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Best LED Downlights – How to Choose

LED downlights, also known as led recessed lights, can light LED bulbs, are one of the kinds of the spotlights which are capable of creating a low profile taste and bright light to your rooms from kitchens and bathrooms to living rooms and garages. They are in small size though, produce a focused and powerful light to your targeted area.

There is a trend to mount the led downlights as members of interior or exterior lighting design. The course of the purchase and the installation on LED can lights may trouble you.

Let’s have a look at the best led downlights and the choosing guide.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

Hyperikon 6-Inch Recessed Downlights for Bedroom – Dimmable Light

TBI Pro Downward Striplights for Living Room – with Changing Colors

Sunco Lighting LED Can Lights for Kitchen – Top Rated 4 Inch Steel Can

iLintek Music Sync LED RGB Lights – Intelligent with Different Controls and Compatible with Smart Home

Sunco Lighting LED Downlights for Bathroom – 5/6-inch Waterproof Lights

Parmida Bright LED Downlights – with 5000K Natural Daylight


Halogen vs. LED Downlights

It is needless to say that LED downlights beat halogen ones by a wide margin on not only longevity but also efficiency. Next comes to the minute introduction.

How Long Do LED Downlights Last?

The led recessed can lights have a well-known long life expectancy up to 50,000 hours. You can use for about 17 years if you make them lit for 8 hours per day. While, a halogen is far shorter than the LEDs, just lasting for 2,000 hours. A led light in use is equivalent to about 25 halogen bulbs.

Are LED Downlights Brighter than Halogen?

Both of them are good light sources but LEDs are brighter to some extent.

On the basis of the same level of color rating and luminous flux, in spite of the fact that not all of the led downlights are dimmable, each led light has the ability to give more focus light on the targeted area so as to give optimal glow for you to do tasks.

On the contrary, the halogen is more likely to emit diffused light which is a best fit for ambiance creation due to its less brightness. Plus, you can’t get a dimmable light from halogen.

Is the LED Downlight Safer than Halogen?

Indeed, LEDs are much safer. LEDs might be hot to the touch after working for an extremely long period, but produce less heat than the halogen in the same amount of time. It is the boom of the led technology that benefits people. As led technology develops, the led features an excellent heat dissipation function.


What Are the Best Downlight Parameters?

You may need to know some information about such recessed light specifications as Lumens, Wattage and Color Temperature before purchase.

#1. How Many Downlight Lumens Do You Need?

Lumens is a way to measure how bright a downlight is. According to experiments time after time, the conclusion comes that the higher the lumens value is, the powerful light output will generate. That is to say, high lumens call forth bright recessed downlights.

The luminance levels of an average room are in the range of 800 to 1000 lumens for brightening a small bathroom. If you want to fire the light for a large living room or a medium-to-large room, more lumens are needed so consider either the downlight sets with more pack or large bright recessed can lights.

#2. What Is the Best Color Temperature?

The color rendering index (measure unit is Kelvin) decides on what your perceived color is. Downlight color rating ranges from 2700K to 6000K, light color temperature with 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K and 6000K in details.

  • 2700K light conveys a beam in yellowish, suitable for relaxing and napping.
  • 3000K light is warm white which is a perfect ambiance for reading in bedrooms.
  • 4000K cool light is a kind of blueish sunlight that is able to help you illuminate the details in the kitchens and also works well for your studying that won’t produce harsh light.
  • 5000K daylight is near the natural light at noon so it is better for you to do some tasks beneath such a CRI value.
  • 6000K is the most blueish light and doesn’t fit for everyone, especially in a residential application. Its target people are artists, photographers, crafts, architects and those who suffer SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

#3. What Wattage Is the Best for Downlights?

Downlight Wattage is a measurement of the operating power. It is more accurate to say that wattage is to express the downlight power use. Higher wattage means more powerful light. LED downlight for the most common use is 15 watts or less.


What Is the Best LED Downlights Brand?

With a wide array of led downlights brands on the market, people may get lost in choosing the best ones. Philips led downlight still stands the forefront, there are lots of emergence like Torchstar, Sunco, Parmida and Addlon, though.

Philips is famous for its smart recessed downlights varying in different price levels, among which Philips Hue Single Premium Smart Downlights for 5-6 inch recessed cans are the most popular ones.


