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Best Attractive Modern Table Lamps Under $100 – Reviews

Decent table lamps for bedrooms, living rooms and more are at the price level of 30 to 70 dollars which come with a simple design and feature a transitional style. And that price always limits your decorative options.

If you have a high cost for beautifying your rooms with desk lights, try to unlock the following 13 attractive modern table lamps under $100.

We give each brilliant lamp a brief review. Keep reading if you want to know more.



How Tall Should a Lamp Be on a Desk?

black pull chain bedside table lamp

What is the right height for a table lamp? The optimal lamp height is to keep the bottom of the lamp shade flush with your eyes if you use it as a reading light beside sofas and recliners.

Then, before purchase, how can you know what is the best height suitable for your requirements? Here are several well-acknowledged rules.

#1. How Tall Should a Lamp Be Next to a Sofa?

The following information also works as a general principle for side table lamps.

Since the straight distance from the sit-on point on a sofa to the floor usually measures 19 inches and the small table height lies in that range as well, a lamp used next to a couch should be 20 to 27 inches tall.

#2. What Height Should an End Table Lamp Be?

As end table lamps stand next to something for decoration or as a center light source to lit up and highlight plants as well as wall paintings, there are no special requirements on their height. If you put them in use as a reading lamp, refer to the previous tip on the height of the lamp next to sofas, chairs and recliners.

#3. What Height Should a Bedside Table Lamp Be?

It is decided by the height of the night table the lamp stands. Generally speaking, a nightstand lamp in the range of 24 to 27 inches is tall enough to deal with the commonly used nightstands. Certainly, a lamp above that range responds to a higher bedside table.


Is Higher Cost on Table Lamps Worth?

An average table lamp is available in the price range between $30 and $80. Is it necessary to buy a table lamp at around $100?

Actually, more expensive lamps come with more solid quality and more beautiful appearance. Everyone wants a table lamp without imperfections and that can last for long and be out of season in some periods.

Higher cost brings you a more satisfying purchase.


The 3 Best Recommended Modern Table Lamps Under $100

#1. Ravenna Home Glass Table Lamps

best modern table lamps under $100 asian table light
Best Glass Base Table Lamps

Unlike the classic decorative table lamp, this one wears a blue glass coat aside from the bare brushed nickel lamp stem as well as a heavy base and a pure white linen shade. It is needless to say it must be the glass look where it shines. Look at the line pattern, does it look like a never-ending ripple in the river?

Other Features:

  • 8.32 pounds
  • It stands 23.75″ high
  • This deal includes a LED bulb
  • The metal base ensures its zero chance to fall down
  • The glass layer is available in blue, clear and amber

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#2. Stone & Beam Table Lamp Made of Ceramic

gray table lamp
Best Pottery Table Lamps

People all over the world know that China is famous for porcelain production and the ceramic sphere is, of course, made in good quality. An LED bulb is contained due to its long-lasting use and eye care function. You also can replace it with your favorite incandescent bulb thanks to its changeable design. Pay attention to buy a bulb with E26 screw base.

Other Features:

  • Easy-to-clean fabric shade
  • It measures 28.5 inches tall
  • Grey spheres make the lamp low profile and look nice in any room

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#3. Kenroy Home Table Lamp with a 3-Way Switch

find table lamps with branches and leaves
Best Elegant Table Lamps

Have you dreamed of the Nightingale and the Rose written by the Oscar Wilde? At the first glance, this lamp reminds me of that fairy tale. Although the story comes with a miserable ending, I believe it is a lamp that can compensate for the sadness and lend you thick romantic feelings. Hope “the rose” is able to deliver your love to anyone in your heart. That is the reason that I suggest it to you.

It is definitely not cheaply made. Despite the fact that the arm is not adjustable, the leaves are designed to be one-sided and connected with branches tightly. It is able to work with 3-way switch, that is to say, dimmable lights bring you 3 options of light intensity for your background lighting needs. The total height adds up to 31 inches, a little higher than average table lamps, which makes it a perfect fit for taller persons.

