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Best Decorative String Lights for Holidays & Festivals in 2022

Searching for some lights to spruce up your indoor rooms and outdoor patios? We are pleased to let you know that you have arrived at just the right place.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

Best Rated – TaoTronics Indoor & Outdoor String Lights for Bedroom & Garden

For Window Decoration – Twinkle Star Curtain Canopy Hanging Lights

For Commercial Use/Large Patio – Lemontec String Light Bulbs

With Waterproof G40 Incandescent Bulb – Lampat Light Strings for Backyard Patio & Balcony

With Changing Colors and Highly Impact Resistance – Enbrighten Cafe String Lights


Guide to Buy the Best String Light for Indoor & Outdoor Use

Finding the best string lights is definitely a critical step towards leveraging the full benefits they bring along. It is impossible to find a good one without factoring the necessary issues and pre-conditions. Our guide here endeavors to provide the guidance you need to make the most appropriate choice.

#1. Size and Length

The size and the length of the string light matters a great deal. A good string light definitely has to be of the precise length that is necessary for the lighting task at hand. There are three main minds of lights on the basis of this consideration.

We break them down here below:

  • Large Bulb

As the name implies, this is a bulb that is moderate in length. This means that it is neither large nor small. As such, it plays a good role in illuminating the interiors of the buildings more so hallways and the living spaces. Such bulbs are the most common of them all.

  • Mini

These ones are tinier than your average bulbs. They are subsequently smaller and more compact in size. You will hence find them suitable for illuminating spaces that are cramped up or stuffed up. Examples of these are stores and smaller cubicles. These bulbs are cheaper and not so effective.

  • Extra-long

Lastly comes the extra-long string lights. These lights are long enough to illuminate larger areas. You will hence find them suitable for such places as the backyards and the patios. Choose them also for your parties and other outdoor concerts.

#2. Lighting Effects

Light may be used to create some effects in various events like television programs, concerts, films, plays, and so on. To achieve these ends, these lights allow for some controls and manipulations. Three of these manipulations stand out. We expound on them here below:

  • Dimmable

As the name implies, this bulb is capable of diminishing its brightness. It mainly comes in handy when you are intent on creating a somber mood such as that in a funeral or other sad scenarios.

  • Remote controls

These are lights that allow you to alter the various parameters by use of a remote control unit. You hence need not necessarily be individually physically present at the area to be able to enjoy your desired ends.

  • Colored lights

Colored lights are those that are able to change their colors or appearances in response to the various situations or events that may come along. They are mainly good for those events that require colors like weddings and celebrations.

The best kind of string light with regards to this parameter ought to be capable of displaying the effect you have in mind while at the same time allowing for effective controls and manipulation.

#3. Bulb Shape

The shape of the bulbs are also as important and the sizes thereof. By ‘shape’ we mean the manner in which the bulb is configured or appears. You should choose a bulb whose shape is relevant to your needs.

Below are six main bulb shapes explained:

Snow Flake

snow flake string lights for Christmas trees

Edison Bulbs

Edison String Bulbs


muti-color string light balls powered by batteries


star string light


latern shaped lights


best globe string light bulbs

#4. Power Source

Lastly, you should also consider the sources that these bulbs derive their power from. This consideration is necessary because it determines to a larger degree when and where you may possibly make use of the bulbs altogether.

Below are the common kinds of bulbs with regards to this parameter:

  • Solar-powered

These ones derive their power from solar energy. This makes them usable in locations that are cut off from the national grid. Another benefit of solar power is the ability to operate well in remote locations or areas that are detached from the mainstream.

  • Battery-powered

For this, you will have to insert a battery to be able to power them. Two main kinds of batteries exist. These are the dry cells and the rechargeable batteries respectively. Needless to say, the rechargeable batteries are better because they allow for prolonged and uninterrupted applications.

  • Plug-in

The plug-in string lights derive their power from the mains electricity. They typically comprise some plug that slots in a socket or any other power outlet. These lights are mainly used for permanent applications that require strength and vitality for an extended duration of time. In most cases, you will find them in homes, hotels, and restaurants.


