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The 5 Best Task Lamps for Multi Purpose Use for Home & Office – Review

There are so many types of task lighting lamps that are used for several purposes. They are known to serve different functions and in different places.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

With Metal Body and Durable Joints – Phive LED Architect Task Lamp With Clamps

Modern and Compact Desing for Any Space – Verilux LED Smartlight Tall Task Floor Lamp

Flexible Arm for Reading and Studying – TaoTronics Small Table

With Unique Brass Finish and Balanced Swing Arm – Sunllipe LED Task Lighting for Office


What Is a Task Lamp? What Can I Use for?

Task lamp refers to a lighting device that you put in a certain position so that it can provide you with enough light to illuminate a specific area where you will be working on rather than lighting up the whole room.

  • In a machinery workshop

A task lamp is used to illuminate a working area for technicians especially those working to fix some finer pieces on a machine. For example, those people who repair watches require this type of light.

task light

  • Reading Light

Most people at home use a task lamp for reading. This is very important as it gives you enough light to focus on your studies.

  • While conducting an operation by a surgeon

A task lamp is used by a surgeon especially when operating so he can have enough light to view the organ he’s operating on.

  • For lighting mouth for a dentist

You’ll find that a task lamp is used by a dentist so that he’s able to view your mouth and see well the tooth he’s going to be removing you. The dentist usually uses a task lamp with magnification so they can perform dental cleaning as well.


What Are the Types of Task Lighting?

The use of different types of lighting is the best remedy for bringing up a proper lighting plan at home. Different types of lighting vary from the task and locality they are meant for. There are lightings to use in the kitchen, sitting room, washroom, bedroom, and at the outer side of the house.

Herein you will learn different types of task lighting you will find in the market:

  • Desk Lamp

This type of lighting is set and serves uniquely in kitchens, and reading chairs can be moved from one place to another. One can choose to have it fixed under cabinets since it is where sensitive kitchen operations are done, like the use of sharp objects and handling food.

Desktop lamp provides clear lighting, and one can also use it for studying or doing paperwork since it also applies in reading tables.

  • Floor Lamp

Floor lamps apply to almost every part of the house. It is complicated for house use in doing home chores. The standing lamps are made in a different comfortable and flexible way such that they can fit in different types as of houses. They occupy a little space and have no effect on the brain for studying.

  • Overhead Task Lighting

This type of lamp is specially designed for one purpose, whereby it is supposed to be set at the opposite of the main task. It is designed to illuminate light directly to the lamp head. Its head is held the opposite of the arm movement horizontally.

An overhead lamp is one of the best overhead tasks lighting lamps with a more reflection glare complimenting the other lamps, and it can be used in tasks of workshops where tables of different heights are used. This type of lamp has no control of glaring, and that makes it light on a direct glare.


What Is the Best Task Lamp?

Topping on your list is the TaoTronics TT-DL16 multifunctional task lamp. With high rating, it is a good eye-care lamp for reading and studying.

eye-care task lamp with versatile functions

  • Eco-friendly

There is nothing important like taking care of the environment. This type of lamp solves this problem for you. This is made possible by the fact that it uses 75% less power than the traditional type of lights.

  • Modern design

This type of LED task lamp provides an attractive design both for office space and also at home. This is because it’s made from high-quality aluminum-alloy which makes it last for a very long time as well as maintaining that great shape. It even comes with a USB port that you can use to charge your smartphone as you go around your studies

  • It lights your surrounding

What makes this LED task lamp more fascinating is that it has 5 lightings. These different modes provide 6 different levels of brightness levels that you can adjust depending on the type of task you’re doing.

It even has the option of the touchpad. You can adjust it for reading or even change it for a different light mode for relaxing.


Reviews of the 5 Best Task Lighting Lamps for Multiple Use

Here we will look at the review of some five types of task lighting lamps with their specific uses, which will help narrow down when looking at the best task lamp for any usage.

#1. Best Durable – Phive LED Architect Task Lamp With Clamps

phive architect clip on task lamp
Best Task Light for Architects

It is known to be the best task lamp for architectural purposes. The adjustable arm, made of silver, is metallic. Outstanding features include memory function, eye care technology, work light, touch control, and even other adjustable office works.

Specific contemporary design with a robust clamp helps to offer excellent lighting and also saves the space of the desk. It contains the right technology for eye care like the emission of pure software light, diffusion panel and so on.

The light is emitted from a higher point, which helps to cover a larger space. Its stepless dimming allows you to adjust its brightness with the needed level by controlling the icon. Besides, it is known to use less energy, which beats incandescent bulbs a wide margin, and it is durable since its battery can serve for 50,000 hours.

  • Easily adjustable
  • It is very durable
  • Saves more energy
  • Contains eye care technology
  • Its contemporary design makes it flexible
  • Supports up to 2.36″ table thick

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#2. Best for Sewing – Verilux LED Smartlight Tall Task Floor Lamp

dimmable floor task lighting
Full- spectrum Floor LED Task Lamp

The lamp is known to offer natural daylight that can be used for several purposes. Such purposes can be reading, making arts, crafting, and can be adjusted too to dimmable lamps.

The design of its gooseneck makes it flexible with a unique experience. Due to that, it can offer needed task lighting to where you want, and ensure the temperature and colors are all well adjusted. The brightness as well cares for to ensure one feels comfortable with it.

