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The 7 Best Floor Lamps for Home Office Use – Reviews

Many people don’t think much about floor lamps nowadays, unlike the past where floor lamps were a fancied home decors item. However, floor lamps are slowly reclaiming their popularity.

Technological advancement has freed many business or company owners from the obligation of owning an office in the city or towns. Home offices have become so common these days, and so has floor lamps, which are a common feature in many home offices.

Buying the right floor lamp for one’s home office can be challenging. The brightness, color, and temperature the floor lamp offers are some of the things to consider. Below are the

In this article, we endeavor to discuss more information to guide you to get the best floor lamps for home office.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

3-Light Tree Spotlight with Pivot Lamp Heads – Brightech LED Floor Lamp for Reading & Crafting

Torchiere with Upward Light for Ambiance – Brightech Super Bright Torchiere Standing Lamp

Multiple Use with Shelf for Home Office Corner – Brightech Modern Floor Lamps

Minimalist Light Next to Your Workbench – Brightech Litespan Task Floor Lamp


Office Lighting vs. Home Office Lighting

There are more lighting requirements for a home office than what meets the eye. Over the years, energy and office lighting standards have changed and whether it’s a home office or office lighting.

Consider these 5 aspects when thinking of home office lighting standards.

  • Office Lighting Standards

In every kind of environment, workers need some amount of light as per the US General Services Administration (GSA). An ordinary workstation needs 500 lumens for each square meter.

  • Productivity and Worker Health

Light may have a significant effect on a worker’s productivity and health. Some scientific researches propose that offices try to get natural light exposure since it impacts the effectiveness of workers.

  • Open-Plan Workstations

Presently, home office spaces are changing from individual cubicle setting to the open-office environment. With the open and new environment, ambient room lighting focuses on creating a sense of community and unity among workers.

  • Lighting and Computers

The position of your computer can play a significant role in the setting of office lighting levels. According to OSHA, there are potential risks caused by lighting around your PC.

For instance, with a bright light around your screen, it might be hard to read or see. So, try to use a warm white lamp beside your computer desk.

  • Savings and Energy Use

No matter the kind of lamp you put in your office, you want one that comes with energy-efficient options. You also want to eliminate incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. LEDs have become common in office environments as they utilize less energy.

For those shifting from a new office structure, considerer your lighting alternatives from scratch. Lighting ought to be particular to your requirements. Even the ambient light of your office ought to be built with the kind of functions and workspace in mind.


Reviews of the 7 Best Floor Lamps for Home Offices

Below are reviews of the 7 best floor lamps out there for home office in the market.

#1. Tree Spotlight – Brightech LED Home Office Floor Lamp for Reading & Crafting

Brightech floor lamp tree spotlight for home office
Home Office Floor Lamp with Pivot Head

This is the best tree spotlight for reading, makeup, room lighting, and crafting. It is suitable for creating the right room atmosphere or mood and can as well be used for task lighting. The lamp comes mostly in black color and is made of metal.

This Brightech tree lamp can brighten up an entire room. It is made up of 360 degrees rotating dimmable LED lights that illuminate 1856 lumens. It also has a color temperature of 3000 Kelvin.

There are three levels of brightness to choose from and it includes 3 LED light heads, each having bulbs with a 20,000-hour energy-saving period. Its futuristic design provides an excellent look to any home office.

  • Easy to operate and assemble
  • Safe for kids because it has a heavy base
  • Weighs 8 pounds light, and therefore it’s very portable
  • Has adjustable panels that can be swung down for reading
  • Has diffusers on the panels that keep the light soft on the eyes
  • Small in size and versatile. It can be used as corner lights or searchlights
  • It cannot be operated using wall switches and smart outlets.
  • It resets back to its original setting once plugged off and back on to a power source.
  • The on and off switch, foot pedestal is located at the electric cord. This makes it hard to access it when placed behind a couch or in a corner.

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#2. For Ambiance – Brightech Super Bright Torchiere Standing Lamp for Home Office Use

3000K bright torchiere for your home office
Torchiere for Home Office Ambiance

The Brightech Sky LED torchiere is the best ambiance floor lamp for home office use. The lamp has LED lights that last a 20 year lifetime. Super bright lighting with 2190 lumens and 3000 Kelvin color temperature allows it to light a large room with no additional lighting needed.

It can also be used in the living rooms and bedrooms since a minimalist and sleek design consisting of one ample headlight, a pole, and a base. The lamp is well balanced with a massive base and a simple light top.

It comes with three preset brightness levels and is available in a variety of colors that include jet black, brushed nickel, dark bronze, silver, and a sleek white finish. These colors blend well with casual, modern, or ultra-modern decor.

