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Best Desk Lamp for Eye Strain – 2022 Hot Picks

As the rapid development of the information age, modern people use phones and computers in an inconceivably frequent way. So, eye protection has increasingly come into notice. Except for anti blue goggles, the most commonly seen is to buy the best desk lamp for eye strain protection.

  • Then, how to choose the right one?
  • Which kind of desk lamp is within consideration?

Here will give the turnkey solutions.

In a hurry? There are the best desk lamps for your eyes that ranks top on the market:

High Rating Lamp with Easy-Controlled Touch Panel and Timer: Lampat Dimmable Eye-friendly Table Lamp

Most Durable with Metal Body, Highly Versatile with Primary Light and a Side Night Light: TaoTronics Versatile Eye Care Lamp

Durable and Wide-Lighting Swing Arm Lamp, Perfect for Office Workers, Architects: Phive LED Clamp Desk Lamp

Cheap and Safe Light, with Adjustable Gooseneck and Good Heat Dissipation System: LEPOWER Desk Lamp Compatible with Changeable Bulb Socket

Magnifier Makes It Good for Bad Eyes and Aged Eyes, 2 Types of Base: Brightech Clamp Table & Desk Lamp

Elegant Looking and a Piece of Art Decor for Bedside: Trae Wireless LED Desk Lamp

Versatile on Multi Elements Display on the Screen: CF Grow LED Desk Lamp for Computer Workers


Factors to Consider When Buying a Best Type of Desk Lamp for Eyes

Accordingly, people attempt to buy the above three modes of desk lamps. But they sometimes experience failure.

  • Then, what desk lamp is the best for eyes?
  • When you shop for desk lamps, what factors need to be considered?

Below is a brief overview to help you choose the best desk lamp to reduce eye strain.

1. Color Temperature

What is the best color temperature for eye protectionIt is rated that the warm light radiates yellow or white tone while the cool one blue tone. Natural white light is within 4000-5500K.

A desk lamp in that range is able to give the optimum light for your eye-protective tasks.

2. Brightness

Lamp brightness is the primary and all-important factor. If there lacks or overflows lights in doing tasks, you will suffer eye problems such as eyestrain and dryness.

So, the best desk lamp for eye strain prevention should be equipped with white or yellow warm light. It is much better to build the task lamp with a dimmer.

In this case, you can dim the desk lamp in accordance with the background light. Only through choosing a proper lamp brightness can you get more efficient eye protection.

3. Color Rendition

Color rendition indicates how the desk lamp reflects the objects and its color. It is found that different types of lamps give diverse feedbacks of the objects on its color.

If you need a desk lamp for crafts or painting, you need to buy one with a higher color rendition. Thus, you will cast off the hard color recognition and eye fatigue.

Craftsman is not the only one who needs to use high color rendition lamps. So do students.

4. Height

The height of the desk lamp should not be neglected. According to scientific statistics, the 30cm distance from tables brings both clear sight and eye care.

Hence, the best eye care desk lamp for your eyes is at least 40-50cm tall from your workbench.

5. Light Quality

The Color Rendering Index (CRI) and Color Temperature determine the desk lamp’s light quality.

CRI determines how realistic objects look under different lighting conditions. CRI is particularly important when studying as you will be able to note contrasts.

Therefore, opt for lamps with CRI ratings ranging from 85 to 100.

The color temperature, on the other hand, determines the appearance of light.

Therefore, we have warm and cold lighting. Desk lamps with color temperatures of 2700K to 4500K are suitable for reading as they will adequately illuminate the workspace without coming off as too bright.

6. Adjustability

Adjustable desk lamps help fine-tune the beam’s placement during different tasks mitigating glare formation.

The adjustability usually exists at the lamp’s arm or head.

7. Size

Desk lamps come in various sizes designed for different sized workspaces. Consequently, while choosing a desk lamp, consider the size of your workspace.

If you have a small desk, opt for clip-on lamps to preserve desk space. However, if you have a large workspace, a swing arm design will be suitable as it will adequately cover your desk.


What Kind of Desk Lamp is Good for Eyes?

1. Desktop lamp

Typically, you ought not to use the same type of lighting you illuminate your study room using to read or when looking at the monitor.

Moreover, the lighting you use on typed pages varies from the one you utilize while using your monitor. Therefore, having a good desktop lamp will aid in avoiding eye strain.

