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Best Night Light for Cats – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide in 2022

Night lights can perform more functions apart from illuminating the hallway, bathroom, staircase, and living room. Most of them are great for cats and also complements your home’s style and décor.

Next, we will introduce some of the best night light for cats, all of which come with some exclusive features such as automatic lighting, a wide-dimming range, and energy-efficient LED lights for high performance and functionality.

If you are finding it hard to determine the best cat nightlights, below is a comprehensive guide for the best night light for cats that you will find in the market.

Why Do You Need to Buy a Night Light for Your Cats?

Although cats do not need lights to see at night, they cannot see in total darkness unless there is some light source in the room. A modest amount of light always comes in handy in certain situations.

best night light for cats reviews

1. Comfort Your Cats

Cats are social species, and they become accustomed to their owner’s presence. Therefore, darkness tends to make the cat think they are alone and abandoned, which is very bad for a cat’s emotional health.

You may need a night light to ensure that the cat does not feel lonely at night, and they will not disrupt your sleep. Your cat will do a little better with a night light to assure them that their owner is around and has not left them alone.

2. Light up the Walkway for Vulnerable Cats

It is also essential for vulnerable cats like the elderly and new or young kittens to have a night light. Older cats may sometimes get anxious or distressed very quickly. They tend to also be destructive after being alone in the dark as a sign of anxiety.

To avoid this situation, you can buy them a night light to give them peace of mind. New kittens also tend to be nervous about their new environment, and a night light may help them calm down, feel comfortable, and secure.

3. Help Cats Adapt to New House Quickly

A night light also allows them to adjust to their surroundings quickly. You will need a night light to illuminate the cat’s litter box to help them find it easily at night.

A cat’s activity level may often make them likely to bump into or knock over things. The light will help them distinguish different items in the house quickly hence making their activities safe.

To make them even safer, you need a night light to avoid hurting your cat by tripping over them in the dark.


Reviews of the 5 Best Nightlights for Cats

1. Best Sale – SYCEES Dimmable Plug-in LED Night Light For Elderly Cats

best sale plug in night light for cats 4 pack


  • Stepless dimming
  • Automatic lighting
  • Space-saving night light
  • Produces warm white light


  • Lacks of remote control

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Navigate the house at night confidently and comfortably with SYCESS dimmable and night light for cats.

The night light features step-less dimming to easily set bright light and dim light for dark areas and sleeping areas. Likewise, the night light for cats has automatic lighting that turns on in a dark room and is ideal for people that fear turning off light in the dark.

Additionally, it produces a warm light and uses energy-efficient LED light sources for lighting.

Similarly, the night light is space-saving as it only takes one outlet space, which gives you room to plug in other devices on the other outlet.

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2. Best for Vigorous Kittens – Naanle Indoor Plug-in Nightlight with Auto Sensor for Cat Litter Box

strong plastic plug in night light with dusk to dawn sensor for cats


  • Easy to use
  • High brightness
  • Versatile applications
  • Works for up to 100000 hours


  • It could be better if the light is dimmable

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Naanle introduces an energy-saving and reliable Night light for cats. The night light features an auto sensor dusk to dawn that offers convenience at night. Likewise, it has an automatic super bright LED dusk to dawn light to save on energy costs.

Similarly, the night light is lightweight, with a weight capacity of 60grms.

It works for up to 100000 hours, which makes energy conscious and cost-effective. Moreover, it is versatile for various applications, such as bedroom lighting and lighting in small lighting areas.

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3. Best Cute – JOYPRINT Dusk to Dawn LED Night Light with Cat Paw Print for Hallways

cat paw night light for hallways and cat house


  • Automatically lighting
  • Energy-efficient LED lights
  • Easy-to-operate touch control
  • Able to customize the exterior with one of 20 prints options


  • You couldn’t use it with extension cords

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Get some water, snack, or answer to your nature call without having to put on the central lights using JOYRINT night light for cats. The night light is cool to the touch and has super brightness for reliability and convenience.

Additionally, it has automatic lighting as it lights up during the day and switches off during the night or when the sun is overhead or bright.

The night light is durable as it lasts up to 100000 hours. The night light is ideal for use in rooms that need microlight.

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4. Best with Base – Cherish Tea 3D Illusion Night Lights for Your Nightstand with Dual Power Supply

Cheish Tea 3d night light for cats with base


  • Auto grade changing
  • USB or battery operated
  • Flicker-free and glare-free
  • 3d laser engraving technology


  • It needs to be placed onto the flat surfaces

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This night light features a kitty cat shape design that attracts children, and its 3d laser engraving technology gives it a beautiful look. Similarly, it has auto-grade changing as it can change into several colors with a button’s touch.

Additionally, it is an ideal, creative, and unique decoration light for your kid’s room and living room.

Furthermore, the night light uses power from USB connections or uses rechargeable AAA batteries that last 60 hours when fully charged due to its low power consumption.

The night light also uses high-quality LED light that is flicker-free and glare-free, thus reducing children’s eye’s harm.

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5. Best for Decor – Resin Creative Cat Design Tabletop Night Light with Iron Wire Lampshade

decorative tabletop night light for cat and cat owners


  • Elegant painted finish
  • Glare-free and flicker-free
  • Compliments your décor and style
  • An exquisite and high-quality resin material


  • Doesn’t have motion sensor

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Winomo avails a versatile and convenient night light for cat that is great for use in the bedroom, living room, apartments, shops, libraries, bedside, and places that need microlight.

