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10+ Best Lunar Moonlight Lamps in 2022

Necessity is the mother of invention. With the advancement of technology in modern-day, the lighting category has not been left behind. There has been an introduction of moon lamps that are made by using the latest 3D technology. The best moon lamps can be given as gifts to your loved ones and used for several occasions like Valentine’s Day dates, birthdays among others.

With the crowded market, getting the best moon lamp that will serve the intended purposes can be very tricky. We have therefore decided to make it easy for you by selecting the best moon lamp for your choosing.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

3.5 Inch Small Sized Light for Kids – Mydethum Moon Night Light with Ceramic Base

With Remote Control and Time Setting – Logrotate 5.98 Inch Lunar Lamp

Rechargeable Galaxy Multicolor Lamp – Eguled 5.9 Inch USB Lamp


What Is the Moon Lamp?

cheap moonlight lamp guide

As the name implies, moon lamps are lights that have the moon’s shape, appearance texture, and color. This light is the right decoration apart from its main job of illuminating the room. It’s a unique product printed in 3D.

These lamps are so beautiful as some of them are able to change colors while some have an attractive appearance. The colors can be warm white, red, green, and blue. These moon lamps have become the talk of the town due to their unique ability to illuminate the room.

They are the best home decor because they bring that warm, pleasant feeling; the lamp has a textured surface that gives light similar to that of the moon. This lamp can suit any occasion because of its ability to switch between the colors of light it produces.

Moon lamps are of several types and styles; we have the full- and half-moon lamps. This lamp light is so pleasing to the eye that whenever you look at them, you will always be tempted to have one.


What Does a Moon Lamp Do?

Moon lamps are used to light up the room; they can also act as a decoration in the room because of how it’s designed. It’s often put on a stand where you can turn it on, so it flows, it can serve as a nightstand light.

The light of this lamp is soft white and does not irritate the eyes hence keeping the atmosphere calm and serene. To control this light, you only need a remote to set the brightness and colors.

Moon lamp can be of great use in your office or home; apart from it being a decoration, it can also be used as a night light and as a centerpiece.


Factors to Consider before Buying a Moon Lamp

best moon lamps reviews

Before you decide to buy a moon lamp, you should be keen enough to buy the right product. Selecting a suitable moon lamp for you can be a bit difficult because they might all look the same; they might have the same features as well.

However, if you want to select a good product, you should consider looking at the following factors since they will help you a lot.

1. Quality of Light

Before you buy a lamp, you should test it to see the amount of light it produces and if it gives you different colors. Choose the best quality bulb so that you can get the desired quality of light that you want. A good moon lamp should be able to give you different colors of light.

Moon lamps have a white light that doesn’t irritate eyes when it’s in use and is good, especially in a home with kids.

2. Built-in Safety Battery

Look for a moon lamp that has a built-in rechargeable battery so that you don’t have to open it for replacements any other time.

Ensure that it has an original long-lasting battery that will serve you for a long time. This is one of the most important factors that you should consider when purchasing the lamp.

The inbuilt battery can be recharged and can go for hours once it’s fully charged are careful not to buy fake products.

3. Charging Port

When buying the lamp, make sure that you check the charging port if it works perfectly, it will be useless if you buy something that won’t help you in any way.

A good charging port should not be too large or too wide; it should be small enough. A good charging port should be underneath the lamp because having a charging port above the lamp affects its appearance.

4. Brightness and Dimness

Look for a moon lamp that is adjustable so that whenever you want some brightness or dimness, you can adjust. The light of a moon lamp should be bright enough to light the entire room; you should be able to read or do other activities from it.

5. Size

A moonlight lamp should be smaller than the table, don’t buy a full-sized moonlight lamp when you have a small table that would look awkward.

Always pick the moon lamp according to the table that you want to keep it on, a big table with a full-sized moonlight while a small table with a small-sized one.

6. Eco-friendly Material

The material used to make the lamp should be eco-friendly; it shouldn’t have toxic materials that are harmful to the environment. Purchase eco-friendly material to avoid causing harm to you and your family’s health.

