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Best Table Lamp Brands – Top 14 Reputable Desk Lights in 2022

Do you have a desire to purchase a brand table lamp? Do you know what are the best table lamp brands? You must have taken quite some time before beautifying your home using a stylish table lamp. Lamps are widely known for decorating products in most of the houses. They assist in adding personality, light, style, and ambiance in the office or home.

Besides, adding distinct light, they also play a variety of other functions. There are a variety of styles of lamps present in the market. It is a hard task figuring out what is best for use in your home. In this review, you will have a look at the best brand table lamps worth purchasing.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

With Extra Bright Light and Ultra Wide Light Bar – Phive Adjustable Monitor Lamp

With Fabric Shade for Living Room or End Tables – Brightech Noah LED Lamp

For Modern Room with Unique Ceramic Base – Simple Designs Gray Lamp

Convenient Touch Control Lamp with RGB Colors for Ambiance – Aukey Dimmable Lamp

Able to Magnify Detailed Work – Brightech Magnifying Lamp


Factors to Consider When Buying a Quality Table Lamp

#1. Quality

Whenever purchasing a table lamp, always consider its quality. Ensure you purchase a table lamp bearing good materials and craftsmanship. Looks are of great importance, but not everything.

Selecting a lamp which is durable will be implying you will be using the lamp for many years to come.

#2. Brightness

Reading in a dim room is a great challenge. While in a room with low light, you are likely to end up squinting. In this case, your eyes will be straining. It is best to engage in whatever activity without the necessity of putting extra effort.

Your eyes are likely to require more light while aging as you will be engaging in precise tasks. You ought to have a variety of brightness from which you may select the one pleasing you most.

#3. Temperature

Most of the LED lamps are bearing a color temperature, which is adjustable. Therefore, you will be shifting between cooler or warmer colors of light on regard to the specific time of the day. With cool temperatures, you will end up performing your tasks with optimal care.

Fluorescent, halogen, and incandescent bulbs are not offering similar color versatility.

#4. Location/Angle

There is a necessity to have the ability to adjust the lamp physically. You will be ensuring that your light beam is in the place you require it to be. A good lamp desk ought to be mobile enough. It will play a major role in reducing glare and lighting up the workplace you are using.

Though useful having a lamp which you will use with ease. It is also important having the capability of modifying the angle or direction of the beam by the use of lamp design capable of swiveling, bending, and pivoting.

#5. Size Room for Placing of the Lamp

There is a necessity of keeping the table lamp size hand in hand with the room size. With a 16 x 20 room, there is a need to consider purchasing a lamp that has more than 30 inches.

While lighting a smaller room, for instance, rec room, bedroom, or den with a low ceiling, the best lamps are those with either 20 or 26 inches. There is no need to place a short lamp in a big room as it will end up looking odd. As a result, it will not be providing sufficient light.

#6. Size of the Table for Placing of the Lamp

There is a great necessity of looking at the proportions. There is no need to choose a larger table lamp for a smaller table. Ensure the lamp is not taking all the tables space. Additionally, there is no need to choose a small lamp that will be dwarfed by your table.

Proportion is a very necessary factor. It will ensure the room is looking well and balanced. As a result, you will have an adequate amount of light for use in all the different instances.


Introduction about the Best Table Lamp Brands

#1. TaoTronics Desk Lamp

Best Sale TaoTronics Brand LED Table Lamp

TaoTronics is a flagship brand that has been in existence for a couple of years since 2007. The product is aiming at benefitting the daily lives of customers. As a result, they end up getting an experience that one cannot get in any other place. They are striving at developing, innovating and focusing on the utilization of the latest technology using devices that are easy to get.

A beautiful lamp which is gentle on one’s eyes. It is shining as a result of its flicker-free light that is ideal for the brightening of one’s space without the necessity of harming one’s eyes.

Therefore, it is a perfect lamp to study, work, and to read. It has endless lighting possibilities. You can even use it in the case of the creation of an ideal ambiance.

Additionally, They manufacture LED lamps that are energy efficient. As a result, it is dedicated in the case of featuring environmental performance, which is outstanding.

You will thus be pushing to a traditional desk lamp to assist in reducing of electricity bill to even 75%.

The cost of their table lamp is ranging from $30 to $70.

#2. Lampat Lamp

Lampat brand table lamp with multi brightness settings

A brand that has inherits the smelting workshop craft skills in 1940’s from Paco Marset. Market came into existence in 1976 when he started manufacture of lamps.

During the mid-90’s, the family members of the firms third generation joined the company. Design started taking place as it was central to the growth and development of the business.

