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Best Tail Lights for Bikes and Cars – Reviews & Guide in 2022

Do you want to get seen while moving around on your bike or even car? The proverbial tail light will often have a single job – to ensure that you remain visible to the drivers or riders behind you. However, things have changed so much in the recent past. Most people are paying attention to other details, including elegance and critical performance aspects.

As you look forward to getting the right tail light for your ride, it will be vital to choose the best. Sadly, not many people understand how daunting the selection process can be. It is in this light that we explore some of the best tail lights for bicycles and cars that you could consider. They include the following.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

For Bikes – Ascher Rechargeable Red Trail Light with 4 Light Modes

Water-Resistant – CygoLite High Power Hard Mount Bicycle Trail Light

Passenger and Driver Side – AmeriLite Chevy Silverado Trail Light

Perfect for Showing Stop, Turn Intentions – NiLight LED Red Trail Light Bar


What to Consider When Selecting a Tail Light?

Various aspects go into the selection of a reliable tail light. Unless you understand what you need, you could end up disappointed. Usually, you will have to pay attention to the following aspects when in this pursuit.

#1. Type of Light

Most often, you will need to choose from Xenon, Halogen, and LED lights when selecting your tail light.

  • LEDs are lauded for consuming much lesser energy, yet they produce quality and bright light in the long run. You will also find that they last much longer than the traditional lights.
  • Most cars come with standard Halogen lights. However, these lights do not assure you of enhanced brightness or even longevity.
  • On the other hand, Xenon lights are strong and bright. You will also appreciate them for the high-intensity light that they tend to offer. In most cases, they use electrical arcs instead of filaments.

#2. Cost

Take the time to understand how much you will spend on the given tail light. It would be best for you to pick an option that is both affordable and durable. It is through this that you will be sure of getting enhanced value for your money.

Do not shy away from comparing the different options that you have at hand. It will help in cushioning you against financial constraints in the long run.

#3. Safety

Indeed, tail lights come in handy in providing you with the safety. Going for something that offers you better safety levels should be a priority. For instance, if you are aiming at improving the safety on the passenger’s side, aim at something that will accentuate that.

#4. Brightness & Intensity

No doubt, you will place your tail light at the rear of the vehicle. The big question, however, is where it will be facing. Usually, some materials are more reflective, and this is something that you will need to avoid.

As such, ensure that the intensity and brightness offered by the given tail light do not compromise the visibility of other road users.

#5. Are They Automatic?

Mostly, these lights are wired with the headlights. That means that they will turn on once you switch on the headlights. Automatic lights will illuminate themselves. That is what you should get for your car or bike, as they are more convenient.

#6. Brand

Be careful about which brand you buy. Ideally, we have reputable brands like Ascher and Cygolite that you should consider. Take the time to identify which options assure you of longevity, reliability, and effectiveness. It is through this that you will no longer need to worry about replacing your tail lights from time to time.

Headlights vs. Tail Lights

It would be unfair not to mention the difference between headlights and tail lights. We take a look at the difference between these two. They include the following.

Taillights are those lights found at the rear of the vehicle or bike. They will only illuminate if the headlights are on. Usually, they make your car or bike visible to those that are behind you. They could act as parking or stoplights, too, in some instances.

On the other hand, headlights do not depend on the status of the taillights. You will also find that they will help in ensuring that you are visible to oncoming vehicles. They will also be essential in illuminating your way so that you enjoy enhanced safety.

In brief, both lights come in handy in illuminating your path, whether it is at the back or where you are heading. Their role in improving your safety cannot go unnoticed. Whether there is enough light or not, you will find the need to have them on your vehicle.

Reviews of the 4 Best Tail Lights for Your Bikes

#1. Best Cheap – Ascher USB Rechargeable Bike Tail Light with 4 Light Modes

bicycle tail light usb rechargeable reviews


  • 4 lighting options
  • Cheap with 2 pack
  • Designed with a rechargeable battery
  • Easy to mount on the bags, bikes, shoes and more


  • Only red lights

If you are looking for the most affordable option for your bike, this would be the best. Its design is matchless and its performance topnotch.

