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Best Architect Lamps – Guides on Choosing Types

It is important to understand what is a best architect lamp before we get to the hot sales lists varied from different types.

An architect light is not only a task lamp manufactured with firm metal materials but also a style suitable for most of the decor. Almost all of the architect lights contain adjustable swing arms which help you create optimal light conditions for your tasks at hand.

If you have requirements on the durable material, adjustable arms and versatile light, architect lamps will not let you down. We have tested and reviewed millions of lamps and summarize some tricks to help you go for an excellent lamp.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

With a Small Footprint to Save Your Work Space – Globe Electric Functional Architect Desk Lamp

Tall and Slim Standing Lamp with Adjustable Swing Arm – Lepower Task Floor Lamp

Adjustable Lamp Head with Customized Lamp Shade – Globe Wall Sconce for Architects

Z-Shaped Ergonomic Light Bar with Productive Light – BenQ Task Lamp

Able to Zoom and Magnify Detailed Work – Brightech Clamp on Lamp

Height-Adjustable and Base-Replaceable Magnifying Lamp – Tomsoo 3 in 1 Full Spectrum Light


What Is an Architect Light?

Architect lights in the past consist of a streamlined metal body able to be adjustable and a slender lamp head. The prevalent industrial chic makes this classification diverse and popular as a decorative piece and a bright light in nowadays.

Broadly speaking, an architect lamp is used by people who work on drafting, reading and painting, airtsits, architects and engineers in particular.

Some of the people also name this kind of light task lights, balanced-arm lamps, floating-arm lights, drafting lamps, swing arm lamps and even durable adjustable lights.

In addition to its function, an architect lamp also evolves into a type of lighting style. A style mix the industrial and modern models.


Considerations on Buying Architect Lamps

best desk lamp for computer work

Firm Base

Whether it is an architect desk lamp or a swing arm floor lamp, it should support steady light which can’t tip over. There are 2 kinds of bases on the market, one is round or rectangle wide stand-free base and the other is clamp base mainly for clipping the lamp on flat surfaces.

Metal bases now are frequently seen on the architect lamps. Apart from the metal ones, the wooden items, which are elegant and reminiscent, perform better in terms of decoration purposes.

Make sure the lamp you are ready to buy is sturdy enough to stand on the tables or clip on the boards. A good way to check whether a lamp is safe on construction is to look at how wide its base extends. There is a versatile architect lamp base applicable to most of the architect lamps.


Excellent architect lamps on the market come with extreme adjustability, in some respects, like adjustable height, color temperature and light intensity.

Since all of the architect lights are adjustable on both necks and arms, you should pay more attention to their joints and consult with sellers what the connection is made of.

Some of the architect lamps use springs while others use metal rings. No matter what staff it is equipped with, make sure its good adjustability which allows you to pivot the light angle as you wish.

It is also necessary to pick swing arm lamps with multiple lighting options. For those who tend to work overtime, a dimmable light together with different light colors will help you reduce eyestrain.


The fact that a defective light will lead to changing and refunding more than once frustrates thousands of customers. Finding a durable and high quality architect lamp is as urgent as intercepting a piece of military information.

It is likely that a metal-made architect lamp is the best result. Robust material, of course, stands the trail. It is necessary to observe whether the joints are connected well.

Aside from the metal lamp, consider a wooden architect lamp which is more and more popular as a decorative unit in your space. Look out a thing in use: It is forbidden to put it in a wet environment.

Plus, not only does the material affect the life expectancy of a lamp, but also bulb types make a difference to the lifespan. Among so many bulbs, LEDs are so brilliant that can last your lights more than 20 to 25 years without a change.


It is no doubt that you need to choose your favorable lamps according to your budget. Different prices will show you different lamp types which are distinctive in the functions. On choosing the right architect lamps, you need to make clear about your costs and actual uses.

Generally, $30 to $100, you will beat the money for architect lamps with diverse functions.

Wall mount architect lamps are the most economical type. About $30 to $50, you can bring one or a set of them home.