Reviews of the 11 Best String Light to Decorative Your Indoor Room & Outdoor Backyard Patio

Here, we are going to review 11 of the best string lights that money can buy at the moment. Read through to get to know about these wonderful products.

#1. For Holidays Decoration – YiHong Christmas Twinkle String Lights with Remote Control

best battery powered string lights for indoor and outdoor
Best Rated Christmas String Lights 4 Set

Of all the string lights we have, it is that is the best for holiday decorations. It is a good one to make use of in the event that you want to spruce up your Christmas. Unlike other lighting mechanisms, this one is controllable remotely. It hence requires limited input on your part.

Bright Firefly Lights

It does have some distinctive bright firefly lights. These ones emit some white glow that thoroughly illuminates your room and ambiance. They also have the ability to add some romance and elegance to your events. Being thin, they fit your cramped up spaces conveniently. This is not to mention being easy to adjust.

Remote Controls

As noted earlier, it is possible for you to control these lights remotely. This fact has several benefits. For one, it absolves you from the hassles that other users have to contend with. Then, it gives you the freedom to alter the stature and metrics. All these make for total comfort.

8 Modes Lighting

You will enjoy some 8 lighting modes to select from by placing your bet on this string light. These are the steady on, twinkle/flash, slow fade, chasing flash, slog lo, sequential, in waves, and the combination, to name but a few! Regardless of your precise needs, you will find it truly amazing.

Brilliant Features:

  • Unlikely to overheat
  • Waterproof battery casing
  • Safer for the whole family use
  • Works for many hours non-stop
  • Properly sealed and wholly submersible

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#2. For Backyard – Sunthin Large Bulb String Lights

best commercial string lights for outdoors
Best Outdoor String Lights for Gardens

For your backyard patios, you definitely want some string lights that are larger and sharper. It is only those kinds of lights that have the ability to reach out to a wider area at a time. Look to no other set of bulbs than these as they are the best for the backyard.

IP65 Waterproof Rating

Making this lighting appropriately suited for use outdoors is the IP65 waterproof rating. Thanks to this rating, the lighting apparatus is able to endure higher levels of humidity and damp conditions with the utmost reliability. They are able to perform well even when the conditions outside are unbearable.

ETL Laboratory

It also bears the Electronic Testing Laboratory certification. Because of this, the lights are safer for use at any place within the wider North American region. Expect it hence to do you some good and maintain your safety and well-being in the long run too.

Multiple Connectivity

With this set of string lights, it is possible for you to pair and share with many other like-minded devices. As a matter of fact, it is available to attach five strands end-to-end. Together, these yield 900W of electrical output. On account of this stature, you are guaranteed exceptional performances.

Brilliant Features:

  • Tested thoroughly for topnotch performance
  • Comes about in a comprehensive packaging
  • Dimmable for switching to your preferred styles
  • Keeps out all the water to accord dry operations
  • Attaches to many other accessories and electronics

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#3. Twinkle Star Curtain Canopy Hanging Lights for Bedroom

best lights for wall decorations
Canopy Strings for Bedroom

Want to spruce up your bedroom? We have some good news for you. These curtain string lights are the ones you have to pick and make do with. They are specially intended for the bedroom environment and are subsequently capable of doing a great job there.

8 Modes Setting

It stands tall in the sense that it provides you some eight-mode setting to choose from. These are the steady on, twinkle, slow fade, chasing/flash, slow go, sequential, combination, and the in-waves. With this abundance of settings, you will be able to enjoy wholesome conveniences.

High Brightness

Generally speaking, these strings deliver truly bright lights. This is made possible by the existence of some 300 warm white LED bright lights. Together, they give out some powerful lights not to mention creating romantic lives for you. Chances of missing out on your item of interest are hence suppressed.


Rounding up all the elegant features of this set of bright light is the waterproof nature thereof. Thanks to this vital trait, the lights are capable of withstanding the highest levels of precipitation. For this reason, you may also utilize them outdoors as they are unlikely to fail.

Brilliant Features:

  • Truly rich in quality and strength
  • Many modes exist for your choice
  • Fits many occasions and activities
  • Delivers perfectly decorative outcomes
  • Requires no installations (comes as plug-and-play)

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#4. Best for Outdoor – Lemontec Commercial String Lights

weatherproof string lights for outdoor use
Best String Lights against the Weather

Do you have some commercial elements? You have no better companion than these string lights. They are by far the best commercial strings. As their name implies, these lights have all the trappings necessary for use outside the doors.

