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Best Reading Lamp for Elderly – Review & Choosing Tips

A poor vision is quietly attacking you with age. The aging eyes seem to make objects in front of you out of focus. And the poor eyesight will continue to degrade if you don’t take care of it when doing things.

To improve your eyesight for reading, we have selected 7 best reading lamps for elderly people. Considering some of you may not know how to choose, we have summarized several tips in the hope to assist you to find the best fit.

Great reading starts with the right reading light. Do you want to regain your youthful vision? Here we go!

Brightech daylight clip on lamp with magnifier for aged eyes

In a hurry? There are the best reading lamps for aged eyes:

Premium Choice on Moving Around with the Rolling Wheels, 1.75x Magnification: Brightech LED Magnifying Glass Light for Seniors

Good for Illumination Large Area with the Large Size Glass Lens: Brightech Reading Floor Lamp with Natural Daylight

Easy-Operated Dimmable Lamp with Touch and Remote Control with Adjustable Arc Neck: IMIGY Bedside Reading Light

Mini Size and Focused Light That Don’t Disturb Your Partner: Mighty Bright Book Lights for Seniors’ Reading over Bed

High-Quality Light Beam and More Accurate Light to Distinguish Colors: Brightech Desk Lamp for Senior Reading Tables

Most Comfortable, Anti-Slip Pad Helps Keep Position and Massage Your Neck: Vekkia Neck Hug Lamp for Senior Bookworms


Key Considerations on Choosing the Best Reading Lights for the Elderly

There are things you need to know before the continuation. Not all of the reading lamps on the market are suitable for senior reading.

Generally, elderly have high requirements on not only reading books but also reading other details under a certain luminaire.

The followings are some of the involved factors you need to consider so as to guarantee a happy and desired purchase.

Lamp Type

Lamp type is another key point you should keep in mind. As the two kinds both have merits and shortcomings, you may be uncertain about the two for a long while. What is the right lamp that beams the best reading light for you?

– Floor Lamps

A floor lamp comes to the best for the reading elders who are eager to a wide illumination area. The adjustable height makes itself cover wider areas than that of the table lamps. Plus, the reading floor lamp enables you to get a brighter light beam thanks to its high power.

Most of them on the market sports either an adjustable height or a multi-angle lamp neck. That means you could pivot the lamp head as whatever you want so as to get the directed and targeted light.

– Desk Lamps

A desk lamp goes for the need of the people who want to a closer light. With the concentrated light, a host of the seniors tend to put it at the reading nooks, on the bedside night tables as well as on the office workbenches, and most of the time, beside the sofa.

Finer distinctions exist between the tabletop lamps and the clip on book lights. From the view of portability, clip on desk lights win the most seat while numbers of the elders would like to work with a tabletop light with a magnifier, or a clamp light with a magnifying glass.

Pro Tips: Every time you choose a lamp for reading, remember to take light placement into account. Bedside reading light can be perfect if you pick an arc floor lamp or a proper nightstand lamp. While, desktop lamps and clip on lamps are more popular when it comes to the work tables.

Multiple Lighting Options

For seniors to read, multiple lighting choices, or what we say light dimmer, come to the indispensable item. More light settings give you the chance to use it more than reading light.

At the lowest level, your reading light may be an awesome night light to prevent you from falling at the fully dark rooms. The highest level which adds a strong contrast may be the best fit for your aging eyes to read. At that time, clear words and other image colors will appear easily in your eyes.

Essentially, high lumens are always needed. According to our test, poor visions need twice the amount of light as young people. That is, a normal young man needs 250 lumens to light up the reading area but those elders may ask for at least 500 lumens to get a clear sight.


If you are a bookworm, why not consider a portable task lamp? The portable desk light features an ultra-lightweight for ease of carrying. A bag or a small pocket can be its “habitant”. The small construction allows you to get the light with you wherever you are and cause no burden.

Special attention should be paid to the point that the desk light easy to carry boasts the fact of working without connection to a main power supply like a power socket and wall outlets. That means portable light equals the cordless lamps due to the battery.

Cordless lamps are divided into two kinds in general, one is battery-powered, which requires you to change the battery at intervals. And the other is powered by a Lithium battery which aims to help save the amount of expense for battery alternation.

If you are a book enthusiast, lamp with Lithium battery is the wise option. The battery-powered lamp is more suggested if you just want to read some details now and then. Also, reading headlamps are also wise options.

The portable light is the best companion for avid readers. Lit it to illuminate your reading space whether you are in a field or in a train. Anyway, the battery powered light can do that for you every time you want light.


Adjustability embraces all of the lamps on the market. What you need to consider is its flexibility, or whether the adjustability caters to your reading needs.