7. Texture

When it comes to purchasing a moon lamp, texture is another important factor; you’d rather buy one with a moon texture with light and dark spots than buying one with plain texture. You have to look for the best and clearest texture that totally resembles the moon’s look.


Reviews of the Best Moon Lamps

Best Sale – Mydethum 3.5 Inch Moon Night Light for Kids

best sale luna moon lamp on amazon


  • It has a switch
  • The batteries are rechargeable
  • It has two different color modes
  • It can be used in occasions like romantic dinners


  • It can’t work as a star projector

The materials used in making this moon lamp are conducive and environmentally friendly, making it suitable for kids or adults since they have no harm. The environment-friendly materials are made by an advanced 3D printer which makes it modern and up to date.

Additionally, this moon lamp has a ceramic hand-like stand that is strong, and it is used to prevent rolling and falling. Charging this moon lamp takes up to 3 hours and once charged, it can be used for up to ten hours; hence it can be used in events like long romantic dates.

The moon lamp has two colors that, i.e. white and yellow, that can be easily changed by touching to suit an occasion or preference. Moreover, the batteries are rechargeable; thus, you have no worries about buying and replacing them since you only need to charge it. Besides, the availability of the charging port makes it easy to load.

The moon lamp is attractive; hence can be used to improve your room’s décor and ambiance. Further, the moon lamp is very light; thus, it is easy to carry around. Finally, this moon lamp can be given as a gift on occasions like Valentine’s Day. For you to have easy touch control, this moon lamp has a mini touch switch.

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Runner up – Logrotate 3D Color Changing Moon Light with Time Setting and Remote Control

3D Printing 16 Colors RGB Led Moon Light with Stand and Timing Setting


  • Affordable
  • Time settings
  • Has a remote control within 10 meters
  • It can be used both indoor and outdoor


  • It can last 5 to 12 hours at a full charge

The materials used in making this moon lamp are eco-friendly; hence they are not toxic, and the user cannot be harmed when using it. This moon lamp is 5.9” and has 16 colors that make it a perfect gift for your children.

Additionally, on occasions like Christmas and birthdays, this moon lamp can be used since it has 16 colors to choose from, and this will make your kids engaged and happy. It also has a remote control for easy use and comfortable control from a distance.

The availability of the touch sensor function makes it easy to change the colors. Further, the 3D printing technology used in this moon lamp ensures it has a more realistic and perfect shape of the moon. The availability of the many different colors that can be changed makes it easy for you to choose the suitable color for an occasion.

While using this moon lamp, there is no need to worry about buying batteries since they can be recharged using the USB cable that is included during the purchase. Last, this moon lamp is strong and durable and can be used in both indoor and outdoor activities.

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With Magnetic Base – VGAzer Levitate Moon Lamp with Wireless Charging

Levitate Moon lamp with Wireless Charging


  • Touch control base
  • It has levitation technology
  • Supports wireless charging


  • Pricier

The availability of the touch control base ensures easy turning on/off the light inside the moon lamp. The wireless charging system ensures that you can be charging the moon lamp while levitating.

The all-round availability of technical support makes using this moon lamp more trustworthy.

The magnetic levitating patent enables this moon lamp to stably rotate in the air.

Furthermore, the 3D technology makes this moon lamp makes it look more realistic and perfect. Levitation technology enables the moon lamp to turn regularly.

Finally, this moon lamp is attractive and can be used to improve your indoor décor. It is ideal to be given as a gift for occasions like birthdays, weddings and Christmas.

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Full Spectrum for Home – MQ LED Moon Ceiling Light

hanging moon lamp


  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable brightness
  • It has a remote control
  • The bulb is energy efficient


  • 14-inch is more suitable for large rooms

The energy-efficient E26 LED bulb produces a soft light that does not hurt the eyes, making it safe. The availability of the remote control included makes this lamp east to control and can be controlled from the comfort of your seat. The moon lamp brightness can be easily adjusted to suit your preference.