Built to Last

These lights are built to last. They are stronger and hence long-lasting. With this kind of makeup, you should be happy as the lights are likely to endure many incidences of impacts. On accounts of these, the lights will take you year-round and ensure your own comfort.

Easier to Install

Though strong and durable, these lights are easier to install. They have some spacing in between them that measure 3 feet. They allow you to smoothly connect up to eight strands of bulbs from end to end. Thereafter, the spacing allows for the arrangement of lights in a chandelier-style cluster.

Multiple Lighting Modes

Using these string lights, you will be able to enjoy many lighting modes. You will subsequently be capable of converting your outdoor spaces into elegantly looking interiors. This yet again goes a long way in spicing up your events and making them seem livelier. Why would you even forfeit these items?

Brilliant Features:

  • Lights your outdoors legibly
  • Allows for risk-free purchases
  • Enjoys excellent customer care backing
  • Comprises industrial-style lighting bulbs
  • Compliant with the North American safety standards

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#5. Best for Indoor – Lampat G40 String Light Bulbs for Backyard Patio & Balcony

best globe string light bulbs
Best Globe Light Bulb for Decor

Looking for a set of string lights purely for indoor use? We have some surprises here for you. These lighting apparatus will truly do you some good.

As you are about to see, the lights indeed have all that may be necessary for the job.

Commercial Quality Makeup

When viewed from all angles, the string lights imbue some commercial quality makeup. Thanks to this awesome makeup, the light will do you some good in your tents, patios, pergola, and parties, to name but a few! It is this trait that makes the string lights suitable for commercial ends.

25-feet Long Strings

In its entirety, the string lights measure the comfortable 25 feet long. Complementing this length are some 25 clear and bright G40 bulbs. They attach to the strings from one end to another back-to-back. All these impact whole rooms comprehensively. They also provide sufficient amounts of lights.

6-inch Lead

To install it, you will rely on some lead that measures 6 inches. This lead attaches to a male plug, a 6-inch tail, a female connector and some 12-inch spacing in between the bulbs. On account of this comprehensive structural makeup, the string lights imbue maximum comfort.

Brilliant Features:

  • Covers whole areas conveniently
    Attaches to the string via the end-to-end connections
  • Comfortable spacing exists in-between any two bulbs
  • Delivers the same amount of bright light even with a missing bulb

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#6. Enbrighten Color Changing Cafe String Lights

Color changed string lights with wireless and remote control
Wireless Color Changing String Lights

To be able to add full life to your events, no other set of string lights is as suited for the job as this Best Color Changing Cafe String Lights. Indeed, these lights have the distinctive capability of changing its color. You may leverage this trait to customize the lighting colors to conform to your very events.

Connect Multiple Strings

You will be in the position to connect multiple strings using this set of light. Thanks to this awesome connectivity, it is possible for you to link well over 15 bulbs that span 48 feet. When fully stretched out fully, the lights have the ability to span 750 feet of area.

Flexible Mounting Options

To mount these lights for your use, you have many options to take advantage of. That is because the lights have the ability to mount in diverse positions and angles. Moreover, they do not require any special hardware to do so. The pleasure of convenience of use is hence yours for the taking.

Impact Resistant

Crowning all the elegant traits is the impact resistance of the lights. These lights are truly durable and tough owing to the acrylic bulbs. As such, they are unlikely to break apart or smash even when they drop onto a hard surface. They also perform well in severe weather.

Brilliant Features:

  • Links and installs easily
  • Combines style and functionality
  • Backed by a generous lifetime warranty
  • Changes color to conform to your events
  • Adds some sophistication to indoor and outdoor atmospheres

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#7. Best for Garden – Aloveco LED Gazebo String Lighting Balls

muti-color string light balls powered by batteries
Best Battery LED String Light Balls

Gardens, being critical parts of a typical household, also have to be taken good care of. It is impossible to achieve this feat without incorporating the Best for Garden – Gazebo String Lights for the job. Of these, you have no better companion than the lighting we currently look at.

