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What Color Night Light Is Best for Sleeping?

A color nightlight is a common lighting fixture in many homes. These fixtures come in various colors, hence the need to be keen when choosing the best color for sleeping. Science has proven that the color of night light mainly affects your sleeping patterns. So, what color night light is best for sleeping?

Bright colors provoke your body to stay awake while dark colors soothe you to sleep, hence the best color for night lights.

To help you understand which nightlight color will be best for your sleep. We will discuss the best night light colors that encourage sleep, the benefits of using a color nightlight, and factors to consider when choosing the best.

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Which color of the night light is best for sleeping?

what color night light is the best for sleeping

Several colors are ideal for your night light to promote sleep. Below are some of the colors you can consider and their associated benefits

1. Green color

One of the best colors you can consider for your nightlight that does not affect your sleeping is color green. Research shows that green color generates rapid sleep within two to three minutes. It is also referred to as natural, and people relate it with reputation, positive energy, and love.

2. Red color

Using red in your nightlight can help you have a good night’s sleep. Red night lights effectively remove all harmful blue rays in the space, promoting better sleep.

The color red has a higher wavelength that does not hinder melatonin that is a sleeping hormone. It helps in significantly reducing any disturbing and stressful thoughts that may interfere with your sleep.

3. Orange color

Orange color in night lights is associated with several benefits. Research shows that our bedroom’s orange color helps in proper digestion of food, relaxation of your muscles, and keeping you warm. As a result, the orange night light will allow you to have a good night’s sleep.


Benefits of using a color night light

cheap color night light

Although sleeping in the darkness is the most recommended, there still have several benefits making bedroom night light a must-have item.

You will have to ensure that you choose the right color that will not affect your sleep. Below are some of the benefits of color nightlights.

  • They are cheaper than ceiling lights

Color night lights consume less energy compared to the regular ceiling lights. That means when using these lights, you receive a lower electricity bill saving you money. Also, color night lamps control the intensity of brightness emitted.

  • Help you navigate at night

A color night light is useful in illuminating your room at night. The light emitted enables you to move in your room without stepping over objects.

It is especially important for breastfeeding mothers. It helps them to breastfeed and change their kid’s diapers with ease. A color night light is also useful when using the washroom at night.

  • Enables you to sleep easily

With a color nightlight, you fall to sleep quickly when you retire in bed. It also does not affect your sleep when you wake at night to go to the washroom. It enables you to return to sleep more comfortably.

Color night lights are also useful to people with clear darkness, especially kids. It soothes them to sleep comfortably, and also, when they wake up in the middle of the night, the illumination will make them fall asleep again, unlike when they wake up and find their room filled with darkness that disturbs their sleep.

  • Decoration

A color night light also has aesthetic benefits. These lights are available in different colors, styles, and designs. With the wide ranges of options, you get a chance of choosing one that will complement your rooms’ interior décor making it look more beautiful.

  • Aromatherapy

For those people who like aroma, some color night light features added fragrance. Such bulbs emit an odor when it heats up, thus purifying the air. Such a scent helps you reduce any physiological stress that may disrupt your sleep, making you sleep more comfortably.


Factor to consider when choosing the best color night light for sleeping

color night light

With a wide range of color night light in the market, choosing the most suitable for your bedroom is not easy. Below are some of the considerations shoppers must keep in mind

  • Brightness

One of the essential factors to consider while choosing the best color nightlight for sleeping is the lamp’s brightness. Select a nightlight that is not too bright to disrupt your sleep.

Also, a color night light featuring adjustable bright would be best. With the adjustable setting, you can adjust the intensity and the brightness of the lamp, depending on your light needs.

  • Color

What color of the night light is best for sleeping is a common question that many people ask when choosing a color nightlight. Choose a color night light that will not disrupt you when you sleep or hinder you from falling back to sleep when you wake up during the night.

The most recommended colors by experts are red and orange which do not interfere with melatonin production.

  • Location of your socket

Before you select the color nightlight for your bedroom, it is crucial to check your room’s layout.

If the socket is too far from the bed, you will need a brighter color nightlight, but you will need a dimmer one if it is too close. Choose a night light that is not too bright or too dim for you to sleep.

  • Extra features

Night lights come in different designs and features. Some of the lights have extra features such as thermometer, color-changing, humidifiers, motion sensors, phone control, among others.

Such features make the operation of the color night light superb. Select a nightlight with features that will suit you most.



Our ‘what color night light is best for sleeping’ ends here. In conclusion, the color of your night light has a significant influence on your sleep. Red, orange, and dark green are the most recommended colors for night lights. These colors have proven to have a soothing effect enabling you to have a better sleeping.

When selecting the best for sleeping, consider several factors such as the brightness, location of your electrical socket, and the extra features.