10 Fantastic Reasons for Upgrading Your Home with LED Lights

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) have taken the world of lighting by storm – and it’s all for the right reasons. This new range of lighting options has become practical to use on almost everything that requires electrical bulbs for lighting, from car headlights to flood lamps. Below are some of the things you need to […]

What Is the Best Light for a Computer at Night?

Are you experiencing light glare? Or do you develop eye problems when working with your computer at night? Well, this is possible if you are using the wrong computer light at night. Yes, computer lights exist, and using the right light will help you have the best time working at night. The computer has a […]

What Color Night Light Is Best for Sleeping?

A colour nightlight is a common lighting fixture in many homes. These fixtures come in various colors, hence the need to be keen when choosing the best color for sleeping. Science has proven that the color of night light mainly affects your sleeping patterns. So, what color night light is best for sleeping? Bright colors […]

A Guide on Buying the Best Torchiere Lamps

The torchiere lamp is available in different types, either be traditional designs or contemporary designs. The first version was a candlestick introduced around the 17th century in France. This was a candle on a tall stand. Later designers introduced several other variations with more than one stand. With time, more variations made it to the […]

What Is a Buffet Lamp?

The ultimate satisfaction lies in having a properly lit room at any time. From ensuring that you see whatever you are doing and getting enhanced decoration, having buffet lamps is an inevitable benefit. Regardless of the lighting you choose, you will be sure of unrivaled decorative and functional abilities, providing you with the convenience you […]

Do Cats Need Light at Night?

Cats are some of the most popular pets, having a place in their owner’s heart in many households. Understandably so, because they are cute creatures and add an edge of security to your home where they act against vermin such as rodents. If you are a cat owner, you probably are concerned about its wellbeing […]

What Is a Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp?

The popularity of Himalayan salt rock lamps has soared in recent years as interest in the relationship between indoor air quality and immune health increases. What is a Himalayan salt rock lamp? What is it good for? These glowing pink crystals, mined in the mountainous regions of Pakistan, claim to reduce stress and anxiety, decrease […]

What Color LED Lights Should You Sleep With?

We all know how precious a good night’s sleep is. There are varying reasons why many might find themselves awake at night. For a parent, a child’s shrill cry in the middle of the night can jolt them awake. For the restless sleeper, their body’s resistance to sleep might be a factor. Sometimes people might […]

How Do You Brighten up a Dark Room?

Spaces allowing less natural lights tend to look darker when they have the wrong décor items or have too many things. Brightening up a dark room will not only give it a more vibrant look but also make it more appealing. There are many brilliant ideas of brightening up any dark living room, bedroom, hallway, […]

Is Warm White or Cool White Better for Bathrooms?

When trying to choose the best light for your bathroom, you might have faced a dilemma about ‘Is warm white or cool white better for bathrooms‘. Even if the color of the lights you select matters a lot, it is essential also to consider the temperatures provided by these bulbs depending on their places of […]

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