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Best Bedside Lamps – Top Rated Lights for Bedroom Use in 2022

The best bedside lamps are a ‘must-have’ for anyone who desires to read and enjoy his time on the bed all along. That is why finding the most suitable one for the job is a sensible step to take. How else can you do this save for receiving the appropriate guidance to that end?

We have prepared this review and buying guide to aid with just that. The review endeavors to examine ten of the best bedside lamps and a further buying guide to that end.

We hope that you shall get to know about the one that would suit you, at the tail end of the discussions.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

Hot Pick Touch Controlled Warm Lamp – Aukey Dimmable Bedside Lamps

Compact Size with Small Footprint on Nightstand – COTULIN Nightstand Lamp

With Outlet and Phone Holder for Watching Shows over Bed – Aooshine Cheap Table Lamps

With Clock at Base – Ausfore Modern Accent Lamp


How Do I Choose a Bedside Lamp?

a.) How Many Lumens Do You Need for a Bedside Lamp?

Lumens refer to the degree of brightness of the light that is emitted by the bulbs. A good lamp has to be able to deliver the degree of brightness that is sure to make you see and read without strain. At the same time, the light output has to be tamable.

This can only happen if you choose and make use of one that has dimmable parameters and metrics. Be sure to possess the necessary controls and operations expertise to be able to handle such a light bulb with absolute ease.

b.) How Tall Should Bedside Table Lamps Be?

There is no standard tallness that a bedside lamp should possess. As a general rule, the lamp ought to be tall enough to illuminate the entire bed area for your reading. This is to see to it that every length and breadth of the bed is wholly covered.

To do this, you might have to mark out the dimensions of the bed, more so the height from the floor to the highest point. Then again, it pays to find that one which adjusts to increase and alter the heights as the need may so determine. That will no doubt make your life cheaper.

c.) Should Bedside Lamps Be Taller Than the Headboard?

Ideally, it should. That is to give the lamp a chance to illuminate the entire length and breadth of the bed with absolute ease. In case the lamp is shorter than that, it may not really impact the whole area as it should. That will leave out some portions of the bed unattended.

Please note though that this requirement is not mandatory. Some applications may not really require that you impact the whole area. The top example of this is reading. It merely demands that you illuminate the part of the bed that you place the book atop.

Click to view the popular bedroom reading lamps if you are an avid reader.

d.) Should Bedside Lamp Shades Match in a Room?

YES, they should! You definitely want them to bring about the benefit of awesome aesthetics to you. That is a benefit you can only reap if you match the colors, style, and décor of the lamps with all the other items in the room. Any inconsistencies will no doubt cause harm and havoc.

To do this, pay keen attention to the color schemes, decorations, styles, and other vital parameters that have a say in the looks and elegance of the rooms. You might have to bring in an expert to help you out with all these.


Reviews of the 10 Best Bedside Lamps Online

#1. Hot Pick – Aukey Dimmable Bedside Lamps with Touch Sensor and Warm Light

hot sale dimmable bedside table lamps
Touchable Bedside Table Lamp

Wary of too much light? You want to be in control of the light output. This is a task that you achieve principally by laying your hands on this Aukey lamp. It does allow you to vary the levels of brightness for your own comfort.

  • Perfect Bedside Companion

In all, this is a lamp that offers perfect bedside companionship. It does possess and exude some elegance not to mention creating brighter and colorful vibes. You will find it awesome for your living rooms, workplaces and the bedrooms alike.

  • Adaptable Light Modes

Next, it does allow for and indeed manages adaptable lighting modes. That way, it makes it possible for you to relax fully at the home or the office alike. The adaptability is largely made possible or brought about by the existence of the three lighting modes.

  • Convenient 360° Touch Panel

A set of convenient 360° touch panels also exists for your own elevated sense of controls and operations. These ones give you room to illuminate the area, adjust the levels of brightness and yield some stunningly vibrant color output when engaged.

  • Incorporates a rich blend of vibrant colors
  • Manages more versatile lighting outcomes
  • Illuminates your space wholly when reading
  • Generates and gives off some colorful displays
  • Adaptable for varying degrees and incidences of use
  • Cannot be used in hot and humid areas

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#2. With Modern Style – COTULIN Small Bedside Nightstand Lamp

Small bedside metal lamp
Metal Bedside Lamp for Nightstand

Is your bed smaller or the space cramped up? Well, we invite your consideration and attention this lamp. Though smaller and more compact, this light is still capable of yielding forth tons of attendant benefits.