Likewise, it features an exquisite and high-quality resin material, making it a creative and perfect gift. Similarly, it features a painted finish that makes it more durable and attractive in your homes or shops.

The night light for a cat is glare-free and flicker-free hence providing a safe environment for our day to day activities and providing maximum protection to our eyes.

Furthermore, it has a creative lamp and cute design which compliments your décor and style.

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What to Look for When Buying the Best Cat Night Light?

A night light for a cat is a light that you leave on at night, designed to illuminate your cat house with a soft glow that is not too bright. There are so many night lights available in the market that can make it challenging to choose the best one for their cat.

benefits of using a night light for cat

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when selecting one:

– Auto-dimming. A night light that features a wide range of dimming that can automatically adjust its brightness depending on the room’s darkness is very convenient.

– Automatic lighting. This is an essential feature as the lights come on only when it is dark enough; hence you do not have to worry about forgetting to turn the lights on and off for your cat.

– Energy-saving. Consider getting night lights than can be able to last long hours while consuming less energy.

– The type of bulb. Considering a night light with the right bulb is very vital. Some night lights have bulbs that are replaceable while others have them fused in the night light, which means replacing the whole light when the bulb dies.

Furthermore, the type of bulb determines how hot the surface of the light will get. To avoid overheating, consider LED bulbs that do not give off a lot of heat to prevent your cat from burnt.

– Durability and flexibility. Because cats are very playful and jumpy, you may need to choose a durable night light that can withstand damage. You may need a flexible night light as well so that it does not break when your cat swings on it.

Night light with a motion sensor or dusk to dawn sensor is very desirable. It makes your house safer. This will ensure that anytime there is a hazard detected, the alarm goes off, and you will always be aware of what is going on around the house.

What’s more, it will prevent many accidents that would have happened like fires or flooding that could put you and your cat at risk. Also, getting one that senses movement and turns on when one walks in will save a lot of energy.

– Décor. Getting cat night lights matching your décor is also very important. In as much as you are getting it for your cat, you might as well consider having one that goes well with the house décor, like getting lights that can change color to suit your décor.

– Adorable pet like design. Having a night light with a pet like a figure is pet friendly, and your cat will most definitely love it. This makes the cat comfortable and giving it the illusion that they have another pet around to play.

– Space-saving. Consider getting a night light that does not take up a lot of space. One that will allow you to plug in other devices while still using the night light. It does not have to be significant to functional. Having tiny night light is also right around cats because they cannot jump or stand on it.

– Portability. When choosing a night light, you should consider the location of your power outlet.

If it is far from where you would like the light to be, one should consider getting a portable night light that is easy to move around to a position you would feel most comfortable for your cat. For instance, you might move it to the cat’s litter box’s location when need be.

– Widely applicable. When getting a night light for your cat, you should also consider one that can be used not only for the cat’s resting position but also for lighting other parts of the house. Choose one that is ideal for anywhere you may need guiding lights.


FAQs about Cat Night Light

do cats need light

1. Do Cats Need Light to Use Litter Box?

Yes, they do. There is a misconception that cats can see in total darkness, which is not the case. Cats do have a better night vision than humans, but they cannot see in complete darkness.

At night, it is essential to light up the area in which the cat’s litter box is located to ensure that they do not have to guess their target spot. Light is, therefore, very vital, particularly for the elderly cats whose sight may start being low due to old age and most likely to miss the box.

2. Do Cats Like to Sleep in the Dark or Night?

Cats are crepuscular creatures, which means they are most active at dawn and dusk. They naturally sleep throughout the day and are active during the night. Most cats will adjust their sleeping patterns depending on their owner.

Furthermore, turning out the lights when going to bed helps to establish sleeping patterns. For new kittens, they may be scared of the dark, and so you may need to provide a night light on their first nights as they learn to adjust to their surroundings.

3. Do Cats Have Night Vision?

Although their vision is much more advanced than that of humans in the night, cats still need some amount of light to see.

However, they can see in relatively meager light as compared to humans. They have a curved cornea and large lens that allows their pupils to dilate, letting more light into their eyes and seeing in low light.

Cats can adapt their eyes to see in a varied level of light, including at night.

4. How to Make My Cat Sleep at Night?

Cats are naturally active at night, making sleeping at night a problem. This is what you can do:

1. Schedule play sessions with your cat, mostly in the evenings. Especially games that involve lots of movement with toys that wiggle. Play with them until they seem tired. This will make them fall asleep easily at night.

2. Cats are most likely to sleep after a big meal. Therefore it is wise to feed your cat their main meal before they go to bed.

3. Keep your cat active during the day. Try making your cat busy during the day by involving them in a variety of activities. You can alternatively add a second cat so that they can be playing together and leave you alone as you rest.

5. Should I Leave a Light on for My Cat at Night?

It is essential to leave some lights on for them. Lights on assuring your cat you are around, so it does not feel lonely and abandoned.

Besides that, it also makes kittens feel secure about their new surroundings. The light prevents your cat from bumping into or knock things over as well. Moreover, having lights on for your elderly cats whose sight is slowly becoming poor is vital.



Flickering, glaring, and low-quality cat night light may cause several effects on the eyes. Choosing the best night light for cats gives you the confidence and comfort your cats need when walking in the dark.

Use the review and guide above to select the most suitable one for all your applications and purchase today while stock lasts.