Desktop lamps generally come with numerous advantages that make them suitable for use while studying. For instance:

  • If you are using a monitor, consider buying a desktop lamp that provides a contrast ratio of 3 to 1 to minimize headaches.
  • The desktop lamp you select ought to have an adjustable arm and head.
  •  It should have a dimmer to help control the color temperature.
  • The desktop lamp should be insulated to avoid burns.

2. Clamp table lamp

Clamp table lamps have benefits similar to desktop lamps. However, they tend to be better utilized in smaller workspaces as they are significantly smaller.

Consequently, they do not take away from your workspace. Moreover, you can easily adjust their location as per your requirements


What Brand Table Lamp Is Best for Eyes?

  • TaoTronics

TaoTronics makes the best desk lamps in the market. Their desk lamps come with:

  • Functional USB charging ports that enable you to charge your phone as you use the lamp.
  • An adjustable design that enables you to control the workspace illumination as you will.
  • Various lighting possibilities with up to five color modes and seven brightness levels in some lamps.
  • An energy-efficient design that enables you to save on electricity bills.

With most users giving back positive reviews of their lamps, especially when it comes to the design and functionality, TaoTronics is doubtlessly a good table lamp manufacturer. The lamp is easy to operate, durable, and the company will address any queries you have.

Moreover, from TaoTronics, you can find table lamps that are:

  • Adjustable
  • Dimmable
  • Come in various sizes
  • Various CRI and color temperatures

All of which will ensure your eyes are well-protected at an affordable price.

  • Lampat

Lampat table lamps are also some of the best in the market. The table lamps are typical:

  • Have affordable prices.
  • Come with various color temperatures that you can easily change depending on your needs.
  • Have USB ports to ensure you charge your phone while still using the lamp.

The lamp is easy to set up and easy to operate. On turning it on, you will realize the lamp is sufficiently bright, and adjustment is also easy.

Moreover, the lamps have a memory function that ensures you will come back and find the color mode and brightness you initially set.


How Bright Should a Desk Lamp Be to Prevent Eye Strain?

Is low brightness bad for your eyes? Overall, if the background light is on, low brightness will do little harm to your eyes. In that way, how much light intensity do you need to relieve eye stress?

In our daily life, most of the people choose to buy lamps according to their wattage. However, it is a misunderstanding!

In fact, it is Lumens that determines what the light intensity is. According to scientific research, 400 lumens result in sufficiently bright lighting.

Moreover, if the lamp is adjustable, your eyes will be better protected.

How many lumens and watts, light colors are suitable for the different crowd to protect eyes?

People’s eyes’ sights typically deteriorate as they grow older. As such, children do not use the same wattage adults and seniors use, as illustrated below:

Children – Children require 40 watts, 400 lumens, and a warm color temperature.

Teens – Teens require 40 watts, 500 lumens, and a warm color temperature.

Adults – Adults require 40 watts, 500 lumens, and a neutral color temperature.

Seniors – Seniors require 100 watts, 800 lumens, and a neutral color temperature.

However, note that the measurements are as per a standard bulb.


Top 6 Desk Lamps to Help You Solve Eye Stress

Admittedly, it is difficult to choose a best functional desk lamp.

So, in order to offer convenience, we looked over thousands of reviews and selected 6 best desk lamps for your eye strain alleviation. And now, Let’s get it in details.

#1. Lampat Dimmable Eye-friendly Table Lamp – Best Rated

Long lifespan desk lamp for eye disease prevention
Eye Care LED Desk Lamp

It is a pretty good desk lamp for eye care at a reasonable price. Also, it enjoys a high rating of 4.9. We can imagine how it is beloved. It is absolutely a practical lamp fitting for your various needs.

First, the lamp has 4 modes. With diverse light, it is easy for your eyes to relax when you do different tasks. In other words, the flicker-free lamp is perfectly used for studying, reading, crafting, painting, etc. And, it helps keep eye health.

Then, the lamp height is easily adjustable. Since the head is able to move around, the light will never shine your eyes.

By the way, one of the customers has found a more effective function as a night lamp. When you make it fully folded, there is a slight gap in the lower part. In this case, the lamp will shed cozier and no-disturbing light when you are asleep.

Besides, most of the customers appreciate its USB charging port. Unlike other table lights, its USB port is on the side of the neck. You can charge your Kindle or other equipment without an impact on its brightness.

Overall, it is really a marvelous table lamp to give your eyes relaxation at any time.

