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Best Light for Studying – Reviews & Buying Guide in 2022

We all know that studying requires a high level of lights. If you have a favorable and best light catering to your studying tastes, you would undoubtedly benefit from the synergy effect.

However, with millions of lamps on the market. What should you do to get the best and the most proper one? Make yourself at ease! Today’s article aims at solving the problems of how to choose. And, we also provide plenty of eye-friendly best lights for studying options to help you attain satisfying deals.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

Highly Recommended – TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp with Full Spectrum Light

Runner up – Brightech Floor Lamp with Adjustable Brightness and Height

Portable and Compact – Newhouse Lighting Small Study Lamp with Strong Clamp

Flush Mount Primary Light – Light Blue USA Modern Study Room Ceiling Lighting

Dimmable and Touch Control – OCOOPA Battery Operated Study Lamp with a Flush Clamp


Why Good Light Is Important for Studying?

It is appealed that not exposure to a best light for studying will wreak all-around havoc on your body.

First of all, the twisted posture will be stay with you forever. Under poor light, it is bound for you to close to your books as much as possible thus making you trouble in a bad sitting posture.

Then, a good learning mood can’t be taken on if you use a poor study lamp. A poor light will lead to failing giving full concentration on homework despite too many efforts. Plus, it is admitted that numbers of children suffer bad eyesight on account of inferior light.

On the contrary, a good light benefits you from not only maintaining a productive learning environment but also reducing eye strain. So, replace your poor lamp with a new professional studying light.


Types of Lamps for Study Room

which light is good for studying

Desk lamp

Desk lamps are the most basic and popular types for student tables. Desk lamps consist of 2 kinds, one for tabletop and the other for clipping on desks. They commonly feature with a flexible arm as well as a neck, and sometimes a rotary head.

The table study lamp may also equip with an auto timer and a touch control panel. And, most of the clamp lamps are known for solid metal and fashionable construction.

Ceiling light

As a primary light source for studying, it requires a lot in detail. If you have no compensation lights, read this item carefully. First of all, measure your room. A bigger room should be mounted on ceiling light with a larger size so as to prove the light full of space.

At the same time, do not ignore the lumens of the needed ceiling lamps. In addition, do not place your study desk right below your ceiling light. Or, you may get either much glare caused by light bounce nor a lot of shadows due to the backlight.

Certainly, ceiling light in combination with a task light provides the best light for your studying. If you have a higher budget for your study room lighting design, it is suggested to buy both kinds.

Floor lamp

Floor lamps always have higher power than the table fixtures so that they provide much more light intensity than the desk types. Before your purchase, you need to know not all of the floor lamps are suitable for your studying purpose.

The most common seen one fitting for studying is console floor lamps, that is, the regular floor lamps. A classic floor lamp has a lamp head attached on the single stem.

Plus, it is good for study when it comes with dimmable lights, adjustable neck and solid base. If the lamp is at service with smart houses or with a remote controller, it is worthier to buy.

Wall lamp

Wall lamp is not a frequent use. If you unfortunately have a small table as well as a crowded room which is impossible and unallowed for you to place a desk lamp or a floor lamp, a wall lamp is the best choice.

When you buy a wall lamp for study, focus on its light color and lumens. You’d better buy one with a white bright light, meanwhile, without a fancy shade.


How to Choose the Best Lighting for Studying?

Here list 4 points to help you buy what is the function of the best study lamps. Once you know what things you need to consider, you will easily access to a happy purchase.


It is generally advised that the best studying light should be 50 Lumens per square foot. However, it varies with different realities. For instance, the kids and the old require different lumens output.

The former just formulate their visual system and have clear eyesight in good condition while the latter experience weathered eyes, thus making the two groups different luminance demands.

It is of significance to exposure to the warm white light which is about 3000K. The warm white light with lower lumens allows children to preserve their eye health to a large extent.

As the matter of the aged eyes, it is indispensable to get a lamp with higher lumens which offers bright white light.

Minimal shadows

Next comes a vital feature. Before buying a study light, consult with the seller whether the lamp enforces glare and shadow. It is generally acknowledged that the best light for the study room must not shine glare light or cast shadows.

Also, the light color of your study light should be similar to your background light. If not, it is easy to cast double shadows. If you are exposed to many shadows on your tables, it is difficult and uncomfortable to concentrate your eyes fully on study texts.

Hence, when you buy a glare eliminating lamp, you also need to pay attention to its light color.

With a long light bar, Phive clip on lamp minimizes the possibility of casting shadows on your studying materials.

Special note: Glare reduction can be caught by 2 means: buy a lamp with a built-in glare filter; or a lamp covering a wider lighting zone.

