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Best Cordless Lamps for Free Lighting – Reviews in 2022

No other lamp gives you the convenience and peace of mind you need than the cordless lamp. Unlike their conventional counterparts, these ones do not tie you to a particular radius or space. Instead, they give you the freedom you need to move about freely. Finding the best cordless lamps is hence a great way to guarantee the benefits that come along.

We prepare and dedicate the entire length and breadth of this review to just that. We shall examine the ten best cordless lamps alongside other pertinent issues that surround it. Read through to gain the inspiration you need.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

Tall with Bright Light, Easy to Carry with Handle – TaoTronics Portable Lantern

For Patio or Events, Waterproof for Indoor and Outdoor – JHY Design Metal Cage Cordless Table Lamp

Portable for Nursery or Kids’ Room – Aukey Battery Powered Night Light

Able to Stick on Closet and Stairways – OxyLED Touch Tap Lights with Rotation


Why Buy a Cordless Lamp?

A cordless lamp brings about many benefits to a user. Here below, we look into the leading benefits of this lamp:

Design Flexibility

Many of them are also truly flexible. They can attach to many spaces and areas. Also, they are able to be transported and deployed to remote areas.

Thanks to this arrangement, the lamps are convenient to make good use of and will hardly impede your free movements from one place to another.

Longer Life

These lamps have a longer life when measured against those of their competitors. This longer life is manifested in two main ways.

One is the physical strength whereas the other is the duration of the light output. It is this that places them at a strategic advantage over and above the others.

Energy Efficiency

They are also energy efficient in the sense that they consume less power yet give off higher power output.

For this reason, they save your money greatly while at the same time guarantee you the convenient outputs you greatly desire. You have them for your profitable operations.

Durable Quality

All the materials that are used to manufacture the gadgets are stronger and longer-lasting. They are hence well able to resists all forms of possible damages that may be leveled against them.

You have them for your limited costs of repairs and maintenance while in use.

Zero UV Emissions

All lamps of these kinds draw their power input from batteries or mains electricity. Because of this, they are unlikely to pollute the environment as they do not emit any Ultraviolet radiation.

Yet again, you using them is a sure way to make your environment cleaner and less inclined to all forms of contaminations.


Reviews of the 10 Best Cordless Lamps

We take this opportunity to look into the best cordless lamps available at the moment:

#1. Best Cheap – Wellnest Clip on Rechargeable Cordless Desk Lamp with Adjustable Lightness

clip on cordless lamp


  • Swivels at an angle of 360°
  • Its light output is highly adjustable
  • Able to charge various electronics too
  • Portable enough to carry around with ease
  • Possesses the touch controls that expedite operations


  • You can’t change the integrated LED bulbs

Short on cash? Choose to work with this Wellnest rechargeable lamp. It is truly affordable while at the same time well able to deliver to you the benefits of a standard lamp.

  • Excellent Eye Protection

Its flagship trait that coincidentally sets it apart from others is the excellent eye protection. That is because its light output is both free of flicker and glares. Even when you have to use the lamps for too long, you won’t experience unnecessary fatigue.

  • Strong Clip

A strong clip comes in next. It is the one you use to fasten the lamp on the various surfaces you might have to fix it onto. Being strong, it provides exceptional support and vitality regardless of where exactly you might have to use it.

  • Superior Safety

When all is said and done, the lamp is safer for use indeed. It does comprise some 28 professional test processes to make this possible. Then again, the materials that make it up are strong and durable. They hardly predispose you to injuries.

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#2. For Bedside Table – TaoTronics Touch Sensor LED Table Lamp

TaoTronics compact cordless lamp with variable brightness


  • Safe and portable for use
  • Operable at the simple press of a button
  • Its design minimizes accidents and mishaps
  • Lets you adjust the desired levels of brightness


  • Not for the regular traveler

Could it be that the only space available for you is the bedside? You have to make use of the TaoTronics lamp if you answered in the affirmative. That is due to its special shape and configuration.