Portable Battery-operated

When compared to the many other string lights available, it is these that are the most portable. They are also operable via the use of batteries. For these twin reasons, the lights are quite convenient to carry around and take to the precise remote scene of use.

Built-in Timer Function

A built-in timer function also exists, to aid with long-run operations. The time enables you to basically set your desired time for 6-18 hours upfront. This way, you do not have to wait to be individually physically present to be able to make good use of the apparatus.


Though it emits too bright lights, the string lights are still safe-to-touch. They do not yield too much heat as their counterparts do. Instead, they maintain extremely low temperatures at all times of use. You have it for your own comfort and utmost peace of mind as you operate.

Brilliant Features:

  • Manages many lighting modes
  • Draws its power from the batteries
  • Completely waterproof and usable outdoors
  • Comes in the high-quality ABS material makeup
  • Its built-in timer negates the need to pay too much attention

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#8. Vintage Ball Style – ZHONGXING Copper Wire String Lights for Backyard Porch

mini string lights with copper wire ball
Best Copper Ball Lights with Mini Bulbs

Have some porch at your backyard? Well, these copper string balls are a ‘must-have’ for your backyards. They are indeed optimized for those environments that are capable of yielding to you the best possible outcomes. This is besides the wider range.

10 Mini-Bulbs

Some 10 mini bulbs exist as a part of these string lights. They attach to some brown wires and deliver warm ambiance lighting. The light outputs impact your whole gardens, outdoor patios, and other entertainment hot spots. Being many, they make for wholesome coverage. They also yield maximum impacts.

Beaded Copper Wire Ball Style Covers

Adorning the entire exterior of the string lights are some beaded Copper wire ball-style covers. They deliver the jewel effects and exhibit some stylish modern looks. With these covers, it is possible for you to generate some exciting moods in the evenings. This is besides shielding your lighting apparatus from excesses of weather elements.

Indoor / Outdoor Use

Lastly, it is possible for you to devote these lights to indoor and outdoor use. That is because the lights are resistant to water and also emit powerful bright lights. Hardly will they suffer extensive damages even when bombarded with harsh impacts and other strenuous weather elements.

Brilliant Features:

  • Useful for publicity and displays
  • Illuminates your outdoor events greatly
  • Great for just about every other occasion
  • Spices up your casual outdoor family times
  • Creates some warm and comfortable atmospheres

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#9. Goodia Woven Decorative LED String Lights for Backyards

best decorative rottan ball string lights
Decorative Ball Strings

If all you want is to brighten your backyard, you have no real companion than this specific set of string lights. These lights are engineered exclusively for the purpose of adding some color and brightness to the area at the back of your home.

White Rattan Ball Lights

Some 40 White Rattan Ball LED string lights to exist as a part of this string lights. They measure around 1.6 inches in diameter and space out after every 4 inches. When lit, these light bulbs give off plenty of light energy that wholly illuminate your rooms.

Premium-quality String Lights

By their sheer stature and makeup, these lights are truly rich in quality. They are waterproof, last longer, and manage heat properly well. On accounts of these traits, the light bulbs are capable of taking you further for a longer duration of time. What’s more? They also decorate your ambiance appropriately.

Cozy Warm Light Bulbs

On the whole, these bulbs yield some cozy warm lighting outputs. These light outputs are great for just about every other outdoor occasion and place. You will find it reliable for night scenes, bedrooms, wedding ceremonies, stage, and parties, to name but a few! They are however unsuitable for general lighting needs.

Brilliant Features:

  • Winds around furniture
  • An excellent Christmas gift
  • Creates warm and peaceful gardens
  • May be installed anywhere; not just the home
  • Produces safe and low voltage for everyday use

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#10. Onemore Flower String Lights for Decorating Wedding House

flower string lights for girls bedroom
Flower String Lights for Cozy Atmosphere

Preparing for a wedding? You will find a truly great companion in these Best String Lights for Decorating Wedding House. The manufacturer has made every attempt to make the bulb good and suitable for use in wedding ceremonies. They are also elegant to behold not to mention being greatly decorative.