Reviews of 7 Top Rated LED Recessed Lighting

Best LED Downlights for Home
From bedrooms and bathrooms to living rooms and kitchens, home use led downlights can be spread and mounted on all over your house to make you experience the new lighting options with,

  • clearer sight
  • longer lifespan
  • faster response
  • higher energy efficiency
  • lower energy consumption

The following part will give you lighting suggestions for different rooms in accordance with common and basic needs.

#1. Hyperikon 6-Inch Recessed Downlights for Bedroom – Dimmable Light

best downlights to use
Best LED Downlights for Home

When it comes to the bedroom led recessed lights, there is no strict limitation on the light colors. What you should consider in the first place is dimmable mode. This light is loaded with an interior dimmer switch, allowing you to adjust the light with infinite dimming from 20% to 100 %. If you would like to go through a couple of pages before sleeping, I recommend you to buy the 3000K light bulbs.

Why Buy the Hyperikon LED Recessed Downlights?

  • 5-year warranty
  • CRI rating is over 94
  • 5/6 inches 14W LED light
  • 69 lumens per watt and a total of luminous flux up to 970 lumens
  • Beam angle is 120 degrees, making it an ideal general ambient light
  • Alternative on the light colors ranging from the warm light of 2700K and 3000K to the cool light of 4000K and 5000K.

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#2. TBI Pro Downward Striplights for Living Room – with Changing Colors

colour changing led downlights
Best Coloured Downlight Strips

Are you weary out for the normal and single ceiling light? Considering convenient colorful lighting options for parties and relaxing modes, I make it popping off in the downlight shortlist. The led light strips are able to present 16 million of light colors, thanks to the built-in 5050 RGB color model. Plus, the light will be changeable in accordance with the music beat when you start the party time. Awesome general ambient light, right?

It has the ability to stand the trial of the water-resistant and the protection rating reaches IP65, making it compatible with outdoor usage.

Why Buy the LED Recessed Strip Light Kits?

  • Beam angle: 120 degrees
  • 0.2W per LED and 300 LED beads add up to 60W
  • Easy-to-cut strip together with extra powerful adhesion makes it have a strong adaptability
  • The total length of the led strip lights reaches 32.8 feet and the extra red tape measures in 9.8 feet
  • Remote control with 44 keys, including brightness adjustment, on/c4off controller, color changing selection and color modes management.

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#3. Sunco Lighting LED Can Lights for Kitchen – Top Rated 4 Inch Steel Can

Best Safe Can Lights
Best Cheap LED Can Lights

Are there lack of cans for your house retrofit? Here is a best option. Both 4-inch cans and 6-inch cans are available from this Sunco unit. Before the deal, I have to say Sunco is a reliable brand for manufacturing recessed lights and the associated equipment. The trims fit very well to the housing and the finish is modern and fantastic. The matched led downlights for this can should be 4000K for kitchen use.

Why Buy the Sunco IC Rated Can Lights?

  • 5-year warranty
  • The cans are made of solid steel material
  • It is designed to completely insulation, preventing the overheat and the fire
  • Sunco light bulb has the seamless dimmable capacity from 10% to 100% that fit for any circumstances
  • Sunco light bulb has a wide beam angle of 90 degrees and possesses a luminous flux of 840 lumens

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#4. iLintek Music Sync LED Lights – Smart Options

Commercial LED Downlights
Best Downlight for Entertainment

Smart light makes you have a wireless control whether you are at home or not, indicating that you can manage the smart lights remotely. It is good to schedule your home lighting before your arriving home or when you forget to turn off your downlights after leaving homes. Besides, app or voice control contribute to lighting up several rows of the recessed ceiling lights in groups.

The only minor quibble is that this smart light doesn’t hook up with a dimmer switch. The way to get ample brightness levels is just through the App.

Why Buy this LED Wi-Fi Downlight?

  • WIFI connection
  • It requires no bridge
  • CRI value is more than 90
  • Able to be controlled via Smartphone App
  • The time and schedule settings help you save energy
  • RGB color model allows you to customize your own lighting plan for different scenes
  • Compatible with Smart Home Automation like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT so as to get a simple and convenient control

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#5. Sunco Lighting LED Downlights for Bathroom – 5/6-inch Waterproof Lights

house downlights
Best Bathroon LED Downlight Kit

The first consideration for the bathroom use is the water-resistance and this one does the trick. On buying the first recessed light for your home, the waterproof light bulb can be a good starter. Remember to buy a recessed can when you do downlights retrofit.

Why Buy this Sunco LED Downlight?