The 3D printing technology used in making this moon lamp is advanced and makes it look more realistic. Moreover, the moon lamp is attractive hence can be used to improve your indoor décor. It is also easy to install since user mounting accessories included while purchasing.

There is no need to worry about recharging or buying batteries since this lamp uses corded electricity. The hanging line can be easily adjusted to suit your preference.

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Rechargeable – Egnled Color Changing Star Night Moon Lamp

rechargeable childrens moon lamp


  • Has a remote control
  • The lights can be adjusted
  • The lights are safe to the eyes


  • Single size, 5.9-inch

The 3D technology used in making this moon lamp look real. The starry and the Milky Way look makes the moon lamp ideal for improving your house interior décor. Additionally, the materials used in making this moon lamp are 100% non-toxic ABS and PVC, making it environmentally friendly and harmless to you and your family.

The 16 different RGB colors and the four modes can be easily be chosen by the remote control to suit your preference, i.e. cozy, romantic and peaceful among others. The moon lamp is attractive and can be used to create an ambiance.

The availability of the remote control makes it easy to control the moon lamp even from the comfort of your seat or bed. During its purchase, a USB cable is included for easy charging anytime, anywhere.

Moreover, this moon lamp can be used as an ideal gift to your friends and family. The comfortable brightness that the moon lamp has is safe and does not hurt the eyes. The touch switch makes it easy to turn this moon lamp on/off.

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With Remote Control – Toyuugo 5.9 Inch Moon Lamp and Wood base

color changing moon lamp rechargeable


  • 3D stars
  • Ease to install
  • Has a remote control
  • Has a USB cable for easy charging


  • 180-day warranty

The plastic materials used in making this moon lamp are environmentally friendly and non-toxic therefore safe to use by you, your family and friends. Additionally, the 3D printing technology used in this moon lamp surface makes it realistic. The availability of the remote control makes it easy for you to change the color and sound from the comfort of your seat or bed.

The moon lamp is beautiful, and thus it can be used to improve your house’s internal décor. Further, the 16 rgb colors make it easy for you to choose the preference that suits the occasion. During the night, this moon lamp can be used instead of the strong main light that may hurt the eyes while sleeping and wake up suddenly for water or going to the washroom.

The USB cable is included during purchase for easy charging of the moon lamp. The touch control makes it easy to change the light colors by just tapping.

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For Bedside Table – Ehobroc Moon Globe Light

bedroom moon lamp for large room


  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • It used 3D technology
  • It uses switch tap to change colors


  • During purchase, an adapter is not included

The moon lamp is lovely and therefore suitable for improving your house décor and creating an ambiance. The 3D technology used in making this moon lamp is advanced, and therefore it appears more realistic. While using this moon lamp, there are no battery worries of buying since it is rechargeable.

It has three colors that can be easily be changed to suit your preference or occasion by just tapping. This product can be used as a gift to the loved ones and the family. Additionally, the glowing moon lamp creates a cozy atmosphere suitable for occasions like romantic or valentine events.

The USB cable included makes it easy to charge this moon lamp. The support base is designed with the latest technologies to provide reliable support.

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For Hanging or Table Stand – GDPETS Rechargeable Moon Lamp with 16 Color Changings

Rechargeable Decorative Luna Lamp 7.3 inch


  • Durable
  • Attractive
  • 16 colors
  • Has a remote control


  • It only suitable for indoor use

The materials used to make this moon lamp are strong and sturdy, making it difficult to break and last long. The 3D technology used in the moon lamp makes it appear realistic like the real moon texture.

Moreover, the remote control is included for easy control from the comfort of your seat or bed. The presence of the touch control makes it easy to change and dime the 16 beautiful colors to your preference. There is no need to switch off this moon lamp since there is a timer that can be set to turn off automatically.

The moon lamp is lovely, and therefore it can be used to improve your house interior décor and to create and ambiance. The moon lamp is beautiful, and it is suitable to use it as a gift. For you to be able to charge the moon lamp easily, a USB cable is included

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Are Moon Lamps Any Good?

