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Best Smart Lights for Convenient Life in 2022

Best Smart lights controlled by a hub or a smart lights app have greatly changed the course of people’s daily life. Adopted by LED technology, smart lighting solutions are eco- and budget-friendly. Its intelligent connections to WiFi router, smart devices coupled with the long lifespan attracts a host of people.

If you have a hard time deciding on which smart lamp to pick on the flooding light market, read on. We have compiled a list of 5 pretty and affordable smart lights to help you access to an easier life.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

For Smart Homes – T Teckin Wifi Smart LED Light Bulb with Multiple Color

Cuttable and Extendable – Philips Hue Dimmable Lightstrip with White and RGB Light

No Hub Required – Peteme Smart Lights Controlled Via Remote, Voice

Weatherproof Ambient Lightstrip – Goovee 16.4ft Music Sync Strip Lights


What Is A Smart Light Bulb?

With millions of people hunting for an intelligent home, it is a trend to upgrade their traditional bulbs with smart lights. So, what do smart light bulbs do?

Generally, we call them a smart light because there have a wide variety of connection methods, promising people with a more convenient life.

The smart control lighting system at present refers to the light that can be connected with WIFI, smartphone, Bluetooth and so forth. To make it work well, sometimes you need to buy a bridge hue.


Simple Ways to Control Smart Light Bulb

The smart lights leave you several options of controlling methods that can’t be reached by regular standard lights, such as the timer and the remote design.

Most of the smart lights on today’s market come with an app that you need to follow and install. As soon as you finish the app installment, you will find it feasible to control your home lighting on and/or off or brightness levels and light colors through tapping on your smartphone screens. Easier life, right?

Aside from the easy control of your smart lighting system through smartphones, voice is another way. Echo smart lights benefit you from handling your lamps with sound. Hardly does it stop the living room lights when smart lights turn on the hallway lamps. In this way, say bye-bye to a hard time of struggling with looking for wall switches in the full darkness.

Some of the bulbs can be scheduled, which indicates the light will turn on or off at a particular moment of time after you set the timing.

In addition, some bulbs hook up with location sharing service. Once your bulbs detect your actions within ranges through given phones, it will be automatically on while it will be off when you are out of the specific area. It is a special remote control.


Reviews of 5 Best Smart Lamps for Homes and Offices

#1. Energy Saving – T Teckin Wifi Smart LED Light Bulb with Multiple Color

Philips Hue LED WIFI Smart Light Bulb
Best Wi-Fi Smart Lights
  • No hub required
  • Color-changing LED bulbs
  • LEDs save electricity and money
  • 2 modes are available (color & white)
  • Support remote control for long distance
  • Compatible with Alexa, IFTTT and Google Assistant
  • Good for mood lighting according to surroundings
  • Need to install a Smart Life app to chase for the versatile features of remote control, timer setting, color adjustment, WI-FI connection as well as voice control
  • 6500K cool white light leads to an office lighting in the white mode even at nights

Have no idea about buying which smart light as a smart home beginner? This one is the best of the best for people who attempt to enjoy a smart house. For the price, under $50 you can bring 4 premium pack home while one plain Philips bulb cost you about $25. Quite cheaper, right? Its versatile functions are more attractive.

This WIFI-enabled smart light needs no requirement on a hub, which simplifies the installation steps and saves your money, being a vital factor for starters. Want to make it smarter? Voice control and remote control are applicable once you connect it to your Alexa, IFTTT or Google Assistant. Adjusting brightness through phones and other features listed on the cons are attainable as soon as you finish the installment of Smart Life app.

It is also a kind of RGB smart light. RGB color model is able to reproduce millions of colors on the basis of three fundamental colors: red, green and blue, meaning that you will possess multiple color lights for different mood under the color mode of this light. Coupled with the white color mood, different light will be shined for your diverse purposes. If you work under it in your home office, white light makes an energetic mood while smart light will beam a warm reddish light when you are going to have a relax.

