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Best Hurricane Lamp Lanterns for Home and Outdoor Camping in 2022

With the electric power we all use in our homes, we all forget the value of the hurricane lamp. There might be a power outage in your place for long because of natural disaster or failure on the transmission lines. We will always resort to using candles and torches, but the best hurricane lamp can be lifesavers.

They will provide you with the lighting needs you need in your home to avoid being in total darkness. The modern hurricane lamps are well designed to give light to create a good mood in the room. When going on a camping trip, they can be a good source of lighting in your tent.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

Best Sale LED Lanterns – Vont 4 Pack Battery Hurricane Lamp for Outdoor Camping

Inconceivable 200-Hour Runtime – Blazin 1500 Lumen Hurricane Lantern for Emergency

With 2 Detachable Flashlights – Lighting Ever Rechargeable Lantern

Most Cheap with Control Knob – Stansport Small Oil Hurricane Lamp


What Is a Hurricane Lamp?

These are old vintage-like lamps that uses kerosene, electricity, or batteries to provide light. With the kerosene kind lamps, they usually have chimneys and glass to protect the flame fro going off due to wind. With these lamps, they also have an opening to allow air to get in to support combustion and another opening on top to let out the smoke.

With advanced technology, there are electric lamps with few exiting features that are fitted with LED bulbs are used to provide the lighting needed.


Factors to Consider for Buying a Hurricane Lamp

best hurricane lamp reviews

#1. Fuel

The type of fuel used by a hurricane lamp should be considered. Some fuels are harmful, and they might cause major health concerns. You should select good fuel like oil, JetA and JP8 that does not emit harmful pollutants to the air when burning.

#2. Lighting time

This is another important factor that one should consider when choosing a hurricane lamp. You might be in darkness for a very long period, and you will need a good lamp to get you through it all. Get a good lamp with a large capacity of the tank or a powerful battery to provide lighting for a long period.

#3. Portability

You should also get a portable lamp that you can use easily. Portability will give you much flexibility when moving the lamp from one place to another. You will be able to carry out any activity and move easily without worrying about the darkness.

#4. Brightness

For you to see well, you should have lights bright enough. Consider the brightness of any hurricane lamp before settling on one to buy. You can get a lamp that allows you to adjust the brightness as it offers much flexibility while using it.

#5. Cost

Most of the hurricane lamps are affordable. Have a good budget and look at various models to get one that offers the best user features. You should not be surprised to get a good quality one over the budget you have. You should always check this before going out to get a hurricane lamp.


Reviews of the 8 Best Hurricane Lamps

#1. Best Sale – Vont 4 Pack LED Battery Hurricane Lantern Lamp for Outdoor Camping

modern hurricane lantern tent ceiling light


  • Includes 4 pack.
  • LED bulbs last longer and save money.
  • Its collapsible design makes it fit in a backpack easily.
  • It is a waterproof lamp that can be a lifesaver in a hurricane situation.


  • Single lighting mode.

These are modern designed lamps that will always set a good mood whenever it is being used. They are made of good quality material to ensure high performance and that the lamp can last for a very long time. This lamp is fitted with 30 LED lights that will offer enough brightness to be able to see well at night.

It gives its brightness on a 360-degree angle, and its battery will offer you light when charged fully for 30 hours. It is a compact, lightweight lamp that is easy to use and can fit into a backpack since its collapsible design enables you to increase the brightness or reduce it by collapsing it.

Plus, it is waterproof and can save you a lot during the hurricane situation.

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#2. Best Cheap – Lamplight Antique Chamber Hurricane Oil Lamp for Indoor Use

amber hurricane lamp


  • It is easy to use.
  • 25 ounces oil tank.
  • Attractive and clear design.
  • The chimney is made of glass.


  • It must be used on such flat surfaces as tatop.

Sometimes we don’t know when the power outage will occur. However, it is better to be prepared to have something to provide the lighting needed in the case of a power outage. Having this lamp will go a long way in enabling you to have enough light indoors.

