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Best Extra Tall Lamps – Tall Table & Floor Lights Reviews and Guide

You want to illuminate your rooms wholly? To do this, you must look for and make good use of the best extra tall lamps. As their designations imply, these are lamps whose heights are above the average of the ordinary lamps. They hence have the ability to impact a wider radius than the ones you would find ordinarily.

Many of these lamps exist at the moment. Picking one from a list of the many that are available may never be really a walk in the park. You sincerely need serious guidance to that end. We have crafted this review-cum-buying guide to aid with just that.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

Brightech Carter Contemporary Table Lamp with Soft Light – 26″ Perfect for Bedside/Next to Couch

Regency Hill Tabll Buffet Lamp – 28″ for Dining Room

Adesso 3-Arm Tree Floor Lamp – 82″ Perfect for Lighting up Entire Room


Who Should Buy an Extra Tall Lamp?

There is really no cadre of a user who this kind of light is suited for really. Its operational mechanism is also not significantly different from the ones of the standard lighting apparatus.

If you have a room that is extra spacious or want to illuminate a pretty large area, you have the extra-tall lamp for your choice and use.


Pros and Cons of Buying an Extra-tall Lamp


  • Slows down the formations of shadows
  • Dissipates the light output to a wider area
  • Minimizes the possibilities of obstructions
  • Cuts down the spates of injuries that are likely to occur
  • Comparatively energy-efficient than the ordinary lamps


  • Inconvenient to haul and move around
  • Not recommended for the squeezed spaces


What Is the Best Lamp Height?

Below are the recommended heights for each of those circumstances of use:

Studying Tables – 30 inches is the magic number for studying. It is this height that sees to it that your head does not in any way impede the smooth flow and dissipation of the light output.

Bedside – Bearing in mind that your nightstand bears the same height as the mattress that is on your bed, the minimum height should be 24 inches whereas the maximum one ought to be 27 inches.

Click here to view good nightstand lamps and touch bedside lamps for convenient use.

Next to Couch – You should pick a lamp that is between 58 and 64 inches tall. The range is the one that has been noted to do a good work insofar as the distribution of the light output freely is concerned.

Computer Workbench – Somewhere in between 12.5 inches and 30 inches would be suitable for a computer desk. It is this range that allows your light to be scattered smoothly in all directions without any undue hindrances of whichever nature.


4 Best Extra Tall Table Lamps Reviews

To do this, we have sampled four of the best extra tall lamps that money can buy at the moment. We shall look into them in their finest details. Please read the explanations we have given off with the aim of getting to know more about the same.

#1. Dale Tiffany Table Lamp – 30″

Tiffany Style extra tall table lamp
Extra Tall Table Lamp for Retro Room

This one measures 30 inches. It is hence tall enough to spray the rays of light to a wider radius. You need it for your bedrooms, sitting rooms, and the hallways. Being in the Tiffany style also places it a position of beauty and an awesome look.

  • Awesome Appearance

The lamp itself does come along in some awesome appearance indeed. This awesomeness is largely made possible and brought about by the resin base and the antique bronze finish. The two are truly elegant and good to behold with the eyes.

  • Dale Lighting

When lit, the lamp does discharge some dale lighting. It truly illuminates the entire rooms wherein it is deployed. That way, it also adds some decorations to the rooms by reflecting the beams from off surfaces when activated.

  • High-quality Craftsmanship

All the constituent parts and components of the lamp are manufactured or structured in such a way as to imbue some strength and vitality. Thus, expect the lamp to stand taller to the various agents of damages that may be leveled along its path.

  • Comes along with a hand-rolled art glass shade
  • Operable via an on/off socket and a turn-knob switch
  • Excellent dimensions infer greater convenience of use
  • Its resin base blends with antique bronze finish for added beauty
  • Uses one 60-watt bulb only

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#2. Brightech Desk Lamp for Modern Room – 26″

Extra tall bedside tall lamp
Tall Nightstand Lamp

Want to imbue a sense of modernity to your rooms? Well, we invite you to attempt this particular lamp altogether. Its outward appearance coupled with the kind of makeup it comes about in both work hand in hand to add some elegance to your rooms.

