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What Color Light Is Best For Your Eyes at Night?

What color light is best for your eyes at night? Each day your eyes are exposed to a variety of colors of light. Just like the color spectrum, each color has a distinctive wavelength. When the term visible light is mentioned, what should come in your mind is a collection of wavelengths that have varying lengths.

For instance, blue light has a shorter wavelength whereas red light has a longer wavelength. Both colors have a different impact on your eyes as well as eye care.

The worst thing that you can do to your eyes is to put them under extreme and constant strain. Stress and strain on your eyes can bring a bad effect on your general health mostly on your nervous system.

It might have occurred to you that you spend your entire day watching your TV and at night you fail to sleep well. This is a reaction of your body and the nervous system when your eyes are put under a constant state of stress and strain.

This article will focus on “what color light is best for your eyes at night”.

what is the best color night light for your eyes

What Is the Color Night Light?

  • RED Light

A study involving hamsters indicated that red night light had the least evidence of depressive symptoms and also changes in the brain that was linked to depression compared to white or blue light.

Why is red color the better light for you at night?

Specialized photosensitive cells known as the ipRGC‘s are found in the retina of your eyes. These cells are capable of detecting any light and then send messages to a section of your brain that assists in regulating your body’s circadian clock.

This is your body’s master clock that is responsible for determining when you are awake and sleepy. The ipRGC cells are known to be most sensitive to the blue wavelengths of light and the least sensitive to the red wavelengths of light.

According to the study involving hamsters, those that were exposed to the blue light wavelengths were the worst affected followed by those exposed to the white color of light.

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  • Blue Light (The light from the screen)

Most individuals are not aware that the light coming from their devices including laptops is known as the blue light and the most dangerous light at night.

A study involving the hamster indicated that the blue lights brought about the worst effect on mood followed closely by white light. Why at night is a common question that people ask.

The answer to this is that at night, your surroundings are dark and the light that is near you is kept dim.

On the other hand, if you use your laptop or mobile phone with a dim light around you, your eyes will automatically experience a double strain than during the day time. This is the beginning of your eye problem.

Extra strain on your eyes means a disturbed nervous system and in turn, all your body functions including your sleep get disturbed.

The solution to blue light

People should start to pay attention to their eyes as well as their protection. You cannot go on with destroying your vision since you will experience adverse effects with your vision when you reach your 60s. There are several ways that you can protect your eyes from the blue light as discussed below.

Change the color of your screen, the best color on your eyes is a dark text on a light background. For instance, your eyes can experience the ultimate comfort if you use a black colored text with a white background. You can also change to other different colors, but ensure that the text is darker.

– Another answer is to use the blue light filters including Iris. This is the most common blue light filter that can assist you in minimizing the stress on your eyes.

Iris is a software that functions by adjusting the light of your laptop or any other screen according to the light that is around you. With Iris, you have a variety of options that you can choose from and determine the color that is best for your eyes at night.

– Also, a table lamp for eye strain also works well at night.

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What Light Source to Choose for Your Eyes?

There are alternative light sources that are available in today’s market and are not only safer or rather the best lights for the night but are also eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

– Incandescent light bulbs

These are traditional bulbs that give a warmer light that has fewer UV rays compared to the bright white bulbs. They are the cheapest bulbs but are not energy efficient.

– Full-spectrum lighting

These types of bulbs give natural sunlight together with a balance of contrast and brightness. According to their manufacturers, full-spectrum lights enhance readability, mood, and color perception.

– Compact fluorescent lights

These bulbs give fewer UV rays and are also more energy-efficient compared to the fluorescent tube bulbs and the bright white incandescent bulbs. They are less energy-efficient than the LED bulbs but they are cheaper. They are also dimmable thus eye caring.

– LED bulbs

The LED bulbs are the most efficient, but they cost more. They do not produce UV rays and are available in a wide range of colors thus no worries about buying one that produces blue light. The LED bulbs are also dimmable and in turn, eye care.

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Lighting Tips for Your Healthy Eyes

– Increase the use of natural light at home and in your workplace. There are glasses for your home that are designed to resist UV rays thus giving you adequate protection from the UV light.

– Avoid using your TV in a dark room for an extended period. If this is your preference, you can use an ambient background light behind your television. This will stop eye strain and stress.

– Adjust the display setting on your computer or laptop. Make it close to the ambient setting and not brighter than your ambient lights.

– Consider computer glasses since they are designed for the accurate distance between your monitor and your eyes and have a light tint and anti-reflective coating.



In conclusion, red light is the best light color for the night. However, you can still use other varieties of colors including blue light as long as you have the right protection such as the Iris intelligent software.

Protecting your eyes is very crucial and can be attained with the right planning.