  • 4 color modes
  • Adjustable height
  • USB charging port
  • No glare technology
  • Not able to work with a switched outlet

Check on Amazon


#2. TaoTronics Versatile Eye Care Lamp – with Adjustable Arm & Head

Best desk lamp for eyes
Tabletop eye care lamp

It is well-known that the lamp business of TaoTronics Inc is devoted to LED eye care desk lamps for home and office. The first one is from TaoTronics and highly recommended. With a 4.8 rating, almost all of its customers enjoy this lamp in the course of their working.

As for its appearance, the brushed metal finish gives a texture decoration to your space. And the glass touch penal brings a sleek feeling when you slide it to adjust brightness.

In addition, more light modes can be selected. This lamp owns 5 color modes and each mode has 6 brightness levels. You can choose one of the lights to enjoy your time. Whether to have a relax or do readings.

To your surprise, there is a night setting so that you also can place it in your bedroom as a reading lamp for bed use. At the side of the lamp head, there exists a light source. If you click the “moon” in the touch panel, you can turn the side lamp on rather than the whole fixture.

From another view, the 60-minute timer design permits you to do your own things attentively. Even though you forget to turn it off, you need not worry about the electricity bill.

When speaking the flexible arm, all of the customers who got one give “thumbs up”. The two joints allow the lamp to shed light without dead zone.

  • 1-hour auto timer
  • 2 light sources
  • USB charging port
  • Durable metal body
  • 5 color modes and 6 brightness levels each
  • Brush metal finish only

Check on Amazon


#3. TaoTronics LED Adjustable Desk Lamp – with Wider Lighting Zone

Eye-friendly desk lamp with fully adjustable function
Best Office Desk Lamp for Eyes

This one also comes from TaoTronics and enjoys a high rating of 4.8 as well. We can imagine how popular the desk lamps from TaoTronics are! Their lamps stand the trial.

First of all, its neck, arm and base are made of metal and plastic. You need not be at a loss when the lamp arm and base damage during rotary. Because that situation never takes place.

You can even bend the arm at 90 degrees. In order to let you get the perfect lighting angle regardless of your position, the head and neck are also adjustable.

To get on wider lighting zone, except for the swivel function, TaoTronics gives the size of the lamp head 3 *10 inches. Besides, same as the first lamp, this one also has the alternative color modes and brightness levels.

There are four different lighting modes using in sleeping, relaxing, reading and studying respectively. And each mode has 4 distinct brightness levels.

The other USB charge port can help you charge phones or other electric equipment. In short, this desk lamp is also a good choice for you to realize eye protection.

  • Matte finish
  • 1-hour auto timer
  • 64cm2lighting space
  • Swivel and large head
  • 4 color modes and 4 brightness levels
  • Fully adjustable on the head, arms and neck
  • 5 foot cord

Check on Amazon


#4. Phive LED Clamp Desk Lamp – for Architect

C-clamp Lamp with Swing Arm
Dimmable Task Lamp with Clamp

If you feel the table top eye care lamps will be toppled over by your pets or children, you can shop this one to have a try.

On clipping the lamps on your desk, there is no chance to be fallen. On the other hand, it can save the table space. If you have a smaller desk and have not enough place for desk lamps, this one is within consideration.

As for eye strain solution, it has 4 dimmable brightness. Each kind of brightness emits soft and stable light which closes to natural light. And, no flicker and glare happen.

What frustrates people is that this desk lamp is less flexible as the two TaoTronics desk lamps. Only the swing arms can be adjusted up and down. In general, if you have no wide lighting requirement, this one is a good option.

  • Energy saving
  • 180° swivel head
  • Desk space saving
  • Touch control switch
  • Strong metal clamp with 2.36 inches capacity
  • Switch button on the electric cord

Check on Amazon


#5. LEPOWER Gooseneck Desk Lamp – with Replaceable Eye Caring Bulbs

Best eye care desk lamp to buy
Best desk lamp for computer work

This lamp is one with zero negative comments on the quality. What must mention is that it is completely affordable.

Since it is no bulb included, you can choose whatever eye caring light bulbs you favorite. Whether using a 4-6W LED bulb, an 8-16W energy saving bulb or a 20-40W incandescent bulb is up to you.

And what must mention is high efficiency of the lamp. The gooseneck helps to adjust the light source so as to give adequate light for you. Its on/off switch is located on the lamp base. Unlike the touch panel, this lamp never delays.