As most of you are seemingly inclined to put a desk architect lamp in service at your office tables, architect’s smart technology table lamps, varying from desktop ones to clip on items, have a large market chair.

Make sure which kind of function suits your needs and decide on your purchase on the average price of $30 to $100.

Floor architect lamps are less demand, they provide a higher power showcased with a bright light than the 2 types above, though. Plus its pricey, the floor architect lamp gives rise to a poor adjustability on height.


Color is also an involved factor on choosing the right fit architect lamp. Picking your ideal lamps according to your room mood and style is a must-do thing.

  • Romantic and energetic, a red architect lamp adds a warm and cozy touch to your space.
  • Architect lamps in silver and black are more suitable for your offices since it gives a futuristic as well as serious mood.
  • If you want to make your zone brighter and larger, try to apply a white architect lamp to your homes.


What Is the Best Brand of Architect Lamp?

When it comes to the brands of the architect lamps, the most beloved lamps lie among companies from Luxo, BYB, Adesso and V Light.


luxo architect lamp

Luxo is an established and reliable enterprise. All of his trades start from his first task light Luxo L-1 in 1937.

This professional crop develops his business to more than task light at present days. Tabletop task light, clip on architect lamp with magnifier, magnifying glasses for lamps are included in their core business.

Here we give 2 Luxo architect lamps, Luxo 18945LG and Luxo 1815LG, for industrial applications like electronics and such detailed work as cosmetology and jewelry identification or people who have a low vision.


Overheat, a known element to ruin your lamps, harasses lamp users a lot. BYB lamps are all-right and decent solutions.

BYB mainly provides desk lamps and flashlights which have a high level of security. Thanks to his spending a long time working on heat dissipation techniques, great achievements have been made and the company also expands his business on professional heat emitter.

From this we can see, BYB is adept at manufacturing his led architect lamps with a good heat dissipation system. Once you buy lights from this corporation, you will never find yourself trouble in poor led architect desk lamps.

BYB E430 and BYB E476 metal architect led desk lamps are two of the most popular swing arm task lamps under $100.


Adesso architect lamps are excellent in decorative pieces. Not only task desk lights but also floor lights are in their business. Their coverage includes but not limits to shelf lamps, arc lamps, torchieres, tripods and LEDs. If you have an interest in decorative architect lamps, check more on the Adesso store.

At the price range of $30 to $150, Adesso decorative lamps are going to be the first choice.

V Light

Compared with the other three architect lamp brands, the price of V Light is the cheapest. Amazon has branched out into its own lamps and V Light is one of them. That is the reason why this company sells his lamps at a low cost.

V light covers desktop lamps, clamp lights as well as floor lamps. In his store, you can buy a quite good architect desk lamp under $30.

V Light VS100502BC and VS40203BR are the most budget ones.


Getting the Best Architect Lamps By Position

In terms of placement, best architect lamps are mainly divided into 3 types: easily adaptable table architect lamps, powerful floor lights and compact wall mounted fixtures with swing arms.

  • If you find yourself lacking table space, try to use a clip on lamp or a wall mount light.
  • Getting an adjustable wall light when you are prone to reading on the bed.
  • If you prefer to use light with an extra bright light, the standing options show a powerful output.

#1. With Small Footprint – Globe Electric Functional Architect Desk Lamp

Functional architect desk lamp
Table Lights for Drafting
  • Little footprint
  • Firm spring connections
  • Matte or eggshell black finish
  • Choosing bulbs as you desired
  • Adjustable arms for different lighting directions
  • Convenient on/off rotary switch located at the back of the lamp shade
  • Notice that it is not a 360 degrees rotary lamp
  • You need to buy a separate E26 sized screw base bulb

It is a typical classic architect lamp so there is no need to say its durability. Equipped with a convenient on/off rotary switch, this lamp is absolutely easy to operate. It is a great feature to people who don’t like sensitive touch control switch.

It is also a great decorative piece able to blend itself with any decor on account of its matte finish. A low profile tone will be added to your tables. Other than that, the narrow round base occupies little footprint, thus allowing you to make the most use of your tabletops as you wish. Fear of tipping over because of the small-sized base? Feel free to buy since the base is as heavy as a stone.