  • 7-year warranty
  • Affordable price
  • Good mounting spring quality
  • Eco-friendly and user-friendly
  • Continuous smoothly dimming design is a bonus
  • 4000K cool white light helps you clear up things at hand fairly

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Outdoor LED Downlights

For exterior use, it is bound to equipping with waterproof technology and bright light. How to judge a downlight is designed to use outdoors?

  • The weather-resistant rating should be over IP65.
  • The beam angle should be more than 60 degrees.

Complying with the above tips, we have selected 2 best led downlights.

#6. BSESS IP65 LED Downlights – for Outdoor Patio

Best led downlights for lounge
Best Value LED Downlights

Why Buy the Obsess 3-inch Downlight?

  • Robust construction
  • Dimmable lights from 5% to 100%
  • Airtight design ensures the security issues
  • IP65 makes the light safer using outdoors and bathrooms
  • You can choose either 3000K warm white light or 4000K neutral white light
  • IC rated will cut off the electricity when the temperature reaches over 150 Celsius degree

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#7. Parmida Bright LED Downlights – with 5000K Natural Daylight

high quality led downlights
Best Angled LED Downlights

Why Buy the Parmida 5/6-inch Dimmable LED Downlights?

  • High quality
  • 1000 lumens and 12 Watt
  • CRI rating is more than 90
  • 5000K daylight gives clear sight
  • Dimmer capacity from 0 to 100%
  • Beam angle reaches to 120 degrees, able to illuminate a broad area

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FAQs of Best LED Recessed Retrofit

There are a number of commonly seen questions that most of you face with when going ahead with your lighting design. We selected some and gave detail answers in the hope of getting enough basic knowledge so as to avoid risks.

1. Is it Possible to Change Halogen Downlights to LED?

Can I replace the halogen downlights with LED? Of course, and the process is available in very easy steps. Be aware of the power wattage when you looking for a led downlight replacement.

2. How Far Apart Do You Put LED Downlights?

Since led downlights have a narrow beam, you have to mount several items to light up specific objects in different places. Then, what is the right distance? It is a satisfaction when you point a recessed light at 3 to 4 feet away from others. For the edge downlights, it is a wise choice to position them 1.5 to 2 feet away from the walls.

An easier method to get the right distance comes that measure how tall between the dropped ceiling and the floor. Then, dividing it by 2 to 3. An example comes that position your downlights 3.2 feet to 4.9 feet away from another if that distance counts 9.8 feet.

3. What Is the LED Downlight Beam Angle?

The beam angle is to express what area a lamp focuses on or how the light distributes in a certain space. Recessed downlight measures a narrow beam of about 40 degrees, which counts for the case that you have to install more than one light in a room for lighting up an entire room.

If you want a wider beam angle, try to look at these led flood lamps which shine a light with a broader beam of more than 60 degrees and those led downlights whose beam angle is more than 60 degrees.

Notice: 60 degrees is a boundary point to distinguish general ambient light with concentrated light, 60 degrees or more takes on the former while less than 60 degrees showcase the latter.

4. Do LED Downlights Get Hot?

I have to tell you that the led downlights may generate heat after overtime use. So, what is the solution? Do I need fire hoods for those led downlights? Or, Do I need to install heat covers? Is it necessary to replace the traditionally led downlights with fire rated ones?

Generally speaking, you need to leave some air-circulating space for the installed recessed lights so as to allow them to dissipate the produced heat, cutting down the fire rating if you are about to install a traditional downlight. For the sake of safety, you’d better mount a fire rated downlight. Unlike the traditional ones, such led lights ask you for cutting a hole in the ceiling and recessed them in either thoroughly or partially in order to make plasterboard ceilings as a fire barrier.

5. What Is the Cost of LED Downlights?

There is a wide variety of prices and functions on led recessed downlights. What is the average price of these led spotlights? In order to help you save time and cash, we have summarized some tips about the spotlights’ expense after a hard time of the investigation.

  • The average price of one pack led recessed downlight takes you 10 to 16 dollars.
  • Philips led bulbs cost higher than that from other corporations but you will experience a more satisfying after-sale service.
  • Sunco lighting is the best budget option. Check the best budget Sunco light, if you are on short cash.


Final Words

We have introduced 7 fire rated downlights for different rooms, all of them following the principle of “safety-first”. You can free yourself to buy. Which led downlight is the best to buy?

For the dimmable light, the good quality and reasonable price that won’t break the bank, the 6 inches Sunco Dimmable Recessed Lighting Bulbs are positive options.

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