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Are There Any Medieval Lamps That Are Designed To Be Rustic Or Primitive

The medieval era was a period of elegance and beauty defined by grand structures and exquisite details. One area of medieval design that has gained popularity in recent times is lighting, notably the emergence of rustic and primitive medieval lamps.

The ornate details and rough finishes of these lamps are making a comeback in modern-day decors, and online marketplaces such as Amazon are now making it possible to find plenty of options for those looking to add these unique lamps to their personal or professional spaces.

So, if you are looking for medieval lamps that are designed to be rustic or primitive, keep reading to find recommendation in this article.

Features of Rustic Or Primitive Medieval Lamps

Are There Any Medieval Lamps That Are Designed To Be Rustic Or Primitive

Let us take a closer look at the features of rustic or primitive medieval lamps:

1. Rustic Medieval Lamps

Rustic-style lamps aim to create an antique and warm atmosphere, usually through wood and metal designs. The focus is on natural textures and materials that give off a traditional, country-style feel. The beauty in rustic medieval lamps lies in their intricate details and finishes. These lamps are often made of brass, iron, or copper materials and diffuse a warm light that enhances the aged appearance of the lamp.

When purchasing rustic medieval lamps on Amazon, you can consider brands like Kensington Hill and Franklin Iron Works. These brands offer a collection of table lamps, floor lamps, and sconces in the medieval style, with unique designs that incorporate various accents, finishes, and shapes.

2. Primitive Medieval Lamps

Primitive medieval lamps feature an austere and more straightforward design, with a focus on raw materials and unrefined finishes. The lamps’ primary goal is to provide raw or elemental aesthetics without much ornamentation. Primitive medieval lamps often come in black or steel finishes, are less ornate than the rustic style, and provide a rougher texture that gives off a primitive or raw edge.

When purchasing primitive medieval lamps on Amazon, you can consider brands like Musivo and Industrial Rewind. These brands offer a collection of table lamps, candleholders, and sconces, among others, with unique designs that incorporate raw materials and unrefined finishes typical in primitive designs.

What to Consider When Buying a Rustic or Primitive Medieval Lamp?

rustic and informative medieval lamp

Rustic and primitive medieval lamps add a timeless and elegant touch to any home or office decor. One of the biggest benefits of these lamps is the atmosphere they create.

Amazon offers a wide range of medieval lamps for those looking to add a touch of rusticity or primitive beauty to their living spaces. The selection ranges from electric lamps to candle holders, some of which inspire a variety of different themes, including medieval castle, Nordic, and vintage designs.

1. Choosing the Best Medieval Lamp

When shopping for rustic or primitive medieval lamps, consider the factors influencing your decision on which type of lamp to buy. For example, the type of bulb you’ll use will influence the type of lamp to select. A rustic medieval lamp makes more sense for a subdued lighting effect, while brighter lights might be better suited with a primitive medieval lamp.

Another factor to consider when choosing a medieval lamp is the existing decor. Mixing and matching rustic or primitive lamps with other decor styles can work when choosing the right lamp. Ensure a balance is struck between the lamp’s style and existing decor, look for lamps that can blend well with the background.

2. Features to Look for in Rustic or Primitive Medieval Lamps

While rustic and primitive designs are often associated with a raw, unfinished or a back-to-basics style, there are specific elements to look for when selecting a medieval lamp with these designs. Below are some of the essential features to look out for:

  • Natural materials: Rustic and primitive lamps are typically made of natural materials such as wood, metal, and ceramics. These materials provide a sense of authenticity and timelessness that enhances the rustic or primitive look.

  • Hand-crafted look: Lamps with rustic and primitive designs often have a handcrafted or artisanal appearance. The decorative features might be asymmetrical, rough, or have an unfinished look.

  • Texture: Texture is a crucial aspect of rustic and primitive designs. Most pieces feature a rough texture that gives a sense of character to the aesthetic.

  • Raw metal finish: Rustic and primitive lamps often have a raw, untreated metal finish that incorporates natural imperfections and variations, providing an antique feel.

3. Where to Purchase Rustic or Primitive Medieval Lamps

Amazon is undoubtedly the best marketplace to find the most extensive selection of medieval lamps. While specialty stores, antique shops, or auction houses may have options, Amazon offers a wide range of options, affordable prices, and buyer reviews to aid in the selection process.

Production Recommendation of Medieval Lamps

Here are our recommendations, click the picture to buy.

1. Franklin Iron Works Horace Rustic Farmhouse Table Lamps

Franklin Iron Works Horace Rustic Farmhouse Table Lamps


  • Style Country – Cottage
  • Color Brown
  • Product Dimensions 13″D x 13″W x 25.25″H
  • Light Source Type LED
  • 150 watt standard-medium base bulb
  • Set of 2 lamps. Each is 25 1/4″ high overall.
  • Bottom bases are 5 3/4″ wide.
  • Shades are 11″ wide at the top x 13″ wide at the bottom x 10″ high.

2. Dimmable Vintage Bedside Lamp Metal Cage Steampunk Nightstand LampVintage Bedside Lamp Metal Cage


  • Style Rustic
  • Color Industrial Black
  • Product Dimensions 5.5″D x 5.5″W x 11″H
  • Special Feature Corded
  • 3 level brightness options
  • 6w 2700K Bulb

3. Informative Medieval LampBedside Lamp for Bedroom

rustic medieval lamp

  • Features:Style Retro
  • Color Bronze
  • Product Dimensions 6.69″D x 6.69″W x 16.53″H
  • Special Feature LED Bulb Included
  • 3-way Dimmable
  • Dual Fast USB Charging Ports
  • Touch Control

Incorporating Medieval Lamps into Your Home Decor

Rustic and primitive medieval lamps provide unique decorative opportunities, as their subdued and natural aesthetic can complement various décor themes. Here are some ways to incorporate rustic and primitive medieval lamps into your home:

  • Highlight the lamp as an independent piece of art: Rustic and primitive lamps often function as statement pieces, so avoid detracting from their unique appeal by placing them in an environment where they compete with other dominant pieces.

  • Use antique, rugged, and natural materials: To complement the rustic or primitive look of the lamp, try using rugged or antique furniture pieces, natural materials like wicker or linen for upholstery, and natural fibers like sisal or jute for area rugs.

  • Highlight a color scheme inspired by nature: Decorative schemes that mimic nature often work great with rustic or primitive lamps. Natural colors like beige, taupe, brown, gray, and black can complement and enhance the lamp’s individuality.

  • Use lighting strategically: Place the lamp in a way that it provides supplementary lighting to highlight other elements of your decor. Doing so will enhance the cozy look of the room with deeper hues and shadows in the exposed areas.