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Affordable and Hot Sale Table Lamps Under $30 – Reviews in 2021

Some of you may think low price table lamps indicate a bad quality which is absolutely a misunderstanding. We have listed the round-up of 13 functional table lamps under $30 for people who do not have enough budget. If you have an interest in the cheap desk lights, read on.

Top 13 Best Table Lamps Under $30 on the Market

Clip on Book Lamps for Reading Between $10 and $20

#1. Portable Clip on Book Light with Rechargeable Battery – 1.5 inches clamp
#2. Highly Efficient LED Light for Clipping on Headboard – 2.36 inches clamp
#3. Stand free Clip on Desk Light with USB Charger – 2.36 inches clamp
#4. Best Architect Light with Durable Construction – 2 inches clamp

LED Table Lamps for Tasks Between $20 and $30

#1. TaoTronics Mini Table Lamp for Travels with 35 Brightness Settings – 14 inches Tall
#2. Lampat LED Table Lamp with Auto Timer and 20 Brightness Options – Adjustable Height
#3. Swan-like Eye-caring Craft Table Lamp with 3 Levels of Dimmable Light – 17.7 inches High
#4. TaoTronics LED Table Lamp with a 12.5″ Horizontal Arm and 35 Light Options – Adjustable Height

Side Table Lamps for Bedrooms & Living Rooms $25-$30

#1. Colorful Table Lamp with 360-degree Touch Sensitive Base – 3.93″ base in round shape
#2. Art Décor Table Lamp with 18 Options on Exterior Color – 3.3″ x 5.43″ rectangle base
#3. Brightech Mid-century Table Lamp with a Pull Chain – 5″ x 5″ rectangle base
#4. Brightech Traditional Wood Table Lamp Compatible with Smart Bulb – 5″ base diameter
#5. Set of 2 Battery-operated and Wireless Desk Lamp with Motion Sensor – 3.54″ elliptical base


What Desk Lamp Is the Best for Eyes?

Eye protection is the first and a vital element we need to consider when we go ahead with overtime tasks. What is the best and the most proper height of the eye strain desk lamp?

The lamp stands 17 inches and above are the most suitable for reading, studying and crafting. Remember to direct the light at your shoulders when you are working beneath it. Be aware that try not to shine the light right on your face.


How Long Does LED Desk Last?

It is rated that LED desk lamps have the longest lifespan outperforming the incandescent, halogen, CFLs and fluorescent light. Many LED bulbs are able to hold up to 25,000 to 50,000 hours.

By turning on the lamp 8 hours a day, a good led bulb exposure to the brightest level will serve you for about 17 years. In this way, you can not only get rid of the troublesome bulb replacement but also save a great deal of time and cash. The led light will lose power at the end of its longevity which will occur for the middle and later periods.


Clip on Book Lamps for Reading Between $10 and $20

The light comes with a clamp holder which is able to be opened at certain inches to clip itself on tables, headboards and shelves. It is an ideal light for reading, studying and working if you are looking for a lamp for your narrow space.

In this part, I list top 4 clamp table lights under $20 in different clamp capacities and weights.

#1. Portable Clip on Book Light with Rechargeable Battery

Small-sized art lamp
Best Small Desk Lamp for Painters & Musicians

There are 2 versions of this lamp, classic black one $2 dollar cheaper than this lamp. What is the difference between the two? The former (the black classic led LuminoLite booklight) has 6 LED beads and just have 3 levels of dimmable light with a color rating of 3000K, which is only to satisfy your reading needs.

While this upgraded clamp table lamp has more features. Aside from the 3000K light giving you a warm atmosphere for reading, the 4200K light provides you with glare-free study light and the 6500K light makes the lamp as a bright light source to light up a certain corner.

Other Features:

  • Easy to carry
  • 2 colors are available
  • Adjustable gooseneck
  • Tap switch on the back of lamp head
  • The strong clamp supports up to 1.5 inches thick attachments in max
  • Antislip rubber protects your books, tables and computers from scratching
  • 3 charging modes to choose from USB charger, power bank to 5V phone charger
  • 1000 mAh rechargeable battery makes you save some of the money for changing regular batteries
  • People who like to read a couple of chapters on the bus and train benefit a lot due to the wireless feature

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#2. Highly Efficient LED Light for Clipping on Headboard

clip on desk lamp review
Best Clip on Reading Light

This one has 4 light modes, warm light and white light with 2 levels of light intensity for each and you can customize your lighting idea with one of the 4 brightness options. Metal gooseneck allows you to bend it whatever you want it to be.

You don’t need to worry about the distance that the wall outlet is too far to power on the lamp. It comes with a 5 feet cord which is enough for you to go from the headboard to the wall socket.

