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What Type of Floor Lamp Gives the Most Light?

From creating a mirage of heightened space to illuminating the area at eye-level, the balance that floor lamps offer is unmatched. These lamps provide you with a brightness you will appreciate for ages to come. But did you know that there are different types of floor lamps at your disposal? It is in this light that you should understand what type of floor lamp gives the most light.

Different types of floor lamps offer distinct light levels, depending on where they are and how tall they are. Besides, their nature will have a significant impact on how bright they will be in the long run.

Indeed, choosing one that offers the most light could be a tough decision for anyone to make. It is for this reason that we take a look at 10 of the most reliable floor lamps for you to choose from.

What is indoor light brightness?

This is a visible light emitted by any given chandelier or lamp. The indoor light brightness estimation is in lumens. Statistics from ANSI Institute indicate that indoor light brightness is the sum amount of light emitted by a unique light source, such as a projector or a down bridge floor lamp, among many more devices.

When you divide lumens by the illumination area, you are prone to acquiring Lux. Note that Lux is responsible for measuring your workstation illuminance.

The best type of floor lamp that emits ambient lighting has 50 Lux. This ideal for your sitting room, hallway, and bedroom.

Note that a lux that goes up to 2,000 is ideal for assembly as well as inspection.

Basic Types of Floor Lamps

1. Tall Standing Floor Lamps

what type of floor lamp gives the most light

As the most common type of floor lamp, it comes with a tall standing lamp and one shade to cover it. Mostly, you will rely on these lamps to provide light upwards and downwards. While they could extend the light sideways, it is not the brightest.

Interestingly, setting up this lamp is one of the most simple things. Most of them will work well when set in the corner of your room or on a chair.

Did you know that they will provide you with the ultimate reading or studying experience? However, it would be fair to mention that they will only provide light in specific places within the room and not the entire house.

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2. Torchiere Floor lamps

torchiere floor lamp to provide uplight light beam

You can hardly overlook how significant torchiere lamps have proven in the recent past. From lighting up the entire room to providing steady light intensity, this is an option that you will always want to consider.

Mostly, their light tends to go upwards, and therefore bounces against your ceiling.

If you are looking for a floor lamp to offer you not only the brightest light but also keep the whole room lit, torchiere floor lamps would be the ultimate choice. As long as you put it away from places that enjoy heavy foot traffic, you will have no reason to worry.

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3. Arc Floor Lamps

arc floor lamp with wide lighting

With a long curvy arc, these lamps personify elegance. The level of charm they offer to your room is matchless. Most often, you will have to place them over the furniture or seating, depending on your preferences and their design.

One of the things you will always appreciate from these lamps is their ability to blend with your interior décor. Besides, arc floor lamps will provide you with enhanced overhead brightness compared to other options. As long as you have this lamp, and in a suitable position, you will no longer need additional overhead light fixtures.

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4. Swing Arm

This type of light is ideal to avoid unnecessary movements.  In case you require your lamp to shine on a specific area, you only need to adjust the light rather than moving your entire lamp.

The swing arm floor lamp enables you to adjust the position of your lamp. However, you can only achieve this depending on your lighting requirements to accomplish your task at that particular moment.

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5. Tower Floor Lamp

Many homeowners use the tower floor lamps. This light has a beautiful impression of modern sculptures hence generating a gentle and pleasant glow.

Tower floor lamps also come loaded with unique designed frames as well as three inserts that are dimensional.

Note that this artwork plays a crucial role in performing aesthetic and emitting colored lighting apart from its utility function.

Bear in mind that tower floor lamps come with several styles ranging from sculptural forms, modern to styled Asian lanterns. It can also act as a design focal point if your room does not have one.

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6. Tree Lamp

This type of lamp is popularly known as multi-way lighting fixtures.

Moreover, it is also considered to be the brightest floor lamp appropriate to illuminate a room since they contain numerous poles on a single base.

Furthermore, you can swing them in any given direction, depending on where you need the light. It also has the potential to brighten several spots concurrently.

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7. Tripod Floor Lamp

This type of lamp light is suitable for individuals who need to boost ambient flavor and warmth in their houses.

Its bulbs generate beams on ambient and soft light. You can also opt to replace it using a dimmable bulb to acquire various light modes. Note that the screw limits the bulb through E26 size.

You can also choose to work with it as long as you have smart plugs.

It is appropriate for you to note that this type of light has a comfortable and soft ambiance, it generates the act of decoration and comes with a convenient foot switch.

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8. Down Bridge Floor Lamp

You must know that a down bridge floor lamp light is usually directed downwards. This makes it an appropriate lamp for performing your tasks and reading. Additionally, it is ideal for directing a lot of light on your page or project that you are working on that particular time.