Compensation Light

Just as the name “compensation light” implies, before you choose the best lighting for studying area, you need to consider what you want it acts. A primary studying light? Or a complementing light for your tasks?

If you would like to make it at work as former, I advise you to buy a brighter one (a lamp with higher lumens output). If you already have an overhead light and just want a complimenting light to help your closer work, the best desk lamp for studying is for you.

Even though floor lamp is much brighter than table types, desk ones are still the first choice due to its lightweight figure, flexible movement and close light to work surface.

Overall, it is recommended to use a complementing lamp which is beneficial a lot for all aspects.

Right color temperature

Which light is better for eyes, soft white or warm yellow ones? This is the point in controversy and never comes into unanimous criterion so far. Everyone has his own preferences, habits and requirements about the study light. It is found that which color light is better does no matter as long as the lamp is bright enough.

If you still have no ideas to buy yellowish task lamps or white ones, there is a suggestion. In general, the detailed task lamp requires a neutral color.

It is in the sense that natural light from 3500-4000K is a wise option. Since warm white lights give more relaxation and cool white more aggression on eyes.


Reviews of 5 Best Study Lamps on the Market

#1. Best Portable – Newhouse Lighting Small Study Lamp with Strong Clamp

best table lamp for study
Best Light for Study Room
  • Modern style
  • Strong clamp
  • Portable build
  • 4 colors to buy
  • 5-year warranty
  • No flicker 3000K warm white light
  • 6 rubber suction cups to avoid scratch on its attachments
  • Indoor use only
  • LED bulbs can’t get replacement
  • On/off switch along with the electric cord

Are you looking for a small portable light for your kids who loves to draw or read? Here gives a lamp suggestion for easels, books and any other things that are less than 2 inches thick.

Different from the traditional clip-on lamps, this one casts off the bunk of sponge protection but adopts 6 rubber suction cups which help strongly fix the lamp on its attachments. In this way, you will never worry about the damage (like sponge vestige) of your study desks, drawing papers or your reading materials.

Besides, the humane lamp head design and flexible metal gooseneck allow emitting concentrated light just towards the location you want to light up. With the help of a 3000K mild LED light, it is certain to help you a lot on studying.

Check on Amazon


#2. Highly Recommended – TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp with Full Spectrum Light

Best desk lamp for eyes
Best LED Table Lamp for Study
  • USB charger
  • Modern look
  • 2 light sources
  • Memory function
  • Matte metal frame
  • 3 sturdy pivot joints
  • Touch control switch
  • 60-minute auto timer
  • 2 color available (Iron gray and silver)
  • 5 light color modes and 6 levels of dimming lights
  • You can’t replace the led bulb if its lifespan comes to the end

Do you always regret for the forgetfulness of the lamp? This best led study lamp strictly fits for people who prefer to study or read at night.

It is a 2 in 1 lamp. This item has 2 places to provide light for different needs. One is the lamp head and the other is located at its side. I take the view that the latter is ideal as a night lamp. You can adjust the side light at the lowest level so as to avoid disturbances to your sleep. And, of course, thanks to its auto timer design, you can read as your wishes. The timer will help you control the light even you are asleep. Also, it is also as a reminder.

The light it possessed varies from 2700K to 6500K. When you catch your favorite light, you can make the lamp remember it in order to avoid breaking away from troublesome resetting.

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#3. Runner up – Brightech Floor Lamp with Adjustable Brightness and Height

good study lamps
Best Study Floor Lamp
  • Touch switch
  • 5 color available
  • Modern and classic look
  • Flexible height adaptation
  • Slender body helps save space
  • Stable light assists to protect eyes
  • Adjustable light color temperature
  • LED bulb brings you lower electric charge bill
  • The Brightech team offers reliable after-sale services
  • Incapable of replacing led bulbs
  • Not compatible with external remotes, smart wall outlets or dimming switches

Do you find your table lamps can’t shine full lights to your large work tables? Since the floor lamp gives a higher light towards your tables than desk types, it is more suitable for large working areas. And this one provided basically aims to address the problem of short of light in your studying rooms and reading nooks.

Touch the switch near the lamp head and you can start your light travels. 3000K warm white light is easiest on your eyes and perfect for relaxing when you lying on the recliners at the balcony or for reading in your bedroom at nights. 4500K soft white light creates a highly recommended learning mood to help you enrich productivity and improve study and work efficiency. And, 6000K cool white light offers the best task light for artists, electricians, craftsman, architect and so on.

Do you want to customize your own lighting ideas? Try this one!