Other Features:

  • Metal construction ensures durability
  • The strong clamp can open 2.36 inches in max
  • Built-in LEDs provide you with eye-protective light
  • Free angle adjustment allows you to twist the light towards anywhere you want most
  • 2 switches on the cable near to the clamp help you have a simple and fast light control

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#3. Stand free Clip on Desk Light with USB Charger

adjustable table lamp
Best Task Lamp with 6000k Natural Daylight

Rechargeable battery-powered clip on lamps are the first choice for people who often go out to travel, have a picnic and want a flexible light source. This one is equipped with a 1000 mAh Lithium battery and a full charge allows it to run about 24 hours.

The battery cost is a trouble thing for those who frequently use light. You have to buy and change the battery at intervals. Buying this wireless table light is a decent decision.

Other Features:

  • Dimmable light
  • 6000K natural soft daylight
  • The maximum wide for the clip is 2.36 inches
  • Touch sensitive switch makes it easy to operate
  • It beams omnidirectional light due to 360 degrees neck adjustment
  • 2 in 1 base (It can stand free on the tabletop, also clip on the desk)
  • 3 brightness levels not only save charge but also prevent eye strain at the time of your working

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#4. Best Architect Light with Durable Construction

best light to study under
Best Architect Lamp for Computer Work

Most of the people may regard architect lamp as a professional light for architects. Actually, architect lamp mainly describes a lamp which is armed with metal and has balanced arms with a metal lamp shade. This one stands 32 inches tall which is able to shine a light with an eye-protective level for any work.

Other Features:

  • The clamp opens up to 2 inches wide
  • On/off toggle switch is on the back of lamp head
  • Adjustable swing arm can be moved either horizontally or vertically
  • The light comes with a 6 feet cable, allowing you to catch the wall outlets
  • Heat dissipation design helps to disperse the hot temperature caused by long-time use
  • The bulb is sold separately so you need to buy an E26 base 60 Wattage bulb regardless of incandescent, halogen, fluorescent or LEDs

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Task LED Table Lamp Between $20 and $30

When it comes to the task light, a host of the people prefer to choose led desk lights since LEDs feature long lifespan, low energy consumption and eye strain alleviation. But the lamp height always stands in the blind zone when you are picking up a best led table lamp for reading, studying, crafting, sewing and other tasks.

The optimum lamp height for the tasks at hand is 17 inches and above (Carry-on lamps are exceptions). If you are a taller people, the lamp above 20 inches high should be taken into considerations. The following 4 table lamps under $30 are well worth investigating.

#1. TaoTronics Mini Table Lamp for Travels with 35 Brightness Settings

desk light with adjustable arm
Compact LED Table Lamp for Reading

It is loaded with the feature of a wide variety of light options. 35 brightness settings include 5 color modes from 3000K light to 6500K light and 7 dimmable levels for each mode. You can customize your lighting plan in accordance with your aims.

The 3000K light at the lowest brightness serves as a night light to provide faint light for your space. The 6500K light at the middle or higher level is perfect as a layer lighting for offices and home offices.

Other Features:

  • Sleek finish and modern design
  • It is able to remember your preference
  • 5 color modes with 7 levels of light intensity
  • A wide color temperature from 3000K to 6500K
  • Free rotating gooseneck, even gives upward light
  • Touch penal makes it easy to manipulate its light intensity and to remember your last setting

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#2. Lampat LED Table Lamp with Auto Timer and 20 Brightness Options

cheap task light
Best Light for Studying

Are you guilty of the condition that you are asleep with the light open all night? If you are an avid reader and form a habit of going through a few of pages before sleeping or checking twitter, ins and other social media before bedtime, this lamp is definitely one of your necessities.

The 60-minute auto timer helps you never in a tight corner. You can set the timer in 30-minute intervals and sleep better since the light will be off when the timer run out.

Other Features:

  • Pivoting arm and neck
  • Touch sensitive control penal
  • CRI rating over 90 makes it a standout in its class
  • 4 fast modes for reading, studying, relaxing and sleeping
  • USB charging port to connect it with phones and computers
  • 4 levels of color temperature with 5 dimmable light intensities

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#3. Swan-like Eye-caring Craft Table Lamp with 3 Levels of Dimmable Light

arc table lamp
Touch Table Lamp with Dimmable Light

Curved lamp head aims at producing more light and covers more working area. With a swan-like shape and a golden brushed finish, it also acts as an artistic piece for decorating your tables.

By the way, golden appearance is not the only choice. If you have an interest in that, check to unlock more color options.

Other Features:

  • 3 dimmable light
  • The built-in 15 led beads can last about 25,000 hours
  • The gooseneck is adjustable so that you can bend it wherever you need optimized light
  • The color temperature is 6500K which is near to the natural daylight, allowing you to have a productive mind

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#4. TaoTronics LED Table Lamp with a 12.5″ Horizontal Arm and 35 Light Options

daylight desk lamp for art studiio
Art Desk Lamp with Bright Daylight

It is a lamp perfect for a relatively large size table. With 3 pivoting joints, the lamp height is adjustable to cater to your lighting position. The horizontal arm is about 12.5 inches wide which is above the length of the average lamp head so it is sure to cover the light on your desks.