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#2. Fully Adjustable – Globe Electric Clamp Architect Lamp

best clamp metal lamp
Clip on Lamp for Architects’ Workbench
  • Easy mounting
  • 2 year warranty
  • 6 foot long cord
  • Adjustable swing arms
  • Removable lamp shade
  • Bulbs can be replaceable
  • Clamp supports up to 2 inches tabletop
  • You only can use it in places where there offers wall plugs

As this swing arm lamp comes with a metal construction, you need not struggle with the troublesome cheap plastic pieces. The strong aluminum clamp makes it attached to your tables without digging a hole. You can clip it on any space where you need task light and the flexible balanced arms will direct the best light at your targeted position.

The bulbs given produces a good amount of 3000K light, blazing bright enough as a room’s ambient light or a localized task light. If you are not satisfied that brightness and color temperature, replace it with a new smart bulb.

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#3. Perfect for Tall Person – Lepower Architect’s Task Floor Lamp with Bright Light

floor architect lamp
Architect Floor Lamp
  • Heavy-duty base
  • Adjustable swing arms
  • Lamp head with Heat dissipation design
  • 4 springs on the arm to chase for a firm construction
  • Contemporary style suitable for most of the decoration
  • There is no dimmable design
  • In the package, bulbs are not contained
  • Cord-electric mode makes it use indoors only

Want to buy an architect floor lamp with a much brighter light? Looking for a basic and functional task lamp? You will not beat this lamp.

Slim body makes it fit into anywhere regardless of space limitation. The modern appearance leads it to get a free match to any zone and it works better when you put it in the corners of living rooms, beside the couches, near to the bedside and so forth. The adjustable swing arms will help you achieve the best lighting angle that doesn’t hurt your eyes.

For price and function, I don’t think other standing items can do better. Under $50, you can appreciate it either in a confined corner or next to a task table.

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#4. Plug-in and Hardwired – Globe Electric Wall Sconces with Adjustable Head

lighting in study room
Wall Mounted Architect Light
  • Vintage-inspired wall mounted lamp
  • Adjustable head for up and down light
  • Looks nice next to a bed and on both sides of an aisle
  • 5 shapes are available (Cage & Glass shade & Chrome shade & white shade)
  • Plug-in or hardware form restricts its usage
  • You need to purchase a separate E26 sized screw base bulb less than 60W (incandescent equivalence)

It is the best ambient light that I have ever seen. Despite the thing that it is a wall mount light, its outstanding features are no less than the table types.

A vintage-inspired taste improves the soft look where it installs and this item must be praised over and over once your guests see it. Nothing could be better when you configure it on both sides of headboards as well as your gates or make it over your head as a lounge lamp.

You can make the lamp stay up, to create a cozy mood, or down to brighten up localized space, due to its adjustability. Be aware that this deal doesn’t include a bulb, meaning that it is feasible to install a halogen bulb, CFLs, incandescent or LEDs with a medium base lower than 60W.

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Choosing the Best Architect Lights By Function

Actually, make sure what you are about to use the architect lamp for before your looking?

  • For common tasks like reading, crafting or office working?
  • For detailed work like electricity recondition or intricate weaving or close up nail beautifying?
  • Or, just for leaving corners a beam of light?

Since tasks require stunning light, you need to choose a best architect light with productive white light. If you are looking for a lamp that provides you with close up light, magnifying swing light is a good choice.

As for the needs of room corner illumination, try to use decorative lamps.

#5. Best for Eyes – BenQ Architect Task Lamp with Productive Light

architect desk lamp
Functional Architect Task Light
  • High durability
  • No glare occurs
  • Zero flicker design
  • LED lights prevent burnout
  • 3 colors are available (blue & gold & silver)
  • Color temperature varies from a warm glow to a cool tone
  • Built-in ambient sensor operated by gently touch the control ring
  • Warm light for reading and cool light for tasks like computer monitor illumination
  • High-end task lights compared with average desk lamps
  • You can’t replace the led bulbs once the LEDs are burnt out
  • Knob switch, located on the top of the lamp head, reduces user experience on choosing light modes

Do you always experience uncomfortable eyes after overtime working like a long time staring at computer screens or paper texts? The reason caused that is you are in a poor lighting condition. Upgrading with a professional architect task lamp comes to an urgent thing. And this lamp is designed to help you away from the annoying eye problems.