Other Features:

  • Metal stamped leaves
  • This item requires a simple assemble
  • It has a 15 inches diameter round base
  • The oil-rubbed bronze finish is easy to blend itself with other furniture

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Top 5 Modern Table Lamps Set of 2

#1. Grandview Gallery Silver Chrome Table Lamps with a Luxurious Touch

Foyer Table Lamps
Best Side Table Lamps for Living Rooms

A user-friendly linen shade allows you to clean the lamp easier and reflect the light in a high transmissivity. The open-top shade design makes the light warmer than the closed shade. Plus, the edge of the lamp shade is decorated with exquisite chrome nail heads and strips, adding an unusual but unique touch. Gorgeous table lamp set!

Other Features:

  • It sits 29 inches tall
  • These lamps call for 2 100 watts bulb in max
  • A 3-way switch makes it emit light in 3 different levels
  • The set of 2 is able to add a luxurious touch to your room that they are stands in
  • They are able to hook up with smart bulbs and such smart automation as Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomeKit

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#2. Safavieh Teal Table Lamps with Porcelain Stem and Tapered Shade Base

ceramic table lamps for bedroom
Best Ceramic Table Lamps for Living Rooms

This lamp is available in 10 color options. Lamps in orange, green and yellow make your rooms filled with youthfulness and vitality, suitable for young couples. Navy, red and dark purple ones are the best fits for religious and serious atmosphere. White and crème lights add a neat touch. Dark green and emerald table lamps are the first choice for people who want to mix room styles.

Other Features:

  • 31 inches tall
  • Ingenious exterior look
  • Able to add aesthetics to the kitchens, offices and living rooms

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#3. Grandview Gallery Skinny Table Lamps with a Turquoise Drum Shade

contemporary table lamps
Stylish Table Lamps for Kitchen

It looks like a piece of sculpture and may be moulded on the basis of the Queen of Love, Venus. People who chase for aesthetics and need painting material can consider this set in the hope of providing an artistic mood for you. I suggest you buy the turquoise linen lamp for the all-match purpose.

Other Features:

  • 3-way switching
  • The lamp height is 26.5 inches and the lamp shade extends 13 inches wide
  • The lamp shade ranges from dark grey silk and light grey silk to turquoise linen and white linen

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#4. Grandview Gallery Brushed Nickel Table Lamps with a Slim Waist

tall thin table lamps
Tall Narrow Table Lamp

The lamp boasts an hourglass body, making it easy to carry on and move. More than that, the slim body is to the extreme, being unobtrusive and very nice looking in a modern style room. Since it takes up almost no space, a host of its customers tend to put it next to sofas, beds and TVs.

Other Features:

  • Matte finish
  • 29 inches tall
  • Linen drum shade
  • They use 3-way switch each
  • The base color has 3 types to be chosen from

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#5. Sottae Small Antique Brass Table Lamps with Glamour Hollow Base

small table lights
Small Table Lamps for Kids’ Bedroom

Are you looking for a vintage lamp for your wooden tables? This elegant lamp conceals the modern bulb so as not to detract from the aesthetics of your décor, perfect for the rooms with transitional, vintage and contemporary style.

Are your children complaining about the adult-used lamp? This set is in small size. With the on/off switch are located on the cord a few inches away from the lamp, it is easy for kids to catch. Plus, different from the average desk light, the small table lamp will not shine harsh light directing at your kids’ eyes.

Other Features:

  • It is simple to install
  • Both of them are 15.75 inches high
  • The color of the base includes brass bronze, black and rose gold

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The Round-up of 5 Best Tiffany Crystal Table Lamps

Tiffany style table lamps are built with a glass lamp shade and an artistic stem, always featuring a lamp holder for satisfying your bulbs replacement requirements. The stained glass lamp is one of the well-known decorative arts. Here is a store, Werfactory, for Tiffany fans mainly selling Tiffany style lamps including floor types, desk types and so forth.