Usually, it comes with a 330mah built-in rechargeable lithium battery. This capacity will assure you of not only longevity but also top-level performance. It features a charging cable that is critical in keeping your tail light functional at all times. Ideally, this charging cable allows you to recharge the battery using a power bank or USB port.

You will also appreciate its multiple modes. It comes with a single-touch switch that will be essential in giving you up to four different lighting modes, depending on your environment and preferences. Some of the options you will need to choose from include half brightness, slow flashing, full brightness, and fast flashing.

This product relies on LED lighting, which is both long-lasting and bright. You will also be gladdened by the wide-angle that the lighting will offer you.

Did you know that it is waterproof? As such, you will be free to use it even in harsh weather conditions.

Above all, this product is relatively easy to install and use, and it is safe too.

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#2. Best Sale – Cygolite High Power Bicycle Tail Lamp with 5 Night and Daytime Modes

bicycle tail light with 6 night and daytime modes


  • Lightweight
  • 5 different night and daytime modes
  • Capable of adjusting flash speed and brightness


  • Only can be used on bicycles

This product would be the best for those that are looking forward to getting the best sale. Its dominance in the market is worth reckoning on. Well, it will also be a perfect match for those after higher visibility on the road.

It comes with a reliable as well as powerful red LED light. You will be free to adjust its flash speeds and brightness. Remember, the product comes with two buttons, which allow you to make any adjustments comfortably. This light will come in handy in improving the awareness of other motorists and road users.

It prides itself on up to five different lighting modes for both day and night. Such variance in lighting helps in ensuring that you are safer while on the road. In most cases, you will get the Steady, zoom, Triple Flash, Lightning or Day Flash, and Random Flash. Your choice is reliant on how dark your current environment is.

It comes with a water-resistant and durable body. As such, you will be sure of its longevity and convenience, even during harsh weather conditions. Above all, it is one of the safest and lightweight products.

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#3. Weatherproof – Nkomax Rear Bike Tail Light with Auto on/off

high intensity tail light with ultra bright light


  • Water and dust proof
  • 180 degree light angle
  • 20 hours run time when fully charged
  • Sports an intelligent sensor and can be auto on and off


  • Manual switch when you are in manual mode

Are you looking for the most reliable waterproof tail light? Nkomax will assure you of enhanced water and weather resistance at all times.

This product prides itself on advanced technology, which allows it to be more energy-efficient. In most cases, it will turn on or off whenever necessary. Such changes depend on the current light intensities, braking, and even motion. An increase in light intensity is likely to turn it off.

Its waterproof abilities, as well as dustproof potential, are matchless. Whether it is stormy or rainy, there is no chance that water will enter the light, regardless of the direction. Besides, it will remain visible in low light conditions, including during foggy mornings.

It comes with a slope adaptive technology that helps in improving clarity when taking a steeper slope. Usually, it will guarantee you of bright light for up to 150 meters away. On top of that, its 180-degree field of view will be helpful too.

Did you know that this product has a rechargeable battery? Its run time is about 20 hours, which is long enough to give you the performance you need. You will also access its USB cord and recharge cable.

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#4. Best Flashlight – Canway Bicycle Helmet LED Tail Light

tail light and Cycling Safety Flashlight Light with red and blue lights


  • 5 lighting modes
  • Wide beam angle
  • Rechargeable design
  • Can be charged by USB cables
  • Features super bright red and blue light


  • Requires installation

This product is the most comprehensive tail light you can ever get. It comes out as the best in both its features and its reliability.

It comes with an increased, wide-angle visual design, which assures you of both clarity and brightness. This angle is often about 260 degrees, which is significantly reliable.

On top of that, it features multiple beads of light that help in maximizing visibility and safety at all times. Remember, it assures you of a 168-lumen light, which is bright enough even at night.

You will be free to recharge your lithium battery whenever necessary. The product usually comes with a recharge cable for your convenience. As long as the battery is fully charged, you will be sure of a run time of over 18 hours.

