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Best Cordless Desk Lamp – Reviews & Choosing Tips in 2022

  • Lack of lighting at outside camping?
  • Chasing for a light beam when you are on the trains or airplanes?
  • Going for a table lamp that is portable and compact for convenient use?

The best cordless desk lamps provide you with the best illumination for any outdoor activities. More than that, you can light up anywhere whenever you need lighting thanks to the lamp with either battery-operated design or rechargeable batteries.

Let us dive into the best cordless desk lamps and the buying guide!


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

Our Pick with Flexible and Thin Build – Luxe LED Cordless Desk Lamp with LCD Screen

Unique and Stylish Design with Sleek Base for Ambiance – Light It By Fulcrum Wireless LED Touch Table Lamps

With USB Charging Port and 6-100 Hours Runtime –  DeepLite Dimmable Reading and Studying Lamp

Tall and Slim Table Lamp with Touch Control for Bedrooms – TaoTronics Bedside Lamps with All-round Soothing Light


What to Look for When Buying a Cordless Desk Lamp?

TaoTronics compact cordless lamp with variable brightness


Next comes to the lamp design. There is no doubt that a cordless desk lamp shares a wide variety of functions. Looking for lamps according to your functional needs first. If there is a lamp that not only suits your requirements but also combines other additional features and a reasonable price, look no further but to take it home.

Large numbers of cordless lamps are in a modern look, so we often run the rule over some of the cheap and best cordless desk lamps with modern design as well as for indoor decoration which still offer plenty of quality and versatile function.

Luxe LED cordless desk lamp is a wise choice for both indoor and outdoor use.

Battery Power

Cordless lamp, or what we say battery-powered lamp, stands out because of its convenient use. As long as the battery is charged, the lamp is able to beam lights as you desire no matter where you are. It is good to know how long the battery can last before your decisions.

Actually, it is the battery power that measures the lifespan of a lamp, thus making it a vital factor to consider when you are picking up a best cordless desk lamp.

Battery power capacity here is mainly to the point of built-in rechargeable ones. It is also shown as straightway watt-power. That is to say, if you learn about the power, you can work out at how long this lamp can last with a full charge.

Most of the lamps on today’s market are built with a 800 mAh or a 1200 mAh lithium battery. It is rated that each 2 – 3 hours battery charge allows for at least 12 hours operating time.

Built-in Battery or Normal Battery

Think about your budget before you book a lamp. You can choose either a built-in battery lamp or a normal battery light if your cost constraints allow for.

Most of the table lights on today’s market utilize the built-in rechargeable battery while others allow you to install such normal battery as AA batteries or AAA batteries separately.

However, the latter that often needs to be replaced is not a small expense. So, if you are frequent users, try to buy cordless table lamps with rechargeable function.

Built-in rechargeable batteries work well on providing continuous light and you can recharge them when they are in a low bat. However, rechargeable batteries support restrictive lighting service.

If its power gives out in the open air and no electricity accesses, there is nothing you can do. Under this circumstance, the desk lamp with changeable batteries tends to do a greater job for outdoor use.

Light Color

From this point, it is all about the lamp functionality. When it is gotten to the point of light colors, you may be preoccupied with the questions of which light is easiest on the eyes or is yellowish light/ blueish light harmful to eye health.

It is viewed that there are four light colors (reddish light, yellowish light, white light and bluish light) in accordance with experts and their reports. All of them do no harm to your eyes and any of light is playing each and unique role in different modes.

  • Reddish light is mainly for creating a warm and romantic atmosphere. It is great as a night light in on account of its noninterference on sleep circle.
  • Yellowish light serves for bedroom light sources to a large extent, especially for bedtime reading. It is the optimal color temperature that is easiest on your eyes.
  • White light acts as a task light. It helps activate the brain cells, allowing people to keep productive and energetic at the time of working and studying.
  • One case to mention is that seldom person uses bluish light since it always creates glare and sometimes messes with your sleep quality if you use it before going to bed.

Still have no idea about which light should be chosen? Don’t worry! Many current lamps are designed with multiple color modes and brightness levels.

