recessed lights in the shower that are wet grade and water-resistant.

The light will create a relaxing ambiance and also keeps you safe from any harm that comes your way.



If you are still not satisfied and want to know more then here are some FAQs to help you through the process of knowing more about recessed lights.

1. Can You Put a Recessed Light in a Shower?

Yes, you can easily put a recessed Light in a shower because they are elegant and water-resistant.

The contemporary trim and the glass make the shower space more calming and relaxing. They do that by dispersing the light evenly in every space.

2. Do I Need Special Recessed Lights for Bathroom?

Placing a special recessed light for the bathroom or shower space can be an elegant idea. It can be the solution for placing a light source in the showering dome.

It works elegantly where the other fixtures may not work as evidently as you think they would.

3. Can I Use Other Lights with My Bathroom Recessed Lighting?

Of course yes. You can also use night lights for the bathroom.

However, the recessed lights are the best choice if you want to use other lights in your bathrooms.

They not only stay out of the way concealed properly and dispersing light but also do not get in the way of other light fixtures.

The recessed lights can be the actual solution for the perfect ambiance in your bathroom.


What Is the Best Recessed Light for Shower?

The HALO Recessed 70PS is the best choice for your shower light needs. They are durable and made with high-quality material.

Because of the elegant design and amazing glass, the light is dispersed properly creating a calming and better ambiance.