The Canway Bicycle helmet taillight is capable of resisting water, dust, and moisture. With this, you will be free to rely on it even during harsh weather conditions. Their lightweight nature makes these helmets ideal for mountain bikers too. Did you know that this product is relatively straightforward to install?

The light produced could be either blue or red, depending on which mode you are using. Each light could last for between two and four hours.

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Top 6 Best Trails Lights for Cars, RVs and SUVs Reviews

#1. Best Rated – Lumitronics Red Surface Mount Tail Light

Red Surface Mount Tail Light and Stop and Turn Light


  • Corrosion resistance
  • Uses incandescent light bulb
  • Builds with snap-on replaceable lens and bulbs


  • Only can be used on cars

This product is one of the highly-rated ones you could ever get. With this rating, you are confident of its enhanced performance, reliability, and efficiency. As long as you get a genuine one, you will be good to go.

It features a blend of turn, a stop, and a tail light. Did you know that it comes with a black base, which spells elegance and class? These tail lights personify not only superiority in design but also class.

Fitting them on your car is relatively straightforward. You will also be sure of easier replacement flexibility in the long run.

Its brightness is worth your money. Usually, you will be sure of 4.5 lumens of light at all times of the day. On top of this, you could consider a snap-on lens and bulb, which are all replaceable.

As mentioned earlier, its design is topnotch, as it is durable and sturdy. It comes with an all-weather plastic housing that is resistant to corrosion as well as harsh weather. It is 8.8 ounces, meaning it is relatively lightweight and suitable for any car.

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#2. Driver and Passenger Side – AmeriLite Chevy Silverado Red Taillights

Passenger and Driver Side 2 Pack light with cheap price


  • Dustproof
  • Easy to install
  • Helps improve visibility
  • High weather compatibility


  • It is meant for Chevy Silverado only

If you are looking for a tail light that will work best for both the passenger and the driver, this option will come in handy. It comes as a pair, where one goes on either side of the vehicle.

This product is capable of withstanding various environmental issues, including temperature and dust. With it, you will be confident of enhanced safety and brightness, regardless of the temperature levels within your environment.

It has an abrasive coating that protects it from harmful sun rays. Besides, its material is relatively sturdy, which improves its reliability.

You will also be sure of its enhanced dustproof abilities. AmeriLite is capable of withstanding oxidation. This feature makes it ideal for you, especially if you live in the coastal regions. While at it, it does not build up so much moisture within that visibility gets compromised in the long run. That is despite how lightweight it tends to be.

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#3. For Truck – Partsam 6” Oval Tail Brake Light for Stop and Turn

cheap waterproof tail light for RVs and boat and more


  • Fairly cheap
  • Comes with set of 2
  • Different brightness available
  • Waterproof rating can be IP65


  • Hardwared and Need to mount on the surface with screws

Are you looking for a reliable tail light for your truck? The Partsam has come out as one of the most reliable as well as efficient ones. Usually, it would be best for you to aim at one that fits your truck comfortably. It will match multiple trailers, trucks, tractors, semi-trailers, dump trucks, boats, and buses.

This product is usually hardwired and mounted on the surface using screws. That implies that it will not be the best for those who do not appreciate products that do not plug and play. It assures you of three light colors, which could be directed to the ground, low, or high brightness.

Let’s talk about its functional attention. Usually, flashing will only function once you install the Turn lights. Did you know that you can use it as the Stop Turn tail light? What is more, the design is sturdy and waterproof, making it ideal for different types of weather.

It relies on LED lights, which are both faster and much brighter. Besides, they do not consume much current, and neither do they generate lots of heat in the long run.

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#4. With PMMA Lens – Maxxhaul Square Tail Light for Truck, SUV, RV and More


2 pack square rear light


  • Longer lifespan
  • Assured of resistance against any shock and vibration
  • In a total of 38 ultra bright LEDs, 16 red lights for stop and turn, 18 white for backup and 4 white for license lighting


  • Only square-shape options

This product will come in handy for those who want the ultimate solution for PMMA lenses. Its reliability in this aspect is worth appreciating at any time.