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#4. Flush Mount Primary Light – Light Blue USA Modern Study Room Ceiling Lighting

study ceiling lights
Best Study Room Ceiling Light
  • Low profit
  • 23 watts LED bulbs
  • 3 kinds of light colors available
  • 3-year warranty in materials and labor force
  • 3 types of size and 2 sorts of shapes accessible
  • Acrylic shade and brushed nickel finish steel frame
  • Providing technical guidance and expert installation
  • Dimmable 3000K soft warm white light/4000K cool white light/5000K daylight
  • Difficult and take time to install for an average Joe

It is well known that the ceiling light is always as a primary light source for a normal room. But there are more stringent requirements for choosing the primary light in the study room. Both the room size as well as light brightness are taken into consideration. And, this one is totally suitable for any size of your space. Not limited in the study room, laundry room, bedroom, offices, hallways and balconies are also attachable.

This item is designed with 3 kinds of sizes and light colors. More than that, the oval shape and the round lamp can be chosen for your different size of rooms.
Since it is a little difficult for people to mount the lamp, the manufacturer provides a service of expert replacement installation. There is no need to replace it anymore in that the lamp uses classy led stripes and can last for long.

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#5. Dimmable and Touch Control – OCOOPA Battery Operated Study Lamp with a Flush Clamp

best desk light for studying
Best Battery Study Lamp
  • Cheap
  • Touch-on lamp
  • USB charging port
  • Portable for outside use
  • Dimming eye caring light
  • Satisfying clamp or stand on the table
  • Easy to clip on any tables with 2.3 inches or thinner
  • The lamp head is able to be rotated with 360 degrees
  • Need not to worry about its electric quantity due to its rechargeable battery
  • LED bulbs can’t be changed

Are you looking for a study lamp able to direct lights at your tight tables? Do you feel there is a lack of light for reading and studying in a dim bedroom? Clip this lamp on your tableside or bed frame and obtain well lighting environment. Plus, it also works as a wall lamp.

This one can satisfy 2 different needs. You can choose to stand it free on your study tables or clamp it to your learning desks.

Select any of the 3 levels of brightness and bend it to your study area. Of course, the touch control allows it to work instantly once you gently slide the touch penal.

If you often go out and needs light for your reading, it would be a good decision for you to take it. With a rechargeable battery, it supports to give lights for certain hours in full charge.

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FAQs about Study Lamps

1. Which Light Bulb Is Better for Study: LED or Fluorescent?

From the long term, LED bulbs are undoubtedly the final victor.

Different from traditional fluorescent lamps, LED bulbs feature a longer lifespan, more environmental materials, less heat emission risks and healthier elements (no mercury containment), which make study lamps adopted by LED technology the first best and optimal option.

Some people would argue about fluorescent bulbs has the light which is mostly near to natural daylight. They believe in it is a natural daylight that can create the best study environment for both children and adults.

However, with the popularity of LED technology, it goes through long periods of practice and is added a bundle of new features and functions so as to meet increasing requirements for studying, such as eye protection, adjustable brightness and so forth.

2. Is Night Mode Bad for Eyes When Studying?

More and more modern people focus on whether it is good for eyes when study or read at nights. Actually, according to experts, we should decrease the time of studying when night falls.

On the one hand, people at this age are confronted with growing poor eyesight. Reading under inadequate light will lead to bad results of dropping out of healthy eyes.

On the other hand, inadequate light may give you an uncomfortable studying posture and then ruin your pretty figure.

So, what is the solution? A prior quick fix lies in adding lights to your space. Professional study lights will help you away from bad eyes, even reading in a dim night.

As a rule of thumb, the best light for bed reading and studying would be 3000-3500K which shows up a warm white or soft white light.

3. Must I Choose a Task Light for My Kids?

I believe this question comes with affirmative yes. Even children know that protecting their eyes should start young. A task lamp is a necessity in the course of their studying and reading.

A task lamp always covers a higher brightness and purer white light compared with ambiance lighting. Research has found that there is a certain chance to keep children energetic and obtain continuous brainstorming with the lights shedding from the task lamps.

What is more, a task lamp will be designed with a dimmer. In this way, kids can adjust the light with the surrounding light conditions so as to achieve a better study atmosphere.

Special note: when you study with the help of a task lamp, make the same white background light at the same time. For example, try not to give dim bedrooms a strong contrast light like a warm yellow light at the time of your studying.



A proper study light helps you not only reduce eye fatigue but also get twice the result with the half efforts. Are you lack of a best and efficient light for your study table?

The lamps recommended above which are carefully selected by our professional teams are fine choices. Choose one and enjoy your studying or reading time.

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LB72165 LED Flush...image Best Primary Light - Modern Study Room Ceiling Lighting Buy on Amazon
OCOOPA LED Clip...image Best Cheap - Battery Operated Study Lamp with a Flush Clamp Buy on Amazon
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