Adjustability here is not only limited in light settings but also involves the construction. Is the lamp head rotary? Is the lamp arm easy-to-pivot? Can the lamp base stay in its place when you pivot it?

On account that the seniors require a clear and closer light beam, make sure you get the most flexible unit, like Brightech Litespan to achieve your desired light angles.

Switch Style

Inconvenient switch style may spoil the reading mood to a large extent. Even the child knows their grandparents suffer from weak and fragile bones. So, I highly recommend you to purchase a reading lamp with an easy-to-operate switch.

Cord-electric lamps always feature an on/off switch located on the power cord. In truth, it is troublesome for you to bend down to control the lamp. Take a look at the switch before the deal.

Overall, a touch sensitive lamp wins the house down as a matter of fact. All the control buttons are within reach, thus making it unnecessary to get up or bend down to find the main power switch. The runner is the floor lamp which has a foot pedal.


The magnifier is a vital consideration. It is determined by whether you need to read some complicated details. Reading books with a regular eye protective lamp is fine. However, if you want a light that illuminates more than the books, newspapers as well as magazines, buying a magnification lamp is a must-do thing.

To assist you to get the optimum view in the process of reading cross-stitch, drawing pictures and so forth, Brightech lamp with a rolling base is highly recommended if you haunt for lamps to magnify what you are looking at.


Reviews of the Top 7 Best Lighting for Reading Elderly

Whether reading at the reading nooks or on the bed, one of the easiest ways for you seniors to get a clear view is to add lighting. The following reading lights will guide you to a new world.

#1. Brightech LED Magnifying Glass Light for Seniors

Best magnifying lamp for reading reviews
Best Magnifying Glass Light for Seniors
What You May Like
  • Convenient touch switch
  • Adjustable color temperatures
  • The dust cover helps protect the glass
  • The luminous flux reaches 800 lumens
  • The architect style fits well in any room
  • Solid construction and design guarantee the durability
  • The adjustable arms are able to direct the light as you want
  • Freestanding floor light makes you fully focus on your work
  • The rolling base allows you to move it according to your instructions
  • The magnifying glass will enlarge the objects before your eyes up to 1.75x
What You May Dislike
  • LED bulb can’t get a replacement

The lamp boasts a dimmer. Adjustable color temperatures from 3000K to 6000K are fabulous for elders. The 3000K light shows a yellowish tone which is beloved by most of you. Reading mood is easy to create. 4000K cool light provides you with the optimum beam for reading while if you want to see some precise details refer to the colors, crank up to the 6000K light. Also, it is considerate that the manufacturer designs a luminous flux of 800 lumens, the value provides a clear view for elders.

The glass lens measures 4.5 inches, which is able to focus the range of 15 inches or more. The 3 diopter glass is made for 1.75x magnification of what you are looking at.

The base contains 6 wheels. You can move it as you like, it weights a little bit heavy though. The touch switch is on the top of the lamp head, able to get the on/off power always within your reach and the convenient brightness control.

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#2. Brightech Floor Lamp with Large Glass Lens

Reading floor lamps with magnifier for older people
Best Reading Floor Lamp for Elderly
What You May Like
  • Bright natural daylight
  • 17 inches adjustable neck
  • 6.5 x 4 inches wide glass lens
  • It supports to adjust the lamp height
  • 5 diopter magnifies things up to 225%
  • 870 lumens with a color temperature of 6000K
  • It can stay at the place wherever you want and you needn’t to hold the lens
What You May Dislike
  • The lamp just has one level of light color temperature, 6000K

It is a perfect bonus for eyesight extension from a reliable brand – Brightech. The light aims to produce bright light for seniors’ reading and working. It stands out a color temperature of a clear view of 6000K. Doubled with the super large magnifying glass lens, the needle eye is as big as a candle.

Outward reach can hold up to 27 inches thanks to the adjustable gooseneck. It is unnecessary to worry about its tumble when you adjust the light angles as it sports a heavy base and a solid construction. This lamp designs for the location of beside sofas for reading books, and also work tables for sewing and other precise work.

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#3. IMIGY Bedside Reading Floor Light for Elder Reading

Floor Lamp for Bedtime Reading
Best Floor Lamp for Reading in Bed
What You May Like
  • Quick setup
  • 500 lumens
  • Minimalist look
  • Double lamp control
  • 25 kinds of light settings
  • LED eye care technology
  • It features a timer setting
  • Color rating is from 3000K to 6500K
  • Multi-angle lamp head and a flexible gooseneck
What You May Dislike
  • This item asks for some simple installation

5 levels of light color temperature with 5 levels of light intensity for each help to shine different light and set a certain mood. The softer light fit more for the bedroom nighttime reading and the cooler light can keep you energetic for the books you are reading.

