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Best Parking Lot Lights for Clear Vision at Night

Parking lot light, also named shoebox lighting fixture as well as security lamps, serves for providing you with a clear view at night. Some of the garage light on the market has additional functions that most of you go for like charged by solar power as well as dusk to dawn photocell sensor. Of course, as an outdoor lamp, the best parking lot light must be waterproof.

And now, let us dive into the best parking lot lights and the choosing tips, also, the ways to avoid dazzle light.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

High Lumens Solar Powered Flood Light with Remote Control – PSG Outdoor Street Light

With Dusk to Dawn Sensor and Highly Rated Waterproofness – HyperLite Parking Lot Lights

High Efficiency and Bright Lamp with Adjustable Arm for Commerical Use – LEDMO 300W Light


Benefits of Using A LED Light for Parking Lot

– High Efficiency. LEDs are more concentrated so that it is more efficient.

– Cost-friendly. It is unnecessary to worry about the electricity charging bill due to the low running cost. Plus, since LEDs are compatible with solar penal, some of the led parking lot light is solar-powered which will help you save the electricity expense. What is much better is that led retrofit and maintenance cost you less.

– Long Expectancy. LEDs are able to extend the service life at around 25,000 hours to 50,000 hours.

– Weather resistance. LEDs adopt a special water repellent construction which is often above the rating of IP65.


What to Look for in Parking Lot Lights?


What matters first on speaking to garage lamps is no other than the wattage. Wattage in the lighting field refers to the operating power. It is a main measurement of how much power you use. In other words, the higher the wattage value, the more powerful the parking lot lights.

For the commercial parking lot light and the street lights, the lighting level should be at least 20,000 lumens (If you want to light up 100 square meter).

Conversion to the wattages, 150 watt parking lot lights are the wise options (According to led conversion principles: the efficiency of led lights is 100 to 135 lumens per watt). If you want to cover a larger area, look for lights with a power output of above 150 watts.

150 watts parking lot light does a good job on the household garages thanks to its a 10 meter radius of light.


Installation is a universal problem for you to tackle with. A bundle of lights on commercial parking lots should be installed on a pole at first, which needs you to contact the technique workers and employ an expert team to finish. From the view of security, the parking lot light mounted on the wall just call for a ladder.

Installation steps are shown in the short video at the part of “What are steps on parking lot light installation?”


The installation also involves another crucial factor – how much lighting area you want to cover. For instance, a 300 watt led light is capable of covering 50 feet to 90 feet if you install it at the height of 20 feet to 50 feet at the pole.

The rule of thumb says that a lot of light can surround more space if you mount the light higher. However, a high position means bearing more risk of wind and other weather issues.

For a small parking lot, it is better to mount the light at the height of 15 to 20 feet off the floor. When you install an 18,000 lumens fixture, the lamp will return back light at a radius of 20 to 30 feet.

Power (LED) Height of Installation Lighting Coverage
100 watts 12-20 feet 35 feet in diameter
150 watts 15-25 feet 45 feet in diameter
200 watts 18-30 feet 57 feet in diameter
300 watts 25-35 feet 70 feet in diameter

Crossover Lighting

Crossover lighting is necessary when there is a giant parking lot. Cross over lighting design will banish all the darkness, even the invisible corner.

Color Temperature

Color temperature is one of the focus considerations when you intend to install a led parking lot light. 3 primary levels are available in led light.

  • 2800K to 3500K showcases a yellowish tone, which is perfect as indoor lighting.
  • 3500K to 4500K represents a natural white light.
  • 5000K to 6000K takes on a super bright light for artists and outdoor space.

Tastes differ in a variety of people. Some people favor a yellow light because this kind of light is able to fight against harsh fog weather, so fluorescent parking lot light is the first choice.

While most of the people prefer a white light on account that the white light can provide a fabulous and wide sight, making led parking lot lights win a majority of the market.

Motion Sensor

To save energy and offer a convenient as well as an easy life, manufacturers design some lights with motion sensors or dusk-to-dawn photocell sensors.

This kind of light will detect motivation and its surroundings and will be automatically on/off.


How Tall Are Parking Pole Lights?

Parking lot light pole height on both sides of the streets can range from 12 feet to 20 feet away from the ground. There also have some units which are mounted over 20 feet, and even reach 35 feet tall. In this case, technical forklift comes on stage and goes ahead with the installation work instead of manual manipulation.

Then, how tall are parking lot lights for the household? That depends on your needs. The general rule comes that the higher the light, the wider the illumination zone. Below is a chart about the relation between the installation height and the luminous flux.

relationship between installation height and illuminance

parking lot light illumination


How Many Lumens Are Needed for a Parking Lot?