Unlike the classic desk lamps, this one has a curved cap able to cover a wider lighting zone and make all the shining lights distribute more evenly across your workbenches or reading surfaces. Besides, the lamp beams neither glare nor flicker, protecting your eyes from getting tired effectively.

The knob switch allows you to achieve easy operation. Twist the knob to choose from relaxing mode and working mode. The built-in ambient sensor decides on what color light the lamp gives you. Through touching the ring near the dial switch, you can select both warmer tone for reading and cooler glow for working as well as studying.

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#6. For Detailed Work – Brightech Clip-on Light with Magnifying Glass

best swing arm lamp
Best Desk Lamp with Magnifier
  • Removable lens
  • Adjustable arms
  • 9 inches focal point
  • 4.5 inches glass lens
  • No reflections and no glare
  • No bulb replacement problem
  • Support up to 2.25X magnification
  • Solid clamp for opening 2.5 inches wide
  • Does no harm to your eyes despite the close light
  • Clamp magnifying lamp allows hand-free and presbyopic glasses free
  • 9 watts led bulbs provide a cool white light (6000K) able to activate the working energy
  • The led lights are not replaceable

Brightech is excellent in LightView Pro series and long-time warranty so I believe it is a happy deal.

It is needless to say its benefits for people who are in the face with bad eyes and aging eyes. This Brightech lamp provides absolute turnkey solutions. With a 2.25X magnifier, clearer things are in your eyes without deformation. Premium light in combination with the diopter work well for reading, electric work, knitting, painting and drawing, even for jewelry processing since the targeted details are enlarged.

It stays where you clamp it on without wobbling or bouncing, making you receive steady and even light when doing close up work. Regard it as a jumbo and clumsy light? Definitely not! About 6.5 pounds makes it easy to handle.

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#7. Retro Style – ThorInstruments Tripod Lamp for Decorative Purposes

light and architecture
Tripod Architect Lamp
  • Solid design
  • Antique style
  • Adjustable height
  • Use solid material such as steel and aluminum
  • Easy operation on switching on/off the lamp with the power button attached to the electric cable
  • Spend time in installation
  • You should buy the lamp shade separately according to your preference

This tripod lamp is terrific as an artistic floor lamp for corners of living rooms, hallways, porches and aisles. The bronze tone works well with wood legs, steel chains and aluminum holder, adding an antique touch to your classic spaces. Unlike other regular tripod lamps, this kind is adjustable in height and wing nuts on each side of legs are controllers to lock the legs. No need to be suspicious of its sturdiness.

A defective thing is that it doesn’t include lamp shade. Overall, it is a sturdy piece which doubles the function of decorative purpose and lighting needs.

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Picking the Best Architect Lamp by Bulbs

The most commonly seen architect lamps cover either LED bulbs or halogen bulbs. Best LEDs are devoted to producing eye-caring light with flicker-free, no glare as well as no ghosts while halogen bulbs shed warm light, allowing you to remind of reminiscent time and immerse yourself into a cozy atmosphere.

Plus, on energy consumption, LEDs are more efficient and more energy saving since a led bulb supports up to 50,000 hours without a replacement.

#8. Gesture Control – ikwuanfly LED Architect Desk Lamp with Long Rotating Arm

led architect lamp
LED Architect Desk Lamp
  • Foldable
  • Heavy base guarantees the sturdiness
  • 2 in 1 lamp (a desktop base and a clamp base)
  • LEDs make you away from replacement problem
  • Gesture sensor switch and sensitive touch control penal
  • Able to set your preference through the memory function
  • 3 levels of color modes and (12 levels of ) stepless dimming light
  • Fitting for home offices like behind the computer and tasks like knitting
  • Black finish only

A built-in infrared motion sensor together with sensitive touch control allows you to turn on/off the lamp and control its light in a very easy way. Very responsive. Just wave your hands over the lamp head when you are trouble in finding the on/off switch in the darkness.