  • Easy to assemble
  • The controls are easy to use
  • Light and portable, weighing 7 pounds only
  • Has energy-saving LED lights, unlike traditional lamps
  • The LED lamp never overheats. It is safe to touch at all times
  • Can be operated using wall switches and set up with a smart plug
  • It wobbles free due to its substantial base. Therefore poses no threat to children and pets
  • Only the on and off button can be controlled externally. The floor lamp can only be dimmed using the built-in switch

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#3. Multiple Use – Brightech Modern Home Office Floor Lamps with Shelves

Brightech Maxwell Charging Edition LED Shelf Floor Lamp for home office
Floor Lamp with Shelves for Home Office

This is a multiple-use floor lamp with Asian display shelves and frames made of wood.

It also has USB ports and other electrical outlets that can charge phones, tablets, and laptops. These three wide shelves can be used for quick access storage or for displaying photos or art.

Apart from being used in home offices, the Brightech Maxwell Charging Edition floor lamp can be used in living rooms, TV rooms, and bedrooms to provide beautiful warm lighting.

It uses 800-lumen power-saving LED lights with a modern 3000 Kelvin warm white light, which performs a 20,000 hour lifetime.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Compatible with smart outlets
  • Ideal for small spaces or rooms
  • Has a diffused glow that is easy on the eyes
  • Energy-saving LED lamps to save energy and money
  • Lightweight, weighing 11 pounds. It is, therefore, very portable.
  • The bulb is not dimmable but can be switched with a dimmable or smart bulb

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#4. For Decoration – Vintage Tiffany Style Stained Torchiere

Tiffany Style Torchiere Standing Peacock Floor Lamp for Home Office
Tiffany Office Floor Lamp for Decoration

It is the best floor lamp for decoration and lighting one’s home office. This lamp consists of a white antique vintage design with an artistic stained glass shade that provides any room with a unique fantastic look.

It is very tall, reaching heights of over 7 feet. The glass shade is protected by mineral oil.

The lamp has a classic style that can fit in any room. Apart from being used for reading purposes in home offices, this lamp can be used in living rooms and bedrooms for decorative purposes and lighting.

It comes in many colors, sizes, and designs due to its handcrafted nature. Two lamps of the same model may not be the same, thus making each lamp unique.

  • Easy to assemble
  • It brightens up the room beautifully
  • The lamp is not wobbly as it is heavy
  • This floor lamp has a turn knob just below the shade, making it easy for almost anyone to turn it on and off
  • The on and off knob is plastic
  • It is heavy and not easily portable

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#5. Arc and Long Arm – Brightech Contemporary Dimmable Floor Lamp for Modern Home Office

Brightech Sparq LED Arc Floor Lamp for Home Office
Arc Home Office Floor Lamp

It is a medium to a sizeable modern-day standing lamp that matches many home décor styles, be it traditional, mid-century, or urban styles. This dimmable indoor arch lamp provides a sleek mood lighting to one’s living room and produces 2000 lumens light, making it bright enough for reading and working in a home office.

This lamp has a three-way dimming between bright, medium, and dim. The dimmer is located on the power button, which is a footswitch built into the power cable. It also provides a 3000 Kelvin warm white color temperature. To achieve the desired level of brightness, one has to tap on the power button continuously.

It stands upright on the floor, therefore, leaving space on the office desk for other things like the computer. The LED lights are at a 20,000-hour energy-saving period and have a lifetime of 20 years under regular use.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight and portable to move
  • Its dimmable feature makes it easy on sensitive eyes
  • Has a massive base; therefore, the lamp cannot topple over
  • Not compatible with wall switches or smart plugs.
  • It resets back to its original brightness level once it is turned off and back on again.

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#6. The Brightest – 360 Lighting Tall Standing Pole Light with Brass Finish & 3 Lamp Heads

3 light adjustable tree floor lamp for modern home office
Bright Floor Lamp for Home Office Reading

This modern three-light tree floor lamp stands at over six feet tall. It can be used in home offices, living rooms, and bedrooms. It offers a 360 degrees lighting and uses three 40 watts standard base bulbs. Each headlight swivels 360 degrees and can tilt up to 180 degrees.

Five-foot-long black cord and plug make it always within reach. It has a metal base with an aged brass finish and has unique dome-shaped shades. The design used in this floor lamp incorporates a modern design together with a classy vintage appeal.

  • Cheap
  • Effortless to assemble
  • High quality, safe, sturdy, and flexible
  • Bright and can light up a medium-sized room
  • Lightweight and portable. It weighs ten pounds
  • Stunning and is an excellent addition to any home
  • Has a broad and massive base; therefore, it is very stable
  • Has an on and off rotatory switch on each socket; therefore, one can turn on or off each light head separately
  • Doesn’t come with its bulbs

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#7. Minimalist – Brightech Bright Task Floor Lamp with Adjustable Height

Brightech Floor Lamp for Home Office Task
Adjustable Home Office Lamp for Tasks

This is the best modern standing pole lights with dimmable and adjustable gooseneck task lighting. It is available in 5 colors and adds a beautiful look to any room or office. This floor lamp has a minimalist, functional design that is great for home offices.

It has a 6000 Kelvin cold white light that makes it capable of seeing small details and minute color contrasts. It is the perfect hobby light since it is ideal for sewing, reading, artwork, or any other activity that needs perfect lighting.