How many lumens the light produces decides on how bright your garage is. Trouble must hit you if you are in a dim environment to park your cars. Lumens is a measurement of the brightness levels your lamp provides. It is proven that the 20,000 lumens are able to offer a clear view within 100 square meters.

Generally, a large number of parking lots use floodlights with an output of 250 watts to 400 watts. That means the parking lots need at least 36,000 lumens.

We suggest you mount 2 lamps with 20,000 lumens each at the height of 15 to 20 feet tall away from the ground. Plus, the lamps should be 20 feet apart from each other.


Reviews of 5 Hot Sale Best Parking Lot Lights

A lot of time on the dim environment leads to an ambiguous sight, unable to look at the details in the darkness. Without a light or with a poor light on your garages, accidents, like sideswiping your car or missing the criminal’s face by the camera, are more likely to happen. Here are 5 top rated parking lot lights in the latest market in case of your needs.

#1. Kukuppo Commercial Parking Lot Lights with Dusk to Dawn Photocell

commercial parking lot lights
Best Parking Lot Street Lights
What You May Like
  • 320 Watts
  • 43200 lumens
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Ease of installation
  • 5700K ultra bright light
  • Dusk to Dawn Photocell
  • 150 degree wide beam angle
  • 180 degree rotatable bracket bear an adjustable lighting angle
What You May Dislike
  • This item is not dimmable

This lamp uses aluminum which not only helps dissipate the inside lighting heat but also proves long-lasting durability. Anti-glare led chips protect eyes from dazzle light.

On the other hand, the LEDs also cost you less expense on electricity. Note that the lamp has a built-in dusk to dawn photocell that detects when night comes.

With it, you needn’t worry about the switch problem. The lamp will be on when it detects darkness while being off when the daytime comes.

In this way, when you arrive home at night, the light begins to perform its duty on providing you with clear view. Make it as a security flood light is also a wise choice.

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#2. Stasun Exterior Parking Lot Light with Cree LED Source

Best LED Light for Garages
Best LED Parking Lot Light
What You May Like
  • 300 watts
  • Cree LED light
  • IP66 waterproof
  • 3000K warm white light
  • No dazzles and no shadows
  • Special heat dissipation design
  • The rating is more than CRI 80
  • Luminous flux reaches 27000 lumens
What You May Dislike
  • Non-dimmable and just have the color temperature of 3000K which performs a bit yellowish tone

There aren’t may good multi-head parking lot lamps for under $250.This unit is one of them value to purchase. 3 led lamp heads, in total, create a 330 degree ultra wide beam angle so as to cover a larger area. It is tested that this lamp is able to cover the area of 1937 square feet when being installed at the height of 20 feet. Additionally, the 2 side lamp heads are adjustable Of course, you can free to mount this lamp either on the walls or the poles.

Waterproof IP66 makes this lamp stand sturdily even in the heavy rain, thunder and strong wind.

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#3. LEDMO Parking Lot Flood Lights with Strong Waterproofness

Waterproof shoebox light
Best Parking Lot Light for Rain
What You May Like
  • Easy setup
  • Cost-friendly
  • 5000K light
  • 36000 lumens
  • IP65 waterproof
  • 10 year warranty
  • Photocell included
  • CRI rating is over 80
  • Dusk to dawn function
  • You can customize the power operation with one of the four choices, 25 watts, 200 watts, 300 watts or 1000 watts
What You May Dislike
  • It is powered by corded-electric

If you are looking for a flood light with good quality as well as a large lighting zone that won’t break the bank, this lamp can be a positive option. 200 watts fixture can cover 57 feet in diameter when it is at the height of 18 feet to 30 feet. And, 300 watts fixture can light up the zone within the distance of 70 feet in diameter if you make it install at the 25 feet to 35 feet away from the floor.

The LEDs have a long lifespan, which aims to reduce the frequency of replacement search. Most importantly, this lamp boasts the maintenance free so as to spare your extra cost.

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#4. DEPHAN Rated Pole Mounted Parking Lot Lights

best parking lot lights
Best Parking Lot Flood Lights
What You May Like
  • 300 watts
  • 280 led beads
  • 40500 lumens
  • 5700K light color
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Photocell sensor enabled
  • 180 degree rotatable head support upward and downward light
What You May Dislike
  • Corded-electric

This shoebox lamp, sporting zero negative comment, has an optimal balance between a bright and clear light and some other standout functions that don’t sacrifice the awesome quality. It is made of robust and heavy duty aluminum with the watertight finish, thus making it protected from bad weather conditions like rain as well as wind and from corrosion. At the same time, the heat dissipation system also works well.