Yes, they are really good because you don’t have to change batteries often since it’s batteries are rechargeable; this means that it can be used for a longer period of time before thinking of changing batteries. Unlike electricity with moon lamps, you don’t have to pay bills. What you need to do is just change batteries once in a while.

Another thing that makes this product is the many colors, the light looks really amazing. You can change the colors to the ones that you like, and you will have the most amazing illumination in your room. It has a remote control that helps you change the colors.

Moon lamps are great at any home; they can be used on occasions like dinner or even weddings. They provide great decoration for the room.


How Do You Charge a Moonlight?

The amount of time it takes for this lamp to be fully charged is around 2 to 3 hours, but it depends on its batteries. A lamp with the most powerful battery takes 3 hours to be fully charged, and it can last for 5 hours before its being charged again.

When the battery is low, the white light will not shine. This lamp has a normal USB charging port, plug the USB port of the power to a normal USB port and plug the other end of the cord to a mini charging port at the moon lamp bottom.

The light will turn on as the charging begins.

Every moon lamp has a charging port, make sure you take good care of your lamp for it to last longer. Make sure the charging port should not be wide or larger; a good moonlight must have an inbuilt battery system because such moon lamps work for long before it’s charged again.


How to Make a 3D Moon Lamp?

If you want to decorate your room properly, then you should not forget the 3D moon lamps. These lights are classy and stylish

You only need the following materials PCBA, LED lights, batteries, charging cable, stand, and a lampshade.

All 3D items are always considered the best because of how they are made and designed. Look at some of the steps you need to follow when making this kind of lamp.

Idea design – Have an idea of how to design the moon lamp so that by the time you are going to start, you’ll have great ideas.

Compose the code – Coding process is done at this stage. Find a gray moon scale and then edit the code to get the 3D model, run the program, and get the accompanying 3D model of the moon.

Get together – At this step, you use a heated glue weapon, 502 paste, document, and scissors. Set up the charging line, and the circuit board adds a stand on your moon lamp to complete the process.

Put the circuit board in its position, attempt if the light is working. At the base of the circuit board are a charging interface and a touch catch. Touch it to light on the lamp to change the shine you simply long press.


How Do You Make a Full Moon Lamp?

In order to make a full moon lamp, you need the following items; a sponge, acrylic paint, brush, marker, lamp holder, paper towel, plastic cup, glue, water, and one balloon. Most of these things are found easily in any store.

Full lamps are very easy to make; you can make as many of them in a little time. Let’s look at the following steps on how to make your own full moon.

  1. You need to fill the balloon until it reaches the size you want for your lamp, with the plastic cup and the marker draw a circle around the knot of the balloon, mix glue with water and deep the balloon in it using a brush.
  2. Give it time to dry and then paint it white, using a sponge paint some areas of the moon and let it dry, pop the balloon and add the lamp holder to the base of the balloon, as simple as that.


Tips for Using Moon Lamps

You need to take good care of your moon lamp; here are some of the things you should observe for your product to last longer.

  • Do not overcharge the moon lamp.
  • Place it in a safe, secure area.
  • Avoid having any liquid near the lamp as it may cause damage.
  • Be careful when handling it.


If you are moon-shaped lights lover, the following lamps you also be your favorites.

Best Lamp Recommendations for Moon-Shaped Lamp Fans

Nightlight – Valentoria LED Half Moon Light for Nursery Room

half moon shaped lamp for kids and nursery


  • It is non-toxic
  • Has a switch button
  • Different shapes available
  • It can be used to comfort kids


  • Can’t create a full moon or super moon

The materials used in making this moon lamp are environmentally friendly, and therefore it is non-toxic and harmless. The moonlight lamp is also portable since it is light and therefore it can easily be carried by young kids. Additionally, the moon lamp has a one-button switch for easy on/off controls.

It is integrated with LED technology. Therefore it can be used to illuminate the room and create and ambiance. The light from this moonlight is soft and less warm, making it ideal for comforting children during bedtime.

At night, this moonlight can be used in the kitchen, bedroom or restroom without turn on the main light since it is soft and warm and does not mess the eyes when you wake up at night to get anything or going to the restroom.