In case you have an armchair, down bridge floor lamp is perfect to be positioned around it to offer quality brightness.

Note that its shade and socket come with an angle direction; most of the time, you can get the shade has to thread around your bulb socket.

On the other hand, it is contemporary in style and shape; it also has an embossed faux-leather shade for adding interest and texture. The down bridge floor lamp contains a column that has metal and contemporary fabric with a finish of a brass bronze.

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9. Pharmacy Floor Lamp

The pharmacy floor lamp has a minimal profile, and most people love it due to its function, which outdoes its design statement. However, you can always find the best and impressive pharmacy floor lamps.

Bear in mind that this type of light generates a very unique directed light. Some of them have adjustable height while others have a rotatable lamp head for your tasks at hand.

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10. Adjustable Gooseneck Floor Lamp

The flexible gooseneck floor lamp emits a perfect brightness with a protective eye level, whether you are playing games or reading. Furthermore, it has an adjustable gooseneck and white light that is natural.

Therefore, it is easy for you to adjust the neck to acquire an excellent light to accomplish your small duties around your house or office. It is not a type of lamp with noise, so you should not worry when you want to sleep.

If you are searching for bright light, especially for painting, sewing, reading, and crafting, do not hesitate to purchase an adjustable gooseneck floor lamp.

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High floor vs. portable table lamps on the brightness

The designed lighting fixtures are appropriate for several work areas. Both are commonly positioned in a house.

You must know that table and desk accessories are usually placed on a surface with an elevation, such as an ended table, buffet, or piano. You should also know that these lamps are portable, accessible, and versatile.

They are likely to be 20-30 inches in height. Furthermore, you can quickly move them from a single room to another.

You need to understand that floor lighting lamps are tall enough; hence they can be conveniently positioned in any givens room’s corner. You can also opt to place it behind your sofa or armchair.

Nothing is exciting, like making your reading floor lamps adjustable since they have the potential to brighten any duty you perform, such as just relaxing, reading, crafting, and knitting.

Note that it is easy to use either a table light or a floor light direct your bulb light to your needlework or book. On the other hand, the intensity can also be altered to fit your current work when under the 2 types of lamps.

The differences lie in price and lighting distance. Table lamps are a little cheaper than floor lamps. In the light of brightness, there is little variation. Because of the lamp height, floor lamps will cover a wider area while table lamps will show you more focused light.

How to Get the Most Bright Light from Floor Lamps?

It is appropriate for you to note that your homes are vital in numerous ways since it is a place to enjoy, relax, and unwind sweet time with your loved ones. Therefore, you need to make sure that you get the brightest light from floor lamps.

When you make your darkroom bright, it is likely to look more appealing. In case you feel that your room does not have sufficient lighting, and you need to boost it, do not worry since they are various steps that will guide you to make your light brighter.

  • Amplify Your Light Using the Mirror

Mirrors have been used over and over to brighten up the dark rooms. Therefore, in a dreary as well as a dark room, make the mirror your favorite friend. So, to take advantage of your light source available, ensure that you hang the wall mirrors everywhere to make your room brighter enough.

Furthermore, note that mirrors work correctly at the back of your dining table, in dingy hallways, and above the fireplace.

However, not only mirrors are effective in boosting the light but also accessories that come with reflective surfaces, which act as a light diffuser that is natural for light amplification from the classic pendant lighting.

  • Install a Dimmer Switch

When you install a dimmer switch, it will offer you a versatile option for lighting that can manage the brightness of your pendant lighting, especially in your entire home. Moreover, the dimmer switch functions with numerous lighting fixtures that are common.

You can also use them efficiently to adapt your room ambiance to match your mood. This is mostly applicable when your room has beyond a single light source.

Nothing is essential, like installing a dimmer switch in your multi-purpose rooms.

  • Position the Classic Pendant Lighting Fixtures

It is ideal for you to pick an accent pendant light that matches well with your entire room. Therefore, when purchasing the light fixtures. It is vital to consider the overall brightness of your entire room and other areas of your house or home.

In case a single room in your home lacks light in some areas, the pendant light comes up to illuminate the dark space properly and give it a good impression.

On the other hand, classic pendant lighting can be combined with sevearral accents, task, and overhead lighting to function in harmony so that your entire rooms get enough brightness.

Final Words

Enough lighting in your room will always be vital in cushioning you against eye strains. It will assure you of the best experience while indoors. The floor lamps mentioned above are all that you need for the different settings you might want to consider.

If you are on the hunt for the brightest floor lamps, you can choose to buy an arc floor lamp or a tree floor lamp.