You would not want to miss this deal if you have a larger workbench, right?

Other Features:

  • Easy operation
  • Given USB port
  • Memory function
  • Adjustable light angles
  • Arc touch sensitive dimmer
  • 5 kinds of color modes with 7 levels of light intensity for each

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Side Table Lamps for Bedrooms & Living Rooms $25-$30

As side table lamps sit on narrow desks like nightstands and end tables, one should consider its base size when buying a side table lamp for lighting up a targeted area or creating ambiance.

You also need to take over in your mind about whether you need a USB charger if you plan to put it into the bedrooms or offices.

A thumb of rule says that 3000K warm light is the best for reading. If you would like to read books under such a lamp, you’d better look at the color temperature before purchase. The next 5 lamps are selected on the basis of not only exterior looks but also reading needs.

#1. Colorful Table Lamp with 360-degree Touch Sensitive Base

Dimmable table lamp for reading in bed
Bedside Table Lamp for Reading

An omnidirectional touch sensitive base makes this lamp definitely easy to operate. Gently touching wakes up the awesome lamp and once more to choose 3 different levels of light intensity. Long time press will start the journey of colorful background light modes.

You can stop the light color which you are fond of by a short while touch. The only minor quibble is that you have to pass through all the three brightness level to get it off. Try this “party-time” lamp if you are eager for a color-changing light.

Other Features:

2-year warranty
Multiple light options from a full spectrum of colors
The dimmer design allows you to choose the light at 3 different levels
360-degree wide touch sensor base makes turning on the light more convenient
The base perimeter is 3.93″ which is an ideal size matching for side tables and night tables

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#2. Art Décor Table Lamp with 18 Options on Exterior Color

side table lamps
Best Ambiant Light for Living Rooms

This lamp is available in a wide array of colors and just the right look that the description says. The white shade makes the light softer and won’t reduce the brightness levels. Plus, a white shade is good at reflecting the light in its original.

I recommend you to install a smart light bulb to have a better control.

Other Features:

  • Leather base lasts its life for long
  • Fabric shade improves stylish tone
  • The pure white shade is a bonus point
  • The on/off switch is on the electric cord away from the base which is a minor inconvenience

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#3. Brightech Mid-century Table Lamp with a Pull Chain

bedside modern desk lamp
Best Mid-century Table Lamp

This lamp is one of the best sellers from a time-honored brand, Brightech, loaded with good quality as well as scientific and easy-to-operate design.

3000K warm white light together with the LED technology creates the light without glare or ghost. Plus, a built-in 9.5 Watt LED bulb allows you to dispense with bulbs replacement.

Other Features:

  • The lamp base measures 5 x 5 inches
  • USB port brings convenience when you need to charge smart devices
  • Textured shade adds an elegant and mid-century touch to your rooms
  • The pull chain may be a preference for the nostalgic guys and the aged people
  • An ambient lamp gives off a lot of warm light for dorms, apartments and even restrooms
  • The wobble-free base uses solid wood materials, for which you can choose its color in either Havanah Brown or Classic Black

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#4. Brightech Traditional Wood Table Lamp Compatible with Smart Bulb

Brightech table lamp
Best Side Lamp for Living Rooms

The next one also comes from reliable Brightech. Compare with the last one, it possesses a more retro design and sits perfectly on wooden buffet tables. It is a lamp that reminds you of the Victorian age.

If you are an enthusiast for collecting vintage furniture and prefer to ornament your space with traditional decors, this one is on target. What makes it a winner in its group is that it works with smart bulbs and dimmable bulbs.

The only thing you need to pay attention is to use a light whose base belongs to E26 and whose power mustn’t exceed 40 Watts (equivalent to incandescent).

Other Features:

  • 3-year warranty
  • 5 inches base diameter
  • It gives off 3000K warm and soft glow
  • Natural wood base and neutral lamp shade
  • Fabric shade provides great convenience for cleaning

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#5. Set of 2 Battery-operated and Wireless Desk Lamp with Motion Sensor

Accent Desk Lamp
Cordless Table Lamps for Nursery

Many of its customers who have tried them are pleased with their purchase and speak highly of its feature of the motion sensor.

Its motion detection fires the light when it catches sound within 10 feet and will be auto off in 15 -20 seconds when there are no activities. And this function makes it suitable as a night light for the bedrooms, bathrooms, stairs, hallways and other dark corners in case of falling down or injury.

For a versatile lamp that won’t break the bank, buying this sensor table lamp is a positive decision.

Other Features:

  • It is handy enough and takes up little space
  • 3000K warm light is neither too bright nor too dim
  • It uses 3 AA batteries so that the light can be used outdoors
  • 3 modes in service ranging from sensor mode to permanent on and off

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Last Words

There are far more good lamps on Amazon at different price levels.