You can customize your own light ideas, ranging from reddish or yellowish up to white or bluish light, during which ensure that your eyes fit for the light mode, neither dazzling nor dim.

In any case, a lamp with adjustable brightness and dimmable light never goes wrong no matter what purposes you work for.

Adjustable Head

This is a factor that depends on your needs. If you need a light source located in a fixed position (Example takes in a decorative light on side tables or end desks), it is unnecessary to buy a best cordless desk lamp with adjustable head or arms.

On the opposite, if you are looking for a lamp for reading, studying, crafting, painting and other intricate tasks to get close and targeted light, buying a lamp with adjustable head is a must-do thing.

It is essential to buy an adjustable lamp with high durability, or it will break when you are adjusting angles.

USB Port

Most of the table lamps come with a USB charger. If you would like to choose a lamp for offices, home offices or other places unable to charge your phones and other smart devices, try to buy one with a USB charging port.

Therefore, you can say goodbye to the inconvenient port or outlet that can’t charge phones.


Generally speaking, you must get your priorities straight before deciding on the lamps you are ready to buy. I believe a lamp that you like will bring you a good mood. So, from my point of view, it is the style that I will take into account in the first place.

It makes sense to choose a lamp that blends it with your other furniture and decorations. If you put an unmatched desk lamp on your end tables, nightstands or workbench, it will not only distract from your aesthetic decor but also disturb you every time you are at work.

A thumb of the rule says that table lamps with a modern style score big on decor versatility.


Reviews of 11 Best Cordless Table Lamps – Top Rated Winners

Practical Wireless Task Lights

Our Pick – Luxe LED Cordless Desk Lamp with LCD Screen

cordless led desk lamp
Luxe LED Cordless Desk Lamp
  • No heat generation
  • Flicker free, no shadows
  • 4 popular colors available
  • No heavy metal containment
  • Easy to store and manipulate
  • Soft rubber base makes it 360°adjustable
  • 18 light options (3 light modes with 6 brightness levels)
  • 2000 mAh USB rechargeable battery offers up to 40 hours continuous light
  • Pricey compared with other lamps in today’s article (Around $60)

Luxe stands out for its uniqueness and productivity in design with this versatile table lamp. It performs any functions as you desired for both outdoors and indoors.

It is unnecessary to worry about its versatility, it has a slim and thin body, though. The fact that it constitutes a perfect solution for all surprises all of its users.

Lightweight: This item takes up little space without abandon its performance not only on appearance but also on function. The light weight allows you to take it in bags. Also, it sits on top of your desks without stagger for the robust design. Worry about its easy-to-catch dirt? The base uses rubber-like material so that it is easy to clean while it gets dirty.

Multiple Light Choices: Embraced with 18 options for different light performances, set the corresponding color lights and brightness levels for different tasks. An example comes to natural daylight ideal for task work like knitting and drawing. The flexible neck helps you call forth the optimal light angle.

Overall, Luxe lamp is worthwhile to pop on your shortlist.

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With Rechargeable Battery – Wellness Cordless Battery Operated Table Lamps with Clamp

Tabletop and Clip on Desk Light
Cordless Rechargeable Battery Table Lamp
  • Cheap
  • 3 different brightness levels
  • Built-in USB rechargeable battery
  • Simple touch sensitive operation
  • Flexible gooseneck for free angles
  • Round lamp head prevents ghosts
  • 4000K daylight perfect for task illumination
  • No requirements on led light bulb replacement
  • Works well whether stands on the tables or clips on the boards
  • It is a little bit large as a booklight for small books
  • It performs a poor work as a tabletop lamp since tipping over may occur if the surface it stands on is not flat

2 in 1 Base & Flexible Gooseneck: The biggest outstanding point of the lamp in today’s article is its 2 in 1 base. Strong clamp, able to open 1.57” in max, serves for clipping the lamp on such board attachments as bedroom headboards, tables, bookcases and wood sofas. The tabletop base allows it to stand on the desks, pianos and other flat surfaces. In regard to the gooseneck, it is worthy of praise. The freely adjustable neck can twist and bend the light towards your certain position and it is bound to be the best light angle.