They make budget favorable LED desk lamps. The casing is plastic, flimsy and thus far from being durable. However, it is highly satisfactory in the case of lighting including brightness levels and full-spectrum color temperatures.

#3. Brightech

Brightech daylight clip on lamp with magnifier for aged eyes

It was started using a single LED bulb. Its manufacture came after realizing that there was ample room of making improvements across the industry. The improvements were ranging from cutting of LED floor lamps to use of proprietary.

Brightech is focusing on lighting, which is innovative and affordable. Brightech will provide you with quality surfaces in illumination on the workspace and home. Brightech is known for emphasizing on LED energy-saving power.

The company is known for encouraging various customers towards embracing what the future brings. The lights will be in use both for outdoor and indoor purposes. Its catalog is including several mood-setting strands with string lights.

A company that is offering a wide selection of specialty lights and lamps. Besides, it is offering no-dust and unique lighting products that are fitting well in one’s home.

The company is proudly featuring an array bearing adjustable lamps and magnifier lamps with diopter-lens lamps making the smaller print readable once more.

It is thus useful for any individual bearing macular degeneration or aging eyes.

#4. Kira Home

Kira Home brand traditional table lamp for living rooms

It has fourteen years of experience in the home and lighting décor. The company is focused on incorporating and making research on new products thus bringing them into the collection.

Many individuals love their product because of its classic warm brass and black finish accents. You will be supporting the open design through the linking of rods that are portraying a modern vintage and Spanish style. If you wish to elevate your space, this is an ideal brand lamp for you to use.

Additionally, you may also use their light for bedroom, living room, conference room tables, entryways, and in areas with high ceilings such as foyers.

Generally speaking, their lamps are the best for the end table or bedside.

#5. Stone & Beam

high end Stone Beam brand table lamp

The lamps were found from rivet, stone and beam which are worth purchasing on sale. Its lamp is ideal for giving the lamp artisanal and true flair and can blend with different décor and styles.

It is featuring a contemporary and incredibly stylish design. As a result, it is giving off a warm light. This particularly occurs after the inclusion of a bulb.

#6. Phive

Phive clip on light for computer work

A product that took many years to come into existence. It came as a result of the blending of a variety of technologies. The lamp has been a success and is now among the newest table lamps in the market. Phive has the capability of covering a larger and wider lighting coverage. In most cases, it is in use in the workbench or for use as a monitor light.

If you wish to buy a lamp capable of multitasking, this is the best solution for you. The lamp has been made for exclusive use by people engaging in multi-screen professionals. It will assist you a lot of lighting up of the desk and monitor softly and evenly without flicker, glare, and ghost.

Besides, most of their lights are in architectural style with a solid swing arm.

Being fully adjustable, you can commonly see their lights on lighting up home offices and illuminating most of the tasks like drawing and sewing.


Reviews of the 14 Best Brand Table Lamps

Are you looking for the best lamps? Indeed, it is only through this that you will be confident of getting the ultimate experience in the long run. Here are a few options for you to consider.

#1. Hot Pick – TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp with 35 Brightness Settings

Best Sale TaoTronics Brand LED Table Lamp


  • Its design is adjustable
  • Comes with a USB charging port and an output of 5V
  • Touchpads make it relatively more comfortable to operate


  • It is not a cordless lamp

This product is an ideal option for those who appreciate gentle non-flickers. You will be confident of getting an elegant design that capably emits a soft yet non-flickering light. It prides itself on up to 7 different brightness levels, with five distinct color modes. While at it, it operates on 10V and 12W.

The TaoTronics lamp comes with in-built touch controls that allow you to adjust the lighting mode as well as the brightness level. Did you know that it features an adjustable angle?

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#2. Best Rating – Lampat LED Dimmable Table Lamp

Lampat brand table lamp with multi brightness settings


  • Relatively affordable
  • It guarantees you of enhanced eye protection
  • Comes with a flexible as well as an adjustable design


  • No rechargeable batteries to support it

You can hardly ignore the elegance that this table lamp comes with? Usually, it features up to four different lighting modes and five levels of brightness. Besides being dimmable, you will be sure of natural light, which cushions your eyes from health complications. Its color temp lies between 2500 and 7000K.

Interestingly, this product will always be adjustable, which helps in giving you the convenience that you so deserve. On top of that, there is a USB integration ability and a one-hour auto-off timer.