  • Seamless Compatibility

This lamp is compatible with all bulbs that bear the E26 bulbs. On the strength of this compatibility, the gadget is able to fit many areas not to mention giving off varying incidences of use. That way, it contributes to your wonderful experiences and time out.

  • Hollowed-out Diamond-shaped Base

Its base bears the diamond shape and is similarly hollowed-out. That makes the lamp to be full of air and elegant appearances. On the same note, the lamp tends to be more stable and less inclined to the risks of fidgeting as is commonly the case.

  • High-quality TC Fabric Shade

A high-quality TC fabric shade rounds up the list of many benefits that come along. The shade dissipates the light output in various directions to allow for maximum illumination. In the course of doing that, it also gives rise to a romantic atmosphere while at the same time protecting your eyes.

  • Emits a stream of soft light
  • Operates on both 110V and the 120V
  • Reduces the possibilities of eye damages
  • Its battery life is longer than many other alternatives
  • Bears the impressive Underwriter’s Laboratory certification
  • Its height is fixed

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#3. With Outlet – Aooshine Cheap Table Lamps with 2 USB Port

rectangle lamp with usb port for bedside
Bedroom Table Lamp

Do you have less money at your fingertips? We suggest that you make do with this functional lamp. It is cheaper and affordable to come by. Notwithstanding its affordable streak, this lamp is still able to give off many benefits.

  • Dual USB Ports

Some two USB ports form a vital part and parcel of this lamp. You use these two ports to charge your phones and other vital pieces of electronics. With these ports come the benefits of higher returns on your investments.

  • One Power Outlet

Thought the lamp has the ability to charge your electronics, it is powered by only one outlet. That makes the entire arrangement wholesome and truly convenient. You won’t have to spend too much of your time and effort to be able to enjoy the desired ends.

  • Stylish Pull Chain

A stylish pull chain rounds up the list of the many benefits the lamp potentially brings along. Other than engaging the lamp typically by turning it on and off, this chain is also stylish to behold. Thus, it serves to add some aesthetic to your room when installing there.

  • Possesses multiple functionalities
  • Compact and light enough to handle
  • Yields about many awesome ends at a time
  • Convenient to carry around with absolute ease
  • Charges your electronics at the same time as lighting your rooms
  • Does not possess excellent controls apart from the pull chain

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#4. Table Lamp Sets – E Traditional Bedside Lights with Glass and Metal Base

set of 2 bedside lamp with height of 28 inches
28 Inch Glass Bedside Lamp

Could it be that all you are after is some added aesthetics to your home? Well, we have a surprise here for you! Take hold of this bedside lamp set. By virtue of the metallic base and the glass make-up, this lamp is truly breathtaking.

  • Extra Warmth and Glow

Other than the light output, this lamp also gives off some warmth and glows. This way, the lamp is indeed able to keep and maintain your rooms warmer in the excessively cold winter months. You hence stand to enjoy the dual benefits that ordinarily come along.

  • Exceptional Design

In all, the lamp is also available in some exceptional designs. These see it contain the gold mercury glass housing and a further nickel metal base. The two give off some glamorous looks, eye-catching beauty, and a touch of classic style.

  • Excellent Settings

A streak of excellent settings also exists here for you to make good use of. These settings are the ones you use to determine the parameters of the lighting, heating, and warming. They also enable you to master and take full charge of the lighting process.

  • Delivers cohesive aesthetic
  • Possesses two lovely luminaries
  • Fits atop many places and tables
  • Yields forth a touch of contemporary styles
  • Provides an updated twist of a classic silhouette
  • Not suitable for homes and families where there are naughty kids and vigorous pets

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#5. With Alarm Base – Ausfore Modern Accent Lamp with 4 USB Ports & AC Outlets

contemporary bedside lamp
Square Bedside Lamp with Clock

A good lamp ought to go beyond merely being able to illuminate your tables and worktops. If possible, such a lamp should also be able to awake you in the morning. For this role, we recommend this lamp. It is certain to do a good job

  • All-in-one Table Lamp

The lamp is all-in-one in the sense that it incorporates many of the benefits that the standard lamp ordinarily has to provide. This sees it similarly capable of yielding and handling a variety of tasks and benefits at a time. The end result is a higher value for money.