The light pole has buttons on it to touch to control the brightness but easier steps can be achieved through the remote controller. When you are in bed, there is no need to reach the lamp stem for a turn-off. Just hold the remoter up and all the things turn back to the darkness. Sweet sleep will finally hug you.

Paired with the user-friendly adjustable arc pole, it is the best choice for bedside reading.

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#4. Mighty Lightweight Clip on Book Lights for Seniors

best book lights for elderly
Best Bedside Reading Light for Elderly Bookworms
What You May Like

Under $20

  • A USB port
  • Battery-powered
  • Clip on book light
  • Flexible gooseneck
  • 3 levels of light intensity
  • Easy to carry and compact
  • The clamp can open up to 1.5 inches
  • 5 colors are available in the lamp appearance
What You May Dislike
  • This unit is non-rechargeable

You can customize the exterior look with one of the five choices, black, blue, purple, pink and white. The lamp is powered by either 3 AAA batteries or a charge cable. With the battery-powered trait, the lamp supports to provide light when you are outside for a camping trip or a picnic.

Other features include elder-oriented touch switch, a maximum 1.5 inches open-up clamp, an extra-wide solid lamp base and the even light for eluding hotspots as well as harsh glare.

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#5. TaoTronics Durable Desk Lamp with Bright Light

desk lamp for elderly reading tables
Best Desk Light for Senior Reading
What You May Like
  • Auto-timer
  • Matte surface
  • Memory function
  • USB charging port
  • Touch control penal
  • Evenly distributed light
  • Two lighting luminaires
  • Adjustable body, arm and lamp neck
  • 5 color modes with 6 brightness settings
  • Color temperature is from 2700K to 6500K
What You May Dislike
  • LEDs are not replaceable

This is a lamp designed for you reading tables. Its brilliant point stands in the 2 lighting sources. One is the large lamp head and the other is a small lighting source located at the side of the lamp head. When you feel there is too much light that may disturb your partners and want less, touch the icon of the moon and light up the side light.

This TaoTronics LED light also possesses 30 kinds of brightness choices. So, you can use it in terms of your needs and surroundings.

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#6. Vekkia Hands-free Headlamp for Reading with Anti-slip Pad

best neck light
Best Headlamp for Elderly Reading
What You May Like
  • Compact
  • Reasonable price
  • Anti-slip pad design
  • 6500K bright white light
  • 3 levels of light intensity
  • 2 led beads for each side
  • The touch switch is on one of the side lamp head
  • Arms are made of rubber so you can bend and twist it you like
  • 700 mAh Lithium rechargeable battery helps save expense on battery replacement
What You May Dislike
  • The lamp may be not bright enough for a task for seniors

Since some of you may be not really into clip on book lights, we have selected a best headlamp to instead of that clamp type.

Vekkia rechargeable headlight is more than a reading light. It is designed with 3 brightness levels. One is for reading and other illumination usages, one for lighting up a wide area and the third for the combination of the floodlight as well as the spotlight.

The price of headlights for reading on the market beats regular table lamps as well as floor lighting fixtures by a wide margin. This lamp with multiple functions is an example. Under $15 you can appreciate and enjoy the cozy and well-suited reading light. No hesitation!

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#7. LuminoLite Portable Reading Light with 2 Lamp Heads for Reading in Bed

2-light reading lamp for elder
Best Portable Reading Light for Elderly
What You May Like
  • Storage bag
  • 2 lamp heads
  • Multi-angle adjustable arms
  • This unit comes with a 78 inches extended cable
  • The clamp reading light can work as a tabletop lamp
  • 3 brightness levels with 3 levels of color temperatures
  • 1200 mAh rechargeable battery holds up to 130 hours at a time
  • The clamp is for clipping on things whose thickness is less than 1.25 inches
What You May Dislike
  • The clip width is a little less. But it is abundant for normal books.

Are you the one who prefer to go through a couple of pages regardless of whenever and wherever you are? You can not only clip it to the books but also make it sit on the tables or other flat surfaces. Don’t know what color temperature is the best for you to read? Worry no more as this one covers full-spectrum color rating. The 2 lamp heads aim to provide you with wide reading space lighting and the full pages are shined by the large illumination area.

The manufacturer also designs a solar powered clip on reading lamp for those who are fond of trekking. It is a worthwhile investment. Take a leap of faith to purchase it!

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Wrapping up

The must-have thing about the best reading lamps for elderly is the far more amount of bright light. On the basis of that, lamps with a magnifier should opt for those who incur with eye diseases as these choices will magnify whatever you are working on some certain degrees.

After reading the information above, you may find that picking up your favorites is as easy as 123. We reviewed the best reading lamps for elderly in terms of eye health. Hope you can enjoy your reading world by using the mentioned reading lights.