  • 110-hour Battery

Its most notable trait is the extra-long battery life of around 110 hours. Thanks to this awesome length, you are sure to enjoy uninterrupted periods of performance. That also negates the need to constantly replace the gadget.

  • Eye-Friendly 360° Light

The quality of the light output comes next. Its light output is pretty friendly to the eyes. This is evidenced by its inability to strain and inflict harm to your eyes. That it swivels at an angle of 360° makes the dispersion all the more convenient.

  • One-touch Control Sensor

You will experience smoother operations in the course of making use of the gadget. A one-touch control sensor exists to make this feat attainable. It lets you turn the light on/off easily by merely tapping the button once.

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#3. With Daylight – Antique Brass Battery Operated Cordless Floor Lamp

Cordless standing lamp for reading


  • Dims the output for undisturbed reading
  • A high-performance LED battery-operated light bulb
  • Provides sufficient light output courtesy of the 30 LED lamps
  • Its battery slot is readily accessible on the underside of the base


  • You need to buy batteries separately

Is your use of a lamp mainly happens to be in the daytime? Pick and use this Best with Daylight – Antique Brass Battery Operated Cordless Floor Lamp. Its light output is moderate and able to shine through the day with ease.

  • Energy-efficient Clarity

The quality of light output is pretty amazing. It comes about in an energy-efficient clarity enhancing light. This has been noted to facilitate numerous hobbies like crafting, reading, and sightseeing. All these derive from 2.5 watts of LED bulbs.

  • Antique Brass Finish

Throughout the exterior of the lamp is an antique brass finish. Other than enclosing the interior contents, this one also serves to add some beauty and elegance to the structure. This, in turn, enhances your interior décor.

  • Impressive Power Input

Though it is able to deliver clearer images, the light bulb consumes a negligible amount of electrical energy. This is due to its running on only four D batteries. Thus, you won’t have to spend too much to be able to accrue the benefits that come along.

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#4. For Work – Battery Operated LED Desk Lamp with Super Bright Light and Metal Neck

best cordless led work light


  • Small and compact in size
  • Bright and comfortable enough
  • Great for the artist and musician


  • Some of customers don’t like the inconvenient press button

Are you a worker who badly wants to facilitate his operations? This lamp has been designed with you in mind. As you are about to note, it contains all the trappings that are necessary for the work environment.

  • Battery-powered Lamp

This lamp derives its power from batteries rather than mains electricity. For this reason, you can comfortably and readily transport it to the desired location with ease. You have it for taking if you travel a lot.

  • Adjustable LED Cordless Light

It gives you the leeway to make appropriate adjustments of the direction as well as the intensity of the light output. On the strength of this trait, you are certain to channel the light output wherever and whenever you so desire.

  • Seamless Portability

Its stature and makeup are both light and compact. They jointly allow for the smoother and easier transportation of the gadget to the destination you might have in mind. This again goes a long way in minimizing the hassles you might confront.

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#5. For Dining Tables and Living Rooms – Clove Cordless Table Lamp for End Tables

decorative cordless desk lamp


  • Requires no unsightly cords
  • Draws its power from the batteries
  • Comes about in an ultramodern design
  • Cheaper to install and subsequently make use


  • Its height is incapable of adjusting

Searching for a cordless lamp for your dining room? Why not get your hands on this light? Its size as indeed all the trappings it has are all optimized for the use in a dining hall.

  • Beautiful Cordless Table Lamp

On the whole, the lamp is beautiful to behold. Outside its core role of illuminating your interiors, it may also play the secondary role of enhancing the décor. Moreover, you may also place it just about any other location you may so wish.

  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery

It derives its power from a rechargeable Li-Ion battery. On the strength of this trait, the lamp does not inconvenience you while in use as it guarantees the operations unhindered. The batteries are also able to deliver 20 hours of uninterrupted service.

  • Warm LED Bulb

A warm LED bulb rounds up the top features of the gadget. This bulb discharges both light and heat at the same time. In doing so, it lights up your room while also combating cold. It definitely is the one to go for in the winter.