  • Desktop Charging Station

A desktop charging station also comes along with this lamp. The station is the one that charges your electronics and other vital pieces of equipment. Being listed by the Underwriter’s laboratory, this station is sure to deliver to you the most awesome ends.

  • Detachable Dual Alarm Clock Base

At the base of the lamp is some detachable dual alarm. The role of this is to wake you up each morning and at any time when you suppose the same might happen. These two alarms see to it that none fails even when things are thick.

  • Cares for your eyes
  • Comes about in a simpler design
  • Responds promptly to all the inputs
  • Stable enough for rigorous handling
  • Relatively convenient to make do with
  • You may not charge 3 or 4 device at the same time since the brightness will be down

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#6. With Touch Control – Mlambert Bedside Table Lamp with Wood Base

bedside lamp with replaceable bulb
Industrial Style Bedside Lamp

Tired of the many complicated sets of controls? Choose and work with this touch lamp. Its use of touch controls is a sure way to cheapen the operations and guarantee more prompt actions.

  • Excellent Dimmable Touch Control Pattern

Standing taller among the many benefits the lamp brings along is the excellent dimmable touch control pattern. It is this one that allows you to control every aspect of the lamp to keep you atop of the operations and lighting apparatus.

  • Advanced Desk Lamps

A set of advanced desk lamps also accompanying this kit. They have some two USB charging ports that similarly let you charge the various pieces of electronics you might have in mind or in your possession. These ports hence serve to eliminate clutter.

  • Vintage Edison Dimmable ST64 E26 LED Bulb

To make your use all the more convenient, this lamp also comes along with the Vintage Edison Dimmable ST64 E26 LED Bulb. This one provides super bright and highly visible rays of light. It hence guarantees seamless visibility for all to see and behold.

  • Eliminates flicker and dazzles
  • Solves three problems all at once
  • Available in industrial design that sees it last longer
  • Adjusts the brightness and convenience all the while of use
  • Possesses the dual charging ports for your own convenience
  • You may feel uncomfortable after long time use because of the bare bulb

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#7. Minimalist – SOTTAE Small Ceramic Table Lamp for Eyes

modern table lamp for bedside
Ceramic Bedside Lamp for Home

Who said leveraging the benefits of an awesome bulb ought to be a life and death affair? Not at all! Not when you have this minimalist ceramic lamp at your fingertips. Indeed, this bulb takes less space but yields the selfsame benefits that come along.

  • Pure White Lamp Shade

At the top of its benefits is the pure white lamp shade. Indeed, this one comes about in high-quality TC fabric makeup. Thanks to this awesome makeup, the item is extremely strong and able to endure repeated incidences of use.

  • E26 Base Bulb

Constituting a vital aspect of this lamp set is the E26 base bulb. The bulb is generally brighter, stronger, and well able to take you longer for further. With this bulb comes the benefit of clear legibility that lets you behold images with ease.

  • Reliable Switch Type

At the last spot comes the reliable switch. As its designation implies, this one is highly responsive and able to deliver to you the benefits that come along. Being reliable, the switch is one that will indeed expedite your own operations all the while.

  • Certified for security
  • Outlasts many other lamps in place
  • Comes in a classic and elegant style
  • Insulated to reduce possible damages
  • Adjusts the heights and other parameters
  • Cannot accommodate many extras and attachments

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#8. For Decoration – Albrillo 3000K Dimmable Lamp with Twist Light

bedside lamp with twist light
All Directional Bedside Lamp

Could it be that you merely want to decorate your rooms? Well, we invite you to attempt this Best for Decoration – 3000K Dimmable Lamp with Twist Light. It is packed with tons of decorative features that work to spruce up your bedrooms just fine.

  • Spiral-Shaped Design and Cozy Atmosphere

On the whole, the structure does come about in a spiral-shaped design that in turn gives forth a cozy atmosphere. The shape mainly blends with the stainless steel sides to deliver the breathtaking elegance that is supposed to happen.

  • Clever Touch Control

A set of clever touch controls rank second here. These controls will allow you to set the parameters you are desirous of at any given time. They are faster and quite convenient to engage, all factors held constant. These also meet your various needs and desires with ease.

