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Table Lamps with Flexible Necks: A Smart Choice for Bedside Reading

If you’re an avid reader who loves to doze off while reading, you know how important it is to have the appropriate lighting in your bedroom. Without the right lighting, bedtime reading can become uncomfortable, and you could also strain your eyes and neck.

The perfect solution to this problem is a table lamp designed specifically for bedtime reading.

In particular, you should consider investing in a table lamp with a flexible neck. This type of lamp differs from other types of reading lamps, and using one can make all the difference in your bedtime reading experience.

benefits of bedside reading lamps

Is It Necessary to Use a Table Lamp with a Flexible Neck for Bedtime Reading?

When it comes to bedtime reading, it’s not necessary to use a table lamp with a flexible neck, but it can make all the difference in your experience. Bedtime reading should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience, and having a flexible neck lamp allows you to adjust the lighting to fit your reading position, preferred angle, and brightness level, without causing any strain on your eyes and neck.

While other types of lamps can provide adequate light, they can’t deliver the same kind of flexibility that a flexible neck lamp offers.

If you are an avid bedtime reader, investing in a table lamp with a flexible neck is a smart choice that will enhance your reading experience.

Advantages of a Flexible Neck Table Lamp for Bedside Reading

Flexible neck table lamps are ideal for bedtime readers because of their many advantages.

First, they let you adjust the angle and height of the lighting, so you can get the right illumination for your bedtime reading needs. You can easily direct the light exactly where you want it, rather than being limited to a fixed angle or height.

With a flexible neck table lamp, you’ll also have more control over the brightness level. You could use a lower brightness level for a relaxing read before bed, and then increase the brightness when you need extra light to focus or navigate pages.

One of the drawbacks of fixed neck table lamps is that they might produce glares or shadows, hindering the reading experience. However, with a flexible neck lamp, you can quickly adjust the angle and height to eliminate any shadows that might get in the way of your reading comfort.

Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing a Table Lamp with a Flexible Neck for Bedside Reading

When selecting a table lamp with a flexible neck, several critical factors should be considered to ensure the lamp is suitable for your needs.

Height and Adjustability

Table lamps with flexible necks are intended to be positioned near the bed, so the height should match the height of your bed. Here’s a quick tip: look for a lamp that is a bit taller than your headboard, so that the light can reach over your head and shine directly onto your book without creating glares.

Moreover, the adjustability factor is essential to optimize the type of lighting you need. Choosing lamps with adjustable arms and necks is necessary since bed reading habits could differ. For example, if you prefer reading while in a supine position, you’ll need a lamp that can be moved directly overhead for optimal lighting.

Shade Size and Shape

The lampshade is an essential consideration as well. It should provide enough space for the lamp to cast an even glow on your book’s pages. Ideally, the shade should allow the light to extend a few inches beyond the bottom of the shade, and the sides of the shade should flare out to provide a broader distribution of light.

Cylinder-shaped lampshades are a great option to consider as they ensure the consistency of lighting.

Brightness Level

The brightness of your lamp is an integral part of your reading experience, so it’s essential to get it right. Choose a bulb wattage that works best for your reading habits.

A 60-watt bulb could be sufficient for regular reading, but for those who prefer to read in dim light, a 40-watt bulb could be sufficient.

Another suitable replacement for light bulbs is reading bulbs, designed to produce a warm-colored accent light providing softer illumination.

Factors to Consider when Purchasing a Lamp with a Flexible Neck

Do not be bogged down by the brand’s label – when purchasing a bed reading lamp, go for a lamp that fits your preference, whether it is the color, the flexibility, the controls, or the switch location. Take the time to check that the desk lamp has convenient light control and an easy-to-use switch.

How a Flexible Neck Table Lamp Enhances the Bedside Reading Experience?

The flexible neck table lamp comes with a range of benefits that makes bedtime reading conducive and stress-free.

Better Illumination for Reading in Bed

A flexible neck can illuminate the pages of books, magazines, and newspapers directly, providing ambient light for reading. The light produced by traditional, hand-held flashlights or overhead lights is scattered, making the reading process more tedious.