It is very bright. Mounting 2 lamps makes your parking lots feel like daytime. Besides, it uses a 300 watt integrated LEDs so it has a 90 feet radius of light when it is at 30 feet away from the ground. The adjustable lamp head supports a flexible light direction.

The sellers also provide some wall-mounted parking lot lights.

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#5. Hyperikon Cheap LED Parking Lot Lights

Affordable parking lot light
Parking Lot Security Lights
What You May Like
  • 5700K light
  • Energy saving
  • Ease of installation
  • Photocell battery included
  • 150 degree wide beam angle
  • Dusk to dawn sensor makes it on automatically when it detects darkness and off when dawn comes
What You May Dislike
  • 150 watt is relative lower for lighting up a parking lot, so you need to buy 2 or more if you have a wide area to cover

This 150 watts led lamp is equivalent to 550 watts HID parking lot lights. And it has become very popular among people who have a short budget but go for high quality fixtures.

This item features the basic functions of all the needs you require like bright white light, user-friendly led light, easy-to-install, photocell dusk to dawn sensor and the waterproof as well as solid material. What makes it being cheap is that the wattage is a bit lower than the above 4 lamps. But it is considerate that the manufacture also provides some higher power lamps.

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Other Parking Lot Lighting Fixtures You Can Buy

——————————————— From the Bulb Type ———————————————–

Best LED Parking Lot Light

led street light
Best LED Parking Lot Light

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——————————————— From the Technology ———————————————

Solar Powered Parking Lot Lights

best solar parking lot light with Remote Control
Best Solar Powered Parking Lot Light

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How to Install Parking Lot Lights?

This is a video to introduce how to mount the household parking pot light. I have to mention that you need to ask for a technical expert if you plan to install lights for commercial use or on the streets. That is bound to cost you some but not much.


Is It Viable to Convert Parking Lot Light to LED? How to Do It?

For the sake of the high efficiency and low cost of the led, most of you tend to do light conversions, from the fluorescent and other light types to led, or from a light with lower power output to a higher one.

Then, can the average people do this task? How to do led parking lot lights retrofit? Success retrofit comes if you have a chance to see this article.

Step 1: Clear the hindrances around the existing light pole like the branches.
Step 2: Check all the preparations including a screwdriver, led bulbs. What is most important is to read all the conversion instructions and cautions in advance.
Step 3: After cutting off the light power, unscrew the bolt and untighten the electricity wire. Detach the bracket to the fixture. Change the connection if necessary.
Step 4: Now, the older fixture has demounted. Then go back to the installation steps. That is, mount the connection (the bracket that you have changed in step 3) and ensure the main electricity goes through the bracket. Fix the fixture and then connect all the wires correctly.
Step 5: Switch on the electricity supplier and test whether the light can be controlled.

Here is an example:


FAQs of the Lamps for Garages and Streets

What Does HID stand for?

HID, the abbreviation to be written out is High Intensity Discharge, is a notion that indicates a kind of lamp. HID lamps beam light by the principle that arc discharge, kept inside a capsule-shaped quartz glass tube, emits light between two closely spaced electrodes.

The HID lamps possess a standout feature of light output which is as awesome as LED lights.
illuminate instantly, while HIDs take a few seconds to achieve full brightness and proper color.

What Is Footcandle?

The foot candle is a unit to measure how many lumens within a certain square foot. One foot candle is equivalent to one lumen per square foot. And IES (Illuminating Engineering Society) has regulated several standards of parking lot lighting levels to give you reference on how tall the lamp you install to get adequate illumination.

Is It a Good Idea to Buy Used Parking Lot Lights?

Since used parking lot lights are much cheaper than the new models, the thought may surge into your mind: if you can buy a used one. Well, you can buy one if you have a small amount of budget and make sure the lamp you bought is of high quality. Don’t forget to check the quality and service life if you buy a used one.

So, how to check the used model? Focus on the brand, wattage, lumens, bulb type, dusk to dawn photocell sensor (if you need) and color temperature.

Actually, the parking lot lights sold on the market are on different levels. Halogen, incandescent and fluorescent bulbs have a limited life expectancy. For the several advantages of the led light I mentioned above, I strongly recommend you to buy a new led item.

What About the Parking Lot Light Maintenance?

For convenience, you should maintain your fixtures at regulars if you have covered dozens of or tens of parking lot light. The market price can be 1000 dollars or so.


Final Words

Parking lot light as it is, anti-glare is a vital factor to consider in case of blinding drivers when the light in your eyeballs directly. Try to serve your garage with a light bulb which is blocked by a special anti-glare cover, such as lens or pads.

Certainly, the parking lot lights in the market are so versatile that it won’t just stop at the garages. This kind of light also plays a critical role in streets, basketball courts, mediums, stations, warehouses and even backyards as well as walkways.