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#3. For Seniors – Brightech 2 in 1 Magnifying Table Lamp

Brigthech brand magnifying table lamp for elderly


  • It comes in different colors
  • Easier to use as well as set up, including the hands-free nature
  • Its gooseneck is relatively adjustable, which guarantees you of perfect lighting


  • Only 6000K bright white color

If you are looking for the epitome of clarity, this would be the ideal option for you. It comes with a glass magnifier which is capable of magnifying up to 175% times. Ideally, this magnifier features three diopter glass lenses. This lamp prides itself on 6W, 570 lumens, and a color temperature of about 6000K.

Usually, its LED will come in handy in cushioning you against too much power wastage. Besides, the LED tends to guarantee much more longevity in the long run.

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#4. For Decor – Brightech Circle Lamp for Tables

Brightech brand circle desk lamp for office


  • It comes with a USB port whose output is relatively credible
  • Besides being adjustable, it is reasonably friendly to the environment


  • You can’t adjust its height

This product will be a perfect choice for those who prefer a minimalist nature. With this lamp, you will be sure of enhanced brightness of about 1330 lumens, which is equivalent to about 100 incandescents. Besides, it comes with built-in touchpads that make it convenient for you to adjust the brightness or dimness of your lamp.

Interestingly, its design is not only contemporary but also adjustable. This way, you will hardly need to worry about the comfort of your eyes.

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#5. Elegant Look – Kira Home Traditional Table Lamp

Kira Home brand traditional table lamp for living rooms


  • You will be confident of getting improved safety levels at all times
  • It assures you fo a relatively modern appeal and enhanced elegance
  • This product is reasonably less expensive, making it an ideal purchase for many families


  • It comes in a single color only, no variety

One thing that you will always appreciate about this product right from the onset is its chic and natural appeal. You will hardly ignore its matte body, blended with an impressive leaf and vine motif.

It guarantees you of enhanced illumination at all times, and it provides you with a touch of modernity in your room. Mostly, you will find it in a beige fabric. This package comes with a 7W LED bulb, and also a 3-way light switch.

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#6. Smart – Aukey Touch Operated Desk Lamp with Changing Colors

Aukey brand table lamp with touch sensor


  • You will be free to dim it at any time
  • It is relatively easier to operate as well as set up
  • It assures you of enhanced versatility when it comes to lighting
  • Adaptable light modes will be essential in creating an environment you so desire


  • It is not compatible with smart homes

As long as you are looking for versatile lighting, you will hardly go wrong with this product. With this lamp, you will be sure of a relaxing background, whether you are reading or doing something else. It will be upon you to choose between vibrant colors and the warm white light. Interestingly, this lamp is touch-activated.

Its 360-degree touch control base will often give you the ultimate control whenever you want to turn on or adjust the brightness of the lights. While at it, you will be confident of getting adaptable modes of lighting.

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#7. With Auto Timer – Fugetek LED Table Lamp with Full Spectrum

Fugetek brand table lamp with USB and adjustable arms


  • It is relatively easy on your eyes
  • Its elegant design is worth appreciating at all times
  • It is compact, slick, and minimalist, which helps in saving space
  • You will be free to adjust this stand to whichever angel you find suitable


  • It can’t be used as a decor

Fugetek prides itself on patented recessed lights for their LED lamps. With this technology, the lamp stands out as not only exceptional but also friendlier to the eyes. Besides that, you will be confident of getting up to five different brightness modes as well as four light color modes. This way, getting the right environment for your lighting needs becomes no hassle.

Did you know that this product allows you to charge your smartphone through its USB port? However, this will only work if your phone needs less than 5V. This LED lamp will last for at least 50000 hours.

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#8. For Living Rooms – Simple Designs Ceramic Table Lamp

cheap Simple Design ceramic table lamp for living room


  • It is compact and ideal for minimalist people
  • It is relatively affordable, which could give you value for money
  • This lamp is not only elegant but also suitable for different environments


  • The package doesn’t include a bulb

Most people will always appreciate things that connect them to nature, and this product is one of them. Usually, it comes with various shades of the grey ceramic stone base, which draws you closer to nature. This lamp will be suitable for your living room, study table, and bedroom.

In most cases, it will use a single 40W bulb, whether it is LED or incandescent. However, it will not be part of the package when buying it. It is 14 inches tall and assures you of a shade diameter of about 9.75 inches.

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#9. For Bedside – Limelights Brushed Steel Table Lamp with Fabric Shade

bedside table lamps for nightstands


  • It provides you with a relatively romantic flair in your room
  • It prides itself on two-prong outlets that help in holding phones while charging
  • You will appreciate how significant and powerful its USB output and capabilities are


  • It does not assure you of the adjustability that you might so desire

The exceptional features that this product comes with play a significant role in setting it apart. Usually, you will be sure of a pull chain that turns the lamp on and off, especially for bedside tables.