Furthermore, it is attractive hence can be used to improve the interior décor at night. It can also be given as a gift to the kids due to the presence of the unicorn bear. The moon lamp can be used to light the room at night without using the main light; therefore, it helps in saving more energy.

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For Outdoor Garden – Fastdeng Solar Cahrged Globe Moon Light

2 pack solar powered moon lamp for gardens


  • Solar power
  • Weatherproof
  • Has an automatic light sensor
  • The glass material is rustproof


  • Requires installation

This outdoor moon lamp is weatherproof; therefore, it can be used even on a rainy and snowy environment. It is also solar powered; consequently, it is eco-friendly.

Installing this item is quite easy since no wiring or external electricity is required. Because of the beautiful design, it can create a fantastic pattern effect suitable for romantic occasions and events, gardens and patios. This solar-charged moon lamp is impressive and appealing; hence it helps improve the outdoor décor.

The availability of the light sensor ensures it automatically turn on the light in the darkness and turns off automatically at sunrise. The material used is glass, and therefore it is rustproof and can last longer. Once it is installed, this product used solar to charge the batteries; thus, it saves you more money in the long run.

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Home Decor – DDsky Moon and Star Shaped Pendant Lamp

led moon pendant lamp for home


  • Modern style
  • Easy to clean
  • It is adjustable
  • Energy saving


  • No built-in batteries

The adjustable wire can be used to adjust the moon lamp to your desired height and preference. Additionally, the material used is a good conductor of electricity, making it more efficient and saves more energy.

It is easy to clean since only a rug is needed for wiping. Besides, the warm light produced by the moon lamp creates an ambiance in the room. This moon lamp is quiet, and thus it is ideal for use in all rooms in the house. It can also be given as a gift to your friends, family and lovers. During purchase, an LED pendant lamp is included for lighting your children’s room.

Furthermore, replacing and setting up this moon lamp is quite easy. The lamps hanger is made of sturdy quality aluminum, and therefore it cannot be easily deformed.

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For Kids’ Bedroom – BNL Moonlight Star Projector with 360 Degree Rotation

360 Degree Rotation Night Lighting Moon Lamp for Kids


  • Star projector
  • Controled by a remoter
  • A variety of sceneries available
  • It uses LED technology hence has a long lifespan


  • Batteries are not included during purchase

During this moon lamp purchase, the remote control is included for easy use. Additionally, the plastic materials used in making these moon lamps are FDA approved and are harmless and non-toxic.

The remote control makes it easy to control and change the colorful lights from the comfort of your seat. The moon lamp has different shapes of star night suitable for comforting scared kids at night.

Furthermore, this moon lamp has a 360 degrees rotating projector that can be used to create a romantic atmosphere. This moon lamp has six different lighting effects that can be easily selected to suit your preference.

Besides, the quietness of this moon lamp makes it ideal for any room in the house since it can be used to create ambiance.

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What Are Moon Lamps Made of?

A moon lamp is made of a D1 mini-board, LED strip, 470 Ohm resistor, and a condensator.

The D1 mini board is connected to a LED strip that controls the LED illumination for a moon lamp. This LED is then fixed with hot melt adhesive to the moon lamp’s lower part. It also has a reset switch, pin and cone, touch switch, and a stepless dimming.

How Does a Moon Lamp Work?

A moon lamp has a metal ring located at its bottom, what you need to do is touch that metal ring to turn the light on and off, touching it will also change the color of the lamp from white to yellow. If in case you want to adjust the brightness, just long-press the metal ring.

If you notice that the white light is not shining, it means that the power is low, and you need to charge your lamp.

To charge it, insert the DC connector into the metal ring at the bottom of the moon lamp until when a red or blue light appears to indicate that it’s charging.

When the lamp is fully charged, the light will turn off automatically.



It’s up to you to decide which kind of moon lamp you want because there are several of them. Can you imagine using that moon lamp in the shape of a moon? It looks great, right? Why don’t you try using one too?