When you press the switch, it has an instant-on work. It also covers a lampshade which aims to concentrate the light on the specific area. So, it is suitable for homes and offices. By the way, even on its off situation, it is an elegant decoration.

The company gives a 60 days money back guarantee and 12 months warranty. Therefore, you can feel assured to use.

Generally, damage will not appear. The endurable metal and heat dissipation design help the desk lamp last for long. And then, you can light up any space, even in dorms.

Would you want to have a try?

  • Flexible swing arm
  • Low energy consumption
  • Perfect light for any room
  • Convenient on/off switch on the base
  • No bulb included
  • Not dimmable
  • E26 sized screw base requires specific bulb

Check on Amazon


#6. Brightech Clamp Table & Desk Lamp – with Magnifier

Tabletop & clip-on lamp with magnifying function
Desk Lamp for Bad or Aged Eyes

This lamp enjoys a high sales volume of 1551 and an amazing rating of 4.8.  Good news is that you can bring it home just under $40!

In principle, it is a lamp great for electronics technicians, reading fans and other precise workers.This lamp has a 3-diopter magnifying glass lens. Under its light, you can see things with 1.75x bigger.

Besides, 6000K cool white light provides adequate brightness for close tasks. Also, aging eyes and bad eyes can get relief when working with this lamp.

Compared with a pair of magnifying glasses, it allows you free from lighting source searching. The 13.5” flexible gooseneck bends easily to give you light and magnification focus wherever you want.

The clamp has a maximum capacity of 2.5 inches. If it is not suitable for your workbench, you can install the lamp onto the desk base.

  • 1.75x magnifier
  • Flexible gooseneck
  • No heat generation
  • Alternative bases (Tabletop or Clamp)
  • The LED bulbs are not dimmable

Check on Amazon


Other Table Lamp Alternatives for Eyes

#1. TaoTronics Dimmable Lamp with Daylight – Runner Up

TaoTronics LED desk lamp with daylight

  • USB charger
  • Modern design
  • Touch control panels
  • Rotary neck and head
  • 3 colors available (Black, White, Woodgrain)
  • 7-level brightness and 5 light color modes (2700-6000K)

Check on Amazon

#2. Trae Wireless LED Desk Lamp for Artist – Best Design

eye care desk lamp for artists

  • 3-level dimmer
  • 5.3 watts LED bulb
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Low energy consumption
  • Elegant home decoration
  • Touch switch and wall charger

Check on Amazon

#3. TW Lighting Touch-sensitive Desk Lamp – Best Budget

Buy best touch control lamp for eye strain prevention

  • Solid design
  • 3 brightness levels
  • USB charging port
  • 3-way touch switch
  • Flexible adjustable neck
  • 6 colors available (Black, White, Blue, Green, Pink & Purple)

Check on Amazon

#4. CF Grow LED Desk Lamp for Computer Workers – Newest Version

Compact & versatile LED tabletop lamp

  • Flexible silica neck
  • Alarm clock & Touch control
  • No flicker, no shadow and no glare
  • 2-year warranty & 60-day return guarantee
  • Liquid crystal display for time & temperature
  • 5-level dimmer and 3 bright modes with memory function

Check on Amazon

#5. LuminoLite Lightweight Lamp – Clipping on Computers

Lightweight LED clipping on lamp for eye stress relief

  • 6 LED beads
  • 3000K warm light
  • 3-level brightness
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Easy to switch on/off
  • 0.8 inches clamp opening size
  • 360 degree infinitely adjustable arm
  • Soft pads on the clamp contact surface

Check on Amazon

#6. Phive Dimmable Desk Lamp with Memory Function – for Office

Super bright table lamp for home and office

  • 4 color modes
  • No screen glare
  • 5 brightness levels
  • 63-inch lighting area
  • Highly flexible gooseneck
  • 15 watts super bright LED


Check on Amazon


3 Kinds of Lamps for Eye Disease Remission on the Market

Black gooseneck eye-caring lamp

There exist 3 types of desk lamps to prevent you from troublesome eye problems. High frequency lamp, LED table lamp and DC eye care lamp are included.

  • High-Frequency Desk Lamp

It is also named fluorescent lamp over 30-50 Hz, or common name, energy saving lamp. Compared with regular fluorescent one, it is more helpful for eye strain protection.

  • LED Desk Lamp

The LED desk lamp is an emergence recently. With its feature of less energy consumption, it always uses as landscape lighting fixtures. As LED technology develops, this kind of desk lamp is characteristic of muted light emission, long lifespan, etc.