  • Safe and sturdy
  • Energy-saving LED bulbs
  • It uses natural brightness
  • Straightforward to assemble
  • Very portable and can easily be moved around
  • Has a substantial base; therefore, it is very stable
  • The LED remains cool to the touch even after hours of use
  • The brightness levels can be adjusted from high to low and vice versa
  • The on and off switch is very accessible. It is located at the top of the gooseneck.
  • Its height can be adjusted by varying the angle of the gooseneck. This also helps in focusing light on the task or project in hand.
  • External remotes or smart devices can not operate it

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What Are the Best Home Office Lighting Ideas?

Working from home is a dream come true for most people, especially those who want to get things done and still have time for their family.

However, a poorly lit home office will make the experience unbearable and might even create eye problems that you never saw coming.

To help make working from home not only appealing but also productive, here are a few tips on how to create the right lighting to your home office.

  • Add to the Ambient Light

The biggest mistake that people who work from home do is assuming that the usual ambient light is enough for their home office as well.

However, the light might be too far up such that it is already inadequate by the time it gets to your table. Having additional table lamps to complement your ambient light should work better.


  • Get the Angles Right

The amount of light you need for your home office largely depends on the kind of work you tackle every day. People who do a lot of reading or drawing need as much light as possible to get the right amount of work covered.

However, the sun keeps moving throughout the day, and you would not want to end up with a shadow when you desire a maximum exposure to light.

To avoid getting such disappointment, play around with your home office angles. Placing your working station facing the north-south direction is a great idea to solve the shadowing problem.

  • Make Use of Natural Light

The simplest way to get your lighting right for your home office is by making maximum use of natural lighting. Natural light has a lot of benefits, including giving you more psyche to work and adding on to your wellbeing.

Working from home means that you are not getting time to go out as often and interact with nature as people who leave home for work every morning.

To avoid getting out of touch with nature completely, having a natural lighting model for your home office comes in handy. It also cuts down the amount you pay for your electricity bills.

  • Consider Task Lighting

You can never go wrong with task lights for your home office. They help increase the concentration on the light illumination, making the room look amazing while providing sufficient light for your workspace. Every task has a different lighting requirement. Task lights help regulate such needs.

  • Light and Décor

In as much as your primary focus is to have adequate lighting to get your work done, you still do not want the type of lights you choose to crush with your home office décor. Such mistakes might distract you from your work. Get a table lamp that blends well with your desk or task lights that complement the walls of your home office.


Tips for a Classy and Functional Home Office

Working from home entails a broad range of benefits. A poorly light office may be demoralizing and may influence your mood or hurt your vision in the long haul.

Consider these 6 tips if working for a home office.

#1. Some Natural Light

Try to allow some natural light as this creates a natural environment and an atmosphere that feels good for everyone. At times, natural light can aid in saving some energy costs.

#2. All about the Angles

The larger part of the way you apply natural light is dependent on the duties of your home office. For example, a designer or architect who operates more on paper and sheets, natural light is welcome.

#3. Right Ambient Light

If you can’t access natural light, humanmade light becomes twice as vital. Install ambient lighting that can serve you in-home office.

#4. Trendy Task Lighting

Get the light fixed under the best ideal illumination. With several trendy lamp designs around, you can choose an ideal pattern of table lamps that provide focused illumination.

#5. A Game of Glare & Gloss

Home workspace lighting is a game of glare and gloss. You may not win if you remain with just one lighting layer.

#6. Space is Important

While small workspaces are becoming part of your daily life, plan of how you can install the right kind of lighting. You want to ensure the area is efficient to carry all office operations.


Final Words

A good floor lamp can brighten up an entire room and provide direct light right where it is needed. Whether it is for decorative purposes, reading, or for general lighting, the buyer needs to choose wisely from the various floor lamps available to avoid disappointment.

Finally, we round up the awesome floor lamps for your home offices to help you choose from. May you happy with the deal!

Photo Title Buy
Brightech Tree Floor...image Best Tree Spotlight - Brightech LED Home Office Floor Lamp for Reading & Crafting Buy on Amazon
Brightech Sky LED...image Best Ambiance - Brightech Super Bright Torchiere Standing Lamp for Home Office Use Buy on Amazon
Brightech Maxwell Charger...image Multiple Use - Brightech Modern Home Office Floor Lamps with Shelves Buy on Amazon
Amora Tiffany Floor...image Best for Decoration - Vintage Tiffany Style Torchiere Home Office Lighting Buy on Amazon
Brightech Sparq Arc...image Best Arc - Contemporary Dimmable Floor Lamp for Modern Home Office Buy on Amazon
360 Lighting Aaron...image The Brightest - Home Office Tall Standing Pole Light with Brass Finish & 3 Lamp Heads Buy on Amazon
Brightech Litespan -...image Best Minimalist - Bright Task Floor Lamp for Home Office Buy on Amazon