This lamp has a large fuel tank capacity. The tank can hold 25 ounces of fuel at any time. When it is full, the lamp can be on for 25 hours. This gives you enough brightness you need in the case of a power outage in your home.

It is a simple design and a lightweight lamp that can make you worry less when you don’t have any power. It gives you a burner that is fixed on top of the fuel tank and a chimney that directs the smoke off the ground so that it gets away faster.

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#3. Full Adjustable Brightness – Stansport Red Hanging Hurricane Lantern Lamp for Walls and Ceilings

clear glass hurricane lamp with fuel


  • 50 ounces oil capacity.
  • The glass shade will not weaken the light.
  • A control knob that you can use to adjust the pressure.
  • It is made of metal to ensure the durability of the lamp.


  • Consumes oil or diesel.

If you are always experiencing power outages in your area and don’t have any backups, this lamp can be a lifesaver. Having it in your home will enable you to have the lighting needed at any time. In regard to its look and function, it offers both decoration and lighting functions at any time, whether you are camping or in your backyard.

It is made of metal to ensure it lasts longer. The fitted glass shade is to protect some wires, and the light can be displayed from it. It has red finishing making it look cozy. This lamp has a control knob that you can always use to adjust the brightness to suit the situation whenever you are.

It has a large take that can hold over 50 ounces of fuel which is filled from an opening on the tank without disassembling the whole lamp. And the metal handle is used to hang the lantern or carry it around as you wish.

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#4. Perfect for Camping Tables – Dietz Blue Oil Hurricane Lantern with 15 Inch Tall

blue glass hurricane lamp


  • Antique style.
  • Holds up to 80 ounces oil.
  • Made of metal to ensure durability.
  • Can be hung on the garden walls and foyers.


  • Needs oil or diesel to light it up.

When going camping in a cabin or experiencing power outages in your home, you will need a reliable light source. This lamp will enable you to enjoy your camping or stay at home as you wish. This simple lamp is made of metal to ensure it lasts for a very long time. The metal construction is also very professional to ensure the lamp is very light.

Its metal handle supports to hold it easily when moving the lamp or use to hang the lantern. This lamp has a control knob that one can always use to control the brightness level offered by the lamp. It will give you excellent brightness, which is 12 times more bright compare to a candle.

It has a large tank that can hold up to 80 ounces of fuel. This fuel will give you a light for over 75 hours, enabling you to enjoy your camping or stay at home when there is a power outage. The tank can also be filled from the side without having to disassemble the whole lamp unit.

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#5. Modern Style – Blazin Green Battery Operated Hurricane Lantern Lamp

water resistant green hurricane lamp


  • The lamp is portable to use.
  • Frosted cover to beam soft light.
  • It can offer lighting for a long time.
  • A lightweight lamp that can be used easily.
  • Comes with a S-hook for hanging tent ceilings.


  • Single button for all the brightness settings.

This lamp is a powerful green lamp that can provide lights during camping or when there is a power outage in your area and provides 500 lumens of soft lighting enabling you to have lighting at a 360 degrees angle.

The bright light can enable you to go on with any activity in your home or in the wild. You can even use it during the romantic dinner dates or hang on your patio. It is also a water-resistant lamp that can save you in the period of hurricanes and other heavy storm days.

When the batteries are fixed, the lamp can offer lights for 140 hours. The lightweight and compact design allows you to carry it around easily as you wish.

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#6. Electric – LE LED Rechargeable Hurricane Lamp with USB and Car Connection

multi functional hurricane lamp


  • USB and car charger.
  • Rechargeable designed.
  • Built with 2 detachable flashlights.
  • It offers a very bright light to see well.
  • The batteries in this lamp can be recharged.


  • Single daylight mode.

The lamp is a modern design lamp that you can use as you wish to get enough brightness at any time in your home or when camping. The lamp is equipped with handles to use in carrying it around. It also has a compass that can help give directions when you are out camping. The 2 detachable flashlights aim for multi-person uses when camping outdoors.

This lamp has to detachable flashlights that can be taken off to use as you wish or leave them on the lamp. The water-resistant outer can be helpful in camping locations when there are heavy rains.