Thus, it is favored by numbers of people. From then on, people put the LED lamp into use for reading, studying, sewing and other tasks.

  • DC Desk Lamp

As its name indicates, DC desk lamp is able to convert alternating current into direct current, and then into the light. In this way, that lamp can beam stable and no flicker light. Meanwhile, its uniform and soft light allow people to relieve their painful and fatigued eyes.


How LED Desk Lamp Affects Eyesight?

Blue light from LED bulbs induces photochemical retinal injury and blue blindness. It might even result in irreparable degenerative tissues. However, proper use and dimming of the light mitigates the above from occurring.

How to design a desk lamp angle for eye protection?

While designing the angle for your desk lamp, ensure you place it above your line of sight to prevent glares. Moreover, use a 30-degree tilt to avoid hot spot formation.

What causes bad eyes?

Bad eyesight is caused by:

    • Using the monitor too much
    • Limited water intake
    • Lack of a balanced diet
    • Inadequate sleep
    • Rubbing eyes.
    • Smoking
    • Working in poorly lit areas

Tips on improving your eyesight

    • Take annual eye exams.
    • Get adequate sleep.
    • Eat a balanced diet.
    • Avoid frequent rubbing of eyes.
    • Use eye-caring desk lamps.



1. Which Light Is Good for Eye Strain Relief?

  • What color light is best for your eyes?
  • Is yellow light better for your work or study?
  • Is it suitable for artists to work under white light?

On the basis of hosts of tests, we find that required lamplight varies in different tasks.

The yellow warm light makes for relaxing atmosphere. When it acts on your eye lens, you will feel no invasion, making it easy to relieve eye stress. So, it is suggested for reading and studying.

While, when working or doing something productive, it is better to use a natural light lamp. Since it will activate your brain, and meanwhile, gives the best background color to reduce your eye strain.

2. What Is a Good Eye Caring Desk Lamp for Home Office?

As mentioned above, natural daylight is able to stimulate your brain cells and rich your generation. So, it is suggested to buy such a desk lamp. Apart from that, a right desk lamp that can help you alleviate eye stress should follow another three requirements.

Stable light, sturdy body and diverse lighting direction. And, complying with the principles, I have chosen two best types. One is easy to control and the other is super bright.

3. How to Reduce Eye Fatigue While Gaming?

People who love to surf on the Internet, especially Internet gamers, always suffer eye strain and dryness. So, why does it happen? This is because you are exposed to unreasonable bright monitor for a long while.

Such eye irritation due to the computer is able to reduce through computer screen protectors. For example, anti-blue goggles and a desk lamp for computers. LuminoLite is a perfect gaming desk lamp for you.

4. Is It Possible to Reduce Eye Fatigue with a Dimmable Table Lamp?

Using dimmable table lamps will help reduce eye fatigue.

Inappropriate lighting conditions usually cause eye fatigue while studying. As such, installing a dimmer or using a dimmable table lamp will help you regulate the color temperature at different times of the day.

Therefore, the lighting remains optimal for your eyes, reducing eye fatigue.

5. Does a Tall Table Lamp Work Better for Eye Protection?

Yes, taller table lamps are better as you can position them above your line of sight where the glare will not bother you. Moreover, the higher the lamp, the better it will illuminate the entire workspace. However, ensure it is not too high as the light will diffuse.

6. What Wattage May Be Best for Eyes?

The wattage of 40 is advisable as it will translate to 400 sufficiently bright lumens without being detrimental to eyesight.


Final Words

Most of the people suffer short-sightedness due to fatigued eyes caused by poor light. If you are long for eye protection, it is necessary to use an eye-friendly lamp.

Furthermore, make sure the lamps can give you sufficient light and minimal dazzle. In this way, you are able to do lasting work, reading or studying without eyes exhaustion.

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LEPOWER Metal Desk...image LEPOWER Gooseneck Desk Lamp - with Replaceable Eye Caring Bulbs Buy on Amazon
Brightech LightView Pro...image Brightech Clamp Table & Desk Lamp - with Magnifier Buy on Amazon
soysout LED Desk...image TaoTronics Dimmable Lamp with Daylight - Runner Up Buy on Amazon
UMI LED Lamp...image Trae Wireless LED Desk Lamp for Artist – Best Design Buy on Amazon
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PHIVE LED Task...image Phive Dimmable Desk Lamp with Memory Function - for Office Buy on Amazon