Rechargeable Battery: With an efficient rechargeable battery, the light can provide continuous light on high level up to at least 8 hours. Most of the customers have to admit it is just what they are looking for, affordable price, USB port, easy to operate, cordless, dimmable light, adjustable angle, long-lasting led bulbs as well as battery life and versatile base.

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Stylish Appeal – Light It By Fulcrum Wireless LED Touch Table Lamps

wireless flood light
Cordless Touch Table Lamps
  • Portable
  • 2 years warranty
  • 5 colors available
  • Able to use outdoors
  • Easy touch-top operation
  • Works as a handheld light as well
  • Multiple usabilities on camping, patios, stairs, dining tables and guestrooms
  • It doesn’t have an extremely bright light
  • It has a sturdy and tough plastic body though, some of the customers exclude it from their purchase lists

Easy to Operate & Fun Creation: Unlike the other bottom touch sensitive lamps, it responds to light after you tap the center of its top surface. It is portable that you can take it outside and the led bulbs help to beam eye-protective light with ultra-wide coverage.

I recommend this portable light to anyone who has a small space, needs accent light, appreciates handy construction and prefers to go outdoor activities. Be aware that the battery type is updated. It now uses 3 C batteries.

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With Flexible Gooseneck – DeepLite Wireless Desk Lamp with Dimmable Lights for Reading

battery operated table lamp
Cordless Reading Table Lamps
  • USB connectivity
  • 3 dimmable brightness levels
  • Sensitive touch control switch
  • Applicable to outdoor operation
  • Flexible gooseneck for 360°rotatory
    Rechargeable 1200 mAh battery for more than 12 hours working time
  • You can not change the led bulb even though it wears out

Perfect Reading Light: It is a frequent highlight that the ideal color rating for reading is 2700K to 4000K. The fact that this lamp coupled with 4000K light constitutes the best solution for reading is a welcomed feature. Dimming design also helps to adjust and decide targeted light intensity. Due to the touch sensitive switch (a slight round groove), you can turn on/off it via gentle click. Plus, the groove touch makes you catch the switch accurately when you grope light in the mornings.

USB Port & Rechargeable Battery: If you have no spare outlets available for your lamp, try this one. It occupies almost no space and what is the most beloved feature is the USB port. The versatile USB port helps you charge phones on the one hand, and make itself charged through connecting with computers or laptops on the other. There is no need to string an electric cord to the tables for a fully charged battery is able to make the lamp working for about 12 hours under the cordless situation.

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For Outdoors – OYOCO Battery Operate Desk Lamps for Patio Umbrella

patio clip on lamp
Outdoor Cordless Table Lamps
  • 1 year warranty
  • Easy to manipulate
  • 3 options for brightness mode
  • Auto strong clamp for clipping on poles accordingly (from 0.86 inches to 1.81 inches in diameter)
  • You can choose the led bulb quantity (24 LEDs / 28 LEDs) and light colors (warm white / cool white light)
  • Not waterproof
  • This unit requires 4 extra AA batteries
  • Not suitable for reading (Only if you lower the lamp and reading light finds you)

Adjustable Settings: What makes you like the most may be the adjustable strong clamp capacity, which ranges from 0.86” to 1.81” in diameter. You can move it up or down in accordance with your various needs. Plus, there are 3 light modes available. Click once for switching it on, second for 4 LEDs, third for 24 LED and fourth for 28 LEDs. Move the light lower and closer when you need to observe detailed things and higher for general ambiance. Overall, it brings plenty of light for any entertainments.

It is the cheapest and superb outdoor cordless table lamp that I have ever seen. Looking for an ideal lighting solution for entertaining outdoors? Don’t miss out this one!

