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What Is the Best Night Light for Gecko?

Geckos are nocturnal species and are usually very active during the night. They are very entertaining and exciting pets and among the most comfortable reptiles to take care of in your tank.

These creatures come from a unique environment; hence if you keep it as your pet, you should ensure the enclosure; they live imitate their natural habitat. A nightlight is one of the aspects that is crucial in creating the ideal geckos’ natural environment.

This article will review the importance of lighting a gecko terrarium, what is the best night light for gecko, factors to consider while selecting the best, and tips for lighting a gecko tank.


Why Do You Need to Buy a Night Lighting for a Gecko Terrarium?

leopard gecko night lighting

Although geckos are usually inactive during the day, a nightlight is essential and can be useful. Here are the four main reasons you should add a night light fixture in the tank

  • Promotes natural behavior

A gecko usually experiences a night light cycle hence the need for a nightlight. When you keep this creature, you should select the best nightlight that can not mess up with your pet’s rhythm. Install a night light fixture that will provide a full spectrum.

  • Get vitamin D3

Another importance of lighting a gecko tank is because it provides light that helps in the synthesis of Vitamin D3. Reptiles usually have cholesterol known as Provitamin D in their skin.

And when exposed to UVB beams, the cholesterol converts to pre-vitamin D and later to vitamin D3 once the reptile’s skin comes into contact with warmth. Therefore, a nightlight, even though it has a small number of UVB rays, can help gecko synthesize vitamin D3 in its terrarium.

  • Stimulate plant growth

A terrarium usually mimics the natural habitat; hence many people choose to acquire live plants in their tanks. For plant growth and survival, light is a crucial element.

Therefore, a night with a full spectrum of light mimicking the natural sunlight will aid in the indoor plants’ growth. Although the plants do not require a lot of light, they need some for survival.

  • Light to view

The night light also provides you with illumination if you want to view your gecko or its activities at night.


How to Choose the Best Nightlight for Gecko?

what is the best night light for gecko

When choosing the best nightlight for your gecko, you need to look out for some factors in this lighting fixtures to ensure you get one that is not likely to disturb your gecko or cause impairment of its natural behaviors. Here are some of the factors to consider

1. Type

In the market, there are a variety of lightbulbs, but not all are ideal for geckos. The four most common types are incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs, infrared bulbs, and LED bulbs.

  • Incandescent bulbs are the most standard light bulb used by many people. It emits a sufficient amount of light and heat, but it does not last for long. Incandescent bulbs are the most affordable and most recommendable for use in a gecko terrarium.
  • Halogen bulbs- this type of bulb has high wattage and last for a more extended period. These bulbs also produce UVB, heat, and light, but they are not ideal for gecko terrarium.
  • Infrared bulbs-These bulbs are a bit expensive, but they last for a long time. They produce a significant amount of heat and light. Infrared bulbs are energy efficient and useful in a gecko terrarium, especially as a heating lamp.
  • LED lights- These bulbs are highly efficient and last for longer. However, they do not emit heat; hence won’t be the right choice if you are looking for a heating nightlight.

2. Wattage

Another factor you should consider while choosing the best night light for gecko is the wattage. Select a low wattage bulb that illuminates the terrarium without emitting a too-bright light.

3. Color

The night light color is also crucial to consider while selecting an ideal nightlight for your gecko. Nightlight is available in several colors, including red, yellow, blue, and black.

The most recommendable color for a gecko night light is red. Choose the color you think will serve best in your tank.

4. Heat light or UVB light

Since geckos are nocturnal animals, they do not bask or need light to absorb calcium. Therefore, UVB is not mandatory for them to stay healthy. If your gecko tank has a heating mat, you can choose a nightlight that emits light only and serve the purpose.

5. Durability

Durability is also a crucial element to consider when choosing the best nightlight for your gecko.

Choose one that does not lose its output level over time, which will not require frequent replacement. A durable nightlight can save you a lot of money that you could have spent on a replacement.


Top 10 Best Night Light for Geckos


Tips and Tricks for Lighting Your Gecko Terrarium

Since a gecko spends most of its life in a terrarium, it is necessary to create an environment that imitates its natural environment to enable the creature to have natural behaviors.

A nightlight is one of the elements necessary in developing an ultimate terrarium. Here are some of the tips and tricks to observe while lighting the tank

  • Avoid using Blacklight (UVA)bulbs – when lighting your terrarium; you should never use blacklight bulbs because they emit UVA wavelengths that can adversely affect the gecko. The wavelengths can damage its immune system, eyes, and skin.
  • Regularly replace the bulbs – it is advisable to replace the bulb you use in the lighting fixture since their UV output decrease overtime. It is recommendable to change the bulb every after 3500hours of usage.
  • Avoid too bright nightlight – Since a gecko is a nocturnal animal, there is little need for light during the night. But if you get one, the light should not be too bright since it can disturb your gecko or damage its natural behavior.



A gecko terrarium needs to mimic the natural environment to prevent impairing geckos’ natural behavior. A nightlight is one of the aspects that can support creating such an environment.

Lighting has several benefits in a gecko’s terrarium. Consider the above factors while selecting the best night light for your gecko tank.