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What Type of Light Is Best for Security at Night?

Lighting is a very important security measure for homes during the nighttime hours. When it’s dark outside, many houses are vulnerable to robberies, break-ins, theft, and vandalism. Also, some local residences experience situations involving squatters or trespassing. Truthfully, FBI statistics reveal that most residential crimes happen in the daylight.

However, the nighttime is the prime time where criminals love to operate. They can move freely under the cover of darkness and wreak havoc on homes that are poorly lit and poorly secured.

Nighttime security lighting is a crucial part of a home’s defense. The material presented here will tell what type of light is best for security at night. This will help to keep your home safe and secure.

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Why Do You Need to Buy Security Lighting for Your Homes?

Security lighting is necessary for keeping homes safe when it’s dark. It is a proven fact that residences with night lights will deter many criminals. Most criminals will skip over a well lit target in favor of a less lighted residence.

Nighttime security lights make a home more visible, provides less concealment for intruders, and it gives the appearance that people are in the home. Honestly, not all criminals will be deterred by lighting.

This is especially true if they want to focus on robbing a particular house. However, in most cases security lighting will give a residential homeowner the advantage against nighttime invaders.


What Are the Types of Nighttime Security Light?

– Porch and Backyard Lights

Porch and backyard lights are normally included on most homes. Property owners simply turn these two types of lights on at night and they will help to keep unwanted guests away. Porch and backyard lights are a basic form of nighttime security illumination.

They will be used as a part of a home’s first line of defense for preventing intruders. Homeowners can purchase simple lightbulbs to use for their porch and backyard lights. Brighter bulbs will help to deter more criminals.

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– Standard Security Lighting and Flood Lighting

Most homes that utilize security lighting typically set up flood lights. A flood light is a powerful outdoor lamp that burns brightly in the darkness. A series of flood lights can illuminate a backyard.

Some property owners flash the lights on certain parts of their yard. They also set up flood lights on the sides of their house. Flood lights are designed to shine from the top of an object toward the ground. This is why they’re normally set up in a high position.

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– Spotlights

Spotlights are also a standard part of security lighting. A spotlight is another powerful form of lighting. This lighting style shines toward a designated spot on the property.

The spotlight is large and very bright. They also have omnidirectional movement. This means that homeowners can move the light in different angles and positions to provide illumination wherever it’s needed.

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– Exterior Soffit Lights

Exterior soffit lights can also be a part of a standard home lighting scheme. Soffit lights are small, and they can be connected by a wire. Some soffit lights are sold in packs of multiple units. The packs could have anywhere from 8 to 24 individual or connected lights.

These lights are used to add extra lighting to an area. They are often hung on porches, patios, deck areas, garages, and on the side of people’s homes. Some people even place them along the perimeters of fences and on trees within their yards.

– Coach Lights

Coach lights are fancy porch light units. They resemble modern outdoor lanterns. Coach units are also called opera lighting. They can be attached to a home near entrance ways or they can be hung from poles at different points on a person’s property.

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– HID Security Lights

High-Intensity Discharge lights are also known as HID Security Lights. These lights are designed to illuminate an area with great intensity. They use an electric-gas effect to produce intense light.

Homeowners typically use HID lighting to illuminate large areas. They are especially useful for homeowners that have acres of property. Some HID security lights can brighten up areas about 100 yards.

– Motion Activated Lighting

Motion activated lighting is a form of home security lighting. This type of lighting works by using motion-detecting technology to switch on a light once an object crosses the path of the unit’s sensor.

Motion activated lighting is a good form of security illumination because it immediately turns on a light when something or someone trips the sensor.

Criminals will not like this type of lighting because it will immediately bring focus on them when they’re trying to hide or sneak.

– Timed Security Lighting

Timed security lighting can also be set on a home security system. Time lighting systems are set to turn on (and off) according to a timer device. The lights will turn on at a certain time and then can be shut off manually or on a timer. These lights are especially useful for brightening up homes when property owners are out of the residence or when they need extra lighting during the late-night hours.

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– Stand-By Lighting

Stand-by lighting can also be used as a part of security. This type of lighting is designed to come on as a backup type of lighting. Stand-by lights are normally activated when a home needs an extra amount of lighting.

Just think of stand-by lighting as a second lighting system that doubles your home’s lighting compacity. This is a great system for spotting criminals who are trying to infiltrate your property.

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– Home Solar Lighting

Solar lighting is another alternative lighting source for homes. Solar lighting generally uses the sun’s energy to provide light and they also run off batteries.

Solar lights are normally applied to a home’s entry walkways and along a home’s perimeter. Solar lights provide mild illumination compared to electrical or battery operated lights.

Still, they have the ability to provide lighting into hard-to-reach areas where electric lighting would be difficult to establish.



There are many different forms of security lighting. The best type to use depends on what you trying to accomplish. Having a mix of these lighting options will ensure that your property is being properly protected from different angles.

Homeowners, you need to make sure that your lighting needs are being met when you mix these lights into one cohesive system. Ultimately, security lighting will give you the peace of mind knowing that your property is safe and protected.