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Lamp Recommendation: Natural- Feel Art Nouveau Lamp

Adding a touch of elegance to one’s home is a fantastic way to create an inviting, warm atmosphere for family and friends alike. Further, incorporating natural elements such as flowers, plant life, and foliage can make a notable difference. Art Nouveau style celebrates this idea of nature and its beauty using curvilinear shapes, flowing lines, and floral motifs. One such iconic design is the Gustav Klimt Tree of Life Lamp, which features the intricate and symbolic tree of life motif.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the most stunning Art Nouveau lamps inspired by nature. From delicate glasswork to intricate craftsmanship, these pieces of art are sure to elevate your home’s ambiance and become a conversation starter. Read on to discover the perfect natural-inspired lamp for you!

Art Nouveau style – Retro Decor Salt Crystal Desk Light

recommend art nouveau style lamp

SIXNEC’s Vintage Lamp is a beautiful decorative piece for the bedroom, office, yoga space or lounge. The lamp is made of natural Himalayan salt rock sourced from Pakistan and features a retro bronze metal basket with a tree of life hollow pattern. It is highly functional as well, with the heating of the salt releasing negative ions to remove polluting particles in the air.

Natural Himalayan Salt Rock

The salt rock used in the SIXNEC Vintage Lamp comes from Pakistan and is a natural source of salt. The light positioned inside the lamp makes the crystal glow with a gorgeous mix of amber light, creating a more romantic and comfortable atmosphere to soothe your mind and body. The lamp can serve as a decorative desk light, night light, or as a meditation lamp.

Highly Functional

In addition to being a decorative piece, the SIXNEC Vintage Lamp is highly functional. The heating of the salt crystal causes it to release negative ions, which can remove polluting particles like dust, pollen, and cigarette smoke from the air, creating a pleasant and pure atmosphere. Additionally, it can counteract the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation, making it ideal for use in offices or areas with high EM radiation levels.

Vintage Metal Basket

The retro bronze metal basket surrounding the salt rock doesn’t get too hot and projects light spots on the wall, creating a forest illusion. The tree of life hollow pattern on the basket adds a touch of elegance to the lamp, making it a great addition to any decor.

Dimmable Switch and Safety Cord

The dimmer on the cord makes it easy to adjust the brightness of the SIXNEC Vintage Lamp to fit any lighting situation and adds to the lamp’s versatility. The safety 1.5m cord & plug UL-certified, FCC, CE, RoHS APPROVED, ensuring a safe lighting experience for users.

Extra Replacement Bulbs

The SIXNEC Vintage Lamp comes with 2 extra replacement bulbs. Users can easily replace the bulbs in case of breakage or other issues. If any problems arise with the lamp, the user can contact SIXNEC’s customer service for support without hesitation.

How Do Art Nouveau-style Salt Lamps Work?

Himalayan salt lamps are made of natural salt crystals which emit negative ions when heated. The bulb inside the lamp heats the crystal and supports the ionizing effect. The salt crystal is hygroscopic, meaning it attracts water molecules from the surrounding environment. When the crystal is heated, the water quickly evaporates, and the evaporation process creates beneficial negative ions. These negative ions can bind with excessive positive ions in the air, reducing the level of electronic smog in the room and benefitting overall air quality.

In addition to their air purification properties, salt lamps have been reported to have a range of therapeutic benefits, including reducing stress and improving overall well-being. The soothing glow of the lamp creates a calming atmosphere in any space.

Care and Usage Tips

It’s important to take care of your salt lamp properly to ensure that it functions as intended. Here are some usage tips to keep in mind:

– The SIXNEC Vintage Lamp is a little heavy, so make sure you secure it or place it in a location where it cannot be accidentally knocked over.
– Salt lamps should be kept away from humid environments or excessive moisture. If the lamp is placed in a humid area, make sure to turn it on regularly so the heat can evaporate the moisture and prevent the salt from melting. When not in use, cover the lamp to prevent moisture from entering.
– Make sure to use the correct type of bulb with the salt lamp. LED bulbs do not generate enough heat to effectively heat the salt crystal and activate the purifying properties of the lamp.
– In the event that you encounter any issues with your salt lamp, including damage during long-term transportation, reach out to SIXNEC’s customer service for support.

Decoration Tips

The SIXNEC Vintage Lamp is a beautiful decoration piece itself, but it can also be used as a part of an overall decor scheme. Here are some decoration tips to consider when using this lamp:

– Create a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom by placing the salt lamp on a nightstand or dresser. The warm glow of the lamp is soothing and can help promote better sleep.
– Use the salt lamp as a decorative piece in your living room by placing it on a coffee table or side table. The lamp’s warm glow can create a cozy and welcoming ambiance.
– Add some zen to your yoga or meditation space by placing the salt lamp in the same room. The lamp’s purifying properties can help create a more calming and grounding atmosphere.
– Place the lamp in your home office to counteract the effects of electronic smog and create a more soothing and peaceful workspace.

Home Decor Style

The SIXNEC Vintage Lamp fits well with a range of home decor styles, including vintage, bohemian, and rustic. The lamp’s retro bronze metal basket with a tree of life hollow pattern is elegant and timeless. It combines easily with warm and natural elements found in bohemian and rustic decor schemes, while its vintage look is perfect for creating an old-world feel in any room. Ultimately, the lamp’s versatility allows it to integrate effortlessly with a broad range of interior design styles.


If you’re looking for a lamp that is both unique and stunning, the Gustav Klimt Tree of Life Lamp is an excellent option. Its natural design elements and Art Nouveau style make it a perfect addition to any home décor. It is functional, eco-friendly, and sure to attract compliments from your guests. Incorporating this lamp into any room in your home can create a warm and inviting atmosphere that family and friends will enjoy for years to come. Check it out for yourself and add a touch of nature-inspired elegance to your home.