Floor Lamps Under $20 – Top Models for Decoration

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A versatile floor lamp generally serves as a bright light source for a certain area and a decorative piece for corners, patios, hallways and foyers. While, floor lamps under $20 are always great mood lights.

If you attempt to shop for decorative standing luminaires, the following items are the best bang for your buck and are well worth presenting in your shortlist.

Top 5 Floor Lamps Under $20 Online

where to buy cheap twig lightsAwesome LED Twig Lighted Branches Check on Amazon
ikea best price floor lamp Torchiere Floor Lamp for Ambience Check on Amazon
Short Floor Lamp with Japanese Style Check on Amazon
torchiere floor lightTorchiere Floor Lamp with Reading Light Check on Amazon
arched floor light saleArc Floor Lamp with 4000K Task Light Check on Amazon

5 Best Economical Floor Lamps Under $20 Reviews

#1. Awesome LED Twig Lighted Branches

twig lights
Best Twig Lights

The set consists of 4 branches and each stands 36 inches tall, ornamented by 4 LEDs every 4 to 6 inches. The whole looks so beautiful at any corner when the light is off and even more beautiful when the light is on. You get nothing to worry about its longevity and it will last for long thanks to all the twigs complete dried. To achieve a better light management, the built-in timer plays a significant role. It will keep on for 6 hours at night automatically so as to give a faint light in case of injury in the full darkness.

Other Features:

  • Looks perfect into the floor vase
  • 100% of wood branches dotted with 16 LEDs
  • Operated by either USB charger or 3 AA batteries

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#2. Torchiere Floor Lamp for Ambience

living room floor lamps for sale
Best Cheap Uplight Lamp

Since torchiere uplighter are the most professional modified light, if you are looking for a decorative lamp to build up a warm ambiance, give it a try. 69” height together with an opaque shade allows you to stay in an eye caring range not only for children but also for tall adults. It performs stunning light for your families when you are watching TV and leaving the light on alone. It also does well in bedrooms, children’s bedrooms in particular due to its soft light.

Other Features:

  • Rotary toggle switch
  • It requires simple installation
  • Heavy Base ensures sturdiness
  • Compatible with smart home devices like Alexa
  • White lamp shade doesn’t cut off the brightness
  • Install whatever bulbs you prefer under the maximum wattage of 100

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#3. Short Floor Lamp with Japanese Style

where to buy the best budget brightest stand lamp
Cheap Decorative Floor Lamp

Do you possess a wooden house? Are you the one prefer to buy antique furniture? It is rated that this one with Japanese style is the best members of vintage homes. The rice paper shade gives a gentle and fresh touch to your space without distracting aesthetically. Worry about its cleaning? A dust cloth is able to wipe the dust away without damaging the shade. You can use any replacement bulbs that fit for the E26 medium screw base since the bulb doesn’t include. I recommend to install a dimmable smart one, and in this way, you can enjoy your lighting customization with easier and more convenient steps.

Other Features:

  • 46 inches
  • Dimmer design
  • Installation is simple
  • Rice paper is easy to clean
  • Convenient foot pedal located onto the end of the electric cord

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#4. Torchiere Floor Lamp with Reading Light

torchiere uplighter with a task light
2 in 1 Versatile Standing Light

This is the most valuable one among the 5 lights in today’s article. It provides not only ambient light but also reading light due to the durable light heads. You can control either of them through its dependent switch. If you just want a reading light, just rotate the reading light toggle clockwise at the back of the lamp shade. And the fully adjustable goosneck allows you to bend the close reading light wherever you need it most. The heavy metal base makes the lamp stand uplight when you adjust the light direction. Due to the changeable light bulb, you can install any of halogen, incandescent or LED lights. Be aware of the bulb wattage in the process of selection.

Other Features:

  • Modern design
  • 3-way switch design
  • Slim body for any space
  • 3 brightness levels (Low & Medium & High)
  • 3 colors are available in this item (Black & Silver & White)
  • The distance from base to the additional light measuring 50.5 inches is ideal for normal reading

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#5. Arc Floor Lamp with 4000K Task Light

best task light
Cheap Arc Light for Work

It is a solid piece, making itself firmly standing next to wherever you want it to be and you don’t have to concern its safety, thanks to its heavily armed steel material. The curved led light strip goes for an even and steady light, casting down neither ghosts nor spots, so as to help you relieve dry eyes after overtime work. The color temperature of 4000K takes on a light next to natural daylight in the early mornings, suitable for doing tasks, knitting, drafting and lighting up your monitors in the home offices.

Other Features:

  • 54.5 inches
  • Corded-electric
  • Compatible with smart outlets
  • Operated by foot pedal switch
  • It stands behind a 5-year warranty
  • The slim body takes up a few spaces
  • LED bulbs that can’t be replaced are none of flicker
  • A cool white light with a color temperature of 4000K
  • Matte look brings low profile touch and is unobtrusive for your whole decoration

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Final Words

Floor lamps under $20 are normally in minority on e-commerce malls, and most of them are ambient light for decorative purposes. If you have been looking for a lamp for complicated and detailed work, try to check the professional task lights whose price varies from $35 to $150.

For an excellent ambient light, torchiere lamp with an extra task light scores big on space preserving, seamless blending into your decor and versatile function.

torchiere uplighter with a task light

Check on Amazon

What is the winner for adding style? Definitely to be the best led twig lighted branches. Check to get more choices on Amazon if you are interested in this kind of natural artwork.

Awesome LED Twig Lighted Branches Check the Latest Price on Amazon
Torchiere Floor Lamp for Ambience Check the Latest Price on Amazon
Short Floor Lamp with Japanese Style Check the Latest Price on Amazon
Torchiere Floor Lamp with Reading Light Check the Latest Price on Amazon
Arc Floor Lamp with 4000K Task Light Check the Latest Price on Amazon

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