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Decorative Cordless Table Lamps

Set of 2 – Deeplite Small Table Lamps with Motion Sensor for Living Rooms

Accent Desk Lamp
Cordless Table Lamps for Living Room
  • Cheap but with good quality
  • Deliver eye-care light without glares
  • 2 light modes (permanent light & sensor light )
  • So lightweight that you can move places to places
  • Versatile item on the place where is no cables or plugs
  • This purchase asks for 3 pcs AA batteries which is not included
  • The lamp is limited in the time of the detection sensor. It remains on 15 to 20 seconds till all the actions are ceased

Versatile Use: As a lightweight desk lamp doubles the functions of a piece of room decor and a localized lighting fixture, it is very competent in its work on kitchen tables, stairways, hallways, entry foyers, washstands and bedroom nightstands. The auto sensor covers about 10 feet detecting range, allowing you to stop hurting in full darkness.

Handy & Lightweight construction: The weight of 5.3 ounces permits it easy-to-carry, making you take it by hands and away from chasing switches at night when you are looking for baby diapers or feeding babies. Around $20 you can enjoy the set (contain 2 desk lamps) of the smart night light. A handy nighttime light and modern room decor combo deserve your investment. There are also cute rechargeable desk lamps for babies and lovely girls for sale.

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Vintage Lantern – Circleware Metal Accent Light for Dining Table

cordless decorative lamps
Cordless Dining Table Lamps
  • Cozy accent light
  • Lightweight body
  • Solid metal material
  • Vintage lantern style
  • Energy saving LED bulbs
  • Metal hook for hanging anywhere you like
  • Both the round base and the square base are available
  • Since the light bulb is attached to the lamp base, you can not replace it

Special LED Design: Think it is an ordinary lantern led bulb? Exactly not! With a string of miniature LED lights inside of the actual bulb, you would feel that you have entered an ancient castle after lighting it up. Aside from the lamp with a square base, the one designed with a round base which is like an exquisite “birdcage” is available in your houses as well. Looking for an accent light for your patios and decks? This unit does it trick in accordance with expectations. Of course, the producing light performs competently for cozy atmosphere at meals.

Small Occupation: Lightweight build and a wrought iron hook make it well hanging on the walls. Plus, both the round and square base takes up little space. The lamp that has a round base is perfect for small round stands at the corner of dining rooms while the one with a square base stands on the long banquet tables without a cheap look.

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Tall and Thin for Bedrooms – TaroTronics Cordless Bedside Table Lamps with All-round Soothing Light

cordless desk lamp
Cordless Bedside Table Lamps
  • No installment requirement
  • Touch sensor gives convenience
  • USB port for devices connection
  • 3000K – 3500K light is user-friendly
  • Rechargeable battery helps you save the expense
  • Adjustable brightness suits for your different light needs
  • 4000 mAh battery benefits you from long-term continuous light
  • LED technology makes it outlast halogen and incandescent bulbs
  • Plastic strap handle makes you cautious when you carry it around

Ultra-long Standby Time: With a long-lasting 4000 mAh rechargeable battery, it can provide light up to 110 hours when it is fully charged. Together with the continuous light, you can adjust its brightness levels for your different purposes, thanks to its built-in dimmer.

Easy Operated Switch: Get trouble in finding the on/off switch at midnight? This item will stop that. Equipped with a touch control panel at the top of the lamp, the desk lamp makes it possible to turn on/off conveniently and effectively. With a light weight, the strap handle leaves its operators the choices of either carrying on the lights anywhere or hanging on the wall.

Adjustable Soothing Light: Getting an optimal light using on the bedrooms is not like deciding on lunching dishes. Generally speaking, the best color rating of the light for lighting up a bedroom is 2700K to 3500K, allowing to create a muted mood with eye-caring level. Once you put it on your nightstands, the decent and warm light will do that for you. Considering the reading light? 450 lm is abundant for your reading needs. More importantly, the dimmer makes the light intensity adjustable. That is, you can get different brightness levels through the dimming design for your bedroom activities.

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Final Words

You may not know when you are in power failure. With the help of a cordless battery operated lamp, you can do all those things which you want to, even there is a power out. Here, we reviewed a total of 11 nice lamps for decorative needs and lighting requirements in outdoors as well as indoors.

If you are looking for the best cordless desk lamp, the items above are top recommendations. If you have other requirements beyond our suggestions, browse the wireless lamp on other website and decide your choices on the basis of the given choosing tips.

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