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Which Color Night Lamp Is Best?

The color of night light has a strong effect on your body. Science has proved that the intensity of the light provokes your body to stay awake or asleep, but which color night lamp is best?

During the day, the bright yellow and white light keeps our body alert and awake. If you want to relax and have a good night’s sleep, it is advisable to use night lamps with dark colors.

A good night lamp produces the best light color that helps you sleep soundly without affecting your health. To better understand which night lamp color is best for your sleep, we will discuss several best night lamp colors that promote your sleep.

The following are the best colors to use on night lamps and the benefits associated with them.

What is the best color to use in a night lamp?

When you are sleeping at night or during the day, you can use several color lights to give your brain a sensational relaxing mode. Different studies have shown that using color light in a night lamp will provide you with the mood to sleep or destroy your sleepy mode.

There are several colors you can use in your night lamp for sufficient sleep.

which color night lamp is best

1) Red color

For years, using a red color on your night lamp has shown less evidence of depression or stress-related symptoms. Though total darkness is the best solution for a good night’s sleep, red color on a night lamp will significantly reduce any stressful thoughts that make you not sleep well.

Science has demonstrated that photosensitive cells are located in our eye’s retina. It is the work of a retina to detect any message that can reach an individual via light.

With this ability, the retina cells can communicate to the brain, thus regulating your circadian body clock. This circadian clock is responsible for mastering the sequences and patterns that make your body feel awake and sleepy. Your cells can sense red light more than any other color that is usable on a night lamp.

2) Green color

Oxford University did conducted research last year that proved that the color green is good, and when using this color on a night lamp, it produces a rapid sleep within an onset of one to three minutes.

The color green is also known naturally and linked to positive energy, love, and reputation. Using this color in your night lamp will enable your body to relax and give you a calm feeling throughout the night.

3) Blue color

This color has been in use in our bedrooms for the longest time. It is said to contribute greatly to a longer soothing calm that makes you have a good rest.

With these features, the color blue can be effective on a night lamp, and using it will calm your body. Science has shown that when blue color is picked up by your ganglion cells, the information transmitted to your brain helps reduce your heart rate and blood pressure, making you have adequate sleep.

With this color in your night lamp, you can have more than seven hours of sleep.

4) Silver Color

This color, with its unique characteristics, people who use it in their bedroom, believe that the metallic nature soothes them to sleep. Thus using this silver color in your night lamp, you can tend to enjoy the same benefit these people enjoy.

5) Orange color

This color is said to come with several benefits when you use it in your bedroom. Science proves that the orange color in our room will help you digest your food, relax your muscles, and keep you warm.

As a result, using this color in a night lamp will help you have a good sleep.


Benefits of using color night lamp

Color night lamps are associated with many benefits to the user, making them a must-have product in your bedrooms. Because of using limited light colors, night lamps are best for the following benefits.

  • Cheaper to use

Many color night lamps use less electricity than ordinary ceiling lights. Using this color night lamps makes you save money. They are also useful in controlling the intensity of the emitted brightness.

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  • 3.Changable Model type: Auto cycle RGB color combinations or select a fixed color(Red, Green, Blue) to suit your mood.
  • 4.Eye-Friendly 360°Light :With eye friendly 360° light panel which provides a more uniform and delicate light you don’t need to worry about waking up your baby!
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  • Ability to see well at night

When using a color night lamp, the light emitted helps you navigate in your room. For mothers, this night lamp enables them to breastfeed or changes their babies’ diapers with ease.

As a result of its soft light color, the night lamp does not irritate the baby. When functioning well, a color night lamp has weak and robust gears that enable you to adjust if you want more brightness.

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  • Easy to sleep

Color night lamps make you sleep when you go to bed. Even when you visit the washrooms at night, returning to sleep is much more comfortable. Color night lamps also help people who fear darkness to sleep comfortably.

  • Decoration

The color night lamps come with many designs and colors. At night they blend well with your interior decorations, and the colors might make your room beautiful.

  • Aromatherapy

People who love different aromas and color night lamp bulbs can purchase a night lamp with an added fragrance when the bulb is heated to remove any odor and purify the air.

It assists you in reducing any psychological tension, making you sleep comfortably.

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  • Brightness

Always check the brightness of your color night lamp before placing it in your bedroom. If the color lamp is too bright and its intensity cannot be adjustable, use it in your bathroom or consider returning it. A good color night lamp should have brightness-adjustable features.

  • Extra features

Color lamps with extra features such as sound machines, thermometers, motion sensors, humidifiers, phone control, and color-changing features are more handy and useful selections to consider while purchasing a color night lamp.



Which color night lamp is best is a question asked by many purchasers who want to buy a night lamp that has color lights and is conducive and reliable.

A good color night lamp should have brightness-adjustable features, have a variety of color options to choose, and a timer that protects you from oversleeping. It should also be user friendly, and the color light should accommodate the interior décor of your room.