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Best Floor Lamps Under $50 – Cheap and Versatile Models Reviews in 2022

A floor light has an enormous effect on changing the touch of a room and illuminating your tasks. Standing lights of good quality have a wide array of price points and can be available in diverse styles. The normal prices of a best floor lamp are between $40 to $150. High end lighting fixtures make you access to more additional functions like an attached table or shelves. If you are ready to order a task light, $50 is enough.

We have selected 7 best floor lamps under $50 for you in the hope of helping you save time and money.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

Hot Sale – Brightech Modern Reading & Crafting Standing Pole Light

With Anti-Glare Light – Dodocool Touch & Remote Floor Light

Tall with Side Reading Lamp – LightAccents Torchiere Floor Lamp for Reading Nooks

With Flexible Gooseneck – Brightech Craft Light with Dimming Design

With Wireless Charger and USB Outlet – Brightech Mid Century Lamp with Attached Tables


A Guide for the Best Floor Lamps Under $50

Most floor lamps are classic and are versatile in design that is compatible with many types of décor in your home. The best thing about the floor lamp is that it can send bright light up and down as it emits a soft glow.

#1. How Much Does a Floor Lamp Cost?

If you are searching for a floor lamp that will give good light, then you have to be very keen when making a choice.

Always keep your eyes on shorter light as you will not be interested in a lamp that will project much light to areas that are not of your interest, and the best floor lamps’ prices are ranging between $45 to $180 depending on the quality, design, and size.

#2. What Type of Floor Lamp You Can Get Under the Budget of $50?

Artificial light is essential especially when the natural light is absent, especially at night.

Most floor lamp devices are relatively taller and can fit any corner in your room conveniently or can be placed close to the armchair or behind furniture in the room and the idea behind making the floor lamp adjustable to perfect its accessories.

Most floor lamps feature different sizes, shapes, material make, and colors and you must consider its features to match your room design. The most common types of floor lamps that give the most light include:

  • Torchiere lamps that are very thin but tall with inverted shade. They are floor lamps that are suitable for living areas and in the bedrooms as it gives ambient illumination and can serve as an accent lamp and is popular in homes that have high ceilings.
  • Tower lamp is as gives the most quantity and quality light and has a beautiful look that can match any décor with its ability to provide a pleasant and gentle glow. It comes in different designs with three-dimensional inserts. The artwork in it enables colored lighting hence making it to be more special than other floor lamps in the market.
  • The Arc-style lamp is one of the best for reading in an arc seating accessory area. This product has a long arm that is flexible that is attached to its base. It is the flexibility that enables the user to make any adjustments if needed to focus its light on certain areas, especially suitable when you want to use it on reading.
  • Tree lamps are as well-known as the multi-way lighting fixtures and are highlighted as one of the brightest floor lamps that you can go to light your room. It features several designed poles on the single base and can be swung easily to various angles hence enabling it to brighten different places of your interest.
  • The last type of floor lamp that gives bright light is the Candelabra, which comprises several bulbs in it that are quite bright. The bulbs are all located in the same shade, and the beam of light produced can’t be changed. They are mostly designed in different styles to provide comfort and to meet the different needs of different customers to provide comfort and to match the room décor.


Reviews of Top 7 Cheap Floor Lamps Under $50 to Light up Your Work

#1. Hot Sale – Brightech Modern Reading & Crafting Standing Pole Light

best stand lamps for an office
Best Floor Lamp for Home Office

Brightech, as a time-honored brand, provides first-rated lamps as well as first-class after-sale service. If you need a task lamp, this one from Brightech is the best budget selection.

360 direction adjustable rotating lamp head promises you to twist the stunning light into any needed position. It is more than just a task light when you set its light intensity down to the lowest level, protecting you from injury in the full darkness.

Other Features:

  • Touch switch
  • 3-year warranty
  • 5 colors are attainable
  • Able to remember your favorite light
  • Built-in LEDs are flicker-free and dimmable
  • The heavy base provides stability from tilting or falling
  • 6000K natural daylight with a luminous flux of 2000 lumens
  • Adjustable gooseneck makes the light height adjustable from 42 inches to 53 inches

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#2. Highly Recommended – Dodocool Touch & Remote Floor Light with Anti-Glare Light

Best adjustable lamp
Best Modern Floor Lamp

If you are looking for a LED light to have on at nights and another light to illuminate your reading nooks, don’t miss out this one. Versatile functions and optional light colors make it completely fit for your different purposes.

Reading mode provides warm and eye caring light while night light beams private light for you to change diapers or feed babies.

The remote control allows you to get a wireless adjustment within 15 meters, meaning that you needn’t trudge over to the wall switch at midnights. And under $50, you can get a light combo of a task floor lamp and a night light.

Other Features:

  • Anti-glare light
  • 2-year warranty
  • No installation requirements
  • Infinite brightness adjustment
  • Fully adjustable gooseneck and lamp head
  • 2 in 1 operation ways (Touch control and remote control)
  • Color rating from 2500K to 6000K displays 4 color modes in this lamp
  • 6 scene settings (Night lamp & Reading & Task light & Game mode & Relaxing light & Feeding light)

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#3. Low Profile – Globe Electric Minimalist Standing Pole Lamp

Best globe lamps
Best Floor Lamps for Living Rooms

As some of the lamp shade cut off the light intensity and beam a faint light towards your work space, customers call for a bare bulb light so as to avoid the embarrassing lighting phenomenon. This one will add a handsome style to your rooms.