  • Simple yet Elegant Modern Design

Overall, the item comes about in a simple yet elegant modern design. It is this that sees it imbue the beauty and the elegance we have both spoken about earlier. With this design, it is possible for you to convert your otherwise boring rooms to blooming interiors.

  • Beautiful Warm Light

When lit, the lamp does discharge some beautiful warm light output. Thanks to this beauty, your rooms will never really be the same again. It also comes in handy during the cold months as it works to combat the colds that the rooms may face at that time.

  • Gorgeous Cylindrical Lampshade

A gorgeous cylindrical lampshade also comes in. Its role is basically to disperse the heat and the light output evenly in the room. With its use, comes the uniformity of the heat and light outputs. Thus, each portion of your room gets to obtain uniform impacts.

  • Imbues some warmth to your rooms
  • Saves a great deal of your energy and utility bills
  • Less likely to break apart when deployed for use
  • Lasts longer than many of the lamps we have around
  • Adds some beauty and awesome appearances as well
  • The included bulb is 3000K but you can replace it with a full spectrum bulb

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#3. Rengency Hill Traditional Living Room Lamp Set – 28″

traditional tall lamp set
Classic Style Buffet Lamp Set

Cherish the good old days and the traditions thereof? Want to be taken there a second or a third time? You need not purchase a ticket to return there. All you have to do is lay your hands on a lamp of this kind. It does come about in a traditional stature and makeup.

  • Traditional Style

As we have already noted, this lamp does come about in a traditional style. It is this styling that gives the lamp the traditional outlook it is supposed to possess. That is the one in fact that takes you back in time to the ‘good old’ traditional ways.

  • Fine-cast Resin Construction

In its entirety, the lamp does come about in a fine-cast resin construction. That combines with the wood tone finish and a hand-carved look to give you some beauty and overall aesthetic to behold. This construction is also long-lasting indeed.

  • Fabric Drum Shades

Some fabric drum shades also form a vital part and parcel of the lamp. It is the one that scatters the light to the various directions. Moreover, it also adds some decorations and overall beauty to the rooms wherein the said lamp has been deployed for eventual use.

  • Triggered by use of the on/off pull chains
  • Disperses the rays of light to the entire room
  • Manufactured by a brand that is highly reputable
  • Uses the standard base bulb with a rating of 60 Watts
  • Its wood tone finish does add some aesthetics to your rooms
  • Limited to those who cherish traditions

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#4. Jonathan Y Metal Lamp with Crystal Base for Living Room – 34″

modern tall lamp pair
Pair of Crystal Tall Lamp

Searching for a lamp strictly for your living rooms? You have no better lamps than this one. It is wholly designed and intended for such kinds of rooms as is evidenced by its stature and overall makeup. That it has a crystal base brings along some added advantages.

  • Rod and Ball Construction

It is constructed in the roll and ball format. Thanks to this format, the lamp steady and well able to stay firm and less prone to the risks of fidgeting. This also guarantees its steady and utmost performance even when subjected to the most intense impacts.

  • Modern Brass Finish

Adorning its exterior is a modern brass finish that works to add some beauty and overall elegance. The finish is the one that adds the beauty that the item naturally gives off to the rooms. Being made of brass also enables some sparklingly clean overall outlook.

  • Wholesome Makeup

The lamp does embody and incorporate all the vital traits and features that a standard lamp of its kind is generally expected to possess. These include the cotton drum shade, metal and crystal pairing, and the clear base. These also work to make your experiences richer.

  • High-end detail finish
  • Truly quality construction
  • Fits the standard bulbs as well
  • Illuminates your home with extremely warm light
  • Uses 90% less energy than the standard light bulbs
  • Does not accommodate any extras or attachments

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How Tall Should a Floor Lamp Be?

There is no standard height from the floor from which the lamps have to be mounted. Nonetheless, 6 feet has been hailed as the magical height. It is this one that gives the lamp the clearance to disperse the light freely and uniformly to whichever direction it desires.

At this height, the shade is also at the eye level and is hence more effective at dissipating the light output.


3 Top Rated Very Tall Floor Lamps Reviews

We now move to the next kinds of bulbs. These are the top-rated very tall floor lamps. They are so-called as they are taller than your average standard bulbs. As such, they are useful for those areas and in those applications that demand extremely tall lamps.

