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Do Cats Need Light at Night?

Cats are some of the most popular pets, having a place in their owner’s heart in many households. Understandably so, because they are cute creatures and add an edge of security to your home where they act against vermin such as rodents. If you are a cat owner, you probably are concerned about its wellbeing and want to offer it the best possible. In this vein, one question you may have, is, do cats need light at night?

Stick on through this piece as we answer this vital question and let you in deeper into cats and the right subject.


What’s the Deal With Cats and Light?

do cats need light at night

Answering the initial question, cats do not need light at night for their wellbeing. If you think your cat won’t see in the dark, then you are wrong.

Cats have very sensitive eyesight and can see well in the dark. It means whether the lights are on and off, it will still pull through without any issue.

Even if it is extremely dark, they can find their way around the room through their whiskers, which are excellent sensory structures.

However, you need to know that cats are temperamental pets, and they may act out if there is no light.

Cat Acting Out In The Darkness

One thing that may grab your attention and think that your cat is afraid of the dark is when it acts out when you turn the lights off. This is common, and you may notice smooth purrs, which may slowly grow into a deep growl.

What can be the issue? You may ponder. In such a case, there is a high chance that your feline friend needs some attention. It is true, mainly if you sleep in different rooms. Their high temperament nature makes them feel vulnerable, something that you may notice more if the cat is new to your household.

If your cat acts out in darkness when you leave it, you can invite them to your bed once a while until it becomes independent. This solution also applies if the cat is new to your home. Spending time with it at night helps it get accustomed to the foreign environment.


Should I Turn the Light on If the Cat Acts Up?

Cats can get easily spoilt, especially if you heed to all their distress calls. When you invite it to your bed when it is dark, it may get used to this behavior, and there are chances that it will become uncontrollable.

So, what should you do in such a case? You can turn on the lights when you notice its distress calls. In most cases, the light is reassuring to the feline pet, and it feels it has some company. With the lights on, it should be calm. If not, there may be a deeper issue.

night lamp for cats

Light Is On, And Cat Still Acts Up?

This is a rare occurrence, and it means that your pet needs some attention. If the cat’s room has windows or open spaces, there is a chance that it may be some interference. A cat in the house can attract street cats to your home, and they may linger on the window as they look around.

Another cat’s presence may be disturbing to your feline friend, with aggressive purrs being a sign of this disturbance. You can deal with the issue by closing all openings to do away with the disruption.

Can It Be A Medical Condition?

There is a chance that if your cat is afraid of darkness, it may have an underlying medical condition that affects its eyes. As earlier mentioned, they have highly sensitive eyes, which makes them highly susceptible to infections.

The infections may make them highly sensitive to light changes, and immediately you turn off the lights, you will notice it acting up. If this repeats itself and you suspect a disease, you can inspect its eyes for injury, discharge, swelling, or abnormal coloration. If you notice any of this, you should contact your veterinary for medical attention.

Stress Factor

Darkness can also stress up cats, especially the young ones. The change of environment and maybe previous trauma may make your pet fear the dark. In case of stress, the cat may want to tag along every time you switch off the lighting.

Stress might be hard to deal with, but you can tackle it gradually as the cat settles in.


How to Deal with A Cat’s Fear of Darkness?

night light for kitten

There are times that the cat does not want anything to do with darkness at all. If this is the case, here are some moves to try out.

1. Look for a trainer – You can get a qualified pet trainer to help your cat get used to the dark. There are lessons it will undergo for a short period, and you can expect excellent results after this.

2. Create a resting space near you – In case the feline pet craves for your attention, you can create a resting place for it near you, maybe in your bedroom. There is a high chance it will be calm and won’t fear the dark anymore.

3. Install lightings in its shed – If your cat has a shed, you can make improvements by installing night lights specially for cats. You can use dim LED lights, which won’t affect its eyesight. You can get the lights from pet stores.

4. Get it a Companion – A companion might help out with the situation as it has some sense of security. Get another cat and train both of them so that they can live together harmoniously. The problem is that the purrs might get louder. However, if you are in different rooms, this won’t be much of a bother. There are also cat toys that light up on touch, and your feline pet may be delighted to have it.


Closing Thought

Do cats need light at night? No, they usually do not need light when darkness falls, but there are situations where it may require you to have the lights on. Check on it and if you notice any unusual behavior, take care of it as recommended above.