Whether your home style is Scandinavian with single tone spread around or transitional in-between modern and vintage, this standing pole lamp brushed by black, nickel, white and brass will bring a soft look.

Free to put a lampshade if you want. Be cautious not to touch the bulb with your hands after a long term use.

Other Features:

  • 70 inches tall
  • 5 ft electric cord
  • 4 colors are attainable
  • The foot pedal on/off switch are located near the plugs
  • The bulbs are not included so you can install a maximum 60W bulb as you want (a 40 watts bulb is recommended)

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#4. For Living Rooms – Wellwerks Smart Light Operated by Smartphone or Voice

best arc floor light
Best Arc Floor Lamp

Want to enjoy an easier life? Why not buy a smart floor light? This one lets you access to intelligent life. Unlike the traditional touch or toggle switch, smart bulbs allow you to control it via smartphones or voice. In this way, you can command the smart floor lamp wherever you are.

The auto timer turns on or/and off at a certain moment as you wish. If you are one who wants to have serious timing management, applying it will help you a lot.

If you would like to get a warmer house before your getting home, the smart light is able to do the trick. What would you do when you are ready to wake up a light with wet hands? Voice control makes it follow your requirements as long as you give the order.

Other Features:

  • 65 inches tall
  • Long lifespan
  • Group control
  • Stepless dimming
  • Changeable light colors
  • Compatible with Wi-Fi bulb
  • Adds a classic look to your space
  • Auto time setting helps you regulate your schedule and save energy

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#5. Tall with Side Reading Lamp – LightAccents Torchiere Floor Lamp for Reading Nooks

torchiere with a side reading light
Elegant Floor Lamps

With a sturdy aluminum base, this lamp boasts firmness standing beside any furniture and you need not worry about the thing that you naughty kids and lusty pets topple the lamp over. It is a general ambient light for reading and relaxing due to its incandescent eye-caring light.

You can switch on ambient upward light when all the families are talking or watching TV in living rooms. For reading in bed, try to turn on the reading light via its separate switch and adjust the gooseneck to achieve the best lighting angle.

Other Features:

  • 71.25 inches tall
  • Has extension cord
  • Independent switch
  • The adjustable gooseneck on the side
  • Incandescent lamp displays a warm glow
  • Modern style blends itself into your decor unobtrusively
  • A 3-way switch makes it a dimmable light from low, medium to high

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#6. With Flexible Gooseneck – Brightech Craft Light with Dimming Design

standard floor lamp
Best Light for Reading and Studying

This lamp is highly recommended for people who need a task light for no other reason than that the light generates a color temperature of 5000K, displaying virtually the same warmth and color rating as natural daylight. It is tested that the light in this range keeps you energetic and productive.

Fully adjustable gooseneck pivots in any direction and stays the light in the place where you need it most. It is certain to adjust the lamp head upward as an ambient light. Built-in LEDs get you rid of not only eye stress after overtime work but also bulbs replacement.

Other Features:

  • 3 year warranty
  • 2 colors are accessible (Black & White)
  • Adjustable height ranging from 42 inches to 62 inches
  • Dimming design allows you to adjust to different brightness in accordance with your needs and surroundings

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#7. With Wireless Charger and USB Outlet – Brightech Mid Century Lamp with Attached Tables

swing arm floor lights
Best Floor Lamp with Table & Double Charger

Are you hunting for a lamp and a side table combo? Being cute, versatile and easy to assemble, it might be the best fit for your needs. Glass top tables with light not only are easy to reflect glare lights when you don’t find the right angle but also breaks caused by powerful pressure and hit.

The wooden table will throw all the above annoying items away. You can put it next to your recliners or reading chairs for storing books and other trivial things. Wireless charger on the top of the side desk makes it possible to charge your laptop in the course of working.

Other Features:

  • Plug-in electric
  • 3 year warranty
  • Changeable led bulbs
  • 3000K light with a luminous flux of 800 lumens
  • Side table provides decent space for putting something
  • USB port & wireless charging give double ways to charge
  • Adjustable wing arm allows you to direct light at anywhere you want it
  • You can connect it with such smart home automation as Alexa so as to have a better control

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Final Words

Floor lamps are tall standing pole lights designed to position closer and more powerful light for tasks or upward light for muted atmosphere.

Most of the floor lamps under $50 are basic lights and torchieres. If you have requirements on task lamp with high adjustability, bright light and just have $50, Brightech Litespan LED Light is a wise choice.

Here rounds up a list of hot pick floor lamps under $50 on the market. All of the items are selected far more than carefully and you can free yourself to buy.

Photo Title Buy
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Floor Lamp, Remote...image Best Recommended - Touch & Remote Floor Light Buy on Amazon
Globe Electric 67068...image Best Low Profile - Globe Standing Pole Lamp Buy on Amazon
Floor Lamp for...image Best Smart Light Operated by Smartphone or Voice Buy on Amazon
LIGHTACCENTS Adjustable Black...image Torchiere with a Reading Light Buy on Amazon
Brightech Contour Flex...image Best Craft Light with Dimming Design Buy on Amazon
Brightech Owen Table...image Best Brightech Mid Century Lamp with Attached Tables Buy on Amazon
Adesso 4026-26 Maui...image Adesso Tree Floor Lights with Multi Lamp Heads Buy on Amazon
smtyle Tall Floor...image Candelabra Floor Light with Bright Light Buy on Amazon