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#2. With White and RGB Colors – Philips Hue Dimmable Lightstrip

best smart led light bulbs
Best Smart LED Light Bulbs
  • 80 inches long
  • Great ambiance
  • Smart control & schedule setting & Voice control
  • Compatible with NEST, Alexa, Apple HomeKit, etc.
  • This item needs a hub to connect it to your light strips
  • Long-range control is possibly operated by smart devices
  • 4 light modes (energize & concentrate & reading & relaxing)
  • Last up to 22 years longer than regular smart lights from other brands
  • Dimmable color lights play an auxiliary role for different entertainments
  • It will take you amount of the money if you have a large area need to dotting with light strips

Want to add extensive ambiance for living room, guest room, lounge or dining room? Compared with focused dimmable bulbs, smart led light strips come to a more impactful result.

This led strip measures about 80 inches long and you can add extensions if it is not enough for your areas. Hub included gives you a convenient experience to control the scene what you want, due to the multiple color options. Common patterns as reading and relaxing make a separate list on the mode choosing. Make it shed focused light or energizing light which allow you to be bathed in a spring sunny day even in cloudy days. Easy dimming design will crank up or turn down the light intensity when you are experiencing gloom or glare. It is certain to adjust to the comfortable brightness levels and color lights for gaming, talking, watching TV and other activities.

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#3. Wide Application – Peteme Smart Lights with Dimmable Light for Echo

cheap smart lights
Cheap Echo Smart Light Bulbs
  • Dimmable light
  • No hub required
  • Multiple color choices
  • 4 pack with reasonable price
  • Responsive to Siri and other voice intelligence
  • Schedule setting helps you regulate time and save energy
  • Compatible with Alexa Echo, Echo dot, Google Home and IFTTT
  • The light is a little dimmer than that of 60W equivalent

Are you tired of controlling your light with wall switches? Feel that it is unpleasant to use a smart switch? Try to upgrade those old versions with echo smart lights.

Being able to work with Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Home Assistant and other voice intelligence, this item responds to your voice command with high efficiency. Say “Alexa, shut off the bedroom light” when you are not willing to get up to turn off the light. Or order a brighter light through Siri when you feel the light is dim for illuminating your tasks.

Want to create a party mood? The RGB technology certainly does that for you just by giving the light a few imperative words.

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#4. With Timer – MagicLight Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb

smart light bluetooth
Smart Controlled Light Bulbs
  • Multiple color setting
  • No bridge requirements
  • No need to join in your WIFI router
  • Good heat dissipation to avoid damage
  • Schedule timer helps you return home with light at nights
  • Work with mobile devices like smartphones and Apple Watch
  • 2000K warm light to 6500K cool light stand behind your different activities
  • You are accessible to set different light groups through MagicConnect Bluetooth
  • Doesn’t support home-away control
  • Able to connect it to Alexa and Google Assistant as long as you have a hub

Group lighting control is an admirable feature that smart lights perform via Bluetooth. This one is the best of the best. A relatively large capacity makes it control up to 64 bulbs in one group and a bulb can take part in 8 groups in max. Anyway, you can build your own lighting kingdom through this formidable mesh system.

The light color rating varies from 2000K to 6500K, a great feature for different purposes. 2000K soft white light for setting up a warm ambiance for bedrooms and lounges, also great for ceiling fans with light at dining rooms. 6500K cool light offers a superb light for work.

Overall, Bluetooth has the abilities to control brightness levels, light colors, lit groups, music modes even your home WI-FI goes down. Why not have a try?

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#5. Weatherproof Ambient Lightstrip – Goovee 16.4ft Music Sync Strip Lights

rgb smart lights
Smart Bedroom Lighting
  • RGB design
  • 16.4 feet long
  • 5050 leds make it ultra bright
  • Wireless App control (Govee Home)
  • Simple voice control can be realized
  • Light changes according to music beat
  • Waterproof makes this light an exterior use
  • Controlled by App, Alexa and Google Home
  • Can’t support 5G WIFI

Waterproof material keeps your estate security and personal safety. There is no need to worry about a short circuit caused by accidentally spilling water on the lights. Waterproof function allows you to install it for your backyard decoration and it will heighten the party atmosphere, thanks to its music mode which will changing light colors in according to the music tempo.