#1. Adesso Arc Floor Lamp with 3 Hanging Lamp – 82″

3-light extra tall floor lamp
Very Tall Floor Lamp with Hanging Light

As its designation suggests, this one measures 82 inches. This is definitely sufficiently tall to be able to spray the outcomes within a wider radius or frame of mind. Moreover, it does come about with some three hanging lamps for maximum impacts and inputs.

  • 3-Light Floor Lamp

Unlike your ordinary lamps, this one has the ability to accommodate three bulbs at a time. With this arrangement at your fingertips, you may be sure to illuminate the whole room with ease. Also, it brings forth the benefit of multi-directional lighting.

  • Innovative Lighting Solution

All factors considered, this lamp does enable and truly give off some innovative lighting solutions. This solution is provided for by the existence of the four-way rotary switch. The switch is movable in the left, center and on-off directions for maximum impacts.

  • Tough Material Construction

Only a tough and powerful set of materials has been used to make the entire lamp up. Bing tough, these materials make the lamp last comparatively longer than the competing types. In the same vein, it also guarantees more stable and robust performances all the while.

  • Good enough for use in the outdoor environment
  • Attaches to some three 100W incandescent bulbs
  • Comes about in some contemporary designs and appearances
  • The antique bronze finish is good enough to behold with the eyes
  • Operable smoothly and conveniently via the four-way rotary switch
  • Demands a larger space to mount

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#2. Brightech Vintage Smart Standing Lamp with Adjustable Height – 81″

arc tall floor lamp for living room
Living Room Tall Lamp

Looking to supply the light outputs in varying directions and places? Well, you must insist on a lamp that allows you to adjust the various parameters of use. This is the one we would vouch for as its height and indeed every other aspect are adjustable.

  • Comprehensive Packaging

The lamp comes about as a comprehensive packaging indeed. In the package is a power-saving bulb that bears the 9.5W and a host of other vital accessories. Together, they save your time and effort as you go about the use of the entire package.

  • Powerful Lighting Output

When lit, the bulb does emit some powerful light output. This power is largely made possible by the natural 3000 Kelvin color temperature output is further rated 800 Lumens. They do last a quite long duration of time not to mention bringing about maximum impacts.

  • Highly Versatile

All factors considered, this bulb is highly versatile. It is particularly able to pair and attach to a set of dimmable bulbs that extend its range of functionalities. On the strength of this versatility, the bulb is able to handle and accommodate many of the applications that center on lighting.

  • Operable in a variety of voltage settings
  • Mounts on a stable base that minimizes fidgeting
  • Arcs to allow for smooth and convenient dissipation of light
  • Contains lampshades that disperse the light output effectively
  • Constantly updated to mirror the ongoing technological trends
  • Unsuitable for use in cramped up spaces

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#3. Artiva USA 5-Arm Spotlight Floor Lamp – 88″

extra tall lamp with rotatable shades
Adjustable Extra Tall Floor Lamp

Want to channel the flow of light to specific directions only at a time? Choose this lamp that has a spotlight as well. Its possession of this spotlight will definitely go a long way in enhancing the efficacy of the distribution of the light output.

  • 5-Arm Design

Its flagship trait is the 5-arm design. The design sees the lamp able to bear many kinds of bulbs at a time. In light of this, the lamp will similarly dissipate and channel the flow of light in myriad directions at any given time.

  • Stable Stature

On the whole, the lamp does come about in a stable and reliable shape or structure. Its base is 15 inches wide whereas the entire structure weighs a whopping 40 pounds. Chances of it slipping off and endangering the lives of those around it.

  • Effective Controls

A set of effective control features also exists as a vital part and parcel of this lamp. Its shade stands out here. It is the one that plays the role of channeling the output of light in multiple directions. Moreover, the shade works as a filter to prevent any direct eye contact with the bulb.

  • May serve as a reading or bedroom lamp
  • Quite a good addition to your rooms or offices
  • Dimmable to set the necessary lighting intensity
  • Enables variable settings for you to make use of
  • Its exterior is sparklingly shiny to add some elegance to your rooms
  • Likely to confuse a simpler user

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Our long and in-depth look into the extra-tall lamps comes to an end. We now hope and are truly confident that you have the inspiration you need to appreciate this light better. With this elevated sense of inspiration, why don’t you now move with haste and make the most of them?