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Best Floor Lamps Under $100 – Reviews in 2022

Best floor lamps are must-have lights for homes and offices, being expert in providing plenty of powerful light. Many lamp users also regard standing lights as decorative pieces due to the additional functions like shelves and easily mixed with the other furniture.

Double the features of an ornamental unit and a bright light, 9 floor lamps in this essay are easy to blend themselves into your spaces. If you have a budget under $100, consider these well-chosen standing up lighting fixtures.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

With Shelf for Organizing/Displaying Items – Brightech 2 in 1 Floor Lamp

With Arc Neck to Cover Large Space – Brightech Sparq Floor Lamp with Dimmable Light

With Upward Light for Ambiance – Brightech Torchiere Floor Lamp with Bright Light

Perfect for Large Room with Sectional Sofas – Ore International Extra Tall Floor Lamps with A Heavy Base

With a Side Task Lamp for Reading and Studying – Elegant Designs Torchiere Floor Lamp


What to Look for When Buying Best Floor Lamps Under 100?

Switch: Prior to buying your standing lights, considering what kinds of switch is convenient for you. Foot pedal, touch or remoter?

  • If you plan to put the lamp behind something, lamps with foot pedal are not recommended.
  • Are you use it as a reading light beside your bed or a studying light next to tables? Touch on light is better for studying tables while it is more convenient to control the lamp through a remoter in bedrooms.

Base: The base of the floor lamp should be noticeable in the course of deals since it is a fateful factor to measure if a lamp is secure. Those who have kids and pets need to pay special attention. A lamp with a heavy base made of metal materials will be safer than those with cheap clips.

Height: The height is another involved factor. Different purposes require floor lamps with different height.

  • If you are looking for a lamp for decoration, remember to buy a relatively short standing light.
  • Just want to light up your reading nooks? Try to find one which is neither too high nor too low for your chairs, sofas and tables.
  • Are you looking for a bright lamp that is able to entire your whole space? Tree Lamp is the first choice if you have a tall ceiling and want to light up the most area.
  • Ensure that the generated light is away from your direct eyesight. Direct the light at the level of your shoulders where it is rated to be eye-protective.


Which Is Cheaper: Ceiling Lights vs. Floor Lamps?

For one thing, floor lamps are able to give you closer and more private light than ceiling ones. Its high adjustability allows you to twist the light into any directions you need and you can move it around to cater to your lighting requirements, thanks to its easy movement.

Ceiling lights sometimes leave corners in darkness but floor types can work as complementation. But ceiling lights will cover a wider area.

For another, it is difficult and takes time to change ceiling lights since they cost higher and need complicate installation. The prices of a floor lamp are ordinarily between $50 to $150 which is far cheaper than pendant lights. If you have a higher budget, you can have a try.


Reviews of 9 Floor Lamps Under $100 with High Quality and Modern Look

#1. Brightech 2 in 1 Floor Lamp with Shelves

floor lamp for tight space
Best Floor Lamp with Shelves

3-tiered display shelves regulate your messy knickknack neatly and save your space to a large extent. It is perfect for corners in the bedrooms and living rooms since it performs a 3000K warm light to enhance a warmer mood to your space.

In reception rooms, it plays an intermediary role that improves conversation atmosphere.

Other Features:

  • Linen shade adds elegance
  • An in-between style that suits all decor
  • Compatible with the smart home devices like Alexa and Google Home Assistant
  • LED lights support long-lasting use for about 17 years without a change

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#2. Brightech Sparq Arc Floor Lamp with Dimmable Light

arc floor lamp
Best Economical Arched Pole Light

Experience trouble with a close light from standing light? Why not give the arc floor light a try? The arc light gives you a curved light when you are reading beneath it, leaving neither glare on your eyes nor spothot on your smartphone screens.

Heavy base makes it stand well behind the couches. Anyway, it shines a stunning light for your reading and watching TV placed next to your bed or between sectionals.

Other Features:

  • Convenient foot pedal
  • LED lights help you save money and energy
  • Dimmable light (3 levels of light intensity)
  • 2 colors are available (classic black & platinum silver)
  • 3000K warm light with the luminous flux of 2000 lumens

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#3. Brightech Tripod Floor Lamp with Stylish Drum Shade

tripod floor lamps
Best Decorative Floor Lamp

It is sure you are bound to basking in its beauty once you see it. It is a decorative piece praised by numbers of people. Looking for a modern stand up light? It is well worth popping on your shortlist. Lamp stem contains robust material, bearing a firm construction and a steady stand on the corners.

Worry about its installment? It is easy to put together and the process doesn’t require a strong hands-on ability. Be aware it takes up a few footprints since the legs are 24 inches apart.

Other Features:

  • Touch control switch
  • 14W soft white led bulb
  • Crisscross base prevents tipping over
  • Matte finish leads to a low-profile taste
  • Warm glow helps build a sweet environment for families
  • Able to hook up with such smart outlets as Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit
  • Bulbs expense can be saved because a led is able to last for at least 20,000 hours

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#4. Brightech Torchiere Floor Lamp with Bright Light

customers winner sky torchiere lamp
Brightech Super Bright LED Stand Lamp

Capable of beaming lights on the ceilings, a torchiere standing light is a good helper for giving off ambiance. Adjustable head makes it possible to tilt the light on side walls or on the small corner of the ceilings.

You can place it in anywhere in your spaces and don’t worry about not having enough zone for other things, thanks to its thin and invisible stem. More than that, touch control and dimmer design allow you to customize your own lighting ideas.