The 2 optional types of bases are a piece of good news for people who have different needs on table uses. With a lightweight body (4.1 pounds), it is handy to move from place to place when you use the tabletop base. If you have a small-sized table, you will find that installing it with a clamp is more advantageous. It supports up to 2 inches of desk depth and takes up no table space. Also, the adjustable arms help direct the light at your locations.

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#9. With Bright Light – V-Light Halogen Lamp with Stylish Look

Halogen architect lamp
Architects Halogen Desk Lamp
  • Metal construction
  • It stands 15 inches tall
  • 3-point adjustable arm
  • 2 levels of light intensity
  • This purchase leaves you the options of black chrome and brushed nickel finish
  • It requires a bulb change at regular intervals

It is an architect halogen desk lamp. If you have a few requirements on the sleek finish, bright halogen, dimmable light and affordable price, from the looks of it this light satisfy all of your needs.

It stands 15” tall and 3-joint adjustable arm is availed at flexible working use for different angles. 2 selective brightness levels, warm tone and white bright glow, are accessible through turning the dial on the top of the base. Worry about the light leakage through the holes on the surface of lamp shade? Feel at ease, the holes just aim to vent the bulb heat caused by a long-time use.

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Other Architect Lights Alternatives

#1. 3 in 1 – Tomsoo Adjustable Architect Swing Arm Lamp

architect swing arm desk lamp
3 in 1 Swing Arm Architect Lamp

– 3-year warranty
– Robust construction
– Easy to clean with a cloth
– LED lights help protect eyes
– 3 in 1 magnifying architect lamp
– 4.4” glass for magnification up to 225%
– Full spectrum color rating from 3000K to 6000K
– Adjustable arms and height better for artists (2 14.5 inch metal arms)

– Corded-electric power makes it use only indoors

Check on Amazon

#2. Perfect for Large Workbench – Youkoyi Architect Lamp with Giant Light Bar

giant desk lamp
Architect Clamp on Lamp

– Easy to install
– Good task light
– Sensitive touch control
– 3 levels of dimming lights
– Light beam is no flicker or shadows
– Both 2 balanced arms are adjustable
– The strong clamp that can open 1.97 inches in max
– Knob joints suitable for adjustment to any positions
– The rotary head provides upward and downward light
– Able to be powered via USB so you can use it outdoors

– It provides plenty of light but has a narrow beam

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#3. With Eye Protection Light – Phive Touch Control Desk Lamps

Task lamp for architect
Clamp Lamp with Architect-inspired Tone

– Metal swing arms
– Touch on/off switch
– Close to natural daylight
– Eye-care LED technology
– Black & silver finish are available
– Classic architect style desk lamp with clamp
– Continuous dimming design with a memory function
– The strong clamp can support up to 2.75 inch thick tables
– Highly adjustability suitable for crafting, working and reading
– A high CRI value of 85 allows you to see things more clearly

– This item only shines down lights

Check on Amazon

#4. Antique Brass Finish – Sunllipe Vintage Touch Table Lamp

brass desk lamp
Vintage Table Light with Brass Finish

– Dimmable light
– Stylish bronze finish
– Flexible arms and rotary head
– A piece of artwork as a decoration
– So lightweight that can move it easily
– New version perfect for vintage rooms
– Adjustable height (12 inches to 19.5 inches)
– Sensitive touch button to control the light intensity
– 7 watt LEDs are energy saving and provide a long-lasting use
– On/off button with a faint light that guides you find it in the fully darkness

– 3000K light is a little warmer for people who work in offices

Check on Amazon


Final Words

The best architect lamp with dimming function is the first choice for people who prone to do work for overtime hours.

Aside from its featuring of productive light, it also benefits you from alleviating eye strain and reducing the rate of headache since it is a user-friendly lamp that emits a dimmable soft glow without flicker, allowing you adjust its light intensity in accordance with your tasks at hand.

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