It also offers a very bright light with 600 lumens enabling you to see around very well. Fitted with two rechargeable batteries, it will provide brightness for a very long time.

In a nutshell, it is an energy-saving tool making it good for camping trips and uses during the natural disasters days or emergencies.

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#7. With Frosted Glass – Blazin Super Bright LED Hurricane Lamp

brightest led hurricane lamp


  • 4 power settings.
  • Ultra-long run time.
  • Boasts of super bright light.
  • Offers brightness at a 360 degrees angle.
  • Has different brightness settings enabling you to set the mood as you like.


  • Batteries are not in the package.

The lamp is good for any camping trip or when you are at home just relaxing. It offers good brightness with the 1500 lumens enabling you to have a better view of the surrounding. The soft light offered by this lamp enables you to have a 360-degree unobstructed view of what is going on around you. It gives enough lighting in any room so that people can enjoy the games they are playing or study.

The lamp provides light for up to 200 hours. This gives you an excellent opportunity to enjoy your camping or stay cool when there is a power outage in your area. It has four different brightness settings that will enable you to set a good mood always when you are relaxing with your friends.

It made of high-quality materials that ensure the lamp can last for a very long time. The materials used to make the lamp are also water-resistant, making the lamp efficient during a substantial storm period or the hurricane.

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#8. Twin LED – Coleman Water Resistant Hurricane Lamps

coleman hurricane lantern for indoor and outdoor use


  • Water-resistant.
  • Dual LED light bulbs.
  • Beam distance can extend to 6m to 10m.
  • It offers different brightness settings from high to ultra-low.


  • Uses cell batteries which you need to get regular changed.

This is an excellent lamp to own always to save you in the case of a power outage or when you are out camping. The lamp has different brightness levels that range from high brightness to ultra-low brightness. There is a control knob fitted on the side that is used to change the brightness.

It is very easy to operate the lamp. On the high brightness setting, you will get over 390 lumens, and on the low brightness setting, you will get 10 lumens. It offers excellent brightness that gives you a good view of the space you are in on a 360-degree angle.

On its high brightness setting, the lamp can last for 85 hours, but in the low setting, it can give light for over 300 hours. The lamp used the type D-cell batteries that are sold separately, and you should get eight for this lamp. It is a water-resistant lamp hence making it useful during the heavy storm days.

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What Kind of Oil Do You Use in an Antique Hurricane Style Lamp?

Various kinds of oil can be used by a hurricane lamp that includes:

Kerosene – It is the most common fuel used by hurricane lamps. This fuel is cheap and always readily available. You can get it in a fueling station or buy the prepackaged ones in a store. It contains sulphur, and when burnt inside, you will notice the smell. There should be good ventilation system when using the kerosene as lamp fuel.

Lamp oil – It is the same as kerosene, but it has been made cleaner. When using the lamp oil as fuel for your lamp, there will be fewer pollutants compared to kerosene. It also doesn’t have any unpleasant smell.

Propane – It can be used as the fuel of the lamp. You should, however, avoid using the lamp fueled by propane in confined placed. It produces a lot of carbon monoxide that can be hazardous.



#1. Is It Safe to Use Hurricane Lantern Indoors?

Yes, it is.

Some hurricane lanterns can be used indoors when you experience a power outage that you don’t know when it will be restored; then, it is better to have an alternative.

As long as you have a well-ventilated house, you will have no safety concerns. But for small rooms which are not well ventilated then it is better to avoid using oil lamps indoors.

#2. What Is the Best Fuel for Hurricane Lamps?

There are a lot of fuels one can use in oil lamps. Most fuels are hazardous and can cause major health problems for an individual. You need to look for fuel that burns well without emitting any harmful pollutants.

Some of the best fuels to use are Non-dyed Kerosine, standard lamp oil, and the Citronella oil. They burn well without any harmful pollutants being emitted.



These are some of the best hurricane lamps that can offer you the light needed when out camping or when there is a power outage in your area.

They are of different makes and provide various features. This review can assist in giving a better insight into what to look for in hurricane lamps.