You will also witness that it features a USB port whose output is relatively reliable. This output could come in handy in charging your smartphone too. Its brushed steel base will often accentuate its grace.

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#10. Luxurious Looking – Seaside Village Crystal Table Lamp with Dual USB

Crystal desk lamp for home


  • Adjusting its light is no big issue
  • Its design is relatively user-friendly, allowing you to control it using built-in touchpads
  • An elegant finish with various sparkle crystal beads will highlight the beauty of your bedroom


  • only 2700K ambient light

This decorative nightstand is one of those that you will hardly want to ignore. It prides itself on dual USB charging ports, giving you the convenience you so need while charging phones. With this, you will hardly need to keep looking at the wall plug.

This product assures you of a 2700K lighting temperature. Remember, it is LED and will rarely waste your energy in the long run. You will also find that it has three stages of dimmable lights. Adjusting its brightness will be reasonably easy for you.

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#11. For End Table – Stone & Beam White Ceramic Table Lamp

high end Stone Beam brand table lamp


  • Assembling it is relatively easy
  • Comes with an extra LED bulb
  • Its design is not only beautiful but also contemporary


  • On and off switch is rotatable

If you are looking for a lamp that you can use both in the bedroom and living room, Stone & Beam would be a perfect choice.

It comes with a glamorous style, featuring geometric cut-outs that are essential in adding to your artistic flair. On top of that, you will fall in love with its ceramic base, which prides on a perfect blend with refined nickel hardware.

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#12. With Wood Base – Brightech Noah LED Lamp for Side Tables with Ambient Light

Brightech brand wood table lamp


  • It assures you of enhanced energy efficiency capabilities
  • Its beautiful and warm lighting will be more natural to fall in love with
  • You will be free to use it with any smart home technology of your choice


  • The coming bulb isn’t dimmable but you can replace it with dimmable one

Sometimes, a traditional appeal could come in handy for you. Brightech Noah offers you this. This lamp features a wooden base that will easily blend with any décor. You will also be free to use it in either the bedroom or the living room. It would be a perfect choice for those longing for warm and elegant lighting.

Usually, this lamp comes with a 3000K color temperature, which boosts the comfort of your room. Besides its LED technology, the 800 lumens lamp will illuminate your room with much ease and enhanced brightness.

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#13. For Tasks – Phive Architect Lamp with Swing Arm

Phive clip on light for computer work


  • Adjustable neck
  • Its energy-efficiency is impeccable
  • Relatively comfortable to the eyes as well as the environment
  • Always assure you of enhanced longevity, with a 50000 hours lifespan


  • Requires installation

Are you looking for a revolutionary design? This lamp would be a perfect choice as it comes with a refined design and advanced LED technology. It prides itself on six levels of memory functions as well as up to four modes of lighting. This way, you will be free to select whichever style appeals to your lighting needs.

Its design is impeccable and allows you to adjust it whenever you want. Remember, it comes with a rotatable body.

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#14. For Wide Area – Phive Clip on Table Lamp for Home and Office

Phive brand wide lighting desk lamp


  • Flexible as well as sturdy gooseneck
  • It comes with a sensitive touch control
  • Easy on your eyes, without screen-glare
  • Last you for several years and without the need to change the LED bulb


  • May not be suitable for small tables

It would be unfair not to mention how incredible this design will be to you. It comes with a reasonably wide LED light bar that assures you of more extensive lighting coverage. Did you know that it will be an ideal choice for those who want to multi-task? Its soft lighting will make it suitable for your eyes.

You will be sure of multiple lights as well as brightness levels. Often, you will be free to adjust to whichever level suits you. Its gooseneck is relatively stable too.

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What Desk Lamp Is the Best for Eyes?

Good lighting is of great importance for a productive and healthy workspace. In case you have been struggling with headaches or eye strain, you will find the knowhow that the appropriate table lamps will protect your eyes besides lighting up the room.

Ensure you purchase a lamp that will assist you in creating specific conditions that are allowing relaxation of eyes before getting to work. The best desk lamps are casting targeted and bright lamp, which is not flickering or creating glare.

They will be featuring a shade, hood, and diffusion panel, which will assist in the softening of the appearance of the various bright bulbs. Lamp adjustability is of great importance as it will give you the chance to alter the lighting condition’s independence to the various necessities.



The selection of the best table lamp will force you to take some time while planning and researching. There are beautiful themes and styles which will be making area statement in the rooms under your decoration. Therefore, there are many styles for you to consider choosing from.

You will end up finding a table lamp that will be suiting you best. With the presence of the choices, you will have fun in making your selection.