Ideal Positions for a Flexible Neck Lamp

Flexible neck table lamps are suitable for various positions and offer the ideal solution for reading in bed without straining your neck. For someone who prefers sitting up in bed while reading, an adjustable arm lamp enables the lamp’s neck to be bent backward.

For people who read while lying on their side, bend the lamp’s neck towards the required side.

Reduced Risks of Eye Strain and Pain

Reading in poor lighting conditions can cause eye strain and pain in both the eyes and neck. However, a flexible neck lamp can be repositioned, allowing the light to be directed at the pages of your book. This reduces the need to tilt or turn your head and neck, thereby decreasing the amount of pressure and strain on your neck muscles.

Alternative Lighting Options for Bedside Reading

Bedside reading doesn’t necessarily have to be done with a table lamp with a flexible neck. Here are some alternative lighting options you could consider:

Wall-Mounted Lighting

Wall-mounted lighting fixtures offer the same directional control as a table lamp with a flexible neck. Furthermore, they are more convenient since they can be installed above your bed, allowing more space for your nightstand. The installation process is a little complex though, and you’ll likely pay more to have an electrician do the job for you.

Overhead Lighting

Bedside ceiling lights can be a great option for readers who:

– Share a bed with a sleeping partner
– Often read books that are too thick to be comfortably illuminated using a table lamp.

However, overhead lighting can bother some bed partners who need less light when sleeping. In that case, it can be in your best interest to install an adjustable dimmer.

Can a Flexible Neck Table Lamp be Used for Other Activities, Besides Reading?

Flexible neck table lamps are widely used not just for bedtime reading, but for a myriad of activities that require directed lighting.

For example, if you’re an artist, a flexible neck table lamp could be the ideal lighting solution for your art project. You can adjust the height and angle of the light to suit your artwork’s needs, ensuring that you get the right amount of lighting for each brush stroke.

Similarly, if you’re a student, using a flexible neck table lamp on your desk can help you concentrate better during those late-night study sessions. You can adjust the lamp’s brightness and direction to suit the task at hand.

Additionally, flexible neck table lamps can be used in the living room to highlight a particular piece of art or to create a cozy reading nook.

Basically, flexible neck table lamps aren’t only suitable for bedtime reading, but are versatile and can be used in various scenarios where focused lighting is necessary.

How to Maintain and Clean Your Flexible Neck Table Lamp?

Maintaining Flexibility

A flexible neck floor lamp must remain flexible for optimal performance. Use a clean, dry cloth to remove any dust, dirt, or debris that could affect its flexibility. Alternatively, you can use a soft toothbrush to brush the lamp gently.

Cleaning a Flexible Neck Lamp

Different lamp materials will require various cleaning strategies. If it is metal, dust it off with a soft, dry cloth and a little bit of dishwashing detergent. If it is ceramic or glass, use a soft, dry cloth and a mild glass cleaner.

Replacing Bulbs in a Flexible Neck Lamp

The lifespan of a bulb can range anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 hours. To ensure your lamp remains functional, replace any defective bulbs with a similar wattage level bulb.


A table lamp with a flexible neck is a smart choice for bedtime reading as it provides optimal lighting directed at what matters most: the pages of your book.

Whether you prefer reading in bed as you relax or need to study in the evening, selecting a flexible neck lamp with ideal height, shade size and shape, and brightness level can make all the difference. With proper maintenance and care, a flexible neck lamp can serve you for extended periods.


What is a flexible neck table lamp, and how does it differ from a fixed neck lamp?

A flexible neck table lamp features an adjustable neckpiece, while a fixed neck lamp has a fixed arm and neck. A flexible neck lamp is particularly suitable for bedtime reading due to its ability to adjust to various reading positions and angles.

At what height should a table lamp be placed for reading in bed?

The height at which your table lamp should be placed depends on the distance between the light source and your book. Typically, 15 – 20 inches above the bed’s surface is a good height for a reading lamp.

How do I ensure that I purchase a high-quality flexible neck table lamp?

Ensure you go for a lamp with the right specifications suitable for your reading habits, including shade size and shape, brightness level, adjustability, and flexible neck. Moreover, make sure you purchase from reputable manufacturers and retailers.