Other features:

  • 10 inches diameter base
  • 30W LED dimmable light
  • 1660 lumens give off bright light
  • Thin round shade fits beneath some furniture that have a bold figure like sofas
  • The contemporary lamp looks nice when you put it in the rooms with futuristic, urban or other décor

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#5. Brightech Short Floor Lamps with Omnidirectional Light

Best short floor lamps
Best Floor Light for Corners

Just want a short floor lamp to decorate your living rooms and TV stands? This one stands 48 inches tall, twice as tall as ordinary table lamps while two thirds the height of regular floor lights.

It does a great job on dotting with corners in the hallways and living rooms, avoiding injury in the full darkness. What makes it outstanding is that the twisted design is able to shine 360 degrees light, brightening up every nook around it evenly.

Other Features:

  • Built-in LEDs
  • 48 inches tall
  • Minimalist design
  • Omnidirectional light
  • 3 different light settings
  • A total of 90 inches electric cable
  • Foot pedal dimmer bring convenience
  • 1395 lumens and a color temperature of 3000K

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#6. Ore International Extra Tall Floor Lamps with A Heavy Base

Multi head floor lamp
Best tree floor lamp

This special tree design gives you light with 5 times brighter than the classic ones and you can adjust any of the lamp head towards the location where you want light most. What makes its users happy is that the lamp shade can be rotated. That is to say, it also acts as a powerful torchiere fixture when you point all the lamp up at the ceilings.

Aside from the built-in led bulbs, all of the lamp body and shades are armed with solid metal material, so you can stop worrying its damage at the time of pivoting the arched stems.

Other Features:

  • 5 arched arms
  • Robust metal material
  • No requirements on assembling
  • Adjustable arc stem from left to right
  • 84 inches tall to promise even, steady and eye-protective light
  • Dimmer switch allows you to adjust the light intensity for different purposes

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#7. Joly Joy Bright Floor Lamp Controlled by Dual Operation Modes

electric study lamp
Floor Lamp Operated by Touch Switch & Remoter

Suffer eyestrain under a poor light and eager for upgrading your old version with this professional task light. Possessing 20 lighting designs, it allows you to set and activate your favorites totally according to your work at hand.

And, the fully adjustable gooseneck is easy to bend as you desired. Operated not only by touch control but also remoter, you can achieve easy light adjustment nearby or several steps away. Full light control is available in 33 feet away, meaning that you can turn off the light without getting up from the bed after bedtime reading.

Other Features:

  • 800 lumens light
  • The arm can be rotated 360 degrees
  • Give off the amount of bright light for tasks
  • Adjustable height between 40.8 to 66 inches
  • Color temperature ranges from 3000K to 5500K
  • Flexible gooseneck helps you direct lights at anywhere as you wish
  • You can control it via its touch switch as well as the matched remoter
  • The battery-powered design makes it still work even in the face of a power failure
  • 4 color modes along with 5 brightness levels allow you to customize your lighting design

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#8. Brightech Leaf Touch Floor Lamp with Pharmacy Style

study light lamp
Best Antique Brass Floor Lamp

This lamp stands 53 inches tall and the touch switch is on the top of the pole, which is easy for you to control the lamp and a way out the accidental switching from your children. 1150 lumens combined with a color temperature of 3000K are ideal light for reading, studying and doing tasks.

With a pharmacy shade, the lamp gives off its bright light towards your working surface in a narrow strip and without diffusion. It will lend targeted light when you are working under it.

LEDs are definitely the way to go due to the safety feature and high efficiency. Aside from the adopted led technology, what makes it top of the hot picks also lies in its robust metal material as well as vintage luxurious look.

Other Features:

  • 3000K soft light
  • Adjustable head
  • Antique brass finish
  • 3 levels of light intensity
  • Give off a lot of bright light
  • 3 colors are available (Black & Gold & Silver)
  • LED bulbs are contained and you needn’t to replace it in the next 20 years

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#9. Elegant Designs Torchiere Floor Lamp with Task Light

Floor lamps that give off a lot of light
Torchiere Floor Lamp with Task Light

You can’t go wrong buying the lamp for your rooms with this price. In contrast to 2 separate lamps for specific usage, this one helps you save both money and space. It doubles the function of a torchiere standing light for mood creation and an additional light for reading and studying.

Switch on one of the two or both via rotary toggles once you need light. The slender design makes it work well next to sofas and beds, providing both ambient light for the entire room and private light for yourself.

Other Features:

  • 3-way switch
  • Requires a simple configuration
  • You can install any of bulbs with medium bases onto it
  • You are able to customize the exterior with one of 6 finish options
  • Marble glass shade enhance your rooms with beauty and elegance

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Final Words

A good floor light is able to soften the look of certain places and brighten up either an entire room or a specific corner. As for the budget of $100, you can shop for a decent floor lamp with several additional functions.

We have reviewed some in the hope of helping you get off the hook on tough decisions.

Photo Title Buy
Brightech Maxwell -...image 2 in 1 Floor Lamp with Shelves Buy on Amazon
Brightech Sparq Arc...image Arc Floor Lamp with Dimmable Light Buy on Amazon
Brightech Jaxon LED...image Tripod Floor Lamp with Stylish Drum Shade Buy on Amazon
Brightech Sky LED...image Torchiere Floor Lamp with Bright Light Buy on Amazon
Brightech Helix LED...image Short Floor Lamps with Omnidirectional Light Buy on Amazon
ORE International 6962BK...image Extra Tall Floor Lamps with A Heavy Base Buy on Amazon
JOLY JOY LED...image Bright Floor Lamp Controlled by Dual Operation Modes Buy on Amazon
Brightech Leaf Pharmacy...image Touch Floor Lamp with Pharmacy Style Buy on Amazon
Elegant Designs LF2003-BSN...image Torchiere Floor Lamp with Task Light Buy on Amazon