In most cases, you will find this product to be suitable for trucks, boats, trailers, and SUVs. The PMMA lens come in handy in improving clarity as well as UV resistance. That it comes in an ABS housing implies that you will share in its enhanced protection as well as the ability to withstand vibration and shock.

You will enjoy red lights as stop, turn, and tail functions at all times. On top of that, you will get white LED lights as a backup. In total, you will get up to 38 different topnotch LEDs. With this, improved visibility in low light conditions will hardly be an issue for you. Whether you are in the thickest fog or on the darkest night, their efficiency remains reliable.

This product assures you of complete illumination. Its four ultra-bright white LED lights will play a vital role in illuminating the license plate.

Further, the stainless steel body will be essential in improving durability, which gives you value for your money at the end of the day.

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#5. Passenger Side – Dodge Tail Lamp Replacement

tail light for passenger side


  • Exact OEM replacement
  • Includes a bulb and socket
  • Durable housing can be used for a long period without fade


  • Dodge Ram replacement

This product prides itself on being the best Dodge Ram 1500 replacement light bar, which suits the passenger side too. And yet, it would be valuable to point out that this tail light got redesigned in 2019, making it more functional and appealing. Besides, it is an option that assures you of enhanced savings in the long run.

Usually, the product features a lens, housing, socket, and a bulb. With all these items, you will be sure of a comprehensive replacement for your Dodge Ram pickup tail replacement.

The durability of this product is unmatched. Its housing is not only sturdy but also dust and waterproof. Besides, it will hardly fade with time, as its vulnerability to oxidation is relatively low. Through this, you will be confident of enjoying enhanced performance, illumination, as well as safety levels.

Installing this tail light replacement is straightforward, and it will take a relatively short time.

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#6. Trailer Light Bar – Nilight Lamp with Super Bright Light

red signal light bar for the rear of the car


  • Waterproof IP65
  • Different brightness settings
  • Long light strips with high brightness
  • Multi-functional stoplights for trucks, boats and so on


  • Requires some mounting skills

Often, the Nilight lamp will be a perfect solution for those looking for trailer light bars. It is both affordable and easily accessible. 2 pieces mean you can mount the light strip on each side of your car.

Each unit features up to 11 topnotch LED outputs, which could be either low or bright. You will be free to rely on it for both parking and stop lights. Did you know that it will come in handy as your brake light too? The brilliant LED light offered assures you of enhanced safety at all times.

It comes with a polycarbonate lens that is properly soldered to the housing as well as the back wire. Various wires and cables play a role in ensuring that the light is held together.

On top of that, it is properly sealed such that you will no longer need to worry about exposure to weather abuse. Its waterproof abilities are remarkable.

Most importantly, this lamp prides itself on multi-functional abilities. You will use it on different 12V trucks, trailers, and SUVs. Besides, they are reliable in both low and brighter light conditions, giving you the convenience that you so need.

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#1. How Many Lumens Do I Need for a Rear Bike Light?

The number of lumens for your bike light will vary from time to time. Mostly, it will depend on your lighting conditions, the brightness you need, and your preferences.

However, you will need at least 10 lumens during the day and between 40 and 60 lumens during the night. Remember, you will need lesser lumens when riding in urban centers, compared to when you are doing so in rural regions.

#2. What Is the Brightest Bicycle Tail Light?

Indeed, brighter bike tail lights will always assure you of the best clarity levels and safety while riding. Nowadays, products such as Niterider 900 assure you of up to 900 lumens, which is the brightest.

#3. Are Brake Lights Red or White?

More than often, your tail light will be red, which implies that brake lights are red too. Brake lights are usually luminous red. However, any backup light will be white.

#4. How Many Lumens Are Tail Lights?

The number of lumens will often vary with where you want to install them, is it a bike or a car?

  • Most often, you will need between 10 and 900 lumens for your bike: the darker your region, the more lumens you might want to get.
  • Conversely, if it is a vehicle, it will need up to 1500 lumens.


People choose tail lights depending on their needs and preferences. The options mentioned above are worth trying, as they have proven practical and dependable.

However, this list is not exhaustive. As such, you will be free to explore other options that could offer you the best experience.