A very modern and compact design makes your home be able to accommodate it without any problems. And a switch control makes its usage simple and easy.

It is a lamp that can help one reduce eye-straining with eye fatigue as well. The brightness can be adjusted, hence offering maximum comfort that one deserves. The color temperature is in 3 levels, and one can select from it the most comforting and relaxing one.

From another view, the led light is also distributed evenly, which is known to reduce the rate of eye fatigue and also eye-straining. Plus, the full spectrum aims to mimic all-natural daylight, hence giving you a very comforting light experience.

The lamp is very versatile in several functions and purposes. The smart light is ready to help  anything you want to do, due to its flexible gooseneck, among other essential features, making it the best alternative for working with at the office, hobbies, art, and crafting.

  • Can be used to serve many purposes
  • Helps to reduce eye-straining and fatigue
  • The smart light is so versatile and flexible
  • It has an adjustable feature for offering comforting lighting
  • The light bulb is non-replaceable

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#3. Best Portable – TaoTronics Small Table Task Lamp for Studying And Reading

TaoTronics touch control desktop task lamp
Versatile Tabletop Task Light with a Reasonable Price

This is a metal desk lamp with several exquisite features. It is beautiful, compact and multifunctioning, meaning it can be used anywhere without any issues. The purpose of the lamp is to serve many functions too, like studying, among other personal things.

The lamp is stable, smooth, and sleek and has a tall lampstand. It contains a very compatible head, steady base, and its body is slim. With all the functions you need, it is balanced well and never sacrifices its beauty. Wherever you want to place your lamp, it will always be sturdy and robust.

Overall, It also offers the light of good quality, crisp, flicker-free, and most importantly, can be customized fully in its intensity and color. 5 modes of color in which it ranges between are easily adjusted when you touch and control the available symbols installed at its base area.

  • Sturdy and robust
  • A contemporary look
  • Adjustable light angle
  • The led is very good energy efficient
  • The brightness and light color can be adjusted
  • Contains a port for USB multi charging with a timer function
  • It is supported by coreded-electric

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#4. Best with Adjustable Gooseneck – Realspace LED Task Lamp 

realspace adjustable led tabletop task lamp
LED Table Task Lamp with Adjustable Arm

The adjustable gooseneck, minimalist look and eye-care light makes the realspace task lamp a target to buy.

The gooseneck helps in aiming the exactly needed light amount to the place you need it. The clean and pure look make it serves for any room. And it also has finished in chrome and doesn’t need any assembly. Due to the compact footprint, it is invisible and almost takes up no space.

  • A pure and immaculate look
  • Serve all purposes in the CFL desk
  • Has an on/off switch on the lamp base
  • You can focus light on any direction you need
  • Flash is not enough for a more substantial area

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#5. Best for Office – Sunllipe LED Task Lighting with Swing Arm

brass desk task light with adjustable arm and touch control
Vintage Table Lamp for Office Task Lighting

The swing arm led desk lamp is a perfect decoration to spice up your office desk. The brass lamp is so graceful and so portable, hence can be moved all around the home and fit well.

Its alternatives to brightness settings are in 3 specific dimming levels, making this fashion designed elegant desk lamp to accommodate all of your tasks, such as reading purposes and ambient light. Its neck is easily rotted around for illuminating the exactly needed area.

The desk lamp is preferred since it can be moved from a place to the other without any installation. What makes it more brilliant is its wide illumination, that is, it helps more than one person in all their other duties that need light.

  • Portable and flexible
  • Adjusting it is very easy
  • An elegant design and looks
  • The dimming levels of the lamp are three
  • 3000K warm white light only

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What Is the Color Temperature of Task Lamps?

Kelvin is the unit used to measure color temperature. These units describe how warm or cool white light is. When we refer to white light being cool we’re talking about it being blue-hue, while when talking about it being visual warm we’re referring to it being amber-hue.

  • 5600-6500K is considered daylight
  • 4100-5500K is considered cool natural light
  • 3500K is considered neutral
  • 2000K-3000K is considered warm white
  • 2200-2700K is considered very warm white

LED lamps have are usually designed using color temperatures of 4500K, 2700K, and 3000K. In LED lamps you’ll find that the higher color temperature it has the bluer it is and hence much more efficient it is. On the other hand, halogen lamps are designed using a color temperature of 3000K.

You also find that cooler color temperatures ranging from 4500k to 6000K stimulate the brain for increasing productivity. Hence cool color temperatures are good for doing some tasks like painting and drawing. On the other hand, warm color temperatures are nice when it comes to soothing hence very nice when you’re relaxing or reading.

2700K-3000K is the preferred color temperature for task lamps at home while 3000K-3500K is the color preferred color temperatures for task lamps used at the offices.

It’s always wise to purchase that task lamp that has that light that will help you accomplish your task much more conveniently.


What Is the Most User-friendly Task Lighting?

Nothing is comforting like having a task lamp that makes your work easier. This can be as a result of it favoring various design factors that favor you. Among that, TaoTronics TT-DL16 metal LED desk lamp is the top user-friendly task light to buy.


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Verilux SmartLight Full...image Best for Sewing - Verilux LED Smartlight Tall Task Floor Lamp Buy on Amazon
Realspace™ Adjustable LED...image Best with Adjustable Gooseneck - Realspace LED Task Lamp  Buy on Amazon
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