  • Eye-Caring LED Panel

An eye-care LED panel rounds up the list of the many benefits that the lamp has to offer or bring about. Even when you have to stare at it for too long, you will not have to strain or suffer the likely consequence of permanent eye damages.

  • Cares for your eyes
  • Easily controlled and engaged
  • Shaped for beauty and aesthetics
  • Its awesome shape makes it stylish to behold
  • Firmly fixed on a metal base to eliminate fidgeting
  • Has limited functionality

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#9. With Remote Control – Barrina Bedside Floor Lamps for Reading

led floor lamp for bedside
LED Bedside Floor Lamp for Reading

For your maximum convenience and absolute peace of mind, you want a lamp that you can engage from afar off. Choose to work with this floor lamp. Other than being easier to manage, it is also good for reading.

  • Dimmable and Color-adjustable

It is possible for you to dim and adjust the colors of the lamp. These you do using the remote control units that come along. Obviously, this arrangement makes you better placed to enjoy maximum convenience as you move along.

  • 360° Rotatable

It is possible for you to rotate the lamp at the angle of 360°. This is made possible by the fact that it swivels back and forth easily to allow for smooth and easy rotations. Thanks to this rotatable nature, the gadget fits just about any area or empty space.

  • Remote Control and Touch Switch

To control the item, you have the dual options of the remote control and the touch switches. These allow you to shuffle back and forth as the need may so determine at a time. They are hence quite convenient to behold.

  • Comfortable to make do with
  • Reduces glares and flickering
  • Protects your eyes continuously
  • Comes about in an upgraded version
  • Operable by a multi-function remote control
  • Fixed on the floors alone

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#10. Best Arc Light – Brightech Contemporary Floor Lamp for Over Bed Reading

arc floor lamp for bedside
Floor Lamp for Living Room and Bedside with Evenly Light

Want to enjoy the dual benefits of style and functionality? Well, this arc lamp could be what you are looking for. It is stylish in appearance yet still able to handle many tasks that center on lighting.

  • Slender Design

It does come about in a slender design. This one sees it fit the tightest and most uncomfortable spots with absolute ease. Thus, it also minimizes fidgeting that is chiefly responsible for the dangers that come along ordinarily.

  • Curved Arch

Its arch is curved to give off a sense of decorations and elegance. You ay hence wish to tap into this elegance to spruce up your room as a way to decorate the same. The arch also gives the item the structural strength and vitality it needs to stay taller.

  • Innovative Floor Lamp

In all, the lamp is innovative and able to yield forth many benefits that are expected of it. Some of these are the three levels of brightness, exceptional controls, and unparalleled balance. They contribute to your own added peace of mind as you move along.

  • Dims easily
  • Manages a 20-year lifespan
  • Hangs freely on walls and ceilings
  • Delivers the impressive 2,000 lumens
  • Allows you to manage the levels of brightness
  • May not be convenient to carry around

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How Many Bedside Lamps Do You Need?

It is quite hard to specify the standard number of bedside lamps you need, thanks to the multiple factors that go into this process.

Generally, you will require one bedside lamp if you have a small bed or alone on that bed.

On the other hand, two bedside lamps come in handy if you have a big bed and are two on it. This standard allows for an enhanced balance of light, giving you the best experience altogether.

However, various aspects could also determine how many lights you will need, including the following.

Size of the room 

There is no denying that the size of the room determines how much light is needed. Unless you get sufficient lighting, your night could be a nightmare.

As long as you have a big room, and want adequate illumination, embrace the multiple bedside lamps. Take the time to determine how many lamps will readily provide you with enough light.


People use bedside lamps for different reasons. The number of lights you need could depend on the usage. For instance, if you need additional task lighting, getting an extra bedside lamp will be the best thing to do.

Size of your bed 

The beds’ sizes vary, and choosing enough lighting as you get to bed will always come in handy. Small beds require no more than one bedside lamp. That is because it will help prevent having too much light in the room.

On the other hand, you will need two lamps for a queen- and king-size beds. It will ensure that there is a perfect balance of the emitted light.


What Is the Best Bedside Reading Lamp?



We end our reviews and buying guide of the best bedside lamps there. It is now our firm confidence that you have the expertise you need to make the most appropriate choice. This is something you do by examining the list above and narrowing your search. Best of luck!