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Do Smart Bulbs Need a Hub?

It is a matter determined by your bulbs. Some of the bulbs need a hub while others needn’t.

A hub is needed when the following conditions occur:

  • You got a piece with a clear mark that you need to connect it to your phones or control it by the voice after using such home automation as the Hue Bridge.
  • A smart bulb requires you to control it through smartphones or tablets when the two are under the same WIFI network.
  • In a few cases, Bluetooth bulbs need to hook up with the Bridge.

A hub is versatile as Philips Hue Bridge has the ability to connect and control up to 50 smart lights once. You can choose some of them lit up at the same time while the others are in the off state, or order any of lit bulb in different color lights. If the smart lights at your home are in minority and it is unnecessary to shop for an extra hub, check smart lights options without a hub.

Note: The smart lights from Philips and Sengled always need a hub while those from Lifx, Kasa and TP-Link needn’t.


FAQs for Best Smart Lighting System

1. Do Smart Lights Save Money?

Since smart bulbs are more functional, able to wake them up by echo or app, they cost a little higher than traditional bulbs especially in upgrading all of your bulbs in your rooms.

However, it is LED technology that smart bulbs adopt. You need to run more expenses in the front while thanks to its low energy consumption, you can save a certain amount of money in the long term. Compared with incandescent light, the longevity of LEDs lasts about 20 years longer.

Overall, a smart light takes you $10 to $40.

2. Do Smart Bulbs Last Longer?

It is certain that the smart lights last longer than incandescent lamps and halogens. LED light bulbs run 25,000 to 50,000 hours if nothing goes wrong.

That is to say, if you keep your lights on for 8 hours a day, a smart light can be in service for about 8 to 17 years without a bulb replacement.

3. Can Smart Light Bulbs Dim?

Of course, yes. Dimmable light is one of the excellent features of smart light bulbs. They are good at adjusting light intensity and light colors to your space.

An example comes to the reality that your smart lights will perform a warm glow when you are watching a touching movie or a cool white tone at the time of studying. What you need to do is screw a smart dimmable light bulb if you want to enjoy the dimming light for different mood creation.

Pay close attention to buy a high quality one.

4. What Is Smart Light Starter Kit?

A smart home lighting kit seen on the Amazon expresses that the deal you are ready to buy is a smart light set including smart led light fixtures as well as a hub.

Philips Hue Starter Kit consists of 2 or 4 LED smart bulbs, available in full spectrum of color lights and a Hue Bridge compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple’s HomeKit.

5. Do I Need a Philips Hue Bridge with Google Home?

If you have several Philips Hue smart lights, a Philips Hue Bridge is a wise choice since it allows you to connect and control about 50 smart lights and then you can assign the light mood, timer and brightness levels at a time via the Hue app.

6. How Does the Philips Hue Bridge Work?

The Philips Hue Bridge (Get the best buy), as a crucial link of smart lighting solutions, enables you to take the charge of your hue smart lights and the related fittings like a smart light switch as well as dimmer through Hue app even when you are not at home.

The operation goes on easily:

Step 1: Plug in the power on the Hue Bridge as well as the cables until the three blue lights on.
Step 2: Install the Hue app from the Appstore or by scanning the QR code on the instruction manual.
Step 3: Set up your exclusive account.
Step 4: Import all of your smart lights and accessories by categories and name each following the guidance, and then you can control them through the convenient app in any case wherever you are.


Final Words

To get on a smart home, people rave about the functions of smart lights and smart switches. Actually, both of them make senses to achieve a smarter house.

You can choose to buy smart light bulbs, along with a hub sometimes, to control your home lighting system either all together or separately through voice, WI-FI and other convenient methods. While, controlling all of your lights on the same circuit is also attainable in combination with a smart switch.

The difference between them lies in the price. If you have a low cost, best smart home light switches are for you. Best smart lights are recommended when you have a higher budget.

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