#1. Werfactory Tiffany Table Lamp with Cute Blue Stained Dragonfly Patterns

tiffany table lamps
Glass Bedside Table Lamps

Dragonfly patterns make it a cute and attractive piece for children and ornament kids’ room in a more childlike way. Plus, I believe the Mermaid tail-like lamp stem is also a point that your daughters are keen on. For adult use, the manufacturer provides an updated version as well.

Other Features:

  • Zinc base brushed with bronze color
  • Its height is 18 inches, a size suitable for your coffee tables
  • This purchase doesn’t contain a bulb and you need to buy one according to your tastes

Check the Latest Price on Amazon


#2. Werfactory Baroque Mix Stained Table Lamp

clear glass table lamps for bedroom
Best Bedroom Table Lights

Are you a convinced Christian who wants to decorate your house with Church style? Look at the mixed glass shade, does it look like the window in your churches. Or, are you looking for a baroque style table lamp to match your furniture? This one will not let all of its customers down.

One of the buyers has said that “The color is what the picture shows. I ordered two for my office table and my end table. Both of them are well packaged. Pretty good artworks. Have gotten so many compliments from my friends”.

Other Features:

  • 18 inches tall
  • 12 inches diameter lampshade
  • On/off switch is located on the cable
  • It is suggested to use a 60 Watts incandescent bulb
  • Mix the color of blue and purple, more blue tone when it is off and more purple glow when it is on

Check the Latest Price on Amazon


#3. Werfactory Glass Stained Desk Light with Japanese Style

end table lights
Japanese Style Tiffany Table Lamp

It is an awesome accent lamp with a Japanese tone. The color of the glass shade adds a soft feeling, making the lamp well suited for people who faced with a day’s harsh work and want a warm ambiance. It looks like a Chinese gloriette from a distance and will bring a sense of leisure.

Other Features:

  • 2-year warranty
  • Compatible with wall switches
  • 18 inches high for side tables, end tables and nightstands
  • 5 feet cord and the on/off toggle switch is on the cord a few inches from the base

Check the Latest Price on Amazon


#4. Werfactory Large Tiffany Table Lamp with 2 Light Bulbs

tall side table lamps
Best Large Table Lamps for Living Rooms

It is an updated version of the first tiffany lamp I have introduced before. Compared with the first version, this one is designed to be 6 inches taller and 4 inches wider, aiming to accommodate an additional light bulb. 2 light bulbs shine a targeted space brighter and the convenient pull chains protect you from bending down to trudge over with toggle switch. If you are ready to illuminate a large area or want to brighten up an entire dark corner, this one is a wise idea.

Other Features:

  • 2 light bulb holders
  • It stands 24 inches tall and extends 16 inches wide
  • 2 pull chains allow you to control the light separately

Check the Latest Price on Amazon


#5. Wefactory Flower-like Tiffany Table Lamp with Attractive Lamp Stem

crystal table lamps for bedroom
Best Designer Table Lamps

Do you like floriculture? Do you prefer to ornament your space with flowers? It seems to be a flower about to blossom. As fresh flower will be withered in very short days, this “flower” can last for long while it doubles another function of lighting up your rooms. The bronze branches and leaves in combination with the stained glass shade are neutral enough to make the lamp go with any décor.

By the way, no girls will escape from its charm, and why not buy one for your girlfriends or wives if you are looking for a present? This lamp is also available in blue purple.

Other Features:

  • 20.5 inches tall
  • A perfect decoration for ladies’ dressers and patio tables
  • This lamp requires a 60 Watts bulb in max and 6-10 W led bulb is a suggestion

Check the Latest Price on Amazon


What Is the Best Value Modern Desk Lamp under $100?

Werfactory Tiffany Dragonfly Table Lamp is the most valuable one if you have an interest in a brighter and more attractive desk light.

Hope you can choose the best fit after reading the article.

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