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#6. Accent Light – Battery Operated Wireless Art Lantern Lighting for Indoor and Outdoor Decoration

cordless lamp for patios


  • Warms and lights the home
  • Mounts on a durable sturdy base
  • Decorates the home and the office
  • Retrofits in many homes and installations


  • It is in small size

Are you intent mainly on adding some beauty to your home? The lamp that aids with that are this metal cage lantern. It contains numerous decorative embellishments to let this possible.

  • Warm and Bright

It exudes some warm and bright lights. These two, in turn, add some utility to your rooms and the areas wherein you choose to deploy the same. This is the lamp to choose and use in the extremely cold and harsh winter months.

  • Exquisite Workmanship

Throughout its workmanship, the lamp exhibits some exquisite makeup. It does come about in a vintage style that sees it add some beauty indeed. Do position it in the living room where every other person can easily behold it.

  • Elegant Exterior

Its exterior is not left out either. The exterior features some durable metal housing that is truly long-lasting and breathtaking to behold. This elegance also goes a long way in enhancing the beauty of your rooms.

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#7. For Bedside or Bathroom – Aukey Rechargeable Night Table Lamp with Changing Colors

Aukey mini cordless lamp for bedside


  • Safer to your eyes
  • Portable for outdoor use
  • Brings color to your room
  • Fits snugly beside the bed


  • Its lighting range or radius is low

Do you just want to light up your bedside? You have a friend in this Aukey lamp. By its sheer stature and makeup, this lamp is indeed able to fit the bedsides pretty fine.

  • Excellent Illumination

Its most notable trait is the excellent illumination it gives off. The lamp is an all-in-one lighting apparatus, a fact that enables it to deliver just the right intensity of light. Moreover, it also tackles a host of other uses.

  • Adaptable Light Modes

To elevate your lighting experiences, this lamp manages to give off some adaptable light modes. Thanks to this adaptability, you may be sure to accrue the right color, intensity, and depth. These go a long way to satisfy your needs.

  • Practical and Durable Design

All the above parts and features are packaged in a practical and durable design. As part of this design is a resilient shell that stands taller to accidental drops and water damages. They hence facilitate your time when using the gadget.

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#8. With Swivel Lamp Head – Leonlite Artwork Picture Light

artwork lighting cordless


  • Gives you varied mounting options
  • Available in an eye-catching design
  • Swivels to spray the light rays abroad
  • Imbues some timelessness to the wall arts
  • Attaches to many other lighting accessories


  • Requires some installation

Want to leverage and accrue multidirectional lighting? The lamp you pick has to be able to swivel around. None other than this picture lamp may come to your rescue.

  • Two Installation Options

The gadget gives you the leeway to install it in two main ways. These are the hardware-mount and the plug-and-plug options respectively. Thus, you are assured some degree of freedom if you choose to place your bet on the gadget.

  • Premium Quality

By virtue of the full-metal construction, the gadget does imbue some premium quality. On the same note, it is also stronger and longer-lasting. This way, it costs less to maintain and operationalize throughout its lifespan.

  • Better Lighting Effect

When compared to its alternatives, this lamp does manage better lighting effects. This comes to about 560 lumens of brightness and also lights up the wall art perfectly. Its distribution mechanism is also uniform.

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#9. For All Weather – Torch Light Wireless Table Lamp with Dimmer for Patios

cordless battery lamp


  • Cannot trip and fall you over
  • Useful inside and outside the home
  • Produces a warm streak of light ray
  • Dims to reduce the intensity and the level of power consumption


  • Can’t adjust the lamp head

Could it be that you are searching for a lamp to use in the outdoor environment? This Torch lamp is optimized for just that. You will find it particularly awesome and relevant to the patios.

  • All-weather Natural Construction

Its flagship trait is the all-natural construction that makes it stronger and able to endure the harsh external weather elements with utmost efficacy. This is mainly due to the high-quality natural slate construction.

  • Rust-resistant Aluminum

Complementing the slate is the rust-resistant Aluminum material that forms the shade. Being light, this shade is unlikely to impede your smoother motions yet still distributes the flow of the light rays uniformly.