Variable Usage Scenarios

Though mainly intended for wedding ceremonies, this set of string lights may be used in many scenarios besides weddings. Among these are the bathrooms, windows, homes, festivals, restaurants, shows, and so on. Regardless of where it is installed, the light bulb will deliver a strong and warm atmosphere.

Battery-operated String Lights

It is also operable by the use of batteries. As such, it is easier and quite convenient to carry around as the need be. In light of this trait, the string lights are usable in detached and extremely remote locations. You have it for taking in areas that are detached from the mainstream.

Safe for Children and Pets

On the whole, this set of string lights are safe for both pets and children. They are devoid of any poison not to mention deriving their power from low voltage. Chances of it overheating are hence suppressed to the absolute minimum. This way, the lighting apparatus will unlikely burn you when you touch it.

Brilliant Features:

  • Richer in quality and fervor
  • Comes about in the form of flowers
  • Produced by a reliable manufacturer
  • Fixable in plants and other pieces of furniture
  • Waterproof wires and led allow for the immersion in water

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#11. Best Rated – TaoTronics Indoor & Outdoor String Lights for Bedroom & Garden

TaoTronics warm white string lights
Hot Sale Warm White String Lights

For your maximum peace of mind, you want a comprehensive set of string lights. In such a case, we recommend this TaoTronics light. Of all the string lights in our crosshairs, it is this one that suits all circumstances of use and applications.

Waterproof Power Adapter

A waterproof power adapter stands tall among all the top-notch features that the string lights have to offer. The adapter basically allows for the attachment of the lights to the socket and connecting the many bulbs together. Being waterproof, they serve you well outdoors too!

Warm white-yellow Mini-LED Lights

Its light output can either be yellow or white. This gives you some degree of freedom as you go about your use. Other than the color, the light output is also warmer and able to add some heat to your surroundings. Use them to spice up your events accordingly.

High-quality Copper Wire

Some high-quality copper wire also adorns the entire system. Copper is pretty flexible and able to do a better installation job. On account of this, you will hardly make any mess as you attempt to store or move the item out and about the desired area.

Brilliant Features:

  • Endures excessive water levels
  • Good enough for your outdoors
  • Highly rated by past consumers
  • Cost-effective and pretty efficient
  • Does not overheat even when used for long

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How Do You Hang String Lights on a Patio?

  • Draw a rough sketch of the patio and take measurements at the same time.
  • Place the poles at strategic locations.
  • Spread out the wires and proceed to thread the light strings.
  • Maintain the male plug as close to the outlet as possible.
  • Attach some zip ties or hooks in between each bulb.
  • In case you work with many light strings hang the first run and then attach the male end of the second string to that of the first of the female string.
  • Place every other string in place in that manner.


How Many Strings Do I Need for a Patio Light?

It all depends on the size of the patio. Obviously, a large patio requires more string lights whereas a smaller one requires fewer strings. Next to this is the spacing between any two lights. The distance determines the sum total strings you may have to utilize.

You are hence advised to measure out the dimensions of your patio before setting out to finding the right number of strings. As you do so, you are also advised to figure out any styles or patterns you may be interested in.



#1. Do Patio String Lights Attract Bugs?

Bugs are generally attracted by higher levels of heat and brightness. That is because such levels of heat and brightness have the tendencies to attract the attention of the bugs even when they are located afar off.

#2. What Color Porch String Lights Keep Bugs away?
Yellow, it is…Bugs are incapable of seeing the yellow color. Instead, they are only capable of seeing green, blue, and ultraviolet radiation.

#3. How Long Do Fairy Lights Last?

The service life largely depends on the length of the string regardless of the power source. All factors considered though, these strings have around 120 hours at a time, or roughly 5 days (assuming continuous use and applications).


What Is the Best String Lights?

Well, you now know the things you have to care for while on the lookout for a nice set of string lights to lay your hands on. We are now confident that you have the necessary expertise to be able to appreciate these lights and make the most of them.

Of all the strings we reviewed today, being applicable in any occasion, this Sunthin one is the most minimalist for festivals or holiday decorations. With the remote control, the light beams can present any of the 8 modes to create a warm, romantic or fantastic atmosphere.