  • Wireless LED Module

Unlike many lamps that are in vogue today, this one is wireless and hence will not restrain your movements out and about a designated area. This definitely boils down to maximum convenience on your part.

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#10. Stick-on – OxyLED Tap Closet Lights and Bathroom Lamp

cordless led light strips


  • Unlikely to hurt your eyes
  • Useful for search and rescue missions
  • Generates bright and flicker-free lighting
  • Detachable for easier handling and transportation


  • Cannot be used to light up larger rooms

Too squeezed on space? Choose to work with this closet lamp as it is compact enough to deploy in just about any available storage and mounting space. Then again, it sticks faster and easily on any surface.

  • Super-bright Tap Lights

All factors considered this lamp generates super bright tap lights. This output is largely brought about by some four bright LED lamps that have sensors and generate 80 lumens each. They jointly see to it that you stumble not in the dark.

  • Touch/Tape Sensor Closet Light

Its structure and tone are such that it is convenient to operate. All you have to do is either touch or engage the sensor and there you have it! Chances of there being any confusion are hence heavily suppressed.

  • Multipurpose

It is possible for you to devote this light to many other uses. Examples of these are lighting the doorways, stairwells, indoor garages, and basements to name but a few! Its purchase is hence certain to bring about a higher return on investment.

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How Do You Hide Cords on Floor Lamps?

Hiding the cord is necessary to minimize unnecessary exposures, premature damages, and the possibilities of electrocution. Follow these procedures to hide the cords on the floor lamps:

  • Place the lamp at the place where you want it.
  • Identify a cord hider that is long enough for the cord you have.
  • Trim the cord hider to the same length of the cord you have in mind.
  • Plug the cord into a suitable outlet.
  • Peel off the adhesive backing that adorns the exterior of the cord hider.
  • Camouflage the cord by painting it using the same color as the wall background.
  • Fix any loose ends firmly to minimize fidgeting.


How to Make a Lamp Cordless?

Cordless lamps are the more convenient to use as they are unlikely to constrain you. If yours is corded, all is not lost because it is also possible for you to convert it into a cordless one. These steps will certainly help:

Step 1: Turn the lamp upside down.

Start by turning the lamp upside down. Trace the point where it meets the electrical unit of the lamp. Expose this unit by pulling the lamp out of the decorative housing.

Step 2: Disconnect the wire from the electrical unit.

Move now to disconnect the wire from the electrical unit of the lamp. You may need a screwdriver to tackle this job if you cannot use your bare hands to do so.

Step 3: Prep the lamp.

Prepare the lamp to switch from the corded to the cordless. This requires that you pry open the electrical unit of the lamp using a screwdriver. After this, locate the point where the original wire attaches to the wiring of the unit.

Step 4: Connect the two wires.

Now, connect the two wires together. The first wire bears the (+) sign and is the one that exists in the lamp while the second is the battery wire. Twist the two wires together. Do the same to the other wire that bears the (-) sign. Wrap these two wires using tape to seal off any exposures.



#1. Do Battery Powered Lamps Exist?

YES, they do! As a matter of fact, many lamps give you the dual options of using batteries or plugging into the mains electricity outlets. The battery power is the more advantageous of these lamps. That is given the limited hassles they inflict on you while in use.

They have the distinctive capability of letting you move freely from one point to another. These are the ones to make use of when out in a remote camping site. Also, these lamps are cheaper to operationalize when weighed against the corded lamps. This makes them your first port of call.

#2. How Long Will Battery Operated LED Lights Last?

There is no fixed duration of time when the LED lights will last. The length of time is dependent on a number of factors. These are the frequency of the use of the gadgets, the degree of brightness of the lamps, and the power rating of the lamps.

Many lamps though are able to last 1,000 hours, give or take. It is hence incumbent upon you to find out how long your lamp is likely to last before proceeding to make a purchase. Needless to say, the lifespan has to be in tandem with your specific needs.



Having exhausted the best cordless lamps we are now confident that you have what it takes to make a good choice and appreciate them altogether. Why not take a bold step and implement the insight we have generous furnished? You can never want to take too long as the benefits are too huge to delay enjoying.

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